YouTube Automation

YouTube Automation: What is It and How Does It Work?

Learn the meaning of YouTube Automation and all that it entails to make money with an automated channel.

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YouTube automation is a business model where you make money online by leveraging automation tools and faceless YouTube videos.

The streamlined process can be done at scale and be fully automated for passive income.

Complete beginners can do this from anywhere in the world and you don’t need any experience whatsoever to get started. 

It’s one of the main reasons so many people are attracted to this online business model.

Renowned YouTube creator, Dave Nick, has used YouTube automation to create countless monetized channels for not only himself but also for his clients.

Still, there are plenty of things to consider before deciding to start a YouTube automation business versus another passive income model, such as an affiliate site.

In this article, I’ll go over how YouTube automation works, costs associated with it and the different ways in which you can make money from it.

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What is YouTube Automation?

YouTube automation is creating a YouTube channel that is fully automated in all aspects of the creation process, and which doesn’t require you to get on camera.

Once set up and with a YouTube automation team in place, these faceless YouTube channels can operate independently of you while also driving passive income cash flow.

How Does YouTube Automation Work?

YouTube automation works by outsourcing tasks involved in creating, managing and editing faceless YouTube videos.

This is done by piecing together video footage from non-copyrighted sources, and adding voice overs to complete original and compelling YouTube videos. 

Freelancers can be hired from Upwork or Fiverr to do each specific task needed to create a full video. You can also hire a done-for-you YouTube automation agency to complete the full scope of the project.

The ultimate goal is to build a large enough audience that can be monetized through YouTube marketing. For example, channels can earn money from sponsorship ads placed in videos, with YouTube affiliate marketing and more.

As the channel owner, you check in to see how much your channel is earning and collect your paycheck every single month.

The natural question to ask with this virtually hands-free money making business model is whether YouTube automation is legal.

Yes, YouTube automation is legal as long as you create original YouTube videos and adhere to the YouTube Community Guidelines

YouTube automation is illegal if you use bots and automatic systems to artificially inflate engagement such as obtaining fake ‘likes’ and comments on your videos. 

Needless to say, if you want to stay in YouTube’s good graces then make sure to stay in compliance with their guidelines by starting a legit YouTube automation channel.

Tasks to Outsource for Faceless YouTube Automation

Faceless YouTube automation

Now that I’ve explained YouTube automation and how it works, let’s dive into each area that needs to be outsourced to make it all work.

Keep in mind that anything you outsource to a freelancer will cost you money. 

The reality is that generally people who have money to invest are best suited for creating a YouTube automation channel. 

Although with the rise of AI tools and automation software, the cost of starting this type of business is much more reasonable than ever before. 

This means that even someone with a small budget has the opportunity to tap into this enormous online opportunity. (Although in order to scale your business and maintain it, you’ll need to invest more into it).

If you prefer an online business that requires little to no investment to get started, then try TikTok High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

1. Research a Profitable Niche

In order to give yourself the best chances of having a profitable YouTube automation channel, you must first consider the CPM of your channel niche.

The CPM (or Cost Per Mille) is a metric showing how much advertisers are willing to pay per 1,000 ad impressions. YouTube niches with low CPMs such as cat videos and gaming channels may not be worth the investment. 

Channel niches with high CPMs offer you a better chance of covering your automation costs and making you money. Check the Social Blade YouTube Money Calculator to research channel and video CPMs before getting started.

YouTube Automation Outsourcing

2. Scriptwriter 

A professional YouTube scriptwriter has the task of researching and writing informative and engaging content related to the chosen video topic. The script needs to captivate the audience from beginning to end in order to satisfy the YouTube algorithm and watch time metric.

3. Voice Over

A voice over actor infuses personality into the script and brings the information written on paper to life. A freelancer who lends their voice to recording your YouTube videos should fit the persona associated with the content. 

For example, a YouTube automation channel focused on military aircrafts may want to hire a voice actor with a strong and commanding voice.

4. Video Editor

A video editor has the responsibility of finding and piecing together the best stock footage, graphics and animations and turning it into one cohesive video. The scenes make sense to the viewer and closely follows what is being said in the script. 

5. YouTube Thumbnail Design

Graphic designers create YouTube thumbnails that peak the interest of the viewer enough to get them to click-through to your video. These click worthy thumbnails convey curiosity via images and text overlay.

Professional unlimited graphic design agencies do this type of work for YouTubers and other social media creators.

6. Channel Management Team

The glue that holds it all together to create a fully automated YouTube channel is the YouTube automation management team.

Your team will oversee the day-to-day operations and success of your YouTube channel including: Uploading and scheduling videos, Optimizing for YouTube SEO, Managing engagement on videos, Customization of channel banner, links, etc.

Best YouTube Automation Tools and Software

YouTube Automation Tools and Software

Starting a YouTube automation business has become much easier to do thanks to the rapid progression of AI tools and software. As a YouTube creator, you’ll discover that you may not even need to outsource as much work as you think.

You could decide that part of your YouTube automation strategy involves outsourcing only part of the work, while you work on the rest.

Whatever you decide, these AI tools and software are worth checking out. They’ll help you save time and money in creating faceless YouTube videos.


Invideo is a comprehensive AI video generator and editor. Simply feed it your idea and the AI tool will turn it into video by creating a script, stitching together relevant stock footage and even adding voice overs to complete the job. Each video is unique and can be published on YouTube as your own.

Opus Pro 

Opus Pro will take your long form YouTube videos and turn it into 10 YouTube shorts. The AI tool will grab highlights from your video, cut it into 60 seconds or shorter videos and add bold captions and emojis to it. These short-form videos are a great way to attract new viewers and grow your channel. 

Below is a YouTube automation example of a short-form video Opus Pro created for me.


ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot capable of generating a complete YouTube script for you. Ask it to give you any information you wish and watch as within seconds it generates the answer for you. Use it to write catchy YouTube titles, find the best tags for YouTube SEO, write scripts and more.

No Limit Creatives

No Limit Creatives is an unlimited graphic design and video design subscription service agency. They handle everything from thumbnail and banner design to creating highly customizable short-form videos for viral YouTube growth. Currently, automation and integration solutions are being rolled out to enhance the efficiency for customers. 

NLC was gracious enough to offer my readers a 50% discount on your first month for any subscription plan. Enter NLC Promo Code: PILAR50 at checkout to nab the deal.


Upwork is an online marketplace to find freelancers with various skills and talent. Post a detailed job description, receive proposals from prospects and hire the person who is best suited for the job. I’ve used Upwork in the past and have had a great experience with finding qualified freelancers for my projects.


There are 4 vidIQ tools that will help you with automating YouTube tasks. The AI title generator will help you by providing a list of recommended catchy titles. You can also use vidIQ for writing SEO YouTube descriptions, which helps the YouTube algorithm understand your content. There’s also ‘Daily Video Ideas’ for coming up with new content ideas and an AI Coach for creative assistance.


Submagic is an AI-powered tool that generates captions and inserts emojis on your short-form content. This is not just a great tool for YouTubers, but it’s also being used by other content creators such as Pinterest Creators and Instagrammers. Use promo code PILAR10 at checkout for a 10% discount.

Thumbnail Blaster

Thumbnail Blaster is an AI thumbnail creation tool. You can create thumbnails using any of the 30 templates available and drag and drop images and text to create a new design. Thumbnail Blaster also has a feature that will split-test thumbnails to determine which one is getting you the most views on YouTube.


If you’re uncomfortable recording your own voice, then text to speech software tools such as Speechify will do it for you. The tool works by copying and pasting your script into the software, choosing your preferred voice over and downloading the audio. You may even recognize some of the voice-overs on faceless YouTube videos you’ve watched in the past. 


Fiverr is another site similar to Upwork. You’ll find freelancers with varying talent ready to get to work on your project. I’ve used Fiverr freelancers to create YouTube thumbnails and infographics for my blog, such as this recent Lollapalooza Festival packing list.

How to Make Money with YouTube Automation

Make Money with YouTube Automation

A YouTube Automation business is a great way to earn money online in the creator economy and run a virtually hands-free passive income business.

Some creators, such as myself, earn on YouTube through various monetization methods which may include affiliate marketing, sponsorship deals and more.

In this section, I’ll go over how to monetize your channel to make extra money, or to earn a full-time creator income.

Here’s a quick glance of ways to monetize with YouTube automation:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Brand Sponsorship Deals
  • Adsense – YouTube Partner Program

Any or all of these methods are recommended avenues for making money with YouTube automation. Don’t feel like you need to stick with just one method either. You put in the work, so make sure to reap in all the monetary rewards! 

Affiliate Marketing

One way to make money is to recommend relevant products and services to your YouTube niche audience and earn commissions from sales. 

These are things that go hand-in-hand with what your channel is about and where your audience would naturally become interested in making a purchase. 

For example the YouTube channel, Gardening Tips, publishes faceless video tutorials related to all things gardening. 

Products shown in their DIY gardening tutorials are featured in their Amazon Influencer storefront, which is placed in the description of the video.

YouTube Automation Example

As an Amazon Influencer affiliate, this channel earns Amazon affiliate commissions on products sold from people who click over to buy. 

Many well known brands have affiliate programs, such as Walmart, Sephora, Nike, and Target

Promote relevant affiliate products and start earning affiliate commissions from your YouTube automation channel. 

Brand Sponsorship Deals

Niche YouTube automation channels with large subscriber counts, video views and high engagement stand to earn a lot of money from sponsored content.

Brands are willing to pay you, the channel owner, a hefty amount to get in front of your audience and advertise their product to them. These lucrative brand sponsorship deals are a big incentive for new creators getting started on YouTube.

YouTube Automation Monetization

Your channel value is going to play an important part in determining how much sponsors are willing to pay you. In general, you can expect to be paid on average between $20 – $50 per 1,000 views.

Channels with niche audiences that buy high ticket items, such as high end Mongoose mountain bikes, have a better chance of landing lucrative deals.

Although, channels with high engagement in almost any niche can do well with brand sponsored deals.

Adsense – YouTube Partner Program

YouTube makes money from advertisers who pay to place ads on your videos.

When you apply and get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, your channel will be eligible to earn part of the profits from these ads. 

The amount your channel earns will depend on the CPM (cost per mille), which can vary from video to video. 

My monetized channel earns anywhere between $900 – $1,200 per month from YouTube ad revenue with just 2 – 3 video uploads per month.

YouTube Ad Revenue

It’s an exciting experience to make your first YouTube paycheck and a worthwhile monetization revenue stream to obtain.

Below are some of the eligibility requirements needed to get your YouTube automation channel into the Partner Program.

  • Get 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months, OR
  • Get 1,000 subscribers with 10 million valid public Shorts views in the last 90 days.

Additionally, you must live in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available, as well as have an active Adsense account for receiving payments.

How Much Does YouTube Automation Cost?

A YouTube Automation channel will cost you money in hiring freelancers, paying for automation tools and outsourcing the management of your channel. This cost will vary for everyone based on how much and how often you plan to outsource work and publish YouTube videos.

It’s easy to want to jump into this new endeavor when it sounds so good on paper. However, I would urge you to crunch the numbers first to get an idea of how much it will cost you to start a YouTube Automation channel.

Here’s a general idea of how much each task will cost you to outsource:

  • Scriptwriter –  $10 – $40 per 1000 words
  • Voice over actor – $5 – $40 per 100 words
  • Video Editor – $5 – $75 per minute (a YouTube script with 1,500 words is roughly a 10 minute video)
  • YouTube Thumbnail – $2 – $10 per design
  • Channel Management Team – This varies A LOT. UK based, BlueSky Video Marketing, starts at $365US Dollars per month.
YouTube Channel Management Company

Of course, you could also use any of the YouTube automation tools mentioned earlier to lower your YouTube automation cost. Invideo, for example, has a suite of YouTube AI tools and editing features to help you automate many YouTube related tasks.

YouTube Automation Done-For-You Service

As you may have already noticed, there’s a lot involved when it comes to automating your passive income stream with YouTube automation. For this reason, DFY YouTube service companies exist to help you jumpstart the process.

Some will even go as far as offering you fully monetized YouTube Partner Program channels that you can continue to automate and work on. Below is one such well regarded YouTube Automation Done-For-You service provider.

DFY Dave 

YouTube Creator and Online Coach, Dave Nick, will build you a SEO optimized YouTube Automation Business. He, along with his team of experts will walk you through the fully automated system once completed. 

You receive it fully monetized with YouTube ad revenue and get to keep full ownership of the videos and channel.

DFY YouTube Automation

The DFY service will take years off your learning curve and put you in the seat to instant earnings from your new YouTube automation channel. 

That’s not to say that it’s easy going after that. You will still need to work on your channel to continue earning from it.

Due to the high interest level of these services, there are limited spots available to order a DFY Dave YouTube automation channel.

YouTube Automation Jobs

YouTube automation jobs are in high demand with many people opting to hire a DFY YouTube service provider to jumpstart their channel. 

So even if you decide that you don’t want to start a YouTube automation channel, you can still learn the business and apply for a YouTube automation job.

YouTube Automation Jobs

At DFY Dave for example, they are actively hiring: Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Voiceover Actors and YouTube Channel Managers.

Is YouTube Automation Worth It?

A YouTube Automation business is worth it if your combined channel revenue streams is higher than your investment cost of maintaining the business.

This makes it especially important to pick a high value YouTube automation niche that will pay you well and cover your monthly channel costs.

Many people have done exceptionally well with YouTube automation channels, but as with any business there’s also the risk of failure.

Before you start, evaluate your financial situation and risk level to determine whether this is a passive income model you wish to try out. If it helps, I also broke down a list of the pros and cons of YouTube automation.

Next, read about how to start a low risk passive income affiliate blog with the Authority Site System course.

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