Brands Based in Boston

9 Brands Based in Boston You Can Shop on Amazon

Shop these homegrown brands based in Boston on Amazon!

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Numerous well-known companies have originated and flourished in Boston, including the iconic Dunkin' and Converse brands. 

A lot of these companies still have their primary headquarters right here in the city, and you know what? 

Some of them have even branched out to expand their presence and visibility by establishing a storefront on Amazon.

Brands Based in Boston with Amazon Storefronts

Now you can enjoy the convenience of shopping brands that originated in Boston right from the comfort of your home. 

So let’s kick off the list with food brands based in Boston first! 

88 Acres

Brands based in Boston

88 Acres is an amazing food company based in Dorchester, which just so happens to also be my hometown!

They're all about making awesome bars and butters with a lot of love. 

The whole idea began on a farm in Massachusetts, which is actually how they got their name. The founder met her now-husband on, and after a scary allergic reaction he had, they were inspired to start something special. 

They dreamed up a food company that's all about tasty, quality eats that are super allergy-friendly. 

It's way more than a company, really. It's a love story that's blossomed into this awesome community bonded over delicious food.

Shop 88 Acres on Amazon.


UNREAL Brand on Amazon

UNREAL is a chocolate brand based out of Boston, started by two brothers, Nicky and Kristopher Bronner, and their dad. 

They wanted to shake things up in the candy world, so in 2008, they began experimenting with all-natural recipes as an alternative to the artificial stuff in stores. 

By 2010, they were on a roll, crafting chocolates without GMOs, bad oils, preservatives, artificial colors, and with less sugar. They've got some tasty treats like chocolate peanut butter cups and candy-coated chocolate gems. 

After a relaunch in 2017, they added more unique snacks with ingredients like toasted quinoa and almond butter.

Shop UNREAL on Amazon.


Lovepop Cards on Amazon

Lovepop Cards, one of the amazing brands headquartered in Boston, started with a spark of creativity in Vietnam. 

The founders, John and a buddy from Webb Institute, were studying to become naval architects but fell in love with these intricate, hand-crafted paper cards while on a school project. 

When they got back to Boston, they showed their creations around and the reactions were so strong and emotional. 

They knew they had to take it further, building Lovepop on the power of personal connections and heartfelt expressions.

The card company is all about bringing people closer in the most unexpected and personal ways, no matter the occasion.

Shop Lovepop on Amazon.


Brands headquartered in Boston

EmBeba's story is pretty neat. 

It started during a vacation in the Bosnian countryside when the founder's daughter, Norah, had a terrible eczema breakout. 

None of the usual products worked, but then they found a miracle in an old family remedy. That was the spark! 

In 2019, they launched EmBeba in Boston to help families deal with sensitive skin. Their name, EmBeba, is a mix of Vietnamese and Bosnian words for “baby”, reflecting their family heritage. 

It's all about clean, honest ingredients and effective results. Plus, they've got a variety of products like baby care items and skin soothers.

Shop Embeba on Amazon.


Follain Brands Based in Boston

Follain is a fab Boston-based clean beauty brand. 

Follain's first store opened in Boston's South End and has since expanded to several locations across the city.

The founder, Tara Foley, wasn't originally planning to dive into the beauty industry. But after learning about the lack of regulations in the industry, she was motivated to start a blog, which then led to the creation of Follain. 

Follian ensures everything is free from harmful ingredients and really delivers on its promises. 

They've got their own in-house brand and other clean brands, with products like the Ultra Hydrating Mask and Moisturizer.. 

It's all about blending safe, natural ingredients with high-performance results. They've definitely made a splash as one of the top beauty brands based in Boston!

Shop Follain on Amazon.

*Follain was acquired by Credo Beauty, another prominent figure in clean beauty​​​​​​​​.


Eastpak backpacks on Amazon

Eastpak is another brand that originated in Boston, Massachusetts. 

It's known globally for its range of products including bags, backpacks, travel gear, and accessories, all marked by their distinctive design and durability

Eastpak's story is pretty fascinating and starts with Monte Goldman founding the company in 1952, under the name Eastern Canvas Products USA Inc. 

They initially supplied the U.S. military with durable bags and packs. 

Things took a turn in 1976 when Monte's son, Mark Goldman, joined the company. Mark, a free-thinking pianist fresh out of college, noticed how popular army bags were with college students. 

So he decided to pivot the company towards the consumer market, launching Eastpak's first line of consumer backpacks, duffels, and shoulder bags. 

This military-inspired line quickly became a hit, especially on the East Coast. 

By the mid-80s, Eastpak was a trendsetter, introducing its famous Lifetime Warranty and being the first to bring flashy prints and bright colors to their bags, tapping into the wild style of the '80s.

Shop Eastpak on Amazon.

Life is Good

Life is Good tshirts on Amazon

The story of Life is Good, a Massachusetts-based T-shirt company, is both inspiring and a bit quirky. 

It all started in 1989 when brothers Bert and John Jacobs, with no real business know-how, began designing their first tees. 

For five years, they sold these shirts on the streets of Boston and up and down the East Coast, living a simple life out of their van, fueled by peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Their big break came in 1994, with a smiley character named Jake, embodying a positive vibe. At a street fair in Cambridge, their Jake shirts flew off the table, kickstarting the brand.

The brand's message of optimism caught on quickly. Jake's simple, happy demeanor resonated with people, and soon, local retailers were stocking the shirts.

Today, Life is Good stays true to its roots in New England, emphasizing simplicity, humor, and humility.

Shop Life is Good on Amazon.


SimpliSafe on Amazon

SimpliSafe is known for providing home security systems.

It was 2006, and two Harvard Business School students, Chad and Eleanor Laurans, noticed a big gap in the market. 

Their friends in the Cambridge area were dealing with break-ins but couldn't find a good security system for renters. 

That's when the lightbulb went off! 

Chad and Eleanor jumped into action, creating SimpliSafe to offer easy-to-use, affordable home security. 

Now, SimpliSafe is a big name in keeping homes safe, all starting from a simple idea to help friends feel more secure.

Shop SimpliSafe on Amazon.

New Balance

New Balance on Amazon

One of the most famous Boston brands known worldwide is New Balance.

New Balance's journey began way back in 1906 in the Boston area with a guy named William J. Riley. 

He was an English immigrant who started the New Balance Arch Support Company, making products to improve shoe fit. 

The fun part? 

Riley got the idea for “New Balance” by watching chickens in his yard, using their three-pronged foot as inspiration for his arch supports. 

Fast forward to 1960, and under the guidance of Eleanor and Paul Kidd, New Balance shifted gears and made the “Trackster,” the first running shoe with varying widths. 

It was a hit, especially with local colleges like MIT, Tufts, and Boston University. 

New Balance quickly became known for its specialty footwear, blending comfort, balance, and a unique backstory that all started with observing chickens.

Shop New Balance on Amazon.

Support Small Business on Amazon

Support Small Business on Amazon

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of Boston based brands that sell on amazon

While many of these companies have grown to be large brands, they all started off small and relatively unknown before catching their big break! 

There’s a whole world of small business owners on Amazon waiting for you to discover them as well! 

You can now find small businesses to shop on Amazon using the new small business search filter

Discover amazing new brands and if you like their products, then make sure to refer your friends to them!

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