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Easy Ways to Make Money on YouTube without Showing Your Face

How do you make money on YouTube without showing your face? Here are 5 simple ways to create a faceless YouTube channel that gets views and earns you money!

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YouTube recently paid me $839.17 for videos I uploaded on my channel where I rarely if ever show my face on camera. 

YouTube Paycheck

Let’s face it (little pun intended!), not everyone gets excited about jumping on camera to record a YouTube video – including myself! That still shouldn’t stop you from becoming a YouTuber and making that YouTube money.

Here, I’ll share with you 5 clever ways in which you too can build a successful YouTube channel without showing your face. 

So if you’re looking to make an extra $500 – $1,000 per month with a YouTube channel, then these tips will help you get there.

How to Make Money on YouTube without Showing Your Face

The good news is there are many ways to create YouTube videos without getting on camera. YouTube automation channels are big on creating faceless YouTube videos!

You don’t have to stick to one method either. I tried out a few different methods on my channel until I finally settled on one that worked the best for me. 

So definitely feel free to experiment on your channel as well! 

YouTube Channel Ideas without Showing Your Face

These are the 5 best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face that I’ll be going over:

1. Using Stock Footage

2. Whiteboard Animation Videos

3. Screen Recording Tutorials

4. DIY Videos

5. ‘With Me’ Videos

Using Stock Footage

The first method is by using quality stock video footage. You may have already seen these types of videos.

Motivational channels for example are well known for using stock footage, dramatic background music, and voice overs to create captivating and emotionally charged videos. Typically, these are created around motivational speeches from celebrities, athletes, and other well known figures. 

Other YouTubers use stock video footage to share an important concept or lesson with their audience. In my case, I create these types of videos to easily share money making and wealth building information on my channel.

One such video I created in this manner is ‘How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners (Practical Advice).

The video features only stock footage that I personally put together and edited using a video editor. 

Now one thing I would caution you with is in using free stock footage found online. Many of these free stock videos have not been checked for copyright issues and can get your channel quickly banned by YouTube.

Where to Buy Stock Footage

If you want ease of mind and worry-free licensing videos to use for your YouTube Channel, then places such as Envato Elements, ArtGrid, and VideoHive offer subscription-based services for access to thousands of royalty-free videos. 

Once you have your stock footage, then use any video editor to stitch these videos together. Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, and Filmora are just some video editing softwares to check out. 

If you prefer not to record your own voice for the videos, then places such as Fiverr offer professional voice over services. Freelancers from Fiverr range in price but you can find some relatively low-cost services on there. 

Whiteboard Animation Videos

The second method to making money on YouTube without showing your face is by creating whiteboard animation videos. These are videos designed to look like the content is being hand-drawn on a school whiteboard or on white background – and they’re actually not that hard to create. In fact, some of my earlier YouTube videos featured this style of video creation. 

In general, these videos tend to be more fun and engaging for people to watch, which is a definite plus for staying on the YouTube algorithm’s good side. 

Whiteboard animation can be used as explainer videos that break down a complex topic or issue into something easier to understand. They can also be used as an engaging way to tell a story about a brand, service or product you are promoting on YouTube.

Software for Creating Animated Whiteboard Videos

There are many whiteboard animation softwares you can use to create this type of video. The one I used was VideoScribe, which I found easy enough for a beginner and affordable.

Other popular software include Doodly and Moovly

But there are also other softwares on the market worth checking out. So definitely compare each one and decide which one fits your video needs best.

Screen Recording Tutorials

The third method for creating a YouTube channel without showing your face is by doing screen recording tutorials. 

For many, YouTube is their go-to platform for learning anything that comes to mind. This makes creating video tutorials a great way to show off your skills without having to get on camera. 

For example, a bookkeeper who is proficient in Quickbooks, can create an entire YouTube channel of Quickbook tutorials. 

A project manager who is proficient in Trello boards or Asana, can create videos highlighting important features and functions within each project management software tool.

And a person who is well versed in creating landing pages to sell online services and digital products, can create a channel around using the ClickFunnels software tool.

Screen Recording Software

Most computers now come with free built-in software for recording your computer screen. Albeit the free screen recorders come with basic features and do have their limitations when it comes to editing functions. On a MacOs, you can use the free QuickTime player for capturing your screen. If you’re using a Microsoft Windows computer then you can use Microsoft Stream to record.

Paid video editing software such as Camtasia, Loom, and Movavi also offer screen recording features with built in advanced editing functions.

DIY Videos

The fourth method to making money on YouTube without showing your face is by producing DIY Videos. If you have a crafty bone in your body, then here is where you can use your skills to create engaging faceless YouTube videos.

The best and easiest channel to show you as an example is one you’ve probably seen around on your Facebook feed or in your YouTube recommendations. It’s the 5-minute Crafts YouTube channel.

Anything that has to do with crafting hacks or life hacks you’ll find on this channel. Their channel is mainly a conglomerate of neat crafty projects put together in a way that is informative and entertaining. 

Generally, this style of video creation documents the step-by-step process it takes to complete a DIY project. Most of this process can be recorded without having to appear on camera.

How to Get Views to Your DIY YouTube Channel

One way to explode your DIY channel quickly is to create themed videos around an upcoming holiday. For example, if the Fourth of July holiday is next on the calendar, you can create a Fourth of July themed DIY wreath video. 

You could also create a budget friendly Fourth of July themed backyard party video using only Dollar Tree decoration items. 

You get the idea!

This works well for one very good reason. 

With any upcoming holiday, there’s a huge spike in search volume for keywords related to that holiday. By creating holiday themed videos, you’ll immediately start to pull in some of that audience! 

‘With Me’ Videos

The fifth method to starting a YouTube channel without showing your face is by creating ‘With Me’ YouTube videos. 

Yes, I did say ‘With Me’ videos – as in ‘Clean with Me’ videos. Remember those? They became particularly popular during the 2020 health crisis lockdown, where people would record themselves silently cleaning their house for hours on end.

People love watching these videos! 

These types of videos offer a bit of voyeurism as well as motivation to do the task at hand. This same concept can be applied to create faceless YouTube video content as well. 

For example, there are many popular ‘Study with Me’ YouTube videos and ‘Cook with Me’ silent ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos that can be recorded without showing your face. 

Video ASMR No Talk Mozzarella Sticks

Some viewers come to YouTube just to hang with you silently, and you don’t even need to be on camera for them to enjoy your company! 

Simply check out the abundance of study ‘with me’ videos on YouTube, and you’ll begin to see the popularity of this very small, but very addictive niche. 

So, that begs the question – What type of ‘With Me’ video can you create and upload to YouTube?… (without showing your face of course!)

How to Make Money from Your Video Ideas

Once you decide on which type of faceless YouTube channel idea you plan to create, it’s time to make money from your newly minted channel! You put in the time to create this content, so make sure to pay yourself for your efforts.

Here are 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube:

1. YouTube Partner Program

2. Digital Product Sales

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Merch Selling

5. Sponsorship Deals

YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program allows creators to enable revenue sharing from ads being served on their content. In general Google, which owns YouTube, pays out 68% of their adsense revenue to creators. 

So for every $100 an advertiser pays, Google pays $68 to the content creator. Though the actual rate an advertiser pays per view varies between $0.10 to $0.30 per view.

On average, a YouTube channel that is monetized can expect to earn between $3 – $5 per 1,000 views. 

YouTube monetization Requirements

There are minimum requirements you must meet in order to apply for the YouTube Partner Program. The two main requirements to become eligible include having at least 1,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.

Digital Product Sales

Another way to earn money on YouTube is by creating and selling digital products. Many YouTubers, including myself, share our knowledge via online courses or resources we personally create. Then we direct viewers to the description section of our YouTube videos where the link can be found to purchase these digital products.

One such mini course I created teaches complete beginners how to get started with an affiliate marketing business. Each sale from my online course earns me $37 or more depending on if the purchaser buys other products within my marketing funnel. 

It may not seem like a lot of money, but it adds up quickly when you begin to attract a large audience of viewers on YouTube.

Creating an online marketing funnel that sells your digital products is not a difficult thing to do either. I learned how to do this through a guided 30 Day sales funnel online challenge.

Affiliate Marketing

For those who do not wish to create and sell their own digital products, there is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a beginner friendly method to get started making money online with a YouTube channel. It provides you with the opportunity to immediately monetize your channel from the moment you upload your first video.

The idea behind it is simple. 

You promote and sell other people’s products or services in return for a cut of the sale amount. For example, if your channel offers tutorials on how to create marketing videos using Camtasia, then you can become an affiliate for Camtasia. 

Once you are approved as an affiliate, Camtasia will pay you a portion of the sale you send their way due to your marketing efforts. 

You can also mix things up and sell your own digital products alongside affiliate marketing offers. In my case, two of my best paying affiliate programs are with ClickFunnels and the Ibotta affiliate program.

Merch Selling

Print on Demand merchandise selling is a great way to help subsidize your channel so you can continue doing what you love – Creating great content that people love to watch! 

Not only will it help you earn money on YouTube, but it will also serve as an extension of your YouTube brand. As your followers grow to become loyal fans, they begin to show their support more. One way in which they do this is by purchasing merchandise you showcase on your channel. 

Websites such as Red Bubble and Teespring help YouTubers create and upload artwork onto a range of products. Teespring, in particular, seamlessly integrates with the YouTube platform. This allows you to display your Teespring store products for sale directly underneath your YouTube videos.

YouTube Merch Shelf

There are minimum requirements for Teespring merch selling on YouTube. This includes being a part of the YouTube Partner Program along with having at least 10,000 subscribers.

Sponsorship Deals

Partnering with brands can be an additional way to make money on YouTube – no matter the size of your channel.

Brands are always looking for ways to partner with content creators who have an engaged and devoted fan base. These types of partnerships are beneficial to both the brand and the YouTube creator. 

For brands, getting a YouTuber to promote their product or service to an engaged audience can mean an influx of immediate sales. That’s because people tend to trust social media influencers more than they do celebrities when it comes to endorsing a product. 

For content creators, brand sponsorship deals can be extremely lucrative when compared to YouTube Adsense revenue. In general, brand sponsorship deals command between $20 – $30 per 1,000 views, whereas YouTube Adsense money averages about $3 – $5 per 1,000 views. For many YouTubers, brand sponsorship deals are a huge part of their monthly YouTube income.

Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas Conclusion

You can become a successful YouTuber without revealing your identity. 

Whether you wish to record tutorials or prefer to record DIY videos, the one thing that’s certain is YouTube is a great place for content creators to make money! 

Ready to jumpstart your YouTube Channel and start earning money sooner?

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