Make Money with YouTube Automation

7 Ways to Make Money with YouTube Automation Rapidly with AI

7 Lucrative ways to make money with YouTube Automation and profit big.

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All you need to make money with YouTube automation is to create a YouTube channel in a profitable niche and let AI and Fiverr freelancers handle the rest.

It may sound too good to be true until you see what AI can achieve in terms of content creation, video editing, and audience engagement, all while you focus on strategic growth and monetization.

Once your channel is up and running, monetize it using the following 10 methods to generate income from your YouTube automation channel.

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What is a YouTube Automation Online Business?

A YouTube automation business involves creating a niche channel and leveraging AI tools and freelancers to handle video creation, editing, and overall channel management for you. 

Once the channel is monetized, this hands-free approach can generate a consistent passive income stream for you month after month.

The best part? 

Your channel can remain completely anonymous!

This makes YouTube automation an ideal business for introverts who want to earn money online without having to get on camera and reveal their identity.

But really, this side hustle idea is for anyone who wants to make money online as a beginner and finally kick their 9 – 5pm to the curb!

Scaling a YouTube Automation Channel with AI

The great thing about starting a YouTube automation AI side hustle is how easy it is to scale up with the help of AI tools and software. 

You can automate content creation, editing, and even analytics to keep things running smoothly. Plus, with AI handling the heavy lifting, you can focus on growing your audience and boosting your revenue.

Utilize these AI tools to start a YouTube automation business.

  • Invideo AI – Create and edit faceless YouTube videos with a single prompt using this AI YouTube video maker
  • vidIQ – AI tools to help you optimize YouTube SEO for better search rankings and audience engagement.
  • Speechify – This text-to-speech software tool will convert your YouTube script into natural-sounding voice overs for your videos.
  • Opus Pro – The AI tool will grab highlights from your long-form video, cut it into 60 seconds or shorter videos and add bold captions and emojis to it. It’s great for repurposing content into YouTube shorts.
  • Submagic – If you’re primarily growing your channel with YouTube shorts, then use Submagic to add captions, fast cuts, sound effects, emojis and more.

(Btw – Submagic has graciously extended a 10% discount to my readers! Simply enter promo code: PILAR10 at checkout to nab the special offer.)

Before uploading your video to YouTube, make sure you have an appealing thumbnail ready to go. 

Having a click-worthy thumbnail is key in driving traffic and views to your videos, which can directly impact your channel’s earnings. 

You can hire freelancers on Fiverr or use a graphic design agency to create one for you.

How to Make Money with YouTube Automation

To make money with YouTube automation, your channel revenue needs to cover the costs of outsourcing video creation and maintenance, leaving you with a profit. This means carefully managing expenses and continually optimizing your content strategy.

How to make money with YouTube automation

Here are 10 popular methods YouTube creators use to generate revenue with an automated channel.

1. Display Ads on Your Videos

Display ads on YouTube videos are the most common way to monetize a YouTube automation channel. 

These ads appear alongside your video content and can generate revenue every time a viewer sees or interacts with them. 

For your automated channel to make money with YouTube AdSense, it must first be accepted into the YouTube partner program

These requirements include:

  • Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months.
  • OR, your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views in the past 90 days.

Once your channel becomes monetized with Adsense, you can make money by either creating highly viral content, like top 10 videos, or focus on producing videos in niches with high CPMs.

For instance, my YouTube channel niche is in personal finance, which typically attracts higher-paying ads. 

This means my AdSense CPM (the amount advertisers pay per 1,000 views) is much higher compared to a gaming channel, which typically has a lower CPM.

YouTube niche Adsense example
Actual Adsense revenue for my Chime banking video on YouTube

So, even if my videos get fewer views, I can still earn a lot of money by being in a highly profitable niche. 

With viral content, even with a low CPM, you can make money through the sheer volume of views. 

Both methods can be profitable. Keep this in mind when you start creating videos!

2. YouTube Memberships

With YouTube memberships, viewers pay a monthly fee for special perks, like exclusive content they can't get anywhere else. 

For example, a stock trading channel might charge $4.99 a month for access to daily trading videos, allowing members to follow along with ‘live' trades.

If 100 people join, that's $499 in monthly recurring membership fees, with you keeping 70% after YouTube's cut. 

Promote these memberships in your videos to encourage viewers to join for the extra content and community benefits. 

It's an easy way to make money with YouTube automation, especially if you have a passionate audience eager for exclusive content.

YouTube affiliate marketing is when you promote products and services in your videos and earn commissions on sales. 

Typically, channel owners include unique URLs, known as affiliate links, in their video descriptions which track sales back to them. 

Other times, a promo code is provided for viewers to use, ensuring the sale is credited to the affiliate.

Say for example your automated channel does faceless video reviews of smartphone apps that pay you money

Many of these apps give you a promo code to share with your audience that will earn you a commission each time it’s used.

ways to make money with YouTube automation
My Pogo App Review Video on YouTube with Promo Code in Description

Even though my channel is not automated, I do these types of faceless videos often and have earned thousands of dollars in referral income, including over $17k with the Ibotta app!

4. Brand Sponsorships

Once your channel begins to gain authority within your niche, brands will pay you to feature their products or services in your videos.

The amount brand sponsors are willing to pay depends on several factors, including:

  • Type of sponsorship (product reviews, affiliate sponsorships, paid sponsorship)
  • Number of subscribers
  • Audience engagement
  • Video views and hours watched

There's no fixed rate for brand sponsorship deals on YouTube. 

However, many influencers report earning between $18 to $20 per 1,000 subscribers on average.

The key in getting sponsors to pay you more is to choose sponsors that align with your channel’s niche and audience interests. 

This not only brings in revenue for you and the brand, but also builds credibility with your viewers. 

Sponsorships can become a major income source, especially if you’re in a profitable niche and your channel is growing.

5. Promote Amazon Influencer Storefront

YouTube creators with social media channels who meet the eligibility requirements can apply to become an Amazon Influencer

This is similar to being an Amazon Associate (aka Amazon affiliate) with the difference being that influencers get their own customizable storefront to showcase recommended products.

As an Amazon Influencer product reviewer, you get paid a commission on every sale made through your storefront.

Use your YouTube platform to get accepted into the Influencer program and drive traffic to your storefront by promoting your recommended products in your videos.

I do this with a second YouTube channel I created called Hot Spot Reviews.

Amazon product review channel

You can also automate this process by having friends and family help you create faceless product review videos. 

They can record their hands demonstrating the product or use voice overs to share their thoughts. 

This way, you get diverse content without showing faces and you get to remain anonymous in your YouTube automation business!

6. Sell Your Channel

There's a thriving market for creating and selling automated faceless YouTube channels. 

Entrepreneurs eager to make money online and willing to invest are always on the lookout for solid opportunities to grow their wealth.

That makes creating and selling done-for-you YouTube automation channels a highly lucrative business model.

Creators like Dave Nick, for example, offer DFY monetized channels with full ownership rights.

These newly monetized YouTube channels can sell for as much as $10k to $20k each! So, there's significant money to be made with this business venture.

Once your channel has a solid following and good revenue, you can list it for sale on platforms like Flippa or Empire Flippers. 

Highlight your channel’s performance metrics to attract buyers, and start making money!

7. Sell Digital Products

You can also make money with YouTube automation by selling digital products. 

Start by creating content that aligns with the digital products you want to sell, like e-books, courses, or software. 

Using the same stock trading channel example as before, you could offer your audience a beginner’s guide to making money with stock trading.

Create a sales funnel to add upsells and make more money per customer.

Sell digital products with YouTube automation

Then include links to your products in the video descriptions and mention them in your videos to drive traffic.

Engage with your audience and build trust by providing free valuable content on your faceless YouTube channel. 

This strategy can turn your YouTube channel into a profitable organic marketing funnel to sell your digital products!

Is There a Better Way to Make Money Other Than YouTube Automation?

Starting a money-making blog can be a better way to earn compared to a YouTube automation business because it requires lower upfront costs and less technical expertise. 

Take this blog for example which routinely earns $10k per month in affiliate commissions, and only cost me less than $100 to start (hosting + domain main + WordPress builder tool).

With blogs, you can easily incorporate affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and ad revenue, much of what you can do with YouTube.

But unlike YouTube, you own your blog and its content outright. 

This gives you more control of your online asset, including its monetization potential.

Blogs also benefit from SEO and can attract long-term organic traffic. Plus, you can drive even more traffic and sales by promoting your blog on Pinterest

If you want to see what it takes to start a money-making website, register for this free training to learn more.

Final Thoughts on Making Money with YouTube Automation

Making money with YouTube automation offers a unique opportunity to generate passive income through creative and strategic content. 

By leveraging tools like AI for video production and tapping into profitable niches, you can maximize your earnings. 

Monetization options such as AdSense, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships provide diverse revenue streams. 

Building a loyal audience is key, and offering exclusive content through memberships can further boost income. 

YouTube automation is a legit business.

While it requires an initial investment of time and resources, the potential returns can be significant. 

To see if this business model is best suited for you, read my list of Pros and Cons to starting a YouTube automation business next.

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