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Become an Amazon Product Tester in 2024 | Get FREE and Discounted Products

Beware of Amazon product tester job scams. Here's where to look instead.

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There are many routes you can take to become an Amazon product tester that will get you free or discounted Amazon products.

In some cases, you can even get paid from Amazon for reviewing products that customers end up purchasing through your efforts. 

This is called affiliate marketing and is a program conducted through the Amazon Associates and Influencer program. 

If you decide that being an Amazon product tester is something you want to do full-time, then consider applying to these Amazon Creator paid programs (more about that later on!).

It’s one neat way to get paid for your Amazon product reviews and earn a side hustle income!

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What is an Amazon Product Tester?

An Amazon product tester reviews products sold on Amazon. In general, product testers do this in order to obtain free or heavily discounted Amazon products. Although, you are not required to leave a review in order to receive these products.

It’s important to note that an Amazon product tester job is not a position offered directly by Amazon. 

Being aware of this will help you avoid product tester job scams that are posted and promoted all over social media.

Instead many third-party companies, such as Rebaid, will partner with Amazon sellers to provide product awareness for newly launched Amazon products. 

Amazon sellers benefit greatly from these services by getting sales to their recently released product on Amazon. 

Additionally, it helps sellers generate their first few Amazon product reviews, which is crucial to their success on Amazon.

You benefit by getting Amazon products for free or at a significant discount to test out these new products on Amazon.

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Does Amazon Allow Product Testers?

Under the Amazon Seller Terms of Service, Amazon product testers can’t be incentivized for their product reviews.

So whether you’re getting an Amazon product for free or paying full price, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to leave a review on the Amazon product page.

Amazon has long been plagued with fake reviews and the larger they’ve grown, the more rampant the review manipulations have become. 

So much so that Amazon has fought back on this, even to the point of suing two fake-review broker companies. Hence, the strict incentivized review policy.

With this in mind, Amazon does offer an in-house giveaway program called Amazon Vine. Amazon product testers are given free Amazon products in hopes of generating product reviews. This program is strictly by invitation only.

Do Amazon Product Testers Get Paid?

This answer varies. 

Amazon product testers generally do not get paid monetary rewards. In most cases, your payment is essentially walking away with a free or discounted Amazon product.

Some people have turned this into a money making side hustle by flipping these products on sites such as Facebook™ marketplace, Craigslist, and Mercari.

So there is money to be made with some thinking outside the box! 

Paid Amazon Product tester

There are other instances where companies recruit social media influencers and content creators to promote their Amazon product to their audience. 

In these cases, a sponsorship fee or affiliate commission is commonly paid to the Amazon Influencer affiliate.

Get Paid as an Amazon Influencer Affiliate

So let’s just say you want to become an Amazon reviewer and get paid as a product tester. 

This way, you’ll earn money for providing reviews (that fall within Amazon TOS of course!) in addition to being the recipient of free and discounted products.

This can be done by joining either one or both of these paid Amazon Creator programs:

  • Amazon Influencer Program

As an Amazon Influencer, you can get paid by Amazon for providing video product reviews that lead to sales, and for promoting products found on Amazon to your social media audience.

Amazon will not provide you with products to review, so you will still need to find products to test out. 

Review Amazon products

The Amazon Associates program on the other hand is geared to content creators such as affiliate bloggers, who recommend and review products found on Amazon through their blog and websites.

Amazon Associates can earn sales commissions for every product sale they make through their marketing efforts. 

Both Amazon programs have their own set of criteria for applying and being accepted to join.

The TASS program is a course specifically designed for people who want to become a full-time paid Amazon product reviewer through affiliate blogging. I took the course and wrote a full TASS review that you can read on this blog.

I can’t recommend the course enough.

It’s not only helped me create a 4-figure per month affiliate blog, but has also created tons of 6 and 7-figure Amazon affiliate bloggers!

They currently offer a free training course for new members that you can take here.

How Do I Become an Amazon Product Tester?

You can become an Amazon product tester by joining the Amazon Vine program, Amazon Associates program, Amazon Influencer program, or by joining Amazon deal sites such as Snagshout and Rebaid

Brands on Amazon are always looking for honest customer feedback. For that reason, they are willing to give you free and discounted products for you to try them out!

Places to Get Free and Discounted Products to Test

As an Amazon reviewer with an Influencer storefront, I’m constantly on the hunt for new products to test out. I’ve compiled a list of places where you can find products to start you on your way to becoming an Amazon product tester!

Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is an Amazon run program where you get to test out free products and share your unbiased review and product experience. 

These reviews show up on the product detail page with other customer reviews, but are distinguished with a special badge “Vine Customer Review of Free Product” for full transparency.

Amazon Vine Voice

The program is by invitation only and reviewers (known as Vine Voices) are not paid for their participation. Instead, you’ll be able to test Amazon products for free and provide helpful reviews to other potential customers.

If you want to increase your chances of getting invited into the program by Amazon, then start reviewing products you buy from Amazon. These don't need to be positive reviews either. They can be negatives ones as long as they're real reviews!

The more helpful and in-depth you write your reviews, the more likely that Amazon will select you as a new Vine Voice member!



Rebaid is an Amazon rebate site that connects sellers with buyers. 

You’ll get up to 100% rebates on products offered in their Amazon line up, which means you’ll have an opportunity to nab tons of free stuff! 

Additionally, Rebaid offers heavily discounted products that you can also choose from to start your Amazon product tester gig work.

Here’s how it works:

  • Shop deals on the Rebaid marketplace and redeem an offer
  • Confirm your purchase by providing your order number
  • Get paid via direct deposit or a mailed check rebate

Even though you are getting heavily discounted or free Amazon products, you are not required to leave a review on Amazon. 

You can do so if you wish to help other Amazon shoppers make an informed decision about purchasing the product. To-date, Rebaid has issued over $5 million dollars in rebates to its members!

Sign up as a Rebaid Shopper


Snagshout Amazon product codes

Snagshout is another popular site that offers Amazon product discounts via Amazon promo codes and cash back. 

Products on the site are generally discounted between 50% – 100% off and you get to pick and choose the offers you want. Though, some of the better offers do run out quickly, so you have to stay on top of checking the site daily!

Here’s how it works:

  • Link Your Amazon Account
  • Shop the Snagshout Marketplace and purchase product
  • Depending on the promotion details, you’ll either receive a promo code discount to use on Amazon, or earn a cash back rebate reward
  • If getting a rebate cash back reward, you’ll be paid the advertised amount to your Paypal account within 30 days.

Just like its deal site competitor, Snagshout is another way to get discounted and free product deals for Amazon product testers! Join Snagshout

Field Agent

Field Agent Mystery Shopper

Field Agent is a gig app that offers paid product testing job opportunities via ‘Mystery Shopping’ and ‘Buy & Try’ gigs. The money making app is not Amazon specific, but I have used it to get free products for Amazon reviews.

I regularly cross check product testing gigs I find on the Field Agent app against products found on Amazon. When there’s a match I nab the gig and score the product for free, as well as earn the advertised bounty amount.

Just to clarify, this app is an unconventional way to get free products. Still, it's a great option to consider!

Usually, the app will ask that you leave a review on a non-Amazon retailer site, such as In exchange, you get the product for free as long as you leave a review on the specified retailer’s site.

Here’s an example of a recent Mystery Shopper gig from Field Agent that I completed. The Bark & Clean Dog Care Travel Kit is also selling on’s website.

Field Agent Mystery Shopper gig
free products to test

For this product, the gig required that I buy the product from Once I completed this gig, I used the product to review it for my Amazon Influencer storefront. 

It’s another easy side hustle hack I use to get paid as an Amazon product tester! 

You can sign up for a free Field Agent account. Also, make sure to read about other paid Field Agent Mystery Shopper gigs offered to members in my full gig app review.

Shop Clearance Racks

When I decided to become a full-time Amazon product tester, I dug deep to find ways to get as many free and discounted products to test out as possible.

Ultimately, it led me back to clearance racks at big box stores, which ironically is how I also became a full-time Amazon FBA seller some 16 years ago. That’s a story for another day.

I’m no longer an Amazon physical product seller. 

I’ve much more preferred making money from products already selling on Amazon versus having to hold inventory and waiting for it to sell. 

Macy's Clearance Toys

Clearance products found on shelves at Target, Walmart or even at Macy’s can prove to be a very profitable way to test products found on Amazon.

For example, affiliate bloggers and other Amazon Associates creators can purchase clearance items for review. 

In one case, I found the Hasbro Twister Splash Set and Nerf Super Soaker Pool Volleyball set at 75% off during a Macy’s clearance sale. 

I nabbed both items for Amazon product reviews and only paid $4.93 for each item

In many cases, you’ll find that the Amazon affiliate commissions made on the product sales will pay you more than you paid for the clearance items!

So while this is not a paid Amazon product tester gig, there are ways to make money with this method. 

Ready to start an Amazon affiliate blog? Register for the free training! 

Can I Get FREE Stuff from Amazon?

Yes! You can get free stuff from Amazon if you are a member of the Amazon Vine program. Currently, the in-house Amazon review program is by invitation only.

Final Tips to Get Started Today

Ok, so you decided you want to become an Amazon Product Tester. What’s the fastest way to get started?

Here’s my quick cheat sheet to get you started today!

  • Decide whether you want to be a paid or unpaid Amazon Product Tester (unpaid = you only care about getting free or discounted products)
  • Start by reviewing products found around your house that you’ve already purchased on Amazon
  • Choose your preferred method from the list mentioned above to find and nab more Amazon products to test out
  • Write unbiased Amazon product reviews.
  • Let all your friends in on the secret about how you became an Amazon Product Tester!

I hope you found this article helpful!

Feel free to share it with your friends, and before you go, make sure to register for the FREE Amazon affiliate blog training!

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