ClickFunnels FunnelFlix Review

FunnelFlix Review: Overpriced or Deal of a Lifetime?

Is FunnelFlix Worth it? In this FunnelFlix Review, I share the courses included in this collection and my thoughts as a FunnelFlix member.

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Any business owner can agree that simply having a website or social media presence means very little in a competitive online world. You may put in a good effort to attract online customers to you, but for some reason your hard work isn’t translating into sales.

Or maybe you outsource the work to a professional online marketing agency, but they’re too expensive to be worth the few sales they bring to you.

What if you could change all that and learn how to profitably attract targeted prospects to you and get them to buy? 

The FunnelFlix courses aim to help you do just that. 

But are the courses just a bunch of overpriced fluff, or is it substantial enough to help you achieve results? 

In this FunnelFlix Review, I’ll give you a behind the scenes look at the material inside, and my assessment as an actual FunnelFlix member.

What is FunnelFlix?

FunnelFlix Review

FunnelFlix is a giant collection of online digital marketing courses open to ClickFunnels members. Previously, many of these recordings were only available to ClickFunnels Mastermind members who paid up to $25,000 for the trainings. 

While a handful of the FunnelFlix courses are available to all ClickFunnels members with a standard plan, as a ClickFunnels Platinum member, you’ll gain access to the entire vault of FunnelFlix courses – with the exception of 3 courses only available to ClickFunnels TwoCommaClubX Members.

The mega-library of courses will give you training modules for all things funnels, marketing, systems, traffic, sales, copywriting, and business strategy.

Here’s a rundown of courses included in FunnelFlix Platinum:

Tony Robbins Private CollectionOne Funnel Away Challenge
Funnel University10x Secrets
Traffic SecretsDan Kennedy's Collection
The Warrior's Day DoctrineList Building Secrets
Affiliate Bootcamp30 Days
Brick and Mortar10x: A ClickFunnels Story
Funnel Builder SecretsOperation Underground Railroad
Funnel Hacker TVFunnel Hackathon
AdskillsOutsource Force
Product SecretsMoney Mindset
Frank Kern – Book Funnel BlueprintDaily Virtual Hackathons
High Ticket SecretsThe Machine – Ryan Deiss

In addition to the courses mentioned above, ClickFunnels will soon be adding these upcoming courses to the FunnelFlix library:

Funnel Hacking Live DocumentaryCourse Secrets
Funnel Agency SecretsYouTube Traffic Secrets

Who is FunnelFlix For?

FunnelFlix has a variety of courses for entrepreneurs at different levels of online expertise. Not only that, it’s also a resource for entrepreneurs across various niches and industries.

FunnelFlix is recommended for:

  • Online Course Creators
  • High Ticket Coaches
  • E-commerce Sellers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Brick and Mortar Stores
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Insurance Brokers

A wide range of entrepreneurs can benefit from these expert teachings in this massive library of ClickFunnels online courses.

How to Get FunnelFlix

A ClickFunnels Platinum subscription plan normally runs for $297/month. It will get you into all the FunnelFlix Platinum courses, as well as the upcoming course additions. 

But as a new ClickFunnels member, you can sign up for the discounted Platinum plan and get 2 FREE Months of ClickFunnels Platinum.

FunnelFlix Courses (In-Depth Look)

Now let’s take a closer look into what each FunnelFlix course offers, and how it aims to help you in your online business. 

1 – Tony Robbins Private Collection

Tony Robbins Private Collection

Tony Robbins’ is the World’s #1 Life and Business Strategist, and one of the most recognizable figures on the planet. For the past four decades, he’s touched and transformed the lives of over 50 million people and empowered them to perform at peak levels. 

He’s also a friend to ClickFunnels founder, Russell Brunson and has spoken at the CF Funnel Hacking Live events the past few years. Some of the things you’ll learn from the Tony Robbins’ Private Collection include:

  • Finding Your True Gifts
  • Creating a Principle Centered Life
  • The Science of Achievement
  • Uncover Limiting Beliefs
  • Setting Yourself Up to Win
  • The Road to Financial Freedom
  • Psychology + Mechanics of Lasting Wealth
  • How to Take Massive Action

2 – One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30 day step-by-step intensive on building a money-making sales funnel for your business. The lessons are taught by ClickFunnels founder, Russell Brunson, as well as coaches from the ClickFunnels team.

You’ll receive daily ‘homework’ and an action plan that will help you see results fast. This is a rigorous course, but well worth it if you’re ready to make a change in your life today. Lessons you’ll learn include:

  • The Sales Funnel Framework
  • Creating Your Irresistible Offer
  • Creating Content
  • Creating Your Sales Page
  • The ‘One-Time-Offer' Script
  • The Order Form Bump
  • Creating Your Members Area
  • Connecting Your Funnel (Tech)

3 – Funnel University

Funnel University

This course claims to deliver over $50,000 in marketing education to you. This is where you’ll see real winning funnels being dissected, analyzed, and learn why they work so well. In this series, you’ll learn about split tests, special ClickFunnels codes that can be used, how to maximize sales and more.

The series is set up to look like magazine issues and covers a wide range of industries. Currently, there are 54 issues in the series. Many of these issues also give you winning share funnels to use in your business. Some things you’ll learn inside include:

  • Food Delivery Funnels
  • Children's Book Funnels
  • Mastermind Launch
  • Flash Sale Funnels
  • Summit Funnels
  • SaaS Funnels
  • Political Donation Funnels
  • Dollar Shave Club Funnel

4 – 10x Secrets

10x Secrets ClickFunnels

This masterclass is for the entrepreneur that wants to take their existing business and 10x it. It is not for the faint of heart, and a lot of work is required of you. It will teach you how to create an irresistible offer, how to close like a pro, and make record sales from your ‘live’ presentation.

You’ll also receive 16 of Russell Brunson’s most successful webinar funnels so you can hear, watch, and model his sales pitch. If you’re comfortable with working your tail off for a massive payday, then you’ll love this course. Things you’ll learn include:

  • The NEW Perfect Webinar
  • How Russell Brunson Made $3 Million in 90 Mins
  • Event Choreography
  • 10x Secrets Swipe Files
  • Russell's Webinars Swipe Files
  • The Perfect Webinar Hacks (Kaelin Poulin)
  • Perfect Webinar Share Funnels
  • Story Selling Secrets

5 – Traffic Secrets

This is advertised as the Mother of all training related to getting traffic to your offers. This high level Traffic Mastery course will show you how the pros dig into research, and how to hone in on your perfect audience. 

You’ll get the traffic secrets behind mobile marketing, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Podcast, content creation, email, ‘borrowing traffic’, and scalability. It’s the Ultimate course on mastering traffic and conversion. Inside, some of the things you’ll learn include:

  • Search vs. Interruption Marketing
  • Macro and Micro Targeting
  • Intro to Google Analytics
  • Intro to Google Tag Manager
  • Traffic Formulas
  • Split-Testing + Data Analysis
  • Keyword Science
  • Buying Media and Sponsorships

6 – Dan Kennedy's Collection

Dan Kennedy's Collection

Dan Kennedy is one of the great fathers of modern day marketing and sales. In this robust training, Dan will show you how to think like your customer and empathize with them – two key ingredients that enable you and your audience to bond and create connection. You'll learn how to add unforgettable personality and irresistible color to your stories, emails, web pages, and promotions.

You'll also learn what words to use, what the specific emotional triggers are, and what to say to get people to take action. The goal of this collection is to help you take control of who you want to attract as clients and customers…so you can get them to keep buying from you year after year. Some of the things covered inside include:

  • 10-Part Advanced Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp
  • 13-Part Influential Writing Workshop
  • 2 Sessions on How to Create Personality in Copy
  • Influential Writing Workshop Examples

7 – The Warrior's Day Doctrine

FunnelFlix Courses

This collection of videos is meant to help you with personal and professional development. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with your relationships, money, health, or finding joy in life, then this collection may interest you. 

If you’re willing to go deep into asking yourself hard questions about how you ended up in the situation you are in now, then Garrett will guide you to a better place. You’ll discover the four Pillars that Garrett uses to let go of the scarcity beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back from abundance. Inside, you’ll also learn:

  • The Warrior's Code
  • Meditation
  • Strategic Selling
  • Warrior's Way Playbook
  • Spender vs. Saver Mindset
  • Financial Entitlement
  • Hoping vs. Creating Money
  • Warrior Con: Russell's Presentations

8 – List Building Secrets

List Building Secrets

In this comprehensive course, some of the world’s leading list building experts will guide you step by step through the entire process of building your email list. You'll learn how to identify and find your ideal target audience to creating a list of hungry customers that buy from you over and over again. This course will also walk you through creating the perfect lead magnet to attract customers to your website or funnel.

You'll discover how to indoctrinate your new subscribers into your world and keep them engaged with valuable content, emails, videos, blogs, and podcasts. In this 21-Day List Building Challenge, you'll also learn:

  • Create Your Lead Magnet
  • The Email Framework
  • Follow-up Funnel Campaign
  • Design
  • The Intro Email
  • Storytelling Email
  • The Hooks
  • Paid Traffic

9 – Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

If you’re someone that’s always wondered how to make money selling other people’s products, then the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is your best guide. In this series, Russell Brunson asks his top affiliates to share how they would start all over again from scratch…with no email list, and no audience to speak of.

Here, these top-earning Clickfunnels affiliates share how they would take affiliate marketing from a hobby to a FULL-TIME income in 100 days or less. In this series you’ll from some of the best marketers in the field including:

  • Stephen J. Larson
  • Dave Gambrill
  • Rachel Pederson
  • Jim Edwards
  • Greg Jeffries
  • Jacob Caris
  • Dana Derricks
  • Joe Marfoglio

10 – 30 Days

ClickFunnels 30 Days Training

What if you were to suddenly lose it all?…your business, your email list, your reputation? This exciting course goes over how some of the top selling business owners would restart their business in 30 days with only a ClickFunnels account. You’ll see exactly how they would start, including their master plan and method of execution.

If you knew that you only had enough money to pay one month’s worth of rent, what would you do? This series goes over starting and profiting with a new business in 30 days with ClickFunnels. Here you’ll learn from business owners in various industries, including:

  • Trey Lewellen
  • Liz Benny
  • Garrett J. White
  • Alison J. Prince
  • Dana Derricks
  • Julie Stoian
  • Stacey Martino
  • Ed Osburn

11 – Brick and Mortar Summit

ClickFunnels Brick and Mortar Summit

This brick and mortar marketing and sales training is tailor made for small businesses, especially if you’re looking to beat out the big box stores and Goliaths in your area. Without realizing it, you have a massive advantage over your competitors because you can implement FAST. And chances are, none of your competitors are using automated sales funnels. 

This training summit will share with you how any brick and mortar business can outperform, outsell, and out market everyone else in their local market. Inside you'll learn:

  • Defining Your Target Market
  • The customer loyalty cycle
  • How to Get More Foot Traffic to Your Store
  • One-to-One Client Selling
  • How to 5x Your Business
  • Building Your Brand
  • Discovering Business Systems
  • Building Relationships through Publishing

12 – 10x: A ClickFunnels Story

10x ClickFunnels Story

At the 2018 Grant Cardone 10X event, Russell Brunson set the world record for selling $3.2 Million in products in just 90 minutes from the stage. The following year, the CF team takes you behind the scenes of 10X 2019 in front of 35,000 people…and one of the most thrilling and gut-wrenching live sales presentations ever attempted. The goal? To sell $12 Million dollars in product. 9 months of prep went into this watershed moment.

Witness the thrills, the excitement, the setbacks and disappointments. What will happen? Can Team ClickFunnels and Russell pull it off? This is a 52 Minute Documentary.

13 – Funnel Builder Secrets

Clickfunnels has over 95,088 members and has processed over $2.6 Billion in sales. How is this possible? Well, it all starts with Funnel Building Secrets, the step by step approach to creating and building a wildly successful funnel. Go from Zero to Launch in no time flat.

Every aspect of funnel building is covered in super succinct detail, including picking your strategy, funnel design, editing, creating your hook-story-offer, traffic, writing persuasive copy, and integrating with your favorite third party software and apps. PLUS get 10 FREE homepage funnels. Inside you'll learn:

  • Hook, Story, Offer
  • Picking Your Funnel Strategy
  • Funnel Design
  • Mobile Friendly Funnels
  • Integrations
  • Launching Your Funnel
  • Funnel Building Foundations
  • The 9 Core Funnels

14 – Operation Underground Railroad

Operation Underground Railroad

The cause you're about to learn about is one that Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels supports. As such, he uses his platform to spread the word about this important issue. This documentary is available for all FunnelFlix members.

Tim Ballard left his post as a special agent for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to form Operation Underground Railroad and go undercover to rescue child sex trafficking victims that he couldn't save when bound by government restrictions. Join Tim and his special forces team as they go undercover in Haiti to bring a ring of sex traffickers who bribed their way out of jail, to justice. This is a 1hr 27min documentary.

15 – Adskills


Adskills is for business owners that want to grow their online ad agency past small time customers. If you want to step up your ad agency game and land brag-worthy clients, then this course will share with you the high level strategy to massive agency growth.

Start creating winning ad campaigns and marketing funnels that command high dollar paydays and A-list clients. Discover how to build your Prospect Pipeline overnight. Scale to millions in ad spend, and be the ‘go-to’ ad agency in your market.  Inside you'll learn:

  • Writing Ad Copy that Sells
  • The Anatomy of a Winning Ad
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Setting Up Creatives
  • Campaign Planning
  • Advanced Tactics
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Scaling Your Ad Spend

16 – OutSource Force

OutSourcing Secrets

There’s going to come a time in your business…and it could be now…where you’ll need to hire virtual assistants and outside help. It’s the ONLY way you’ll be able to grow, scale, and expand. If you’re a one man show, you already know that going it alone is hard road.

This training will show you how to invest in talented people the right way, so that for every dollar you spend, you get $5, $10, $100 back. When you know how to outsource your weaknesses to those who are experts at what they do, you get to spend your time on the things in your business that you LOVE and are great at. Inside you'll learn:

  • How to Find Great Workers
  • Legal and Accounting Considerations
  • Creating a Job Listing
  • The Test Task
  • Evaluating Skills
  • The Hiring Process
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Virtual Team Leaders

17 – Funnel Hacker TV

Funnel Hacker TV

Funnel Hackers do things differently. As entrepreneurs, we HAVE to do things smarter. We don’t rely on outside capital to build our businesses. We have to be profitable from Day 1. So how do you do that? How do you create a successful business when others tell you it’s impossible? You do it with Funnel Hacking…where entrepreneurs like you have a dream to change the world. And it’s so strong that you’ll stop at nothing to make your dream a reality. 

Take an in-depth look at how these whip smart entrepreneurs in all different industries built their businesses from scratch. Inside you'll find a series of real businesses sharing how they built their business using sales funnels.

18 – Product Secrets

Product Secrets Course

If you have an idea for a product, whether it's a coaching offer, program or service, and you want to bring it to life, then this course will walk you through the process. You’ll discover how to presell your product BEFORE you even start building it! Then discover how to outline, design, and create it. You’ll get the entire process, styles and types of courses, and how you can crank it out in just days or weeks instead of months or years.

In this extended 1 hour and 17 minute video, Russell Brunson is going to show you 21 ways to take your idea and package it – without the fat and confusion. These are the most efficient ways to get your idea to market quickly and easily. The beauty of this training is that you’ll be able to lather, rinse, and repeat this process for all your product creations.

19 – Money Mindset


Having challenges making money? Growing it? Keeping it? Want more of it? No matter where you are with finances in your life, your relationship with money is what will determine how much you make and keep. Get on track now. 

This exclusive training will help you gain clarity about your desires. Get laser focused on your objectives so you can start results faster than you imagined. When you discover how to ‘think strategically’ about money and what you want in life, the flow begins.And when that happens, your earning potential is limitless. In this series, you'll learn:

  • How to Reboot Your Brain
  • Facing Your Debt
  • Game Theory
  • Growing Your Assets
  • Building Simple Models
  • Fastest Path to Cash
  • 80-20 Rule
  • New Opportunities

20 – Funnel Hackathons

Funnel Hacker

This 3 day live recorded training will have you rolling up your sleeves for over-the-shoulder instruction to create your mass movement of raving fans, build your crucial Epiphany Bridge story, and deliver your message to your audience. This isn't just watching…you’ll be DOING. You’ll be implementing everything Russell Brunson shows you as it's being taught.

You’ll be watching and pausing these training videos until your finger aches. The entire thrust of this intensive is to get you up and running FAST so you can present your product, service, or offer on webinars, Facebook Live, or from the stage…and sell like crazy!

21 – High Ticket Secrets

High Ticket Selling

High Ticket Secrets is a top-notch course packed with everything you need to know about selling high ticket products. This course will show you how to attract your ideal clients so you can sell them what THEY want. Russell will also share with you all his ‘underground’ secrets for acquiring high-paying customers using funnels, phone sales, direct mail, and live from the stage.

You'll also gain access to all of Russell Brunson's scripts, pitches, application forms, hooks and headlines, funnels, and closes. Inside this course you'll learn:

  • The Psychology Behind Selling High Ticket
  • High Ticket Funnels Walk-Thru
  • The Art of the Sale
  • Application Funnels
  • Program Contract PDF
  • The Closer Script
  • High Ticket Role Play Examples
  • Success Stories and Case Studies

22 – Book Funnel BluePrint

Frank Kern Book Funnel

Legendary marketing icon Frank Kern takes you by the hand and shows you how to get your book created, published AND marketed in this detailed and comprehensive Book Funnel Blueprint program. Frank will get you ‘thinking right’ so you can eliminate the barriers and blocks that get in the way of actually writing and creating the content for your book. 

He’ll show you how to get your buyers feeling “confident and capable” so that they’re more likely to buy MORE of your products and services. You’ll also discover how to build the perfect book funnel, get it profitable right from the start, and how to sell your high ticket offers and courses on the backend. Inside you'll learn:

  • Creating Content Walkthrough
  • Blueprint to ‘YES'
  • Sales Letter Copy
  • Billion Dollar VSL Framework
  • Selling After Campaigns
  • 7 Value Stacking Strategies

23 – Daily Virtual Hackathons

Daily Virtual Hackathons

The Virtual Hackathon Team goes LIVE every day, Monday – Friday. In these sessions CF team members teach you how to build your Funnels STEP-BY-STEP, but you can also just jump in and ask any questions you have about your funnels!

As a platinum member you'll be able to sign up for these daily hackathons through the CF portal.

24 – The Machine (Ryan Deiss)

The Machine Ryan Deiss

Want hundreds of proven, word for word email templates and blueprints for your business? Marketing and sales wizard Ryan Deiss coaches you on the ultimate turnkey email system for engaging, indoctrinating and selling to your list! You get the exact same email templates Digital Marketer uses to communicate with their list AND create a 9 figure business!

Inside, you'll learn:

  • Power of Email Segmentation
  • Simultaneous Messaging
  • Autoresponder vs. Broadcast
  • Indoctrination Emails
  • Whitelist Instructions
  • Email Campaign Templates
  • Content vs. Scarcity
  • Advanced Campaign Stacking

UpComing FunnelFlix Courses

This FunnelFlix Review of the courses inside is still not done. ClickFunnels is actively upgrading this offer by adding more courses to the FunnelFlix collection. This is at no additional cost to you as a FunnelFlix member. Below are the known upcoming courses soon to be added to the growing library.

OfferMind (Coming Soon…)

If you want to set your business up for success, the most important steps happen BEFORE you ever build a funnel. Take a virtual seat in the room and discover exactly how to create and position your PERFECT OFFER, where your clients and customers have no other choice but to say “YES! I want that!” Make the sale seamless.

Funnel Hacking Live! (Now Available!…)

Funnel Hacking Live

How do you prepare for a 4,500 person event each year with world class speakers, round tables, and a gathering of the most brilliant minds in sales and marketing? We’re pulling back the curtain on one of the marketing world’s most exciting events. This is your red carpet ticket for this Super Bowl of Funnel Hacking.

Course Secrets (Coming Soon…)

Course Secrets

You’re an expert. Own it. Now it’s time to ‘package’ your expertise and sell it…without having any experience whatsoever. Creating a course is the best way to monetize your idea and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Learn how to create, package, market, and sell your course in record time.

Funnel Agency Secrets (Coming Soon…)

Funnel Agency Secrets

Rocket to profit with your own digital funnel building agency. Clients are begging to have someone like you to create, design, and build out their funnels. Learn to organize, systemize, hire, delegate, and build your dream company. Get access to proposals, contracts, and bid sheets. Ready for your phone to ring off the hook?

YouTube Traffic Secrets (Coming Soon…)

YouTube Traffic Secrets

Looking to grow your business using the power of YouTube? This YouTube superstar has cracked the code on monetizing the biggest and most popular video platform on earth. Joe shares how you can make money online building your own business, as an affiliate, or in your local market with these quick and simple strategies.

FunnelFlix Pricing

FunnelFlix Pricing

You'll have access to only a handful of select FunnelFlix courses on the ClickFunnels basic plan, which goes for $97 per month.

Some of the many courses not included in the basic plan are: High Ticket Secrets, List Building Secrets, The One Funnel Away Challenge, The Machine, Book Funnel Blueprint, Funnel University, 10x Secrets and more.

The ClickFunnels Platinum plan is offered for $297 per month. But if you upgrade to the annual plan, you'll save $594 off your subscription. This plan will give you access to all the courses mentioned in this FunnelFlix review.

The ClickFunnels TwoCommaClubX is the highest tiered ClickFunnels plan and will give you access to all the courses mentioned in this review. This plan is part of the ClickFunnels Mastermind Coaching plan with plenty of other perks offered.

All plans will give you access to the ClickFunnels sales funnel software marketing tool.

FunnelFlix Review

ClickFunnels did not have this collection of courses available to us when I first signed up for their sales funnel software 5 years ago. Originally, I was on the $97 per month plan prior to upgrading to ClickFunnels Platinum status 2 years ago. As part of this plan, I now have full access to the FunnelFlix platinum courses mentioned in this FunnelFlix Review.

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix

Below are some of the good and not so great things about FunnelFlix.

FunnelFlix Pros and Cons

Here are some of the Pros and Cons to having FunnelFlix Platinum.

FunnelFlix Pros

Courses are taught by Experts in their field
A Cost-Saving Resource compared to purchasing separately
No Fluff Course Material
Lifetime access as long as you're a ClickFunnels member
Self-paced courses with action plans and free share funnels
More Courses being added at no additional cost to you

FunnelFlix Cons

Information overload can be overwhelming to some
These are self-taught courses with no one-on-one coach available to ask questions
The monthly subscription fee of $297 adds up quickly if you're not taking action on course material
There is no course for bloggers in the collection, which is a bummer since I'm a blogger

FunnelFlix Review Final Thoughts

This FunnelFlix Review aimed to help you decide whether FunnelFlix Platinum is a good choice for you or not. As a 2 year FunnelFlix member, I find this collection of courses to be an invaluable resource for me to come back to as needed. There is enough material here to continue learning new things from experts in the field, as I continue on my online marketing journey. I think many entrepreneurs would agree that the caliber of experts teaching the courses is enough to call FunnelFlix Platinum a deal of a lifetime!

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