Ibotta Cash Back Hacks

Easy Ibotta Cash Back Hacks No One Tells You About

It’s been 19 months since I signed up with the Ibotta cash back app. Here's what I've learned after making $5,200 in rebate rewards during that time.

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It’s been 19 months since I signed up with the Ibotta cash back app, and during this time I’ve come to learn A LOT about making money with Ibotta. So much so that I’ve managed to save & earn over $5,200 in cash back rewards.

But the earnings don't stop there. I’ve also come to discover three lucrative Ibotta hacks that have helped me earn thousands of dollars more in free rewards with other receipt scanning apps – all thanks to having an Ibotta account.

So if you thought Ibotta was only good for saving money on your groceries, then think again! When you use Ibotta in combination with the three apps mentioned below, it suddenly becomes a nifty side hustle idea that anyone can do to make extra cash. 

Ibotta Cash Back App

In order to earn with Ibotta and implement the money making hacks you’ll soon be learning about, you’ll need to have an Ibotta account.

It’s free to register, and you’ll even earn $10 in free cash when you use promo code KSHAGVC and snap your first receipt. You can sign up to Ibotta with my referral link here.

Ibotta Cash Back Made Easy

Ibotta is an app best geared to people who typically purchase brand name grocery items. That’s where you can really rack up the savings on your grocery receipt.

Still, it does offer every grocery shopper a way to save and earn even if they prefer to buy non-brand name items. This is done in the form of ‘any brand’ product rebates, freebie offers, bonus rewards, and $10 referral cash rewards. These are all ways I’ve used to earn money with Ibotta, and that have contributed to my over $5,000 in rewards.

Ibotta Cash back
ibotta referral bonus

I wrote a full Ibotta cash back cheat sheet that will walk you through the eight ways I use iBotta to save and make money with the app. Feel free to use it to hack your way to more earnings!

How to Redeem Ibotta Cash Back

Once you’ve earned $20 in your Ibotta account, you can redeem your cash back rewards to free gift cards or transfer the money to your PayPal or bank account. I’ve used all three methods to cash out, but mainly have stuck with PayPal payouts. 

Occasionally, I will redeem my rewards to Ibotta cash back gift cards, especially when they’re offering high rebate rewards on those cards. For example, during December of last year, Ibotta was offering 15% cash back rewards on many gift cards, including to AMC theatres. I took that opportunity to purchase an AMC gift card and invited my friend to watch a matinee movie with me. 

Ibotta Cash Back Gift Cards
ibotta PayPal

After the movie, I used my Seated restaurant rewards app for lunch reservations at a discount. It turned into a fun outing that cost me very little due to my iBotta and Seated rewards cash back apps!

3 Little Known Ibotta App Money Hacks

So while Ibotta is a great standalone app, there’s so much more money it can make you when paired with other apps. I’ve discovered three Ibotta app hacks so far, but I’m sure there’s plenty more out there still left to uncover. 

These next three examples are going to show you how to make extra side income using Ibotta that no one ever told you about. 

1. Chime Ibotta 100 Cash Back Promotion 

I recently discussed on my YouTube channel, how I was able to use the Ibotta app to earn a $100 Chime banking sign up bonus.

This was one of those serendipitous events that came about while I was looking for bank bonus offers. If you’ve never heard of this side hustle before, then it’s worth doing a Google search on. There are countless people earning thousands of dollars each year by simply moving their money from bank to bank for purposes of earning a bank sign up bonus.

Banks will typically use sign up bonus offers to lure new customers into doing business with them. The hope is that the customer will stay for the long term and do all their banking with them. But this is ultimately up to you whether you decide to stay and use them as your bank of choice. 

This side hustle is a completely legit and ethical way to make extra money. Recently, I’ve used bank bonus offers to earn hundreds of dollars worth of free money, including a $100 sign up bonus from Chime

Need a Quick $100?

Read How I Used the Ibotta App to Get $100 in FREE MONEY in 15 minutes!

My blog article linked above will show you step-by-step the proper Chime Ibotta setup that will earn you $100 in free money. 

But essentially, in order to qualify for a $100 sign up bonus from Chime, you need to initiate a one-time $200 ACH transfer to your Chime checking account. 

The Ibotta app served as a qualified ACH transfer and immediately earned me a $100 Chime banking bonus. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

2. Field Agent – Buy & Try with Ibotta Cash Back

A year and a half ago, I uploaded a video to YouTube that discussed money making apps that pay you. 

In order to create that video, I downloaded a handful of apps, one of which was the Field Agent app. I tested each app and then reported back on their money making worthiness. 

For Field Agent, I used the gig app to do one small mystery shopping gig that earned me $11.00 for 10 minutes worth of work (not including travel time). The app also features ‘Buy & Try’ gigs where you can try a product and get fully reimbursed for it in addition to getting paid a bounty fee for your opinion. 

Field Agent Ratings & Reviews
Field Agent Buy & Try

These would be things such as Jack Link’s beef jerky, Tide® detergent, Starbucks Coffee grounds, Swiffer WetJet mops, craft beer and Prosecco, and even fast food meals from Popeyes, Burger King, McDonald’s and Little Caesars! 

Field Agent app

By chance, or maybe fate, I discovered that some of these ‘buy & try' items also had rebate rewards in the Ibotta app. Take for instance this most recent overlap where I was able to do a Field Agent ‘buy & try’ of the Fresh Cravings hummus.

Field Agent reimbursed me the full cost of the product, which I purchased at Walmart for $2.98. Plus, they paid me a $4.10 bounty for giving my opinion of the item.

Ibotta had a $1.00 rebate on the Fresh Cravings hummus. So in the end, I was able to try a new brand of hummus for free, and earn $5.10 in free money in the process! 

Field Agent app reimbursement
ibotta cash back rewards

These rewards don’t overlap as frequently as I would like, but when they do, it’s a great money making Ibotta hack to earn more.

If you’d like to try out this hack for yourself, then you can download the Field Agent app here with my referral link. Using the link helps to support the free content on my blog. Thanks a bunch! 

3. Fetch Rewards Ibotta Double Cash Back  

The Fetch Rewards app is similar to the Ibotta cash back app in that it rewards you for shopping your favorite grocery items. The main difference is that Ibotta rewards you primarily for brand name items, while Fetch rewards you no matter what you purchase. 

Each app offers benefits that appeal to one shopper versus another. But when used in combination, they turn into a great way to nab free food and earn free money. 

Oftentimes, what I’ve found is that many rebate apps will have overlapping offers. And if you’re vigilant enough to catch them, then it can score you tons of great freebie offers! 

I’ve done this on countless occasions, such as when I nabbed free Kind Thin bars or the time I made out with 4 free packages of Beyond Meat plant-based burgers and $11.44 in free money

Other times, you can earn free items with the Ibotta app, such as I did with the Gatorade Zero, and you can scan that same receipt to Fetch Rewards to earn additional rewards. 

ibotta free after offer
fetch rewards partnered brands

If you'd like to try out this hack for yourself, then you can download the Fetch Rewards app with my referral link here. Use promo code AWPFV8 for 2,000 free Fetch points ($2.00 in value) at sign up.

Ibotta Cash Back Final Thoughts

The Ibotta cash back app offers a lot more than just rebate savings on your grocery receipt. When you combine it with the three apps mentioned above, iBotta turns into a money making machine that can help you pay for small bills around the house.

In my case, it's helped me earn thousands of dollars in free food and free money in a short period of time. All of which I never saw coming when I first decided to sign up for Ibotta nearly 19 months ago! So as you can imagine, it's been a rewarding journey to say the least.

While these three iBotta hacks are ones I’ve discovered during my time using the app, I’m sure there are plenty others out there. The more you use the app, the more opportunities you’ll discover for making money with ibotta.

Ready to try out Ibotta? 

Use this link here to register, and get immediate access to a sign up bonus offer worth up to $20 in cash back rewards! 

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