Free Ibotta Thanksgiving dinner 2023

Ibotta Thanksgiving Dinner 2023 | Including Walmart FREE Turkey

The Free Ibotta Thanksgiving dinner offer is back! Here's how to earn 100% cash back on your turkey day essentials.

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Ibotta is back with their 4th Annual Free Thanksgiving Dinner offer. It’s one of my favorite holiday savings hacks that has resulted in my family getting a free turkey and fixings three years in a row.

If you’re new to Ibotta, then sign up for a free account to start earning instant cash back rewards and to participate in this promotion.

Then keep reading to learn more about how to get your free Ibotta Thanksgiving dinner 2023.

How Does the Ibotta Free Thanksgiving Dinner Work?

New and existing Ibotta app savers are eligible to receive 100% cash back on a Thanksgiving turkey roast along with qualifying sides, up to $20.50 cash back. 

New users who signed up for Ibotta on or after 11/01/23 will receive instant access to the Thanksgiving dinner rebate offers. Existing Ibotta members will need to complete qualifying actions to unlock all offers.

When Does Ibotta Thanksgiving Start?

The Ibotta Thanksgiving dinner promotion starts November 1st, 2023 and ends on November 22nd, 2023 or until supplies last.

5 Ibotta FREE Thanksgiving Offers (100% Cash Back!)

This year, Ibotta is serving up 5 free products to gobble up this Thanksgiving Holiday season. Grab one or grab them all! 

  • FREE Turkey Roast – $14.35 cash back
  • FREE Idahoan Mashed Potatoes (4 oz) – $1.60 cash back
  • FREE McCormick Gravy Mix (0.87 oz) – $1.15 cash back
  • FREE Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix (8.5oz) – $0.75 cash back
  • FREE Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce (14 oz) – $2.65 cash back
Free Ibotta Thanksgiving Dinner
Ibotta Thanksgiving Referral bonus

You’ll need to purchase the items at participating grocery retailers and then submit your receipt to Ibotta to receive the advertised rebate amount. 

Places where you can purchase Ibotta Thanksgiving deals include: Walmart, Stop & Shop, Target, Albertsons, Hannaford, Biy Y and more.

(See full list of participating stores in your area under each rebate offer in the Ibotta app.)

For the free turkey offer you can choose any brand turkey roast. In previous years you were limited to only Butterball turkeys, but they’ve since expanded the selection!

I normally use my rebate offer to get a Walmart free turkey for Thanksgiving.

By the way, you can choose a turkey that costs more than the $14.35 cash back amount. As long as you select either a turkey breast or whole bird that’s at least 3lbs or larger, Ibotta will rebate you $14.35. You simply pay the difference if you choose a larger bird!

How to Get Your Free Ibotta Thanksgiving Dinner

The criteria for new members versus existing members who wish to participate in the free Ibotta Thanksgiving dinner are different. I’ve broken down the criteria for each in this next section.

Free Ibotta Thanksgiving Dinner

New Ibotta Savers (Free Thanksgiving)

New Ibotta members will receive instant access to this special promotion. Unlock even more special offers when you sign up with an Ibotta referral link. It’s one of the best Ibotta hacks to earn the most amount of cash back rewards.

For purposes of this special promotion, Ibotta classifies a ‘new member’ as someone who signed up for Ibotta on or after November 1st, 2023 at 8am MT.

How to Participate

  • Open the app and add the free Thanksgiving offers to your list by tapping the (+) button next to the product
  • Purchase the products at a participating store
  • Submit your receipt to Ibotta
  • Get 100% cash back on your eligible Thanksgiving dinner offers within 24 hours 
  • Cash out to Paypal, bank account, or gift card once you reach the $20 minimum threshold

Once you scan your qualifying receipt, you’ll be awarded your rebate offers. Make sure to register for Ibotta with a promo link.

The maximum value of the cash back reward for new Savers is $20.50.

Prefer to watch this on YouTube? I recorded the FREE Ibotta Thanksgiving here!

Existing Ibotta Savers (Free Thanksgiving)

Existing Ibotta members will need to unlock the ‘free turkey bonus’ and ‘free sides bonus’ by redeeming offers towards each bonus.

For purposes of this special promotion, Ibotta classifies an ‘existing member’ as someone who signed up for Ibotta before November 1st, 2023 at 8am MT.

Free Ibotta Thanksgiving 2023
Unlock free turkey offer on Ibotta 2023

To start redeeming your Thanksgiving offers, you’ll need to choose which bonus you want to work toward first. Once you complete a bonus, you’ll be able to move on to completing the next bonus.

I chose to start by unlocking my free turkey bonus first.

How Do You Unlock the Free Turkey Offer on Ibotta?

To unlock your Ibotta free turkey roast offer, you’ll need to redeem 16 unique offers (this number will vary by account) by November 22nd. Once completed, the free turkey offer will appear in your gallery within 2 hours.


  • Offers redeemed more than once in the same transaction will only count 1x towards the bonus. (some Ibotta offers will allow you to redeem multiple quantities on one offer. This will only count as one offer redeemed even if you purchase more than one of the same item on the same receipt)
  • Purchases made before the bonus was available do not qualify
Ibotta FREE Turkey Roast

How Do You Unlock the Free Sides Offer on Ibotta?

To unlock your free sides offer, you’ll need to redeem 5 unique offers (this number will vary by account) by November 22nd. 

Once completed, the 100% cash back offers for the Idahoan mashed potatoes, McCormick gravy mix, Jiffy corn muffin mix, and Ocean Spray cranberry sauce will appear in your gallery within 2 hours.

Receipt Scanning Error TroubleShooting

Just a heads up! The free $14.35 turkey offer may not be easily detected on your receipt scan the first time. If that happens, don’t fret! 

There’s a button on the Ibotta app that will say something along the lines of ‘missing items?’

Add the turkey offer again, and this time Ibotta may ask you to scan the barcode on the turkey label to confirm the purchase.

It happened to me, but it was just an extra 15 seconds to get Ibotta to recognize the purchase and give me my rebate!

 Apps Like Ibotta to Stack Rewards

Ibotta is my favorite grocery savings app where I receive a full fledged free Thanksgiving dinner every year. But it’s not the only grocery app I use.

Check out these 9 apps like Ibotta, which you can use to cross-check offers and stack rewards to earn higher rebate payouts.

One app I frequently use with Ibotta is Fetch Rewards. To date, I’ve earned over $13,848 in cash back rewards with Fetch! It’s the best rewards app to pair with Ibotta.

Read more on how Fetch pays you to scan receipts in my Fetch Rewards app review.

If you prefer to skip the digital couponing altogether, then the Flashfood app may interest you instead. It’s an online marketplace where you can find foods reaching their expiry date and purchase it at upwards of 50% off retail price.

I wrote all about it in my Flashfood app review.

Hurry! FREE Ibotta Thanksgiving Dinner Ends Soon!

This offer is only good through November, 22nd, 2023 or while supplies last. You can nab your free Thanksgiving Day turkey and fixings by downloading the free app with this promo link.

For additional Ibotta freebie offers, check the Ibotta Game Day 2022 promotion.

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