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How to Become a Pinterest Manager in High Demand | Pinterest Management Services

Learn what it takes to become a Pinterest Manager and how to find easy high paying clients for your new Pinterest Management Services.

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Despite the numerous traffic-driving benefits Pinterest offers, business owners often find the platform's functionality confusing and challenging to navigate. 

This is understandable, given that Pinterest is a hybrid between a social media platform and a visual search engine. It requires a unique approach to content creation, SEO, and user engagement. 

Unlike TikTok and Facebook, Pinterest excels at driving traffic to blogs and sales pages, making it a highly valuable platform for business owners to master.

Consequently, there is a high demand for Pinterest managers who can help business owners leverage the platform effectively. 

If you're interested in becoming a Pinterest manager and seizing the opportunity to work from home, here are some key steps to get you started on this lucrative career path.

Using Pinterest for Business

I've been using Pinterest for business for over a decade, and it's been an essential marketing tool for me. 

It helped drive traffic and sales to my Amazon FBA consulting services and online digital course business. 

Nowadays, I use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog, which I monetize with affiliate links. 

Pinterest works for all types of businesses, and the platform has only improved over time.

As its popularity and reach continue to grow, more businesses will catch on and join Pinterest. 

If you want to learn how to leverage Pinterest for business and be ready to take on clients, register for this free Pinterest management training.

What's a Pinterest Manager

A Pinterest Manager knows how to perform all tasks as that of a Pinterest virtual assistant, but will execute on a higher level with a strategy in place. 

Some Pinterest virtual assistants sell themselves short.

They have great strategy, know the in’s and out’s of Pinterest marketing, have a great portfolio of client results, yet they undercut their prices and demote themselves for no good reason.

If that sounds like you, then give yourself permission to promote yourself to Pinterest Manager today! 

Become a Pinterest Manager

There's another reason to consider making that change. In one word, it’s called ‘association.’

We generally associate higher positions (and knowledge) with specific titles, such as CEO, Manager, Supervisor, Director, etc. And typically, people in these positions are able to command higher pay. 

As a Pinterest marketing expert, you’re helping business owners fast track their way to traffic and sales by leveraging the Pinterest platform. That means more money in their pockets as should be in yours! 

Now on the other hand, if you feel you need to sharpen your skill set and add more depth to your Pinterest Marketing knowledge, then check out these two Pinterest courses below.

How to Become a Pinterest Manager

You become a Pinterest Manager by learning Pinterest marketing for business, interpreting Pinterest analytics, and executing on a data driven Pinterest marketing plan.

Best Pinterest Course for Bloggers

Best Pinterest Course

This 9-Module Pinterest covers:

  • Module 1: Laying the Foundation for Pinterest Success
  • Module 2: Creating Pin Descriptions that Drive Traffic
  • Module 3: Creating Killer Images for Pinterest
  • Module 4: Using Boards to Grow Your Traffic
  • Module 5: Making Your Blog Pinterest Friendly
  • Module 6: Hacking Your Way to Pinnable Content
  • Module 7: Putting it All Together
  • Module 8: Doing it Better and Faster
  • Module 9: Analytics, Baby!

Best Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course

Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Today

This Money Making Pinterest VA Course covers:

  • Lifetime Access to Program Material (FREE Updates!)
  • Private Pinterest VA Community
  • Private VA and Client Contract
  • Client Leads to Jumpstart Your Biz!
  • Client Onboarding Workbook
  • Promoted Pins Training + Onboarding Workbook
  • Client Analytics Template
  • Pinterest VA Invoice Templates…and more

Become a Pinterest VA today by going here.

Get Paid as a Pinterest Marketing Expert

The riches are in the niches. Look around at the other experts. Where do you fit in that ecosystem? The goal is to carve out a unique spot in that eco-system where you can thrive. That’s your niche and that niche is one of your keys to success as an expert.”

Russell Brunson, expert secrets book

Carving out a defined niche within your expertise is 1 of 19 secrets to becoming a high earning paid expert, mentioned in Russell Brunson’s book, Expert Secrets

I’ve read this book many times over and have recommended it to all my students. And while the 19 Expert Secrets in the book are too many to go over in this article, I did want to expand on the importance of having a defined niche. 

Nab Your FREE Copy of the Expert Secrets book along with bonuses here.

Here’s a quick example to illustrate this point. 

The Tasty Recipes WordPress plug-in gained quick traction amongst food bloggers for being a powerful publishing tool for beautiful SEO-solid recipes.

From a large audience of WordPress bloggers, Tasty Recipes zoned in on the smaller subset of food bloggers. That allowed them to tailor their marketing message to one very specific audience as opposed to a general audience. This helped attract their ideal customer in droves to their Tasty Recipes plug-in.

For you, as a Pinterest marketing expert, what type of businesses are you trying to attract?

Maybe you decide to niche down and become the go-to Pinterest Management Service company for food bloggers. You learn everything there is to learn about Tasty Recipes and other WordPress related plug-ins for food bloggers. 

Next, you put together your Pinterest Management Services sales page.

Advertise Your Pinterest Management Services 

You’re excited about your new virtual services online business, and now it’s time to put together a high converting sales page!

Your sales page will let prospective customers know what Pinterest marketing services you offer and how much each service costs. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here. Check out what services are being offered by your competitors and how much each service costs.

Normally, these Pinterest Management packages will be featured right on their website. Take some time to check them out and decide on a middle ground that works for you and offers competitive rates. As you gain more satisfied customers with demonstrated results, you can re-evaluate your prices and increase them accordingly. 

13 Core Parts to a High Converting Sales Page

This formula to writing a high converting sales page was put together by multi-millionaire sales copywriter, Jim Edwards. He features this in extensive detail in his Copywriting Secrets book. Follow this outline to put together a sales page that will ultimately convert more visitors into paying clients.

Copywriting Secrets Book by Jim Edwards

Part 1: The Headline

This is the first thing people see. The purpose of the headline is to attract attention from the right people.

Example: How to Write Irresistible Headlines that Get More Clicks, and Attract the RIGHT Audience!

Part 2: Shocking Statement

Most people are generally in a hypnotic state, not paying attention to what is in front of them. Shock them with a shocking statement of image to get their attention.

Example: Did you know most people who try to write a sales letter fail miserably? It's true. Some even go bankrupt and lose their houses!

Part 3: Define the Problem

Defining the problem uses a formula called Problem, Agitate, and Solve. 

Example: Here's the problem you face: most people think that writing a book is so hard and takes so long they can't imagine becoming an author.

Part 4: Agitate

You've told the problem, but that's not good enough. You want to make it hurt because the more it hurts, the more they need a solution and are willing to pay you for that solution.

Example: ….which means you'll struggle with being a fat couch potato for the rest of your life and never live up to your full potential.

Part 5: Present the Solution

Now you introduce them to your product or service that holds the solution they need to the problem you just made worse in the last step.

Example: Luckily for you, there's now a solution. Let me introduce you to the PT Test Survival Guide, a brand new book to help everyone pass their next PT Test.

Part 6: Use Bullets to Arouse Curiosity

Once you've introduced the solution, take your features, benefits, and meanings and use them to build curiosity and desire for your solution.

Part 7: Credibility Statement about You

Tell people about you and why you are qualified to bring them this solution.

Always answer this question: Why You?

Part 8: Proof 

Proof answers the question “Why Should I believe in you?” Use your testimonials and endorsements now. Use whatever you have at this point (statistics, quotes, government studies, etc.) to establish proof.

Part 9: Sum Up the Offer and Give Price 

In this section, tell them exactly what they're going to get, when they're going to get it, and how much it costs.

Example: This is a six-part coaching program that starts on this date. It will be delivered weekly. There will be time for Q & A. All for this price.

Part 10: Bonuses and Pot Sweeteners 

If you have bonuses, special savings, extra service included, or anything else to put them over the top, this is where you tell them about it.

Example: This is where you throw in something extra such as a bonus report, an individual consultation with you, or anything that will make them feel like they are getting a fantastic deal on your offer.

Part 11: Guarantee

The guarantee is where you take away the risk. It can be a paragraph or a single sentence.

Example: Not only do we guarantee this unconditionally for 30 days, but if it doesn't show you exactly how to pass your next PT Test, if it doesn't help you to get in shape in the next two weeks, if it doesn't give you a plan to get ready if you're not ready right now, etc…..we don't want your money. We'll give it all back. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

Part 12: Call Them to Action

You've told your buyer everything they need to know about the product. It's time to call them to action.

Example: It could be a button that says “Click Here to Buy Now!”

Part 13: Postscript (P.S.):

The final part of your sales letter is the P.S. This is where you restate the benefits and tell them again to act now.

Example: P.S. – This gem will sell for $49. This introductory price of $29 is a “Buy it now before it's gone” offer, so act fast! P.P.S. Let's be blunt, if you pass on this offer, in a week from today will you have an e-book written or not? Probably not!

Get All Your Sales Letters Written in Under 10 Mins here.

Gain Exposure to Your Virtual Services 

Now before you can sell anything to anyone, you first need traffic…or in other words, people! 

Where do you find these people who are going to see your sales page and potentially become clients of your Pinterest management services? 

There are simple ways to drive targeted traffic to you including SEO friendly ways such as starting a blog, or YouTube channel. But if you want to rapidly build your online business and get clients, the fastest way is to leverage other people’s audience. 

When I first started offering my ecommerce consulting services, I looked for other people within my industry who had already built a large following of fans within my niche.

I would then reach out to those people and find ways to give value to their audience. In exchange, I would be able to get in front of a large audience of niche targeted prospects. 

Sometimes, this meant writing a guest blog post for a website. In my case I wrote tons of guest articles including one for Webretailer about selling trending products on Amazon.

Sell trending products on Amazon

For guest articles, I generally check out the website first and find holes within their content marketing that I could suggest to fill in with a guest article. Doing this will increase your chances of getting the site owner to say ‘Yes’ to your request.

By the way, site owners LOVE getting free content! It allows them to free up time for themselves, yet still not miss a beat in delivering quality content to their audience! 

This type of exposure can catapult you into the limelight quickly, especially if the website you’re writing for has a large reading audience. 

At the time of this writing, the Webretailer website receives over 220,000 thousand monthly visitors. That’s a lot of potential people coming to learn about me and my services. 

Pilar Newman Webretailer

Another outlet that worked well for me was in being a guest on niche ecommerce podcasts. In similar fashion, I delivered valuable content in the form of an interview, and tapped into a listening audience of niche prospects.

Again, I focused my attention on podcasts that had a large listening audience, so I could fast track my consulting business. The Niche Pursuits podcast was one such program I was featured on.

Pilar Newman Niche Pursuits

This social proof also helps with validating your position as an expert in your field, and influences people’s decision in deciding whether or not they should work with you. 

IMPORTANT: The key to making this strategy work for you is by capturing your new audience using a lead funnel. The lead funnel captures the information of your prospect, and shares more valuable content with them, before introducing them to your Pinterest management services. Most site owners will gladly link back to your lead funnel on their website or within the podcast notes.

While I no longer offer ecommerce consulting, I continue to get daily leads from these sites to my affiliate marketing products.

Now It’s Your Turn 

Your freelance hustle as a Pinterest Manager has the potential to earn you thousands of dollars in monthly income working from home. And while you don’t need to take a course in order to have a successful Pinterest management services business, it does help to speed up your process to profitability. 

If you find yourself having questions about how much you should charge a client?, What does a contract look like?, How to onboard Pinterest clients?….then I invite you to take the FREE Pinterest Virtual Assistant webclass today! 

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