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Fast Way to Get 120,460 Points on Fetch Rewards App

Earning 100k points with the Fetch Rewards app is easier than you think! Here's how I did it in less than 3 months.

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Ready to find out the fast and legitimate way to get thousands of points on Fetch Rewards? Well, I got you covered! 

On August 20, 2021, I signed up for the Fetch Rewards app. By November 10th, 2021, I had accumulated 120,460 points, or about $120.46 in cash rebate rewards. 

Keep reading to find out the simple way you can earn points fast by scanning your receipts using this popular cash back app.

Fetch Rewards App Special Code AWPFV8

But first…Have you signed up for Fetch Rewards yet? 

If not, then check out the sweet bonus deal you get for using my special referral code below. 

Redeem code AWPFV8 when signing up for #FetchRewards to earn up to 4,000 points FREE during your first week of use! That’s up to $4 in value just for using my welcome bonus promo code. 

Earn Points for FREE Gift Cards

Fetch Rewards, like other shopping rebate apps, is a great way to earn extra moolah for simply scanning your receipts. But unlike Shopkick or Ibotta, Fetch will reward you for EVERY receipt you upload. 

So no matter whether you shop local or prefer the big box stores, you’ll be rewarded at every place you shop! 

With Fetch Rewards, you’ll earn a minimum of 25 points for each valid receipt. Getting as many points as possible is how you’ll earn the most cash back rewards with this app. 

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1,000 Fetch Points = $1 Value

1,000 Fetch points earns you $1.00 in value. For example, 4,500 points is equal to $4.50 and 100,000 points is equal to $100.00.

Once you accumulate a minimum of 3,000 points, you can redeem those points for free gift cards, use them for sweepstake entries, or give them away as charitable donations.

Gift cards can then be used at stores such as Starbucks, Macy’s, Amazon, Nordstrom Rack, Home Depot and more.

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8 Ways to Rack Up Points on Fetch Rewards

The fastest way I was able to rack up 120,460 points was by taking full advantage of the below eight methods. Based on your shopping behavior, you may find one method works better for you than another. 

Use this cheat sheet to your advantage and you’ll soon start racking up more points and earning free gift cards in the process!

Fetch Rewards app
Fetch App

Use Promo Code

Some people may not realize this, but you can earn up to 4,000 FREE points by using a promo code at the time of signing up. It’s an easy way to start accumulating points right from the get go! 

Use Promo Code AWPFV8 when prompted to enter a referral code at sign up. You’ll gain immediate access to your free welcome bonus points when doing so.

Fetch promo code
Fetch bonus points

Snap All Receipts

Before you throw away your receipts, remember to snap a picture and upload it to Fetch first! Most ANY and ALL receipts you can think of are accepted by the Fetch Rewards app…which makes it super easy to earn points nearly everyday.

Prefer to do online shopping? That’s ok! Simply connect your Amazon or email accounts with Fetch to start earning points on your e-receipts. 

Fetch receipts
Fetch eReceipts

Fetch GoodRx Card

The fastest way to earn 10,000 points on the Fetch Rewards app is to use the in-app GoodRx card. The GoodRx card is not insurance, but can be used instead of insurance. 

You’ll earn points and save on prescriptions each time you use your Fetch GoodRx card at checkout. Earn 10,000 points on your first use, and 1,500 points for future coupons and refills.

Fetch GoodRx card
Fetch app GoodRx

Take Surveys

On some occasions, Fetch Rewards will give you an opportunity to earn more points by taking surveys. This feedback on your shopping habits helps Fetch and their partners learn more about you and their market in general. 

Shortly after I signed up for Fetch, I received a quick in-app survey that only took a few minutes to fill out. Fetch rewarded me with 250 points for completing it. 

Fetch Rewards Survey
Fetch Survey Points

Special Offers

Special offer deals are where you can earn a slew of points by redeeming specific brand products. These points can range anywhere from 100 points to 10,000 points. 

If you’re someone that likes trying out new products at a discounted price, then this is where you'll find these offers. On many occasions, I’ve found products under the special offers tab that I normally buy as well.

Fetch Rewards Special Offers
Fetch Rewards Offers

Partnered Brands

When you purchase from listed partner brands, you’ll be awarded at a base rate of the final purchase price. Rewards may be higher in some situations. So for example, if the PepsiCo company is shown as a listed partnered brand, then you’ll earn extra points for purchasing any PepsiCo products.

You can also earn additional points by joining partnered brand clubs on Fetch.

Fetch partners with tons of well known brands, so you’re bound to find some on the list that you regularly purchase.

Fetch Rewards Brands
Fetch Rewards Brands

Enter Contests

Fetch will regularly have social media contests, especially on Instagram, where they’ll offer upwards of 100,000 points per winner. It’s a fun way Fetch uses to keep members engaged, as well as bring further awareness to the app.

I have yet to enter one of their contests, but it has been quite tempting to join in on the fun!

Fetch App Contest
Fetch App Gift Card

Refer Friends

If you like using the Fetch app, then there’s a good chance your friends and family might like it as well! When you refer others to the Fetch Rewards app with your unique referral code, you’ll earn 2,000 points per person!

Simply share your code with them and once they snap their first receipt, you’ll immediately earn your points. This is one of my favorite ways to earn points with Fetch. Personally, I use my YouTube channel as a way to share how to use the Fetch app, and I share my referral code in the process!

Fetch app referrals
Fetch Rewards referrals

Turn Your Points Into Cash: I recently discovered a cool hack for turning my Fetch points into cash. Check it out!

Fetch Rewards App Final Thoughts

Fetch Rewards is one of two cash back apps I use on a daily basis to earn FREE money and gift cards from scanning my receipts. The Ibotta app is still by far my favorite to use.

I hope this cheat sheet serves you well in racking up as many points as possible on the Fetch Rewards app. It’s certainly helped me earn over $120 in free gift cards in just under two and a half months.

If you haven’t downloaded the Fetch app yet, then you can do so by going here, and using promo code AWPFV8 at sign up.

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