Best Apps for Content Creators

5 Best Apps for Content Creators on Pinterest

The best apps for content creators are the ones that save you time and make you look better!

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Some of the best apps for content creators are the ones that help you do what you do best, without bogging you down with all the tech stuff. 

That way you get to create more and build your audience, all while earning more money as a content creator.

Though with so many options to choose from, you may be left spinning your wheels trying to figure out which apps are best suited for Pinterest creators. 

As a creator on the platform myself, I’ve tested multiple apps and have narrowed it down to 5 must have apps for pin creators just like you!

Does Pinterest have an Influencer Program?

Creators on Pinterest have the opportunity to tap into the platform’s over 463 million monthly active users.

Top creators have the added bonus of being invited into the Pinterest Creator Rewards program and Creator Fund for a chance to get paid to pin.

While the visual bookmarking site is widely known as a place for bloggers to grow their traffic, it's more recently it’s transitioned into a top platform for all types of creators.

This includes fashion and lifestyle creators, home decor designers, affiliate marketers and more. 

All this makes it even more important to have the right creator tools in your pocket to create the best content possible!

Best Apps for Content Creators on Pinterest

These next best apps for content creators will help you attract, engage, and grow a raving fan base of followers on Pinterest.

The ensuing list of Pinterest tools is going to cement you as a pro content creator on Pinterest!

1. Tailwind

The Tailwind app is a popular choice among Pinterest creators when it comes to automating the process of pinning on Pinterest.

The Pinterest scheduling tool serves as a time saving measure that not only pins on your behalf, but also suggests your optimal pinning times to get the most engagement.

And since 86% percent of Pinterest users also use Instagram, Tailwind smartly created the tool to be used on both sites.

As an approved Pinterest partner, Tailwind safely integrates with your account, analyzes your stats and helps you effortlessly grow on the platform. 

Tailwind Pinterest Tool

Additionally, the new Tailwind create feature will help you quickly whip up optimally sized creatives for both Pinterest and Instagram with the click of a button. 

It’s one of the best apps worth considering if you want to be a top performing creator on Pinterest.

2. Capcut

Creators who upload video pins to engage and inspire their audience are more likely to be favored by the Pinterest algorithm.

This is in part due to the popularity of Idea pins, a feature that is similar to Instagram reels.

Capcut is a free video editing tool available for both Android and iOS mobile phones.

The video maker offers tons of features that make it easy to get started creating awesome short videos, even as a complete beginner.

Capcut Free Creator Tool

Use the trending effects and templates to make fast and easy creatives. The one feature you may want to avoid here is the in-app music.

If your goal is to eventually earn Pinterest creator monetary rewards, then stick with music from the Pinterest audio library to avoid getting your pins disqualified.

Recommended: Video Editing can take up a lot of your creator time. Outsource your video creations with No Limit Creatives. Use coupon code: PILAR50 at checkout for 50% off your first month of services.

3. Canva

Canva is a tool with extensive capabilities for creating eye-popping Pinterest pins, whether it be for static images or video pins.

It’s hands down one of my favorite Pinterest marketing tools to use across all social media platforms. 

Simply tell Canva what creative you want to make and it’ll show you the optimal size for that social media creative.

Then use any of their free templates and stock images to create your pin. Make sure to also save your branded colors in your Canva account to make creating even faster!

Canva for Pinterest Creators

I personally used the free version for the first year before upgrading to a professional account.

With a Canva Professional account, you’ll have a larger selection of stock images, elements, and effects available to use.

4. Shuffles

Shuffles by Pinterest is a new-ish app that quietly launched in the app store in August 2022. 

The tool enables you to create interactive collages on your iPhone and includes features such as: cutting out parts of a picture (sort of like scrapbooking), adding and laying animations and effects, and “reshuffling” for collaborative sharing.

Pinterest describes the tool as “the world’s best tool for creative expression, powered by Pinterest’s massive visual library.”

Pinterest Shuffles App

The most exciting part is that Pinterest is currently testing ways to integrate Shuffles collages with shopping on Pinterest. 

For content creators who sell e-commerce on Pinterest such as Shopify sellers or Amazon Influencers, Shuffles may become your new favorite content creation tool! 

5. Quotes Creator

Quote images are plastered all over Pinterest, and at some point during your scroll you may have encountered them in your feed.

These creatives are an easy way to inspire your audience and get re-pins of your content. 

The Quotes Creator app is ideal for pinners looking to quickly create beautiful inspirational text pictures and sayings to share.

Quotes Creator App

You’ll have a variety of different images, colors, and fonts to choose from to express the sentiment behind your quote.

You can also add your own watermark, logo and QR code over the image.

Best of all, the Quotes Creator provides a huge library of quotes to choose from in various niches. So you won’t have to waste time searching for these yourself!

More Pinterest Content Creation Tools

best apps for content creators

Now that we’ve gone through the must have apps for content creators of Pinterest, let’s dive into other helpful content creation tools.


I often use stock footage video in my Pinterest pins when I find myself short on time on creating videos myself. These help to fill in those content gaps and keep me consistent on the platform.

Storyblocks is a royalty free stock footage site with thousands of video creatives available to download. I use their unlimited plan which doesn’t cap me on how many videos I can use per month. So it’s a great site to use especially if you’re batch creating pins to schedule later on.


If you’re creating Pinterest video pins, then one valuable tool that will help you get better engagement is Submagic. 

Submagic is an AI for content creators that generates amazing captions with emojis for short-form video content. 

Essentially, it'll transcribe your video audio for you and place layover text in big bold format on your videos.

Additionally, Submagic will also add relevant emojis to your videos that will make your videos standout more on the Pinterest feed. 

Since videos autoplay on the Pinterest feed and most Pinterest users don’t turn on audio, captions and text are essential for creating successful video pins. 

Submagic has graciously extended a 10% discount to my readers. Simply enter promo code: PILAR10 at checkout to save on any plan!

Rode Vlogger Kit

Recently, I made one of my best purchases ever. It was the Rode Vlogger Kit for content creators. This kit comes with a top of the line mic for your iPhone (they have an iOS version as well), that makes your voice sound noticeably clearer when recording from your smartphone.

It also has a stand and light box for creating better looking videos and Pinterest Idea pins. On my recent month-long trip to Colombia, I used it to record tons of content for Pinterest and for my YouTube channel.

I even recorded a short video of it and posted it on my YouTube channel.


Stock images are another great help when it comes to creating eye popping static pins. I generally use these as a backdrop on my pins with a simple text layover. It’s easy to create and can be batch created in quantity.

While the Canva app does offer stock images to use, I find that a lot of content creators on Pinterest are using the same images over and over again. This makes my pins less likely to stand out, so I prefer to use Depositphotos for getting fresh stock images for Pinterest.

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Copywriting Secrets

Writing high performing catchy headlines is one of the most essential parts to creating Pinterest pins that get clicked on. It’s what gets people to stop scrolling and pay attention to what you have to say.

For this reason, it’s important to know what words to use and in which combination to get your prospect to take action on your pin. About 5 years ago, I purchased the Copywriting Secrets book to learn exactly how to do this. The book offers plug-in-play templates that you can use to get more people to click on your pins.

If you are a content creator without a blog, then this next tool may interest you. is a popular link in bio tool that enables you to host all your links on one single creator webpage. 

This way, instead of directing your audience to multiple sites, you can send them to one place where all your links and information are held. A link can be inserted in your Pinterest profile for people to check out and find your products and services. Here’s an example of my page.

Apps for Content Creator Conclusion

The best apps for content creators on Pinterest are the ones recommended by other Pinterest creators! 

This exclusive list is curated by me, a Pinterest content creator. You also get to see other content creation tools I use and recommend.

I hope you found this list helpful to you on your journey.

There are plenty of ways to make money as a creator on Pinterest. One additional way I earn money is by pinning my affiliate blog on Pinterest.

Here are more ways to make money on Pinterest.

If you need other ideas then make sure to follow me on Pinterest to stay up to date!

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