Observa App Review

Observa App Review: How Much I Got Paid

Is the Observa app one of the best paying instant withdrawal apps to use today? Here's my experience using the app including how much they paid me.

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If you’re looking to make extra money on the side, then finding a well paying gig app is a great way to go. But with an abundance of gig apps on the market, is the Observa app one you should consider trying out?

In this Observa app review, I’ll share with you my real experience of using the app, and whether it makes the cut for high paying gig apps.

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What is Observa

Observa is an app that will pay you in Paypal money or in Bitcoin for doing quick app based jobs in and around your area. These ‘jobs’ are referred to as ‘observations,’ hence the app name.

Some of these observation assignments include:

  • Display Audit – locate and audit product displays within stores
  • Merchandising Audit – observe shelf merchandise and correct any issues
  • Category Photo Audit – photograph entire sections within the store
  • Product Purchase + Review – audit and purchase specific products (you'll be reimbursed the total product charges for these)

Many of these observations will require you to speak with a store manager to correct any product issues that may arise from your audit. Category Photo audits and Product Reviews generally do not require you to speak with any store employees.

Observa app
observa gig app

As you can see in the above Observa gig at the Target store, the directions specify that “no employee conversation is required.”

Sign Up to be an Observer

Observa is a free app available in the U.S. and Canada. Though in order to complete observations you must be at least 18 years of age. Follow the simple steps below to apply to become an Observer.

  • Enter your Name + Email Address
  • Create a Log-in 
  • Link Your PayPal or Coinbase account

Once your account is set-up, you’ll be able to select from a list of available assignments.

How Much Does Observa Pay 

Observa will pay you between $4 – $15 per observation you successfully complete. But I’ve seen gigs on the app go as high as $20. 

The pay will most likely fluctuate based on where you live and the demand from observers going after the same observations. In my area of Boston, MA, gigs are currently showing between $4 – $12.

Observa Observation

In one particular gig, Observa paid me $7 to go to Walmart and buy up all the expired Red Chocolette brand chocolate bars. The job involved snapping pictures of the expired bars and purchasing them. 

Once I completed the job, I was promptly reimbursed for the product purchase in addition to the $7 bounty fee. The total amounted to $66.04 and a bag of free chocolates! (the chocolates were only expired by a few days).

How Does Observa Work

Once you download the Observa app and register as an Observer, you’ll be able to reserve and complete gigs within the app. Each gig will specify the job requirements including:

  • Amount you’ll get paid upon successful completion
  • Location of gig 
  • Observa’s estimated time it will take to complete observation
  • Amount of time Observa will give you to complete gig once accepted
Observa app
Observa app

You can reserve multiple jobs within the app, but you’ll have to be able to complete them within the allotted time frame. Some jobs will show 2 hours for completion, while other jobs may show a 6 hour time frame for completion. 

Once you successfully complete the job, you’ll generally be paid within 24 hours. I have my Observa account linked to my PayPal, and the money is deposited instantly to my account within hours of completion. 

Observa App Pros and Cons

As with most gig apps, there are pros and cons to each one. Here, I share my thoughts on the pros and cons to using the Observa app.

Observa Pros

  • App has a decent amount of observations available if you’re in a heavily populated area.
  • Observa pays up to $20 per 30 minute gig, which is a good pay rate.
  • Observa offers you instant withdrawal of your money upon successful job completion.
  • You can work whenever you want with Observa.

If you have a flexible work schedule then Observa is a good app to use for making money on the side. But as with most of these gig apps, you’ll find few jobs worthwhile to do when you factor in the time it takes to get to an Observation. I found that it’s most worthwhile to use Observa when you pair it with other gig apps, such as Field Agents.

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Observa Cons

  • If you are in a rural area, jobs may be few and far inbetween.
  • The app will glitch occasionally when you are in the middle of an observation.
  • Some observations pay as little as $4 and are not worth the time to do.
  • You will not get paid for travel time to the location of the gigs.

Unfortunately, the app will bug out occasionally making the job much longer to finish. This will primarily happen if you are using an older smartphone and have not updated the Observa app in a while.

Apps Like Observa

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of gig apps these days to choose from in the app store. Below are a few apps like Observa that may interest you.

Field Agent –  is a gig economy app that will pay you to complete small tasks within your area. 

As an agent, you’ll be able to reserve and complete tasks such as doing a mystery shop, completing surveys, conducting an audit or trying out a new product. Gigs range in pay from $3 – $20 per task and are paid via PayPal.

DoorDash – is a top food and drink delivery service app.

As a ‘Dasher,’ you’ll help restaurants and establishments deliver food and drink orders to their customers. You’ll also enjoy the freedom of working whenever you want and for as many hours as you’d like. Dashers earn $2 – $10+ per delivery, plus tips.

Gigwalk – is similar to Field Agents where you pick up small tasks at your leisure and get paid between $3 – $12 per job. 

The real downside to this app is that jobs are few and far inbetween. But it may be worth downloading to check in and see if it’s worthwhile to use in your area.

Final Verdict on Observa App

My experience with the Observa app has been a positive one so far. After completing a few observations, including product reviews, I was paid within hours and was able to cash out the money to my PayPal account.

But Observa is a small side hustle for me. It’s not my main thing, but rather something I do when I’m out and about and have extra time on my hands. If you’re looking for something that offers more consistent gigs, then I would recommend using Field Agents instead.

Field Agents is one of my favorite gig apps I use on a regular basis due to the sheer amount of tasks available within my area. The pay seems small at first, but $5 for 5 minutes of work while I’m out grocery shopping is not a bad deal in my mind!

Either way, both apps offer a little extra side hustle money that you can use for your next vacation, add to your rainy day fund, or take your significant other out for ice cream! 

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