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These High Ticket Sales Myths are Hurting You!

High ticket sales is much easier when you have a blueprint to follow. This guide helped me successfully sell my high ticket course, and now it's yours free.

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Myth #1: Selling High Ticket is harder and more complicated to do.

Myth #2: Selling High Ticket means you are overcharging.

If the above myths have kept you from jumping into high ticket sales, then let me be the first to say, I once believed these myths as well….and, it cost me.

Not only will it cost you too, but it will also cost your customers their results. Once you understand the reasons behind this, I think you’ll truly give yourself permission to find success with high-end product sales.

When that happens, use this guide to create irresistible high ticket offers that sell like hotcakes!

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Benefits to Doing High Ticket Sales

Regardless of what digital informational product or service you sell online, your expert knowledge is invaluable to the right person. To that person, achieving a desired result is worth the price of paying for the roadmap to get there, and the execution plan. 

Though oftentimes, we lack the confidence to charge a price worthy of our expertise. But there are solid reasons why you should charge more.

Benefits to Selling High Ticket Items:

  • Less customers, more room for support – It’s basic math. If you're a small business, there’s only so much bandwidth you and your team have to support each customer. With a high ticket offer, you’ll attract a smaller group of buyers who you can devote more time to supporting.
  • More Client Results, More Testimonials – In general, high ticket buyers are highly motivated people. This trait, combined with support from you and your team creates a winning formula to success. More client successes will net you more testimonials, which you can leverage to sell more of your high ticket offer.
  • Less Concern with Digital Product Piracy – Let’s face it, digital product piracy runs rampant on the internet. When you pour your heart and soul into creating an awesome digital asset, you want to know it’s protected. A high ticket price is one HUGE deterrent from thieves trying to buy and steal your work for their profit.
  • Near Non-Existent Product Chargebacks – Rarely do you hear of someone who purchased a Rolex watch returning it for a refund. The same can’t be said for low ticket products. High ticket buyers know what they want, and they’ll buy it without any thought of returning the item.
  • Better Work-Life Balance – At the end of the day, time will always be your most valuable asset. When you can make the same amount of money serving 100 clients versus 1,000, you essentially buy your time back. So take that vacation you keep putting aside, and enjoy the fruits of your labor more!
high ticket sales mastery

Your product is a roadmap for your clients to follow. 

But the execution process comes from the support you and your team help give to those clients. ‘Support’ costs your business money in hiring team members, creating processes, and giving up your valuable time. 

Ultimately, charging a high ticket price does not mean you’re overcharging your customers. Rather, you are serving them a fine-tuned product that offers them the best chances at success. 

What is a High Ticket Offer?

A high ticket offer provides something of immeasurable value in exchange for something of lesser value. To the right consumer, a high ticket item that is presented in a well designed manner will look like a bargain. When this occurs, a sales transaction can be made.

In order to create a mouth watering high ticket offer that sells, you must first identify your niche audience of buyers.

Identify Your Niche Market

big ticket marketing

Not long ago, I owned a 2005 Scion Tc. She was my ride or die vehicle for 16 years before she finally gave out! That was a sad day, but that’s a story for another time.

Since these vehicles tend to be lower to the ground compared to other passenger cars, it often resulted in me getting flat tires. Each time it happened, I would replace it with my spare tire, and drive on over to Martinez’s Tire Shop. 

There, I knew they would most likely have a comparable replacement tire readily available, and that the job would be done fairly quick. On the rare occasion I had to go to a general automotive shop, I would often leave as a frustrated customer. 

These general shops usually meant longer wait times, as well as running the risk they would not have my specific tire in stock. 

Somehow, even when the Martinez Tire Shop had a long line of customers, I would still be in and out in record time. They were experts in their field, and had nailed down the job to a science.

This focus on one small segment of a broader market, is called a niche market. 

high ticket sales

When you become a niche business, you attract a very specific audience with a very specific set of needs. Your job as a business owner is to identify the needs of your niche market and be the expert solution to their problem.

5 Step Business Niche Strategy

Your business niche will differentiate you from the competition, and will help your business get discovered in a crowded space. In order to execute on a niche market strategy, you must determine the below first.

  • Identify Your Niche Market – Within a broader market, select a smaller segment to focus on where you are most knowledgeable in. This level of positioning is the foundation to effortlessly selling high ticket offers. 
  • Research Your Audience – Survey your audience with strategic questions that uncover the frustrations and desires that are unmet. Continuously repeat this process to stay on top of the needs of your audience.
  • Define an Unmet Need – Zero in on a specified unmet need to create your offer and messaging around. Take note of the exact language your audience uses to apply later on in your marketing efforts. 
  • Create an Irresistible Offer – Create a viable product that addresses the needs of your niche market and offers a solution to their problem. Package your offer with the tools necessary for them to execute on the given roadmap.
  • Market Your Offer – Find where online your audience is congregating and serve them with valuable information. Build your authority within your niche and sell your offer using a High Ticket Sales System.

The one important concept to remember here is that people want to buy from a specialist, not a generalist – This is especially true when it comes to selling high ticket items. The more defined your niche business strategy is, the better you’ll be able to attract high ticket buyers.

Create Your High Ticket Offer

high ticket offer

Your goal is to help a specific audience achieve a desired result by using a proven method or vehicle to drive those results. When you create compelling messaging, your audience gets on board to the method you present to them that helps them execute on the desired goal.

A few years back, I decided to take my 12 year experience as a successful Amazon Private Label seller, and package it into an online course.

When I created my Amazon online course high ticket offer, I needed to sell my audience on two things: The vehicle needed for success + My offer. 

At that time, sales funnels were becoming a bigger part in successfully launching a new product on Amazon. Yet, not many sellers were aware of this, or if they were, they weren’t yet sold on the idea of using them.

In my case, I had to sell my niche audience of Amazon sellers on launching products using sales funnels. I then had to sell them on why my high ticket online course offered the best execution plan for how to do this.

Based on the survey answers of my audience, I knew they wanted help validating the success of a new product before spending money buying inventory. The last thing any Amazon seller wants is to buy inventory of a product no one purchases!

My messaging centered around how they could validate a new product at no cost to them by using sales funnels. My course offered the execution plan on how to use sales funnels to take pre-orders before launching it on Amazon. 

This way, a seller would know whether there was demand for a product or not prior to purchasing inventory. 

The investment cost of my high ticket online course paled in comparison to how much my audience could save from making a costly mistake. They would also be able to generate even more sales by incorporating sales funnels into their business. 

Similarly, your irresistible offer should speak to the desires of your niche audience, and show a proven framework for executing on the new strategy.

Build a High Ticket Sales System 

high ticket secrets webinar

So now that you have a core understanding of how to build a high ticket offer that sells, it’s time to automate the sales process. 

A high ticket sales system is the engine that turns interested prospects into buyers of your high ticket offer. This process can be automated with webinar sales funnels.

High Ticket Sales Funnel 

The webinar funnel and case study funnel are two highly effective marketing tools anyone can use to sell a high-end offer. 

Each of these funnels are used to build ‘belief’ in your new method, before pitching your prospect on your high ticket sales offer. 

High Ticket Webinar Funnel 

In a high ticket webinar funnel, your prospect watches a carefully constructed webinar video that breaks down known objections they may have about your new method. 

The video is between 45 minutes – 1.5 hours long, and builds trust with you and your audience. It also positions you as an authority in your field. 

The presentation ends with a high ticket offer being presented and a way to purchase the offer. 

Learn How to Sell High Ticket Offers with Webinars...


Case Study Funnel

A case study (or application) funnel is often used for selling high ticket coaching offers. This funnel type is generally a short 20 minute case study video sharing your story and results, or that of a client. 

The case study funnel leads to an application process where the goal is to get the prospect on the phone. 

A high ticket sales script is then used to sell your prospect on a high-end offer. These funnels are good to use for high ticket offers over $5,000 in price.

A few years back, I purchased a $13,000 E-Commerce Mastermind offer going through this exact type of funnel. It works. Go figure!

High Ticket Sales Course

high ticket secrets

High Ticket Secrets is an online course taught by ClickFunnels founder, Russell Brunson. The course offers the step-by-step plan on how to effectively sell high ticket offers in virtually any industry.

Some of the things taught in the course include:

  • The Psychology Behind Selling High Ticket Offers
  • High Ticket Funnels (Free Done-For-You Share Funnels!)
  • The High Ticket Sales Closer Script
  • Sales Script Role Play Videos
  • Follow-up Email Scripts

FunnelFlix Courses

FunnelFlix Courses

High Ticket Secrets is offered as part of the ClickFunnels FunnelFlix Courses. As a ClickFunnels Platinum subscription member, you have access to all the FunnelFlix courses for free.

This includes training courses on:

  • High Ticket Selling
  • Digital Product Creation
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Funnel Building
  • Getting Unlimited Traffic
  • Personal Development and MORE!…….

High Ticket Sales Conclusion

Your high ticket offer doesn’t need to have ‘x’ amount of videos or pdf downloads in order for it to sell. It needs to be able to execute on a strategy that brings your clients results. Understanding the exact needs and desires of your niche audience are an important factor to creating an offer and messaging that speaks directly to them. Follow this simple guide to selling high-end items to begin seeing success in your high ticket business.

If you've enjoyed this FREE Guide, then definitely make sure to become a ClickFunnels Platinum member to access the High Ticket Secrets course today!

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