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How to Redeem Fetch Reward Points | Turn into Cash

Step-by-Step: How to redeem Fetch Reward points for free gift cards, Fetch merchandise, charitable donations or for sweepstake entries.

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So you’ve been scanning receipts on your new app, and now it’s time to cash in and redeem your points! Commence web search….. “How to Redeem Fetch Reward Points?”

As an actual Fetch user myself, I’ll share with you my best tips for getting the most out of your Fetch Reward points.

You'll even learn of a cool hack I recently discovered for how to turn Fetch points into actual cash! Yup, moolah you can spend anywhere you want versus being confined to a select number of free gift cards.

If this is your first time learning about Fetch Rewards, then read my detailed Fetch review here.

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Fetch Points to Dollars

Before we dive in, let’s do a quick recap on how much Fetch points are worth. 

Typically 1,000 Fetch points is equivalent to $1.00 in value. Though when it comes to redeeming your points for specific rewards, this amount may differ slightly.

Rewards can be redeemed when your points balance reaches the minimum redemption amount of 3,000 points. This is fairly easy to attain, especially when signing up with the Fetch referral bonus.

How to Redeem Fetch Reward Points

There are four options available for redeeming your points. You can redeem them for free gift cards, Fetch merchandise, donate points as a charitable donation, or use them to enter Fetch sweepstakes.

Once you request to redeem points for a reward, your points balance will be reduced by the amount of points designated for the redemption item.

Steps to Redeem Fetch Reward Points:

  • Go to the lower right hand corner of the app and click on the ‘Rewards’ tab.
  • Search for rewards by category, manual search, by points available, or ‘view all’ rewards.
  • Select your reward.
  • There is a 3 day wait period on some rewards.
  • Once your reward is available, it will be under the ‘My Rewards’ tab.
  • Fetch will also send you an email notification when the reward is ready.
how to redeem fetch reward points
redeem points for gift cards

While I personally don’t mind the three day processing period to receive my reward, there are other members that find this bothersome. I suspect this is done as a safety measure to combat fraudulent accounts that upload fake receipts to the app.

Fetch Rewards Redemption Categories

Fetch makes it easy to find a reward that's right for you by breaking down the reward selection into categories.

Fetch MerchRetail
EntertainmentCash Cards
Health & BeautyHome & Office

While you can't directly get money from Fetch transferred to your bank account, there is a way to convert your points into cash. More on how to do this further down below.

Redeem Points for Gift Cards

There are a slew of gift card options available to choose from on the Fetch app, which is why It’s the redemption option I most commonly use. The only hiccup here is the one store I most frequently shop at requires more points to redeem a gift card than others in the same category.

So if you’re a Walmart grocery shopper like me, then you’ll need to accumulate a few extra points before cashing out.

As you can see from the image below, the standard 1,000 Fetch points to $1.00 value ratio differs slightly when it comes to Walmart gift cards. Though for a similar card to another grocery store such as Whole Foods, the standard points to dollar value applies.

Fetch gift cards
free grocery gift cards app

For example, if you’re looking to redeem a $25 Walmart gift card, you’ll need 27,500 Fetch points, whereas a $25 Whole Foods gift card will only cost you 25,000 points.

If you want to stretch your points further, then my best suggestion is to cash out a $50 gift card for any merchant that requires additional points than the standard value. The exchange rate from points to dollars will come out in your favor this way.

Fetch Rewards Gift Cards List

Below are some of the most popular merchants where you can redeem your points for gift cards on the Fetch app. I mostly redeem my points for free Starbucks gift cards.

DunkinAMC Theatres
Whole Foods MarketXbox
UberUber Eats
TargetTaco Bell
TJ MaxxSephora

Fetch regularly adds new merchants to the list. So definitely check the app for the most up-to-date list of available gift card options.

Fetch Rewards 3 Day Redemption Wait

There is a standard 3 day pending gift card period on some cards when redeeming your reward. This is done as an extra precaution and to ensure the security of your account. 

Pending rewards will show under the My Rewards tab as ‘processing.’ Once it becomes available to use, it will move into ‘Current Rewards.’ Fetch will also email you once it’s ready. 

redeem fetch points
Walmart gift cards

If you want to keep track of your gift cards, there’s also a tab next to each with the words ‘mark as used.’ I use this feature frequently to keep tabs on my gift cards and to remind myself to use them.

How to Use Fetch Reward Gift Cards

Fetch Reward gift cards are electronically sent to you and can be accessed within the app. However, the VISA gift card does have an option to mail a physical card to you at an additional cost.

When selecting your gift card make sure to take note of whether they can be redeemed in-store, online, or both. You’ll be able to see this designation beforehand.

Each gift card will come with its own set of instructions on how to use it. 

In my experience, many cards will have barcodes that you can take to a physical store and have scanned at checkout to redeem. This can be done straight from your smartphone, or you can print out the e-gift card with the barcode on it.

Fetch gift card
redeem Fetch Reward Points

Some other cards will have a card number and claim code that will need to be manually punched in at checkout to redeem online and in-store. 

Fetch Rewards that Require Security Codes 

Fetch Gift card security codes are a fairly new feature. This, once again, is an added measure to secure your points and rewards. 

The security code is a randomly generated 8-digit code made up of letters and numbers. 

Currently, the gift cards that have security codes include:

AmazonCold Stone CreameryGameStop
NordstromNordstrom RackTJX

The extra step here is that you need to add in the security code to your gift card in order to activate it. Here’s an example of how this looks on a Nordstrom Rack gift card I redeemed not long ago.

Fetch Gift Card Security Code
Gift Card Security Codes
Nordstrom Rack eGift Card

Do Gift Cards from Fetch Rewards Expire

This depends on the gift card merchant as well as the Fetch Rewards terms of service. For example, according to the Cheesecake Factory® their eCards do not expire or accrue fees. 

Though when I recently redeemed my Fetch points for a $50 Cheesecake Factory® eCard, I received an email from Fetch that stated:

“This reward code will expire 365 days from the date of the initial email if not used.”

Whether Fetch Rewards will re-issue you another reward code is completely unknown.

do fetch rewards expire
fetch rewards gift cards expire

Your best bet is to use your Fetch gift cards as soon as possible to avoid forgetting about them, or losing access to it. 

In my 11 months of using the Fetch app, and with over 8 Million Fetch points redeemed, I’ve never had a problem with any Fetch gift card ever. These eCards are legit!

Canceling a Fetch Reward Gift Card

According to Fetch, “All Redemption Items are non-refundable, and may not be returned or canceled unless specifically offered to cancel in-app.”

From personal experience, I’ve noticed that most of the gift cards have an option to cancel the reward within the 3 day processing period. I’ve actually done this many times and have not had any issues with it.

Fetch cancel reward
fetch gift card cancel

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Redeeming Fetch Visa Reward Card

Redeeming the VISA prepaid debit card on Fetch is an animal on its own, hence why it has a separate section here. For this reward, the standard 1,000 Fetch points to $1.00 value system does not apply. So you’ll need a few extra points to redeem this card.

Other details include:

  • The standard 3 day processing reward period applies.
  • Instructions will be emailed to you for selecting either a virtual or physical card when the reward is ready.
  • If you choose a Virtual card, it will be available immediately for ONLINE PURCHASES ONLY.
  • If you choose a Physical card, it will be mailed to you and can be used IN STORE. A shipping and handling fee of $3.00 will be deducted from your VISA debit card balance. For example, if you want a $50 card mailed to you, the balance of that card will be $47 after the fee is applied.
Fetch Visa Reward
redeem Fetch VISA card

You must decide within 4 months from the date the email instructions are sent to you, whether you want a physical card or virtual card. Once the card is redeemed, you will have 7 months to use the funds.

Fetch VISA Physical Card

If you’re ok with waiting a few days for your physical VISA card to arrive and you prefer to shop in-store, then this is the selection you want to make.

What You Get: One-time-load physical plastic card. Shop in-store or online.

Delivery: Via mail in 7 – 10 business days for addresses in the United States and Canada, and 10 – 15 business days for all other countries.

Fetch VISA Virtual Card

If you prefer to shop online and don’t want to pay a $3.00 shipping and handling fee for a physical card, then this is the selection you want to make.

What You Get: One-time-load virtual card. Shop online or add to retail mobile apps.

Delivery: Instant! Immediate access to card number, expiration date and security code.

Virtual Visa Card Redemption

For both physical and virtual cards, the redemption site will ask you to provide your: name, address, email and phone number to be associated with your prepaid card.

Additionally, you must agree to the Cardholder Agreement to complete the redemption.

The redemption website will also provide your balance information and transaction history to help you keep track of your rewards.

Turn Fetch Points into Cash

You can’t convert Fetch points into cash and have it transferred to your bank account.  Although, you can redeem points to a prepaid VISA card and convert that into cash via PayPal. 

I recently discovered this hack after having a record month of accruing 1.8 Million Fetch Reward points (that’s $1,800!). If you want to see how I did it, then check out this FB reel where I explain my strategy.

But essentially, I used the teachings in the Traffic Secrets book to drive unlimited online traffic to my Fetch referral code. That’s where I was able to earn anywhere between 2,000 – 5,000 bonus points per referral.

Here are the Steps for Cashing Out Your Fetch Points:

  1. Redeem a Fetch Virtual VISA debit card
  1. Add the VISA Prepaid debit card to Your PayPal Business Account
  1. Send Money from PayPal Business Acct. to PayPal Personal Acct.
  1. Select VISA Prepaid debit card as payment for money transfer
  1. Adjust the amount sent to factor in the PayPal fee and to not exceed your VISA debit card balance.
  1. Once the money is received into your PayPal Personal Account, cash it out to a linked bank account.
PayPal Business Personal account

The actual steps within PayPal look like this:

PayPal Business Account > Account Settings > Money, Banks and Cards > Cards > Link a New Card 

Add your VISA virtual debit card details to link the card to your account. To transfer the money to your PayPal personal account, follow the below steps.

Pay & Get Paid > Make Payments > Send Money

Once you receive the money, you can cash out to your linked bank account.

Visa Prepaid debit card to cash

Now before you go and convert your Fetch Reward points into real money, I want to point out that fees for this conversion are not in your favor.

For one, if you redeem a $50 VISA debit card on Fetch, it will cost you 52,500 points. That’s already more points than the standard 1,000 points per $1 value. So you’re paying a premium to redeem this card. 

Secondly, PayPal will also charge you a fee to send money using the VISA prepaid card, even if you’re “sending it to a friend.” 

To give you an idea of how much PayPal will charge you, here are two actual PayPal scenarios if you were to cash out a $25 and $50 VISA debit card.

PayPal Send Money fee
PayPal fee
PayPal sending to a friend fee

The fees do add up so just take all of this into consideration. I’ve used this method on a couple of occasions this month, and have ultimately cashed out the VISA debit cards to my SoFi checking account.

You may be wondering if you can do a VISA debit card transfer from one PayPal Personal account to another, but I would not be the one to know. 

I can only confirm what I’ve tried myself and what has worked for me is what is written in this blog post. But, you can always try it out for yourself to see if it works!

PRO TIP: In an effort to retain the most value for my Fetch Reward points, I’ve discovered that I can pay some of my bills with the VISA virtual card. This means I don’t have to cash out as many VISA cards to PayPal for cash, which has saved me a lot of money in unnecessary fees. To that extent, I can confirm that Verizon Wireless accepts partial payments online with the VISA virtual card. Extra Space Storage also accepts partial payments but you have to do this in-person, not online. You may want to try out which of your bills you can also pay with a VISA virtual debit card!

Redeem Points for Fetch Merch

Fetch recently launched a line of brand related t-shirt merchandise. This is a new rewards category and continues to evolve as I write this! Currently, there's two t-shirt designs that you can redeem with your points, but in the past months, I’ve seen other designs come and go.

If you love your Fetch app and are a loyal member, then this reward may suit you well!

Fetch app Merch
Fetch Merch

How to Redeem:

  • Select T-Shirt Design
  • Select Men’s or Women’s
  • Select Size (XS – 4XL)
  • Enter Shipping Address

The average shipping time is 5 – 10 business days. Shipping is only available to the U.S. (includes Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico). All sales are final.

Redeem Points for Charitable Donations

In the mood for giving back? 

Well, the Fetch app makes it easy for you to redeem your receipt reward points for donations to your favorite charities. There’s a growing list of charities to donate to including:

(RED)America SCORESAmerican Cancer Society
American Red CrossCDC FoundationCharity Choice
Charity on TopCity YearClean Water Fund
Code.orgDirect ReliefEqual Justice Initiative
Foundation for Angelman
Syndrome Therapeutics
Girls Who CodeGLAAD
Grameen FoundationHabitat for HumanityHope for Ukraine
Huntsman Cancer FoundationInSTEDDJohn Hopkins Bloomberg School
of Public Health
Long Live the KingsNAACPNational Park Foundation
Project HeroSpecial OlympicsSummer Search
The Nature ConservancyUNICEF
World Food ProgramWorld of Children

Under each organization you’ll read about the mission of the charity and the people who benefit from the donation.

Redeem Points to Enter Fetch Sweepstakes

If you want to press your luck, then you can choose to redeem your points to enter Fetch Sweepstakes. These change from time to time, but for the most part every 2 weeks Fetch does a $1,000 Sweepstakes Giveaway.

In these instances, you’ll have a chance to win a $500 Prepaid Visa card or a $100 Visa card as a runner up.

Fetch Sweepstakes giveaway
Fetch app Sweepstakes

Use your points to buy 1 entry or 100 entries to the latest raffle reward. Winners are announced on the Fetch Rewards Facebook page.

More Free Gift Card Apps

If you love using Fetch Rewards for their free gift card rewards, then you may enjoy these other apps as well.

Ibotta: This is a grocery savings app geared to people who buy name brand products versus store brands. The big perk to using the app is you can double dip on rewards also found on Fetch, and redeem your rewards in cash or gift cards. Currently, there is a free $10 sign up bonus when using a referral code, and when you scan your first receipt. Since downloading the app less than 2 years ago, I’ve been able to earn $10,681.47. Read my full Ibotta review here.

Shopkick: This is a free mobile app for android and iphone users that rewards you for in-store and online shopping purchases, watching short video clips, scanning product barcodes and more. You’re rewarded in points referred to as ‘kicks,’ which can be redeemed for free gift cards at over 5 dozen stores. Read my full Shopkick review here.

Seated: Seated is a restaurant rewards app that launched in select cities in 2017. The app rewards diners with credits that can be used for free gift cards for dining at participating restaurants. These cash back reward credits can be redeemed for $10 – $100 gift cards at Amazon, AirBnB, Sephora, Delta Airlines, Nordstrom, LuLulemon and more. Read my full Seated app review here.

Fetch Redemption Guide Conclusion

The Fetch app offers an array of ways for you to redeem your points into rewards you’ll love. My favorite reward by far are the VISA virtual gift cards. I use them to pay bills, turn into cash, and to shop online at some of my favorite retailers.

I hope you found this guide on How to Redeem Fetch Reward Points helpful to you! If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, then feel free to do so with my referral link to earn extra sign up bonus points!

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