25 Sign up Bonus

Get Paid a $25 Sign Up Bonus in Cash with Very Little Effort

Companies are dishing out $25 sign up bonus offers just so you can try them out!

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Free money sign up bonus offers seem to be the new norm these days when it comes to companies attracting new customers. That’s good news for you since it means you get to reap the rewards of these cash bonus incentives. 

I’ve been a benefactor of many of these offers over the past couple of years, and always recommend it as a way to earn free money fast.

Some of these $25 sign up bonus offers below are easy to get and don’t require you to do much. Oftentimes, you’ll only need to download an app and provide your name and email to earn the free money.

On other occasions you’ll be asked to do a little more. So my best advice is to read the fine print to make sure you don’t miss out on your cash reward.

$25 Sign Up Bonus (Instant Withdraw)

I’ve racked up a few thousand dollars in rewards with many of the companies on this list. So I can vouch for these programs and know they’ll work for you also.

  1. SoFi
  1. Rakuten
  1. Upgrade
  1. Robinhood
  1. Netspend
  1. Citizens Bank
  1. Swagbucks
  1. Chime
  1. WeBull
  1. Varo
  1. Current.com
  1. Walmart Plus
  1. ONE (Formerly ONE Finance)
  1. Fundrise
  1. Stack Cash Back Apps

SoFi – $25 Bonus

You can also refer friends to these sign up bonus offers and more than double your money! I’ve earned over $30k referring others to these same apps using 60-second short-videos and posting them on social media. Learn my exact strategy.

Sofi 25 sign up bonus

Have you heard of SoFi Stadium? 

If you’re a football fan then you may already know that it’s the home stadium where the Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams team play. Well, SoFi bank owns the naming rights to that stadium.

It’s a pretty big deal, but what’s even more impressive is that the online fintech bank will give you a $25 sign up bonus just to become a SoFi banking member.

An added perk for football fans is that you’ll also get free access to the member’s lounge at SoFi Stadium as well as exclusive access to fast lines at stadium check-ins.

Here’s how to earn your SoFi $25 sign up bonus:

  • Deposit at least $50 into your new SoFi banking account
  • Funds must settle within 14 days of when you signed up
  • You’ll receive a $25 cash sign up bonus into your account within 7 days after your funds settle

There’s no monthly maintenance fee associated with your SoFi checking and savings account. Additionally, your money will earn up to 11x the national average savings rate. So, it’s a good deal all around!

Read how you can earn an up to $325 sign up bonus with SoFi.

Rakuten – $30 Bonus

Rakuten $30 Sign up bonus

Rakuten is a well known rebate app and one that I’ve used for over 2 years. There’s also the Rakuten browser extension for people who prefer to shop cashback rewards on desktop versus mobile.

The app incentivizes you to shop through the Rakuten portal to earn rebate rewards at over 3,500 stores and retailers such as: Shein, Walmart, Macy’s, Nordstrom Rack and more. 

As a first-time user, you’ll earn a $30 sign up bonus that can be cashed out to Paypal, or you can get it as a physical check sent to you. 

Here’s how to earn your Rakuten $30 sign up bonus:

  • Spend at least $30 within 90 days of becoming a member
  • Get paid a $30 cash reward into your Rakuten account

This is one of the few sign up bonus apps mentioned on this list where you have to spend in order to earn. The way I look at it, you get $30 in free money to shop for yourself or to spend on someone else.

One of the other reasons I love Rakuten is because you get to refer others and earn $30 for each new referral. During special Rakuten promotions you can even earn as much as $40 per referral. 

To-date, I’ve earned over $1,500 in Rakuten cashback rewards and referral bonuses. So it’s been a fun money making app for me!

Upgrade – $200 Bonus

Upgrade Checking Sign Up Bonus

Banking bonuses are common to find and many will generally offer you more than a $25 sign up bonus reward. Case in point, Upgrade is offering a $200 sign up bonus to new members who open a free Upgrade Rewards Plus checking account. 

Not long ago, I completed the requirements to earn the sign up bonus and easily nabbed the free money. The bank bonus promo will require you to complete a direct deposit. If that’s not your jam, then sign up to Sofi instead for an easy $25 sign up bonus!

Here’s how to earn your Upgrade Rewards $200 sign up bonus:

  • Receive direct deposits in your Rewards Checking account totaling at least $1,000 within 45 days
  • Get paid a $200 sign up bonus into your banking account

The money will be paid to you in cash and will hit your account within a few days of meeting the requirements. The debit card will also reward you with 2% cash back on all purchases up to $500 per year, and 1% after that.

Plus, there’s no monthly maintenance fees, so you don’t have to worry about that.

I wrote a complete step-by-step guide on how to qualify for the bonus, including all the fine print, in my Upgrade Rewards checking referral guide.

Robinhood – $5 – $200 Bonus

Robinhood $200 sign up bonus

Robinhood is a popular investing app that pioneered 100% commission-free stock, options, ETFs and cryptocurrency trades. Since then, many of the other big name brokerage firms have followed suit with similar offers. 

Still, the Robinhood app remains a top choice for over 22 million app users, and they continue to increase in popularity each year. As a first time user, Robinhood offers you a guaranteed fractional share worth anywhere between $5 – $200.

Here’s how to earn your Robinhood fractional shares sign up bonus:

  • Submit your application and get approved
  • Link your bank account or debit card
  • Earn fractional shares that will be deposited into your account

The added bonus here is that you can decide to keep your shares invested and potentially earn a higher return amount. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but history shows us that there’s a good chance your money will increase in value over time. 

If you prefer not to re-invest it, you can simply wait for your shares to clear, and then instantly withdraw your money to your bank account. 

This one is a luck of the draw. So, I’m sending you good vibes that you hit the $200 Robinhood sign up bonus reward! 

Netspend – $40 Bonus

Netspend $40 Sign up bonus

Quick Note! The Netspend bonus has changed back to $20. It’s no longer $40. I will comeback to this and update blog post soon!

I’m going to preface this one by saying it’s not my favorite on the list, but if you do it right, then it’ll be a worthwhile one to get. 

Netspend is a prepaid debit card which is currently offering a promotional $40 sign up bonus to new card holders. While the prepaid card is free to open, you want to be careful with all the fees associated with it. 

For our purposes here, I wouldn’t recommend using this card other than to get your sign up bonus reward. I’ll share tips momentarily about how to grab your money and go!

Here’s how to earn your Netspend $40 sign up bonus:

  • Open a Netspend Prepaid account (‘pay-as-you-go’ plan) using a referral link or code
  • On the sign up page enter referral code: 4238379702
  • Wait for your prepaid debit card to arrive in the mail
  • Activate your card
  • Deposit $40 into your Netspend account via either a cash reload or direct deposit
  • You’ll get a $40 sign up bonus deposited into your account within 5 days

Essentially, you’ll need to use a Netspend referral code or Netspend promotional link to qualify for the bonus. Then fund your Netspend card with $40 in order to receive your $40 reward.

There are physical locations where you can walk in and load cash onto your Netspend card, but you’ll be charged a hefty $3.95 fee to do that. 

If you use an ATM to load your card, then you’re looking at a $2.95 fee from Netspend and another fee from the ATM machine you used.

Your best option is to do a direct deposit of $40 or more into your Netspend account to earn your $40 bonus. It’s free and convenient to do.

If all is done correctly, you’ll end up with $80 in your Netspend account ($40 deposit + $40 bonus), and no associated fees.

I would then recommend transferring the money back to yourself to your preferred bank. There’ll be a fee here of $1.95, which is the cheapest way to get your money out of Netspend.

So essentially, your $40 sign up bonus will really be a $38.05 bonus reward.

If you want to make even more money, then you can also use your newly assigned referral code to sign up your spouse or friend to earn another $40 each.

Read my step-by-step Guide to Netspend Referral Bonus.

Citizens Bank – $400 Bonus

Citizens bank sign up bonus

Forget about a $25 sign up bonus, how does $400 dollars sound instead?

Pretty great, right? That’s why I included it on this list!

Citizens Bank is really upping the ante when it comes to bank bonus offers. With their most recent promotion, you’ll have an opportunity to earn upwards of $400 as a new Citizens checking account member.

That’s more than enough to pay for at least some of the bills this month! 

Here’s how to earn your Citizens checking account $400 sign up bonus:

  • Open any one of these accounts: One Deposit Checking from Citizens™, Citizens Quest® Checking, or Citizens Private Client™ Checking
  • Earn a $300 bonus when you make at least one single direct deposit of $500 or more within 60 days of account opening
  • Get paid $2 per debit card transaction that posts and clears your new checking account within 60 days of account opening, earn up to $100

That’s a total of up to $400 you can earn and it’s a fairly easy one to nab.

If you don’t want to move your work direct deposit to qualify for the bonus, then consider signing up for a gig app like Field Agent. You can complete small gigs and when your account hits $500, then initiate a direct deposit to Citizens Bank to earn your signup bonus reward.

Add stylish credit card stickers to your debit and credit cards to personalize the look and feel of your card!

Swagbucks – $10 – $25 Bonus

Swagbucks sign up bonus

Swagbucks is a website that enables you to make money online by doing various small tasks right from the comfort of your home. For example, you can get paid to play video games on your phone such as ‘Bingo Bash’ and ‘Candy Crush Saga.’

Another way to earn is by taking part in special sign up bonus offers, much like the ones included on this list. These offers can be bank bonus offers, joining email lists such as Domino’s pizza, or nabbing a higher than usual sign up bonus to become a Door Dasher.

Swagbucks in return gets paid a small cut by these companies when you take them up on these deals. Essentially, they’re a huge affiliate marketing company. 

Here’s how to earn your Swagbucks $10 – $25 sign up bonus:

  • Open a Swagbucks account
  • You’ll immediately be issued a $10 sign up bonus when you spend $25 shopping through the Swagbucks portal
  • Scroll over to the ‘Discover’ tab on desktop or on the Swagbucks app
  • Sign up to play games, download a finance app, or take advantage of any offers to earn a $25 sign up bonus or higher

Once you nab an offer and complete it, you’ll be awarded SB points. These points can be converted into cash and transferred to PayPal or gift cards. I use Swagbucks on a regular basis and have earned over $1,846 to-date.

That’s some serious cash, and it all started with a free $10 sign up bonus!

Chime – $100 Bonus

Chime $100 sign up bonus

If you’re noticing a running theme here, it’s the plethora of bank bonus sign up offers. Not many companies give out free money, but finance companies are known for it! 

Chime is one of the biggest fintech banking apps in the industry. Much like the other online banking apps, they offer a no maintenance fee checking account, along with tons of other perks.

They have no physical locations, so if you only need simple banking, then you can do everything from your smartphone with Chime.

Here’s how to earn your Chime $100 sign up bonus:

  • Get approved (most everyone does!)
  • Make a direct deposit of $200 or more within 45 days of opening a Chime Spending Account

When I went through the application process, I got approved instantly. Additionally, I found a clever workaround to the direct deposit which helped me earn my $100 sign up bonus. I go over what I did in my Chime referral bonus guide.

Webull – $3 – $3,000 Bonus

Webull sign up bonus

Webull is similar to Robinhood in that it’s another trading app, but this one is best suited for more advanced traders. The interface has more depth for stock analysis and offers tons of charts to analyze stock movements. 

Quite frankly, I find it a bit overwhelming, but that didn’t stop me from signing up to earn my free money reward. As a new Webull member, you’ll earn free stocks that can nab you anywhere from $3 – $3,000!

Here’s how to earn your Webull free stocks sign up bonus:

  • Deposit any amount into your new trading account
  • Get up to 20 free shares

You’ll earn fractional shares once you complete the requirements for the sign up bonus. For my bonus, I received a little over $30 in free stock.

The promotion at the time I signed up was for a lesser amount. They’ve since increased the bonus and you should expect to earn at least $60 in free stock.

Webull will oftentimes change the promotion, but in all cases you will earn fractional stock shares. 

Varo – $25 Bonus

Varo sign up bonus

Varo is an online banking app that offers: No monthly account fees or minimums, Payday up to 2 days early, No fees at over 40,000+ AllPoint ATMs, and free money transfers with Zelle®.

They also have a credit building card called Varo Believe that has a no minimum upfront deposit if you qualify. You won’t need to get the Varo Believe card in order to earn your $25 Varo sign up bonus. It’s simply an optional card in the event it interests you.

Here’s how to earn your Varo $25 sign up bonus:

  • Deposit at least $20 into your new account
  • Spend $20 within 30 days of account opening
  • Get paid $25 into your Varo banking account

I completed this sign up bonus offer through a special Swagbucks Varo promotion that was going on at the time. So make sure to check and see if Swagbucks is offering a better deal prior to signing up with the Varo referral link above.

It doesn’t hurt to check and get yourself the best offer available!

Current.com – $50 Bonus

Current.com $50 bonus

The Current app is yet another one of the fintech banking apps offering up free money to entice you to bank with them.

When you enter the Current referral code PILARN382 to apply for a free Current checking account, you’ll be eligible to earn a $50 sign up bonus.

Some of the perks you’ll receive with your new card include: No monthly or annual fees, Getting paid up to 2 days faster with direct deposit, and a high yield savings account.

Additionally, if you’re looking to build your credit, the Current builder card offers you an easy way to increase your credit score in a safe and effective manner. 

Here’s how to earn your Current.com $50 sign up bonus:

  • Receive a qualifying payroll direct deposit of $200 or more within 45 days of account opening
  • Get paid $50 into your account within 10 business days

There’s no credit checks or history required to apply. When I applied, I was approved instantly for a new account.

Walmart Plus – $30 Bonus

Walmart Plus $20 Sign Up Bonus

Walmart Plus is like Amazon Prime for Walmart shoppers. 

For an annual fee of $98 you benefit from free shipping from your Walmart store, get member prices on fuel at select gas stations, have access to Paramount+, and more. 

With over 59 million members under its belt Walmart+ has quickly gained traction, rivaling competitor Amazon Prime. When compared side-by-side, Amazon Prime is the more expensive membership option. 

As a new Walmart Plus member, you’ll be eligible to earn a combined $30 Walmart Plus Referral sign up bonus. 

Rewards earned will be issued to you in Walmart Promo Codes that can be used towards your next Walmart.com or Walmart app order.

Here’s how to earn your $30 Walmart Plus Sign Up Bonus:

  • Pay for either a monthly or annual Walmart+ Membership plan
  • Instantly receive a $20 Walmart Promo Code via email
  • You’ll receive an additional $10 Off Walmart promo code when you complete three qualifying activities within 30 days of enrolling

I recently joined the Walmart Plus program and have already started using my Walmart Promo Codes to save on purchases! 

ONE – $20 – $50 Sign Up Bonus

ONE debit card $20 sign up bonus

ONE, formerly known as ONE Finance, is a mobile banking app backed by Walmart that currently has 2 different sign up bonus offers. 

The fintech app has many of the same features of other free mobile banking apps, but most of these benefits will need to be unlocked each month with a $500 or more recurring direct deposit.

So while this may not be my favorite on the list, it does have a NO direct deposit sign up bonus, which makes this an easy one to nab! 

Here’s how to earn your ONE $20 sign up bonus:

  • Make at least one purchase of twenty dollars ($20) or more with your One debit card that settles before the end of April 30th, 2024.
  • ONE will deposit $20 USD into your ONE Savings account within 5 business days of satisfying these conditions.

There’s also a $50 ONE referral bonus being offered by Swagbucks. 

There are different requirements to nab this bonus. I wrote details about this in my ONE Finance referral bonus article. 

Fundrise – $25 Bonus

Fundrise $25 Sign Up Bonus

Fundrise is an investment platform that enables you to invest in real estate projects without needing large sums of capital or extensive market knowledge.

The crowdfunding app is perfect for beginners, unlike other similar real estate investing platforms such as Crowdstreet which is more suited for high net-worth experienced investors.

With Fundrise, you can diversify your portfolio by allocating funds into a variety of real estate assets, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.

Here’s how to earn your Fundrise $25 Sign Up Bonus:

  • Link a bank account
  • Become a client of Fundrise Advisors within 30 days of sign up (you can open an account with as little as $10 to qualify!)
  • Get awarded a $25 Share Voucher, which you may redeem for shares in a designated Fundrise-sponsored public fund

I recently signed up to Fundrise. Read my full review on how to get your $25 Fundrise referral bonus.

Stack Cash Back Rewards – $25 Bonus

cash back sign up bonus

While these next few apps will not earn you a $25 sign up bonus, they can stack up to that amount when you combine the rewards.

I’ve actually earned over $17,000 with one of these cash back apps, which is absolutely wild to write. So don’t think for a second that these smaller bonuses can’t add up to larger amounts over time! 

Ibotta – is a cash back grocery savings app. They routinely change the sign up bonus amount. You should expect to earn between a $5 – $20 sign up bonus. 

Receipt Hog – will reward you in ‘hog coins’ for your shopping receipt uploads. These can be cashed out to real money. You get free spins as a sign up bonus that can earn you coins to cash out.

Fetch Rewards – is another receipt scanning app. You’ll earn a 100 point sign up bonus that can be cashed out to free gift cards.

Shopkickis a shopping app that rewards you for walking into stores, uploading receipts and scanning product barcodes. You’ll earn a $2 sign up bonus.

Pogo – is a rewards app that pays you to share your data from your receipt scans, answering surveys and more. You’ll earn a 250 point sign up bonus.

Fluz – is a gift card rewards app. You’ll earn 2(x) 25% cash back vouchers as a sign up bonus, worth up to $2.50 in value each.

Stack these cash back app rewards to earn a combined $25 sign up bonus or more!

Tips to Earn $25 Sign Up Bonus

Some of these rewards will offer you a $25 sign up bonus no deposit required. Others will even do instant withdrawals to your PayPal account. 

Though, the one thing to note is that each program will have their own set of rules and criteria to qualify for the bonus. So definitely make sure to read the fine print and follow the necessary steps to earn.

Another tip to earn even more money is to refer your friends and family to these same $25 sign up bonus offers. Many of these programs offer what is called a refer-a-friend program that will pay you to invite your friends.

It’s one quick way to earn a few hundred dollars fast!


While I do love these $25 sign up bonus deals, there’s actually a better way to earn money and a lot more of it. 

Passive online income is one of my favorite ways to make money. Thankfully, I’m able to do that through blogging and AI.

I always recommend it to anyone who’s interested in learning how to make money online while working from anywhere in the world! 

Before you go, feel free to take this free training on how to start and rank a new money making blog from scratch. It’ll show you how to make money through affiliate blogging!

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