Field Agent App Review

Field Agent App Review: How Much I Earned in 2 Years

In this Field Agent app review, I'll share with you my personal experience using the gig app for 2.5 years.

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Two and a half years ago, I completed my first ever Field Agent gig job. 

Field Agent paid me $12 for 10 minutes of work, enough to nab a coffee and quick sandwich at the local lunch spot. From that point on, I was hooked! 

Since then, I’ve earned a total of $3,716.28 doing random gig work on the Field Agent app. I should note that a good chunk of those earnings came from product reimbursements for mystery shopping gigs I’d completed.

In this Field Agent app review, I’ll break down my experience using the popular gig app, as well as the various ways you can earn money being an agent. 

What is Field Agent App

The Field Agent app is a gig app that launched in 2010 that enables you to earn money performing tasks in and around your area. These tasks or ‘jobs’ include: mystery shopping gigs, ratings and product reviews, in-store audits, surveys and scavenger hunts.

Smartphone app users who perform these tasks are referred to as “agents.”

Is Field Agent a Legitimate Company

Field Agent is a legitimate company offering micro work job opportunities to qualified app users. 

For brands, the crowdsourcing app offers real-time insights on retail information and shopper behavior. Some high profile companies that enlist Field Agent’s services include: General Mills, Coca-Cola, Clorox, 3M and Gillette.

As an agent having used the app for 2.5 years, I can also confidently state that Field Agent is a legitimate company offering real paid gigs. 

Learn more about the Field Agent company on their Crunchbase profile.

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Field Agent App Review

Here, you’ll learn how the Field Agent app works, tips and tricks to earn more money, as well as hear my general overall thoughts on using the gig app. This includes hearing both the good AND the bad that comes along with being an agent.

My goal is to equip you with the necessary information for you to make a decision on whether the app is worth trying out or not.

How Does Field Agent App Work

The Field Agent app works by reserving and completing jobs within the app, submitting your work for approval, and getting paid for qualified submissions.

Prior to reserving a job, you’ll be given the following details:

  • Time frame allotted to complete the job
  • Amount you’ll be paid upon successful completion (also referred to as the ‘bounty’)
  • A job description summary of the work you’ll be doing
  • Location (if the job requires travel)

On some occasions, you’ll also be given an estimated amount of time the job is expected to take to complete. Though, these time frames are generally given when the work is expected to take much longer than the typical Field Agent job. 

Ultimately, you’ll be able to select your desired jobs and work at your discretion whenever you feel like making extra money. 

How to Sign Up as a Field Agent

Field Agent app download

In order to become a Field Agent, you must be at least 18 years of age or older. If you’ve already decided you want to sign up as an agent, then follow these next steps to get started.

Download the Field Agent App

The Field Agent app is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play. Simply use this invite link to get started today.

Create an Account

Create an account by registering your first and last name, email address and country. Then create a password for your new Field Agent account.

Answer Profile Questions

Answer questions about your demographic details, background and shopping habits that will be used for job selection opportunities. 

Get Started 

You’re all set! Now you’re able to see job opportunities near you, and reserve jobs to complete.

My advice when you’re just starting out is to fill in your Field Agent profile as much as possible. I left a lot of my profile questions unanswered for a very long time before I decided to go back and fill in more information.

Field Agent App Review
Field Agent App Profile

Your profile is key to setting you up with more relevant job opportunities when you're searching for gigs in the Field Agent app. So if you want to ensure that more paid gigs are popping up in your feed, then make sure to fill out your Field Agent profile!

What Does a Field Agent Do?

As a Field Agent, you’ll take pictures, write product reviews, check in-store product displays, try out free pizza, chocolate, beer (yeah, I’ve gotten a few cases for free!), and so much more.

There’s a good assortment of gigs you can choose from to earn money, so let’s go over these options that may be presented to you.

Buy & Try (Product Experience Insights)

These are some of my favorite Field Agent jobs to do. 

When you reserve a Field Agent ‘Buy and Try’ gig, you’ll have an opportunity to try out a new product and give your honest feedback on it. Your input helps brands to refine their products and offer a better consumer experience overall. 

Field Agent Buy and Try
Field Agent app gigs

In general, the job will require you to do the following:

  • Buy a product at a specified location
  • Upload a photo of the item with a line across the barcode of the product (to prevent item returns and re-selling)
  • Snap a photo of your receipt
  • Answer a few in-app questions about the item

I’ve accepted these gigs on days I’m planning to do my regular shopping, and when the location of the job was at my local Target, Walmart or Wegmans. That way I get my regular shopping done and pick up a free item and a few bucks in the process! 

I’ve found these gigs to pay the least, about $3 – $5 per gig which makes sense since you’re getting the product for free. 

Field Agent will reimburse you the cost of the product along with the bounty, including tax upon successful completion (tax is reimbursed if it’s the only item on the receipt). So be prepared to pay for the item first and wait to be reimbursed on it later.

Some of the products I’ve received for free include: a Swiffer WetJet mop, tons of cases of beer, Snuggles Fabric Softner, gourmet cheeses, frozen egg quiche bites, chocolates and more. 


Field Agent ‘Audit’ jobs are the most common gigs you’ll find on the app. These encompass a range of job activities, so you’ll have to read the directions carefully when reserving this type of work.

Field Agent describes this work as “jobs requiring you to check the status of something like a product, display or section of the shelf.

Field Agent app audits
Field Agent app jobs

In general, the job may require you to do the following:

  • Travel to a specified location
  • Find an in-store display, product or shelf
  • Snap photos
  • Answer a few questions

If you’ve ever read the handful of negative Field Agent app reviews where people are complaining about the low pay, then they’re most likely referring to audit jobs.

On some days, these gigs are rocking with easy work for quick money, while other times the gigs offer low pay for a crap load of work. It’s really a hit or miss.

If you’re lucky, you may get a handful of gigs that actually pay very well, even though they’ll take you longer to complete. For instance, my Field Agent feed recently showed a bunch of $30 gigs for completing beverage audit jobs.

The audits were estimated to take between 30 – 45 minutes to complete, and were located at restaurants nearby. In fact, two of the restaurants were in the same plaza across from one another. I would have been paid $60 for an hour and a half’s worth of work had I taken them. 

Though, I generally stick to the audit gigs that pay a bounty of between $4 – $8. That’s because I use the Field Agent app for fun and to pay for my expensive Starbucks coffee habit! 

Most of the time, I get audit gigs at the same Target store where I purchase my Starbucks coffee in the morning. On many occasions, I’ve been able to pay for my coffee with 3 – 5 mins of work snapping pictures on my way to get coffee! 


Surveys are my absolute favorite! These jobs will pay you for completing at-home surveys (no travel required), and location based surveys. 

If you take away anything from my Field Agent app review, then it’s to stay alert for survey gigs. Once you see them come across your feed, make sure to quickly reserve them! The good ones always get taken fast. 

Paid Surveys
Field Agent app reviews

In general, the job may require you to do the following:

  • Sit on your couch, or anywhere you’d like, and answer a few questions within the app
  • Travel to a location and complete an in-app survey at a specified location
  • Nab a free product and complete an in-app survey sharing your opinion

Field Agent surveys come in many forms. So the best way to explain this is to share with you some examples of one’s I’ve completed and / or seen come across my feed. We’ll start with the most basic one.

At-home surveys are exactly like they sound. You reserve these gigs and answer a few questions giving your opinion on something from the comfort of your home.

One I recently completed was a ‘Packaging Concept Survey.’ It was a 5-minute survey that paid $5.00 and asked a few questions about coffee packaging, and overall appeal for a new product.

Little Caesars Pizza Surveys are my favorite to nab. These generally require you to order a large pizza using the mobile app, or to go to the location and order the pizza there. You’re reimbursed for the purchase and paid a bounty after you give your opinion on the product.

Spirit / Liquor Survey + Free Adult Beverage – I didn’t take this survey, but I was definitely tempted to go for it. 

This survey required you to go to a local bar or restaurant bar of your choosing and answer a few questions about the liquor brands there. Field Agent would pay for your alcoholic drink and pay you a $20 bounty for taking the survey! 

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews are straightforward and fairly easy gigs to complete. These jobs will get you free or near free products and earn you a Field Agent bounty in exchange for writing product reviews on the retailer’s website. 

Field Agent Ratings and Reviews

In general, the job may require you to do the following:

  • Purchase a product either in-store or online
  • Use the product
  • Write an honest review on the retailer or brand’s site

If you enjoy getting free products or buying products at a significant discount, then these are the gigs you want to do. As I was writing this, I reserved a ‘Ratings and Review’ job located at a Walmart near me. 

The job instructions were to purchase a bottle of Cacique Crema Mexicana and to leave an online review of the product on Walmart’s website. The gig offered full product reimbursement as well as a $3.00 bounty. I was excited to nab the product, but unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found when I got to Walmart.

In that case, Field Agent will still pay you the bounty fee (or the stated ‘exit fee’) if the product is not found at the store. 

On other occasions, you’ll find gigs where you need to purchase the product online versus in-store. The only hiccup here is that the shipping and handling fee is normally not reimbursed. Therefore, I tend to stay away from these unless I really want the product.

Though as of recently, I’ve started to buy more online products to review due to a recent hack I discovered. You’ll learn more about that further below in my Field Agent app Tips and Tricks.

Also, I do want to make mention that the Field Agent app has been offering higher ticket items under this job category. For instance, a kitchen island stand was recently offered as a ‘Ratings and Review’ gig. The stand sold for $179 and Field Agent was reimbursing 50% of the product purchase price in exchange for a review.

Eye Spys

‘Eye Spys’ and ‘Scavenger Hunt’ jobs are admittedly my least favorite of them all. 

I tried out both job categories a couple of times last year when they first rolled out, and felt it was a waste of time. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try these jobs. Some people do find success doing these gigs.

In general, the job will require you to do the following:

  • Locate a specific product with an EXACT matching UPC
  • Take 6 – 8 photos of the product
  • Submit your job

These jobs are tough to complete. You’re essentially on a semi-blind search looking for products which you have very little information on other than a UPC code and a product name (no picture of the item though).

It’s not guaranteed you’ll find the product at the retailer suggested to you in the Field Agent app. In my opinion, the ‘clues’ given lead to very little success in finding the actual product.

As Field Agent puts it, “the purpose of these programs is that our clients are building databases of all the products they can, across the retail industry…when they have gaps in their data, they don’t know what an item is, they send that to us to help them fill in the gaps..”

The only thing that Field Agent can guarantee is that these ‘Eye Spy’ products were scanned at the suggested retailer within the last two months. They are hoping you can find these products and help identify them.

Scavenger Hunts

‘Scavenger Hunts’ are very similar to ‘Eye Spy’ jobs. There’s very little information given in these jobs. You’ll once again be looking for specific products that match the given UPC code.

I don’t want to discourage you from doing these types of Field Agent jobs. They’re just not for me. The good news though is that agents have earned over $750,000 in bounty from completing ‘Scavenger Hunts’ over the years!   

Field Agent Scavenger Hunts
Field Agent app gigs

In general, the job will require you to do the following:

  • Locate a specific UPC on a product (it could be located anywhere, even at your house!)
  • Take a few photos of the product
  • Submit your task

Unlike other jobs, Field Agent encourages you to find the product first before accepting the job. That tells me there’s a high likelihood that you may not actually find the product.

Once you reserve a ‘Scavenger Hunt,’ you’ll be provided with the following information: product’s UPC Code, a brief description, the store section where the item may be found, and the suggested retailer. 

You can search for the product anywhere, not just the suggested retailer given in the job description. As long as the UPC matches, Field Agent will accept the job!

These Field Agent jobs are taken down on Sunday’s and a new batch of ‘Scavenger Hunts’ are uploaded on Monday / Tuesday.

Mystery Shopper

As a Field Agent mystery shopper, you’ll have more opportunity to earn money while you shop

This type of Field Agent gig work will generally score you free stuff in addition to a bounty. Nab these jobs to be the eyes and ears on the field for the brands looking for real-time insights!  

Field Agent Mystery Shopper
Field Agent app

In general, the job may require you to do the following:

  • Travel to a specified location
  • Interact with a store employee or manager
  • Capture a few pictures
  • Answer some questions
  • Purchase a product 

These mystery shop jobs will have you collect information about your experience inside stores. I’ve done a few where I’ve had to interact with an employee and ask them a couple of questions (without revealing my secret identity of course!) 

Other times, my mystery shop has been to purchase a product, such as a Popeyes chicken nugget combo, and report back on my customer service experience.

One I recently did that nabbed me a bigger payout plus free food, was for the Flashfood app mystery shop. I did two of these that scored me $48 worth of free groceries at Stop and Shop, plus a total bounty of $35! 

So far, this Field Agent app review has focused on paid jobs. Though there’s one important non-paid job that you should know about and shouldn’t overlook.

Non-Paid Field Agent App Jobs

When I first started using the Field Agent app, I was really against doing the non-paid gigs. Why would I download a money making app to do free work? Well, here’s why. 


Tickets are non-monetary nominal tasks on the app that will qualify you for more jobs and enter you into monthly Field Agent sweepstakes. 

Field Agent App Tickets
Field Agent App Sweepstakes

Examples of ‘Ticketed’ work include:

  • Updating content on your App user profile
  • Completing brief informational surveys and screeners
  • Watching short training or instructional videos

If you win a monthly Sweepstakes drawing, you could go home with a $500 or $600 extra payday! More importantly, I would suggest doing ticketed work because it almost always gets you a slew of new available jobs.

Each time I’ve done these and refreshed my screen, I find that I qualify for more jobs. Plus, these generally take 30 seconds to one minute to complete.

Digital Deals

Digital Deals is a fairly new category. This category does not pay you for doing a job, instead they encourage you to buy products with limited time-offer deals. It’s similar to couponing deals you can find on the Ibotta and Fetch Rewards app

Digital Deals don’t pop up much on my feed. It may be that they’re still experimenting with these offers.

Other Field Agent App Gigs

It feels like new categories are always popping up on the app. So here’s a few more Field Agent jobs you may encounter during your search.

Real Estate Audits

Real estate audits are jobs where you’ll be asked to take exterior photos of residential and commercial property.

Precision Required

These jobs require precision and an extreme attention to detail. All instructions must be followed exactly.

Just for You

Jobs in this category are targeted specifically for you. You are not competing with other agents to reserve this before others do.

Reasons Your Job May Be Denied

Field Agent Review

The last thing any agent wants is to have their completed Field Agent job denied. That’s a crappy feeling that I myself have experienced and it’s something I want to avoid happening to you.

Some of these were due to my lack of inattention to the job details, while others I fought and mostly won when I felt they were not my wrongdoing. In total, I’ve had 12 Field Agent jobs denied without pay in the 2.5 years that I’ve been using the app. 

I should note that most of these occurred when I first started using the app. They are less frequent to non-existent now that I’m more familiar with how Field Agent works. 

Here are some of the most common reasons Field Agent will deny your job submission.

Not Taking Photos in Real-Time

The app requires that most photos be taken in real-time through the Field Agent app. This means they cannot be uploaded later on from your camera roll / gallery, unless the job states otherwise.

Leaving Store without Taking a Shelf Photo

I’ve forgotten to do this on a couple of occasions. Some of the ‘Buy & Try’ and ‘Ratings and Review’ gigs will ask you to take a photo of the product on the shelf, while you are still in the store.

Some agents will buy a product and take it home before realizing the job also requires taking a shelf photo.

Forgetting to Submit Alternate Photos

Sometimes a Field Agent gig will require you to look for something that isn’t there. This can be something such as searching for an in-store product that is out-of-stock. 

In this case, always read the ‘alternate instructions’ on what to do next. These will generally ask you to take a photo of the shelf where the product would normally be located.

Skipping Questions

Alway remember to answer every question. Even if you think a question is optional, go ahead and answer it anyway. If you really have no answer, then write “NA” in the allotted space. If not, the app will automatically deny your submission.

(Exception: The very last question of the job (where agents can provide feedback for Field Agent) is always optional and can be left blank.)

Field Agent Agent Score

Your Field Agent Score is a number calculated using your 42 + job submissions for the last 6 months. 

What the Field Agent app has stated in the past about this score is, “while no incentives are attached to these scores yet, they are coming..” My best guess is that they’re using this to see which agents are most active, so they can push more jobs to them. 

Field Agent Score
Field Agent Job Accuracy

Also, some Field Agent jobs are time-sensitive and need to be completed immediately for the client. I suspect agents with high scores are some of the first to receive access to these jobs.

According to Field Agent, an agent score of 61 and job accuracy of 79% are the average numbers for agents nationwide.

Field Agent Accuracy Score

Your ‘Field Agent Accuracy Score’ is a score formulated by Field Agent to calculate how often your jobs are approved versus denied. The higher the score, the better your job accuracy.

If you have a high accuracy score, Field Agent may offer you more paid jobs that require precision accuracy, and possibly higher pay.

Field Agent Pay

At this point in my Field Agent app review, you may be wondering how much you can make as a Field Agent. Another question that frequently arises is whether Field Agent pays you daily. Let’s go over this as well as other questions about getting paid with the Field Agent app.

How Much do You Get Paid as a Field Agent

Your pay depends on the Field Agent app job you reserve. Most gigs pay between $2.50 – $30+ per successful completion. On some occasions you may notice lower pay rates, in particular if it involves getting a free product with the gig app.

When does Field Agent Pay You

Field Agent typically approves my completed submissions within 1-2 days, not including holidays. Work is checked by real people (not a computer) to ensure accuracy. Once approved, you can cash out instantly to a linked bank account. I cash out to my Varo banking account, which normally takes 2 – 3 business days to receive my Field Agent app funds. 

Previously, when I cashed out to my TD bank account, my payments would be received much faster. Typically within 24 hours.

Is There a Minimum Amount to Cash Out

Yes. Field Agent app agents working in the US need a minimum of $3.00 to cash out their earnings.

Field Agent App Pay
Field Agent App Cash Out

Field Agent Tax Information

Right before I hit $600 in earnings my first year, Field Agent sent me a link to fill out and submit a W-9 form. That’s because the Field Agent company is required to file a 1099-MISC form for any Agents making at least $600 in a year.

Field Agent will not show any jobs in your feed until you submit this form after they have sent you the link. So make sure to fill it out and then consult a tax professional for more information on how to file your taxes.

One of the downsides to getting paid with the Field Agent app is you can only cash out to a linked bank account. Some agents would prefer to cash out to PayPal, but at the moment that is not an available payout option.

Field Agent Tips and Tricks

Throughout this Field Agent app review, I’ve shared various agent tips and tricks for earning more money doing gig work. But just in case you missed them, here's a quick summarized list of them!

  • Fill out your Agent Profile to get more relevant jobs
  • Complete ‘Ticket’ jobs to qualify for more Field Agent jobs and enter Field Agent Sweepstakes
  • Keep your Field Agent ‘Accuracy Score’ high to increase chances of getting higher paid gigs.
  • Sign up to receive Field Agent app emails to receive updates on the latest available opportunities
  • Turn on Field Agent app Push Notifications to get informed about money making opportunities
  • Search Field Agent jobs by category to find opportunities that suit you

The other thing I would add is to look for job opportunities that are close to one another so you can do more jobs in less time! When you are first starting out as an agent, this may not occur as frequently. Though the more jobs you do, the more opportunities to get jobs close in distance to one another.

Field Agent App Pros and Cons

I love doing Field Agent gig work, but that doesn’t mean I like everything about it. Here are some pros and cons to doing Field Agent gig work that may help you decide whether this app is for you.

Do jobs whenever you want at your discretionYou can only get paid via bank transfer, not PayPal or other methods
Some jobs will give you free products to try outThere's a $3.00 minimum threshold to cash out your earnings
Some jobs pay up to $30 for 30 minutes of workSome jobs are low paying gigs
You can do gigs in other states if you're out travelingJobs are not always close by, especially if you live in more rural areas
You get paid within days, not weeks like typical jobsYou have to frequently check the app to not miss out on higher paid gigs

One of the reasons I love Field Agent is because I can take it with me anywhere I go. Recently, I attended the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago.

My flight arrived 4.5 hours earlier than my friend. I took the opportunity to do some Field Agent gigs in downtown Chicago and earned extra spending cash for the weekend!

Field Agent App Side Hustles 

I use the Field Agent app to make even more money with my other side hustles. It’s one way I’m able to pay myself more for doing gig work. Here are just some of the ways I do that that may interest you as well.

Product Reviews 

I recently discovered a great hack that is helping me earn Amazon affiliate income. The hack involves reserving ‘Buy & Try’ gigs and ‘Ratings and Review’ jobs in order to secure free products.

Products that are selling on Amazon, I record product reviews for my Amazon Influencer storefront. This is where I earn Amazon on-site commissions when people watch my reviews on product detail pages.

I have additionally started a second YouTube channel where I record product reviews and earn Amazon affiliate commissions when viewers click on my affiliate links. 

It’s one of the reasons I’m now accepting more Field Agent ‘Ratings and Review’ products that require online purchases. I get paid with Field Agent and have an opportunity to also earn Amazon affiliate income! 

Check out this example of a recent Field Agent product, Zahler Core Greens Superfood Powder, where I recorded an Amazon Influencer video review.

PRO TIP: Learn how to become a paid Amazon Influencer by recording faceless video reviews here. Use the Field Agent app to get free products to review!

Fetch App Product Receipt Scans

There are plenty of Field Agent app jobs that will require you to purchase something for reimbursement. When that’s the case, I take my receipt and snap a picture of it on the Fetch Rewards app

The Fetch app will earn you points on any receipt you scan. Those points can then be redeemed for free gift cards, including Amazon gift cards. To date, I’ve earned over $12,500 in free gift cards with the Fetch app.

Content for Affiliate Blog

I created this affiliate blog to freely share with you my experience on how I make money online and offline. These wealth building activities have helped many of my readers earn extra money for vacations, to pay the rent, to add to their retirement funds, or for whatever they may need. 

To that extent, it’s important for me to continuously try out new ways to make money and report back to you my findings via my blog posts. The Field Agent app helps me do that. 

In writing blog posts, I also earn extra income when people use my referral links to sign up to the various programs I recommend.

Register for the free training on how to start a profitable affiliate blog. You can also read my review on the course that taught me how to build a money making blog!

Field Agent App Reviews

The best place to find the most current Field Agent app reviews is in the Field Agent Facebook community group. These are more current than some of the Field Agent reviews on Reddit. Plus, you’ll meet real agents who are currently using the app and making real money with Field Agent.

Field Agent app reviews

I’m also a recent member of the group, albeit a silent one.

Apps Similar to Field Agent

There are two apps in particular that stand out as the most similar apps to Field Agent. These two apps are:

  • Gigwalk App
  • Observa App

Other apps commonly bunched in with this group are Mobee, Shopkick, Survey Junkie and Instacart. Though, I personally don’t find any of them to be close to what the Field Agent app offers. 

Field Agent vs Gigwalk 

I downloaded the Gigwalk app around the same time I downloaded the Field Agent app. Unfortunately, I never got to fully try it out because there simply weren't enough available jobs in my area. It was odd considering I’m within a 7 minute drive into the heart of downtown Boston, and am not in a rural area where there’s nothing around. 

Eventually, a couple of jobs did show up on my feed. Though I found the job directions to be one long paragraph and too convoluted for a quick $7 payout.

Needless to say, I never went back to using the Gigwalk app. That's just my experience and it was a couple of years ago. Feel free to try it out. You may fare better than I did!

Field Agent vs Observa

The Observa app is similar to the Field Agent app in that you will find store audits and free product gigs on Observa. I used the app sparingly and initially liked it since some of the job locations overlapped with Field Agent jobs. 

Though after a short while, the jobs on Observa dried up and it was never the same again. It’s a shame because I really liked the app, and it paid decently well. 

I check the gig app every so often when I remember to do so and there does seem to be more jobs coming on. But they are more complicated to do than Field Agent jobs and offer lower pay. 

Read my full review on the Observa app.

Field Agent App Review Conclusion

The Field Agent app enables you to make money doing small jobs with your phone. New agents can easily register a new account and start earning money almost immediately. 

If you’ve read this far, then I want to share one more thing with you.

One of the biggest reasons I use the app is because I got my mom into doing Field Agent gig work with me. Now, whenever she wants to spend more time together, she’ll ask if there are any jobs available to do in the area.

It’s become a very loving way in which she lets me know she’s not had enough of me yet! 

For these reasons and more, I highly recommend doing gig work with the Field Agent app. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Field Agent app review! 

See you on the field Agent!

Field Agent App FAQ’s

Below are answers to questions you may have about the Field Agent app.

What are Field Agent Invites

As an agent, you’ll be able to extend invites to your friends and family using your Field agent referral link, and earn commissions on new agent signups.

Is There a Field Agent app cheat

There are no Field Agent app cheats. Nor is it recommended to try and find ways to cheat on the Field Agent app as that may get your account terminated.

What to do if Field Agent app not working

If you're experiencing difficulty with the Field Agent app not working, then try these troubleshooting recommendations.

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