Best YouTube Automation Niches

10 Best YouTube Automation Niches (with Channel Examples)

Discover the most profitable YouTube automation niches to make money online.

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Starting a YouTube automation business requires a lot of upfront work prior to the channel owner seeing any profits. Arguably, one of the most important aspects to making money is picking a profitable YouTube automation niche.

This foundation will lay the groundwork for how quickly your faceless channel gets to profitability. On the other hand, if you choose an unprofitable niche, then your channel may never make money.

In this article, I explore some of the best YouTube automation niches including some valuable tips to ensure your YouTube success

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How to Choose a $10,000 YouTube Automation Niche

To maximize your chances of having a $10,000 per month YouTube automation channel, follow these four foundational pillars of success.

  • Proof of Concept – Find a niche that is already proven to work and do it better. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.
  • Earning Potential – Choose a niche with multiple monetization avenues, such as YouTube Adsense revenue, digital products sales, and brand sponsorship deals.
  • Longevity – Focus on niches that will be around for years to come instead of trends that are popular today and gone tomorrow.
  • Personal Interest – Choose something where you yourself are part of the niche audience. You’ll have a better understanding of your audience's wants and needs.

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Best YouTube Automation Niches

When considering the best niches for YouTube automation, channel owners should consider the channel’s monetization potential, including YouTube CPM. Some of the highest CPM channels include personal finance channels and make money online niches.

Still, this should not be your only criteria for choosing which YouTube automation niche idea is best suited for you.

You also want to consider your level of interest in the topic, depth of knowledge on the subject, and pros and cons to YouTube automation.

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1. Personal Finance

Personal finance channels are one of the best YouTube automation niches if your sole purpose is to make money with YouTube Adsense revenue. 

The niche offers some of the highest CPMs of any other channel niche, which makes it a super competitive automation niche to break into. These channels, such as Game of Trades, focus on videos about wealth building, stocks and financial tips.

Game of Trades YouTube

A quick look at Social Blade shows that Game of Trades earns about $3.4k per month. Although, from personal experience on how much my YouTube channel earns, a more accurate estimate is to 5x the high end of the Social Blade estimate.

This means that Game of Trades is earning closer to $204k per year with YouTube Adsense. 

2. Tech Reviews and Unboxing

Another very popular faceless YouTube niche is tech reviews and unboxing channels. There are several reasons for this. 

One of them being the constant influx of new tech products that provides a steady stream of content for the YouTube automation channel owner. Channels that regularly post fresh and relevant videos can steadily grow their audience and income on YouTube.

Tech Reviews Automation Channel Example
In Depth Tech Reviews Automation Channel Example

There’s also ample opportunities to make money with affiliate marketing. For instance, you can earn commissions by linking to products you review, such as Amazon Influencers do. 

This can be extremely lucrative since tech gadgets tend to be on the more expensive side, which means you can earn a larger commission per sale.

Tech enthusiasts are also known to be a highly engaged audience. This can lead to high view counts and sustained viewership, which are key metrics for advertising revenue on YouTube.

3. Educational Content

Educational niches on YouTube are popular because they combine entertainment with learning, covering a wide range of simple and complex topics in an engaging, easily digestible format that suits self-learners.

These videos can be tutorials, language learning videos and more. 

YouTube automation niches

Brainy Dose is an educational channel example that publishes videos on topics that range from love and relationships, psychology to interesting facts. 

They are a prime example of how successful automation channels can use stock video footage, compelling scripts and human-sounding voice overs to create faceless YouTube channels. 

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4. Luxury Travel

Videos in the luxury travel niche cater to the aspirations and dreams of a wide audience, offering a virtual escape to exotic and luxurious destinations.

They attract viewers with high spending power, which is appealing to advertisers and sponsors in the high-end travel and lifestyle sectors.

This enables luxury channels the ability to form lucrative partnerships with upscale resorts, travel companies, and lifestyle brands for sponsored content. 

Luxury Travel niche YouTube

An example of this niche is the Luxury Travel Expert. None of the videos show the face nor the voice of the channel owner. 

During the opening scenes, the accompanying affiliate website to the channel is prominently featured on the slide. This is another great way the channel owner is monetizing its YouTube audience.

5. Make Money Online

The make money online automation niche is my favorite of all the YouTube automation niches mentioned on this list. 

Channels such as 10X Income use AI talking avatars as the personality of the faceless YouTube channel. The automated videos then focus on the various ways anyone can make money online with AI.

There are so many ways to make $500 per day with AI. So it’s a popular money making niche with plenty of topics to cover.

YouTube Automation Channel Example

These make money online videos tap into a broad audience seeking guidance on how to earn money through various social media platforms. 

This consistent viewer engagement is attractive to advertisers targeting the entrepreneurial and business-minded demographic, leading to potential advertising revenue and sponsorships.

Further proof of this can be seen in the 10X Income videos that have the ‘Includes Paid Promotion’ YouTube tag at the beginning of some videos.

6. Cinematic Historical Documentaries

Historical documentaries cater to a diverse audience interested in history and culture. It’s one of the reasons the History channel television shows have become so popular to watch.

Similarly, these YouTube videos with their high-quality cinematography and compelling storytelling can captivate viewers, leading to higher engagement and longer watch times, which are key metrics for YouTube’s monetization algorithms. 

The evergreen nature of historical content also ensures its relevance over time.

historical documentaries YouTube automation

An example of this can be seen with the Dark Skies YouTube channel. The videos are a mix of relevant stock footage and voice overs that explore the world of aviation over historical periods in time. 

This niche offers opportunities for educational sponsorships and partnerships with cultural institutions, publishers, and educational platforms. 

Well-produced historical documentaries also have the ability to stand out in a crowded digital landscape, which is a huge plus! 

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7. Health and Wellness

Health and wellness YouTube videos tap into a consistently high demand for content related to fitness, nutrition, mental health, and overall well-being.

This evergreen niche benefits from the global trend towards healthier lifestyles.

The practical and life-improving content also appeals to a wide range of audiences, which can help you grow your automation channel fast. 

Bestie Health and Wellness Channel

Once again, this automation niche offers plenty of opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships with health and fitness brands, supplement companies, and wellness services.

YouTube creators can further monetize through affiliate marketing with the Amazon Associates program by linking to health products, workout equipment, and more. 

Channels such as Bestie use animated videos to convey health and wellness information, which can be easily produced and automated for YouTube profits.

8. Software Tutorials

Software tutorials can mean creating a YouTube video library of resources for QuickBooks learners, Clickfunnels users, WordPress developers and more. 

These videos target both professionals and enthusiasts seeking to improve their skills or learn a new software. They offer opportunities for lucrative partnerships and sponsorships with software companies and tech-related brands.

Software tutorials YouTube automation channel

Additionally, as a channel owner you can benefit from affiliate marketing by linking to high ticket commission software tools.

The best part is these video tutorials can be created using free screen recording tools for both Windows and Mac.

A great example of this YouTube automation niche is the Skills Factory channel.

9. 3D Virtual Reality Videos

Imagine being able to escape your reality and go to your favorite place in a matter of minutes. Well, that’s the appeal of 3D virtual reality videos. 

These videos can take you to places that make you feel as though you’re truly there experiencing the moment in real life!

For example, the 3D ‘n’ Play channel has various 3D experiences such as riding the Christmas Polar Express, riding a fun rollercoaster, and experiencing the magical world of the Avatars.

Of course, this will require your viewers to have a virtual reality headset to watch these videos, such as Meta Quest.

3D VR YouTube videos

To create a 3D virtual reality (VR) video for YouTube, you would first use a 360-degree camera or a VR camera rig to capture immersive footage, ensuring that all angles are covered.

The footage is then stitched together using specialized software like Adobe Premiere Pro or VR-specific editing tools to create a seamless 360-degree video. 

Read more on how to upload 3D videos on YouTube.

Creators in this niche can promote VR-related products or experiences through affiliate marketing.

10. Listicles

Listicles are videos that are structured as a list, such as the ‘Top 10’ or ‘5 Best of’ videos.

These videos on YouTube are an absolute goldmine for creators. They're the perfect blend of engaging, informative, and fun videos, making them a hit with a wide range of viewers. 

You know how we all love bite-sized info? 

Well, listicles deliver just that with clear, concise content that's super easy to digest. And the best part is you can dive into just about any topic under the sun, be it the latest tech gadgets, health tips, or movie trivia, keeping your channel fresh and your audience hooked. 

YouTube automation niche channel idea

Take the Dark 5 channel as an example. This channel provides the top 5 interesting and terrifying mysteries on a wide range of topics. 

These types of videos can be outsourced to your YouTube automation team, including the research and writing of the script.

Plus, let's talk about the opportunities for partnerships! 

Listicle videos are fantastic for seamlessly weaving in sponsored content and opening the door to collaboration deals. 

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Final Tips to Find Best YouTube Automation Niches

When searching for the best YouTube automation niches to make money with an automated channel, it's crucial to start with thorough market research. 

Look for areas with a high level of interest but relatively low competition, which can provide a sweet spot for gaining quick traction.

Stick to evergreen topics that maintain steady popularity over time and can provide you with long-term YouTube automation profits.

Finally, consider the monetization potential of the niche. 

Some topics are more advertiser-friendly and offer more opportunities for affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. 

And don’t forget to also consider choosing a niche that aligns with your interests. This will help to keep you motivated through the beginning stages of getting your new online business off the ground!

Good luck on starting a legit money making YouTube automation channel!

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