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10 Receipt Rewards Apps that Pay You to Shop

Receipt rewards apps can help you save money and grow your spare cash reserve. Here are a few to get you started.

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The best receipt rewards apps can help you stretch your grocery budget further and put you on track to saving more and spending less.

In general, these free receipt scanning apps are super easy to use and only require you to submit your shopping receipts to start earning rewards. 

Some will reward you in points that can be redeemed for free Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards or more. Other apps such as Ibotta will pay you cold hard cash for receipts you submit. 

The savings may seem small at first, but they do add up. 

On many occasions, I’ve used my receipt reward points to cash out free Walmart gift cards that have paid for my entire grocery shopping bill!

Whether you’re looking to save money on groceries or earn a little extra money for other things, these receipt rewards apps can help you get there.

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10 Best Apps to Scan Receipts for Shopping Rewards

In order to earn the most amount of rewards, you’ll need to learn how to use each app to its fullest potential. 

As an avid user of many of these apps, I’ve discovered some crazy good hacks to squeeze every ounce of savings from them.

I’ve written about these hacks in my ‘How to’ guides featured next to each receipt app mentioned below.

They’re like ‘cheat sheets’ for helping you earn more. So definitely make sure to check them!

(not all have guidesYET!…I'll be updating this post soon, so feel free to save this pin and come back to this article later again!)

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1. Ibotta

Ibotta is one of the top receipt scanning apps that has more money savings potential compared to some of the others on this list. 

As one of the best couponing apps, it’s ideal for shoppers who enjoy purchasing brand name grocery items such as: KIND bars, Hellmann’s, Perdue, General Mills and more.

With Ibotta, you won’t be required to clip coupons but you do need to select your offers prior to scanning your receipt. You’ll earn cash back rebate rewards on all eligible offers.

The best part is you can cash out your money to Paypal, bank card, or to a gift card, once you reach the $20 minimum cash out threshold.

receipt scanning apps

I’ve written extensively about how I use Ibotta to earn free money. Feel free to check out any of these guides:

Download the Ibotta app and enter promotional code: Kshagvc to get a $5 free money reward after you scan your first receipt! 

2. Fetch App (Formerly Fetch Rewards)

Fetch is a safe to use loyalty rewards receipt scanning app that currently has over 18 million monthly active users. 

Members can submit in-store and online receipts to earn Fetch points that can be cashed out for free gift cards.

I enjoy using the Fetch app because I can snap a picture of nearly any shopping receipt and earn a minimum of 25 points. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s your local bodega, corner mom and pop grocery store or city restaurant, with Fetch, every receipt earns you points!

Snap receipts with featured grocery brand offers on them and you’ll earn even more receipt reward points!

receipt rewards apps

On average, 1,000 Fetch points is equivalent to about $1.00 in rewards. 

The minimum threshold is only 3,000 points, which means you can cash out faster than some of the other apps mentioned on this list.

I’ve written plenty of helpful Fetch app guides. Check them out here:

In mid 2023, Fetch 3.0 was introduced with super fun updates including social media-like features. 

Definitely try it out for yourself and enter Fetch promo code: AWPFV8 to earn free sign up bonus points! 

3. Receipt Hog

One of my least favorite receipt scanning apps that has started to win me over during the last few months is Receipt Hog.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t give this app a solid chance when I first downloaded it. Now that I understand it better, I've benefited from it to the tune of $345 in cash back rewards.

Receipt Hog is the ‘OG’ aka original free money for scanning receipts app. 

It’s similar to the Fetch app in that you can submit shopping receipts from various retailers both large and small to earn rewards. 

Receipt Hog Receipt scans

Eligible receipts with the stated receipt totals will earn you the following rewards:

  • Less than $10 = 5 Coins
  • $10 – $49.99 = 10 Coins
  • $50 – $99.99 = 15 Coins
  • $100+           = 20 Coins

Members can begin redeeming rewards starting at 1,000 coins towards free Amazon gift cards, free PayPal money or to a VISA Prepaid card.

The app is best suited for shoppers who don’t typically shop brand name offers, yet still want to earn rewards on receipts.

Read my in-depth guide in my Receipt Hog app review.

You can also read my breakdown of the differences between Ibotta and Receipt Hog here. Plus, make sure to use this link to download the app and get a free reward!

4. Swagbucks Magic Receipts

Swagbucks Magic Receipts is another way to earn rebate rewards for scanning your grocery receipts. The program is a feature of Swagbucks, a free money making website and app.

As a member, you’ll earn Swagbucks points (SB points) for uploading valid receipts with eligible offers. 

Simply select from the hundreds of available offers and make sure to read the fine print. Many times there’ll be multiple ways to earn cash back on one featured offer.

For example, one offer can state that you’ll earn 50 SB points for the purchase of one Lysol bottle, or you can earn 300 SB points by purchasing 2 bottles.

Swagbucks Magic Receipts
Image courtesy of Swagbucks Magic Receipts Handbook

Next, submit a picture of your receipt, and get awarded the stated Swagbucks cash back points.

SB points can be redeemed for free gift cards or be cashed out to your PayPal account.

On average 100 SB points is equivalent to $1.00 in value. The minimum cash out amount is 110 SB points, which will get you a $1 Amazon gift card.

Download the SB app with this link and get a $10 sign up bonus when you complete your first shopping purchase.

5. Upside

One of the best receipt scanning apps that rewards you for gas is Upside (formerly GetUpside).

The free mobile app offers you a way to find cheap gas in and around your area and earn cash back rewards when you use them. 

With over 25,000+ participating gas stations across the U.S.,including major brands, chances are there’s a station near you.

Over the years, Upside has upped their game to also include cash back rewards at restaurants and grocery stores. 

So there’s a lot more to the app than just getting cheap gas!

gas rewards app

Here’s how it works:

  • Find a participating gas station nearby
  • Claim an Offer
  • Complete the Deal
  • Submit your receipt or use the ‘Check-In’ feature
  • Cash Out

Deals on gas can be anywhere from saving $0.10 or $0.30 per gallon, which can really add up to significant savings over the course of a year. 

Rebate rewards can be cashed out to PayPal, bank account or digital gift card.

Use this promo link to earn a bonus sign up reward.

6. Shopkick

The Shopkick rebate rewards app pays you to walk into stores, submit eligible cash back receipts, and watch short video ads.

It’s a hybrid between a money making app and a receipt rewards app, which makes it a worthwhile app to check out.

I use Shopkick on a regular basis to scan products at big box stores to earn ‘kicks.’ Other times, I earn ‘kicks’ from uploading my shopping receipts for cash back rewards.

‘Kicks’ on Shopkick can be redeemed for free gift cards starting at 500 kicks. 250 ‘kicks’ is equivalent to $1 in value.

Shopkick receipt scanning app

You won’t make a crazy amount of money with Shopkick, but it’s a nice way to earn free gift cards to places such as Starbucks and Walmart. 

To-date, I’ve earned $175 in free gift cards with Shopkick. For us, that’s one fully paid grocery shopping trip for simply scanning our receipts! 

You can use Shopkick invite code: CARD513768 to earn upwards of $5 in sign up bonus rewards!

7. CoinOut

CoinOut is a receipt scanner app to earn free gift cards. It’s most similar to Fetch Rewards in that you can upload receipts from nearly any retailer and earn ‘coins.’

The amount you earn on each receipt is randomized and not based on the receipt total. 

It’s really a complete mystery at times, which is why I’m not too keen on using the app much. It makes it much harder to figure out a good system to maximize rewards.

CoinOut users have stated that they earn between $0.01 to $0.07 per receipt scan. 

It’s pretty low, but it’s also within the general range of other receipt scanning apps. 

CoinOut Cash Back app

1,000 ‘coins’ is equivalent to $1.00 in value. The CoinOut minimum payout threshold is 3,000 coins, which will earn you a $3.00 Amazon gift card.

Other payout methods include Zelle and PayPal cash.

The trick with CoinOut is to uplevel your rewards with CoinOut badges. 

The more receipts you submit, the more chances you’ll have to earn from receipts, CoinOut surveys and partner offers.

Download the CoinOut app.

8. ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal enables you to turn receipts into rewards and turn them into valuable gift cards and cash prizes. 

It works just the same as much of the other receipt rewards apps mentioned on this list. To start, simply download the app and start uploading photos of receipts to earn points. 

ReceiptPal uses a ‘Point Cards’ system to track the amount of receipts you’ve uploaded. 

For every 4 receipts you upload you’ll earn 100 points. This makes every receipt scan worth 25 points. You’ll have a total of 5 cards to fill out at one time.

After that, you’ll be rewarded with extra cash rewards and sweepstakes opportunities for your loyalty.

ReceiptPal App

You can redeem rewards starting at 2,200 points for a $5 Amazon gift card. 

The good news is that you’ll get a bonus of 150 points just for signing up, and a 500 points bonus for connecting your email receipts.

Download the ReceiptPal app.

9. Pogo

Pogo is a mobile rewards app that enables you to earn rewards towards free gift cards and real cash.

You’ll be able to earn points by scanning your receipts, taking part in surveys and even for sharing your location.

The easiest way to get started earning with Pogo is to link your bank card to the app through its secure connection with Plaid. 

Pogo will pull your shopping history and enable you to claim points on all eligible receipts.

You’ll also be able to take part in special challenges and offers in order to earn even more points.

scan receipts pogo app

You can cash out your Pogo points once you reach a minimum of 3,000 points, which is worth $3. 

Points can be cashed out to PayPal, a Visa Prepaid card, Amazon gift card or more.

Download the app and enter Pogo referral code: BWX5V9 to earn a special 250 points sign up bonus reward. 

Simply link your bank card and earn your first 5,000 points to instantly unlock your free 250 Pogo points! Read my full Pogo app review.

10. ReceiptJar

Out of all the receipt rewards apps out there, ReceiptJar is one of the newest in the pack of cash back apps. 

The app originally launched in Australia under a different name before making its way to the U.S. and Canada in 2019.

The app rewards you in cash back points for submitting your shopping receipts and for connecting your shopping accounts such as Amazon and Walmart. 

Receipt rewards apps

Receipts scanned with ReceiptJar earn points based on the total amount of the receipt.

Reward points for receipt totals are as follows:

  • Below $10 = 5 points
  • Between $11 – $50 = 10 points
  • Between $51 – $100 = 15 points
  • Over $100 = 20 points

As with many of these receipt apps, you’ll be rewarded for your loyalty. 

The more receipts you scan, the higher the levels you’ll reach and the more rewards you’ll earn.

Points earned can be cashed out to digital gift cards starting at 1,000 points. Though do note that your points will expire after 30 days of account inactivity. Ouch! 

Download the ReceiptJar app.

Receipt Rewards Apps Conclusion

Most of the receipt rewards apps on this list are ones that I personally use. I will regularly stack each receipt app to earn the most amount of rewards.

It’s one small, yet effective way I’ve been able to get free groceries using reward gift card points, and make free money with apps like Ibotta

If you’re looking for other ways to save while shopping in-store and online, then check out the Rakuten app. I’ve earned over $1,400 in cash back rewards since I started using the Rakuten browser extension.

If you want to save on groceries without having to scan receipts, then read my Flashfood app review. It’s where I buy much of my groceries at reduced prices.

Thanks for reading my receipt rewards apps review! Feel free to use any of the promo codes mentioned throughout the article to earn even more! 

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