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Christian Affiliate Programs for Faith Based Bloggers

Best Christian Affiliate Programs for Bloggers: 1. ClickFunnels, 2. Kingdom Bloggers Academy, 3. ChurchSource, 4. ChristianBook, 5. FaithBox

This article contains affiliate links, which supports the free content on this blog. As an Amazon Associates affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no additional cost to youI’m also an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.

Making money online with a faith based mission of spreading Christianity to the rest of the world, is more common now than ever before. There’s no longer a need to compromise between time spent sharing the gospel and earning money that helps support you and your family. You can do both when you promote Christian affiliate programs.

The affiliate programs I’ll share with you today will help you earn as you grow your new or existing Christian-based online business.

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Can Christian Bloggers Make Money?

As with any business, the best way to determine whether to start a new venture is to analyze the size of the market and its audience.

Currently, Christianity is the number 1 organized religion in the world with over 2.3 Billion people. That’s almost a third of the world’s population.

Not only is this a large market, but faith driven individuals are generally very passionate people. They purchase products and services they intimately connect with such as a moving gospel cd or a beautiful cross necklace. They tend to make more of these buying decisions based on emotional triggers, which is a powerful driver of sales.

For many, creating a Christian blog is a fulfilling way to grow spiritually, and also a great way to earn affiliate commissions. How much you ultimately earn depends on which affiliate programs you decide to promote and how well you’re able to attract and connect with your audience. 

The good news is that there are tons of examples of Christian bloggers who are already successful in their own right. 

Take for example, Julie Pfeifer of who gets on average 50,000 monthly page views to her blog. With that kind of traffic, Julie has been able to monetize her site with not only affiliate links, but also by selling her own digital products and placing ads on her blog with the Mediavine ad network. 

So yes, it is true that Christian bloggers can make money with their blogs. 

The secret to earning more with your blog is writing with SEO in mind. That will help you drive free highly targeted traffic to your blog and to your offers.

Best Christian Affiliate Programs 

Below is a list of free affiliate programs you can join today along with details on where to sign up to promote their products.

1. ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels free trial

This one may not be as obvious as the others on this list, but it is one that has allowed churches such as Redeemed Life Church in Azusa, CA to grow their brand new church in a new community.

ClickFunnels is the #1 sales funnel software company in the world. Founder, Russell Brunson, is a Christian and philanthropist who has contributed time and money to projects close to his heart. This includes co-producing the documentary on Anti-Human Trafficking Organization, Operation Underground Railroad

The ClickFunnels software helps business owners of all sizes grow and scale profitable businesses with funnels. The long list of entrepreneurs who use their software range anywhere from brick and mortar stores to bloggers, online course creators and non-profit organizations such as churches.

When Pastor James Hightshoe started a brand new church, Redeemed Life Church, he had no idea how to market themselves in the community. They were on Facebook™, but needed a way to generate visibility for the church, serve the community, and grow through donations.

That’s when one of his friends suggested ClickFunnels. After bouncing ideas off each other, they came up with a unique ‘donation funnel’ where people could ask for prayer requests and donate to the church if they felt called to do so.

Video Courtesy of

Introducing new technology into a church such as a funnel builder tool, can improve efficiency, increase productivity, and allow for expedited growth through donations.

As a ClickFunnels affiliate, you’ll earn a recurring commission on sales funnel memberships, as well as upwards of 40% on one-time sales of their online training programs.

The exception to this is their 100% commissionable One Funnel Away Challenge sales funnel training program. The course program investment is $100, and as an affiliate you’ll earn the full $100 commission per sign up.

Website: Become a ClickFunnels Affiliate

Commission Rate: 20% – 40% Recurring Commissions + Online Training Program Sales

Additional Info: 30 Day Cookie 

2. Kingdom Bloggers Academy

Christian affiliate programs

LeaAnn Fox is a successful Christian blogging coach and course creator. 

In two years of starting her blog, she was able to leverage organic traffic to drive upwards of 85k visits per month to her blog. Her Kingdom Bloggers tagline is “Getting more Jesus on the Internet!.”

According to her website bio, LeaAnn is:

“..passionate (or obsessed…) with helping Christian bloggers flood the internet with more Jesus! Kingdom bloggers was created to help Christian bloggers reach their full calling to ministry by learning how to create a solid foundation so they can reach more people for the Kingdom.”

Kingdom Bloggers

Naturally, LeaAnn used her new found knowledge of creating a wildly successful blog to teach other Christian bloggers how to do the same. Her Kingdom Bloggers Academy offers 3 free online courses, and 10 paid courses.

Kingdom Bloggers FREE Courses:

Defining Your Ministry AudienceHow to clearly define your target audience as a Christain blogger
Jesus OnlineThe complete guide to starting a Christain blog ministry
SEO Fundamentals for Christian BloggersTips for getting started with SEO as a Christain blogger

Kingdom Bloggers Paid Courses:

SEO for Christian BloggersThe key to getting more Jesus on page one
Blog AuditLearn ways to improve the overall effectiveness of your Christain blog
Countdown to Conversions Blog PlannerEverything you need to plan for traffic, subscribers, and income for your Christian blog
Blog Planning Toolkit for Christian Bloggers 
Planning Toolkit
Affiliate Marketing for Christian BloggersHow to boost your affiliate income in the faith niche
SEO Checklist BundleStep-by-Step Checklists for SEO and what to do before and after you hit publish
How to Write a Faith Blog Post that Ranks on Google 
SEO Ranking Training
Blog Planning BundlePlanning Guide
Printables for Christian BloggersGrow your ministry, grow your email list, grow your income
Coloring Templates VaultCreate beautiful scripture coloring pages with pre-made templates

Currently, only students who have completed LeaAnn’s courses are able to become affiliates of her program. 

It is uncertain as to whether this means completing the free courses or whether this would also entail completing her paid courses. If this affiliate program is something that interests you, then you can contact LeaAnn through her blog and inquire more about this. 

Website: Kingdom Bloggers Academy Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 40% Commissions

Additional Info: Must be a student in order to enroll in Affiliate Program

3. ChurchSource

Christian Source affiliate program

Churchsource has been serving churches and church leaders for the past 25 years. They are backed by two of the most trusted names in Christian publishing, Zondervan and Thomas Nelson, and offer a wide selection of Christian resources.

As one of the largest Christian bookstore affiliate programs, they offer competitive pricing, quality customer support, and a professional looking website – pretty much the main ingredients that get people to buy.

ChurchSource also offers: 

  • A curated collection of the finest-quality resources for the church
  • Training, consulting, and implementation to help make sure churches get the most out of these resources.
  • Books and resources written by the most trusted authors, the world’s most read Bible translations, and engaging video studies from renowned Bible teachers.
  • Free Quotes on Custom Bibles and Imprinting

With thousands of Bibles, Bible studies, Christian books, study guides, and devotionals, there’s a wide range of resources you can offer to your audience.

Website: ChurchSource Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 10% per sale

Additional Info: 60 Day Cookie

4. ChristianBook

Christian bookstore affiliate programs

ChristianBook is the largest catalog/Internet company serving the Christain marketplace, and frequently cited as the “source” for Christian products. 

The company was founded in 1981 in Lynn, Massachusetts by the Hendrickson brothers. They started the Christian based business out of their parent’s home at the young age of 19 and 14 years old. 

Whether you’re looking for a Christian music affiliate program, Christian bookstore affiliate program, or something more, this is a worthwhile program to try out. 

The website offers pretty much everything you need for all members of the family.

Here are just some of the products they offer which you can earn affiliate commissions:

BiblesBible Accessories
Bible Studies and Curriculum
Books, eBooks and Audio 
Crafts and Recreation
DownloadsGift and Home
Kids and Toys
Bible Covers

The ChristianBook website does come off a bit cluttered due to the sheer number of products they offer. But they have done a good job in compartmentalizing this into drop-down categories for easier website navigation. 

Their affiliate program launched in 2000, and consists of several thousand successful affiliates around the world. If others have been successful at making money with ChristianBook affiliate links, then there’s a good chance you can as well with the right strategy.

As an affiliate, you’ll be able to earn commissions on over 550,000 products in their online store. But there are certain requirements you must fulfill prior to applying to their program and for remaining in their program.


  • You must have a functionable, reviewable, well designed English-language website. (I find this requirement interesting since they do offer Spanish-language Christian resources)
  • You must be able to use HTML or contract service for that purpose.
  • You must be able to generate a minimum of $313 in sales annually.

Website: ChristianBook Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 8% on all Physical Products, 5% on Digital Downloads and Media Access

Additional Info: Affiliate commissions are not paid on Membership Subscriptions, Imprinting and Gift Certificates.

5. FaithBox

Faithbox Affiliate program

FaithBox is a monthly subscription box service for Christians (think BirchBox or BarkBox!), and is filled with products from companies who have a positive impact on the world. 

Since inception, FaithBox has been committed to helping Christians all over the world live out their faith and make a positive impact on others. Essentially, they use e-commerce to fund their philanthropy work and they’re doing a great job with this mission.

How It Works:

  • Join FaithBox: Become a FaithBox member by choosing a plan that fits your faith goals and subscribe.
  • Get Your Box: Dive into FaithBox each month with Christian devotionals and fun products.
  • Make New Friends: Build lifelong friendships with other FaithBox members by joining their online community.
  • Grow Your Faith: Use the everyday faith devotional and community discussions to strengthen your relationship with Jesus.

As an affiliate, you’ll be aligned to helping FaithBox in their mission to continue their worldwide philanthropy work, and get paid in the process. 

For example, at the start of 2020, FaithBox committed to donating $1 from every subscription to an organization or cause that’s helping change the world we live in.

Through this arrangement, they’ve been able to help construct a farming education center in Costa Rica, feed thousands of people in India, and more recently, support the launch of an amazing non-profit in Harlem, NY: Brotherhood Restored!

Their series of themed FaithBox subscriptions include:

  • Overcoming Pain FaithBox
  • Renewal FaithBox
  • Authenticity FaithBox
  • Kindness FaithBox
  • Worship FaithBox
  • Commitment FaithBox
  • Story FaithBox
  • Legacy FaithBox

Website: FaithBox Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: $10 Per New Subscription Plan Generated

Additional Info: 90 Day Cookie 

6. ChristianStrong

Clothing Affiliate Program

ChristianStrong is an ecommerce store that designs and produces wholesome Christian T-shirts and gear. They’re a religious family owned brand and proudly do their printing and shipping out of their 200,000 sq. foot warehouse space in North Carolina. 

An additional perk of the company is that they offer organizations such as churches the ability to work with their in-house designer to create custom, personalized gear. This benefit goes a long way in increasing sales as studies such as Deloitte’s reveal:

“1 in 4 consumers are willing to pay more to receive a personalized product or service” …. “in some categories, more than 50 percent of consumers expressed interest in purchasing customized products or services.”

Deloitte Study

For you as an affiliate, this is another opportunity to earn more affiliate income, especially if you’re working closely with an organization who is interested in a custom order.

Clothing Collections ChristianStrong Offer Include:

Christian T-Shirts
Christian Hoodies
Baptism Gifts
Pop Culture

Additionally, ChristianStrong has a ‘Pray for a Cure’ collection which fights breast cancer with faith and brings awareness to the cause. Three percent of sales from this collection is donated to women of all backgrounds who wish to get a free mammogram screening.

Website: ChristianStrong Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 20% per sale

Additional Info: 30 Day Cookie 

7. Mozaico

mosaic artwork affiliate program

Mozaico is a high paying affiliate program. They offer the highest quality in handcrafted mosaic wall art and mosaic patterns – to the tune of over 5,000 designs. Their products are not cheap either with many of them being priced in the high hundreds into the thousands. 

Many churches use mosaic artwork within their church structures including for window designs and wall borders. But there’s also a large audience of homeowners that use it for their kitchen backsplash, pool and bath decor, as well as for general artwork. 

This overlap opens up a wider audience of potential customers who come across your blog and affiliate offers. With only 45 highly-skilled mosaic artists to work on these designs, you may want to caution your audience about any potential wait times with custom order designs. 

Their ‘Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper Reproduction Mosaic’ for $1,074 in particular caught my eye and would make a great gift for anyone special in your life – with that said, you can mail it to me here at……😉

Website: Mozaico Affiliate Program      

Commission Rate: 15% commission per sale

Additional Info: Affiliate commissions paid every 30 Days through PayPal

What About PureFlix Affiliate Program?

Christian affiliate

You may be wondering why the popular NetFlix for Christians, PureFlix, is not on this list. While in the past, PureFlix has offered affiliate commissions for referrals to their platform, they no longer offer an affiliate program.

Prior to writing this article, I reached out to PureFlix and they did confirm this. Below is my conversation with a member of their customer support team. 

Pureflix affiliate program


As a faith based blogger, there are many ways to earn with your blog including: Sponsorship opportunities, affiliate marketing, ad networks, selling your digital courses, etc. 

You can make money and spread the message of faith and goodwill  to the rest of the world with a Christian blog. To get started on the right foot, simply choose the right affiliate programs to promote and write SEO rich blog content. 

Don’t know a darn thing about writing with SEO in mind? 

Take this free SEO Course and get found on Google faster!

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