Fundrise Referral Bonus

$25 Fundrise Referral Bonus Plus $25 Sign Up Bonus

Earn a $25 Fundrise referral bonus for each person you invite, up to $900 in aggregate Share Vouchers within a given 12-month period.

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The Fundrise sign up bonus will award new clients with a $25 Share Voucher when they open an account using a referral link, and link a bank account within 30 days of signing.

As part of the Fundrise Invitation program, the inviter will also earn a $25 Fundrise referral bonus on each new qualified account up to $900 in aggregate Share Vouchers in any given 12-month period.

Fundrise Sign Up Bonus Guide

Follow these next instructions to get your $25 Fundrise sign up bonus.

  • Link a bank account
  • Become a client of Fundrise Advisors within 30 days of sign up (you can open an account with as little as $10 to qualify!)
  • Get awarded a $25 Share Voucher, which you may redeem for shares in a designated Fundrise-sponsored public fund

Once you complete the bonus requirements, you’ll receive your Share Voucher within approximately one week. This offer is available to U.S. residents only.

$25 Fundrise Sign Up Bonus

I recently signed up as a new client with Fundrise using a promotional link.

During my application process, I signed up for a ‘General Investing Account’ and transferred the minimum amount into my new account.

Fundrise Account Type

Upon completion of registration, my invitation program voucher was allocated to my account.

Requirements to Open a Fundrise Account

To open a new Fundrise account you’ll need to provide your name, address, DOB, phone number, email address and your social security number.

Open Fundrise Account Social Security Requirement

Additionally, you’ll be asked to link a funding source to fund your new account. I linked my SoFi bank using Plaid. But you can also manually enter your bank details if you prefer to do it that way.

Fundrise Add Funding Source

$25 Fundrise Referral Bonus Promotion

You can refer a friend to Fundrise and earn a $25 Fundrise referral bonus for each new qualified account, up to a maximum of $900 in aggregate Share Vouchers within any 12-month period.

Follow these instructions in order to qualify.

  • Share your referral link with your friend (this can be found from within your Fundrise app in the drop-down menu)
  • Your friend must use your referral link to open a new Fundrise account
  • You’ll earn a $25 Share Voucher upon successful account setup, which can be redeemed for shares in a designated Fundrise-sponsored public fund

Your Share Voucher will be deposited to your account within a week.

$25 Fundrise Share Voucher
$25 Fundrise Referral bonus

According to Fundrise, neither you nor your friend need to “take any economic activity related to Fundrise Advisors (e.g., invest in Fundrise’s programs) in order for YOU to receive a Share Voucher.”

Based on these instructions, you’ll be paid for the lead whether or not your friend actually becomes a Fundrise Advisor client or not. 

Although, in order for your friend to also earn their bonus, they must open an account AND become a client.

Fundrise Overview

Fundrise is an online real estate investment platform that allows individuals to invest in commercial real estate properties. 

Through Fundrise, investors can diversify their portfolios by accessing real estate assets typically out of reach for individual investors. 

You’ll have a variety of investment options to choose from suited for different risk levels and investment goals. And best of all, you can start with Fundrise for as low as $10 through a taxable account.

With low minimum investments and transparent fees, Fundrise democratizes real estate investing, making it accessible to a broader range of investors.

Fundrise Referral Bonus Conclusion

The $25 Fundrise referral bonus is a simple way to pump up your real estate investments without much hassle. Just spread the word to your friends and family to earn the extra cash.

Then reinvest your referral bonuses and profits for even bigger returns down the line. Fundrise referral perks aren't just about making a quick buck. It’s about growing your wealth for long-term financial gains.

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