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8 Best Money Making Apps that Pay You Real Cash | 2023

These free apps like Field Agents and InstaCart will become some of your best money making apps. Download today and start making extra money.

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If you’re looking for more ways to put extra money in your pocket, then these money making apps will do the trick! 

I specifically chose only free apps that can be downloaded right now and make you real money starting today. 

We can all use a little extra cash every now and then. Whether you’re looking to earn money for a quick weekend trip, or looking to save for bigger things, these money making apps will serve you well. 

Check them all out below and choose one or more that is the right fit for you. And if you're looking to make even more money in your spare time, then check out these lucrative side hustle ideas you can do from home.

The Best Money Making Apps

These apps will allow you to make money on your own schedule. Use them as much or as little as needed.

1. Observa 

best money making apps

Observa is an app that will pay you to make observations of products at various store locations.

Simply download the app to your phone and create an account using your PayPal email address. Observa will send you email notifications of observations within your area, or you can also search for opportunities at any time within the app. 

You’ll have between 2 – 5 hours to complete an observation once you accept it. 

After completion, submit your observation and Observa will review and validate it usually within the same day, but upwards of 72hrs. As soon as your observation is validated, your earnings will instantly be sent to your PayPal account.

Payment: Observa will pay you between $5 – $10 for 10 – 20minutes of your time via PayPal.

That can amount to a good hourly rate depending on how many observations you make, and the amount of observations available in your area. 

Download: Read My Full Observa Review before downloading the app.

2. InstaCart

best apps to make money

InstaCart is an app that will pay you to shop for others. 

They are the fastest growing online grocery delivery service, and currently claim over half of the market.

That’s spectacular growth considering Walmart recently lost about 25% of that same market in 2020. With this kind of demand, becoming an InstaCart shopper is a great opportunity to earn extra income.

With the InstaCart app, you’ll be able to find grocery orders needing to be fulfilled and dropped off with customers in the area. Simply choose which orders you want to fulfill and get paid to shop and deliver those items.

And don’t worry, you won’t need to pay for the orders yourself. New shoppers will receive a payment card in the mail within 7 days of being approved.

Payment: As a Full-Service Shopper, you’ll get paid per batch that is completed. 

The amount you earn per batch of orders depends on the number of items, type of items, driving distance, and effort involved in shopping and delivering. You keep 100% of customer tips.

Download: InstaCart

3. Field Agent  

Field Agent App

Field Agent is another gig economy app that will pay you to complete small tasks within your area. 

As an agent, you’ll be able to reserve and complete tasks such as doing a mystery shop, completing surveys, conducting an audit or trying out a new product.

This app will have you going to places such as Target, Walgreens, McDonald’s and Dollar general to complete tasks, just to name a few. 

You’ll be given 1 – 4hours to complete each task and submit for review. Once submitted and validated, you’ll get paid via PayPal. Generally, it will take 1 – 2 days from completion of the gig to getting paid for it. 

Payment: Gigs range in payment from $3 – $20 per task and are paid via PayPal.

Currently, Field Agent is available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, South Africa, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

Download: Field Agent

4. Robinhood

make money with apps

Robinhood is a stock investment app. 

It’s the first of it’s kind to pioneer commission-free investing that disrupted an entire industry. Users of the app are able to invest money into the stock market and manage their portfolio right from their phone. 

This money making app will help to grow your investment income for anyone who invests for long-term gains. The app is easy to navigate but has drawn criticism in their role of the ‘gamification’ of investing.

While investing in the stock market is one way in which the rich become richer, it has also been a source of losses for uninformed investors. 

Though history has shown us that if you invest $6.67 per day in a retirement investment portfolio, then chances are high that you will become a millionaire by the end of it.

Payment: Get paid investment earnings and dividends as the value of your stock portfolio increases over time. Withdraw money direct to your bank account.

Additionally, you’ll earn one free stock valued between $2.50 – $220 simply for downloading the app and linking your bank account.

Download: Robinhood

5. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie app

Survey Junkie is an online market research community that will pay you to take online surveys.

The app will pay you to provide your opinions on products and services that will help brands with their marketing campaigns. The process to earning money with this app is simple.

To start, simply answer questions within the app that will build your profile and help match you with appropriate surveys. 

There are two ways to participate in surveys in order to earn money.

The first is the core Survey Junkie community, which offers opportunities to share your perspective via attitudinal based market research. The second is the SJ Pulse Community which offers opportunities to engage in behavioral market research.

Payment: You’ll earn virtual points with the more surveys you complete.

Redeem these points for PayPal money or convert them into e-Gift cards from Amazon, Target, and other well known places. In general, you can earn up to $5 per survey.

Download: Survey Junkie

6. Ibotta

best cash back apps

Ibotta is a grocery savings app that will earn you cash back rewards at most major grocery store chains and retailers. 

But there’s a lot more to Ibotta then just that.  As an avid Ibotta user myself, I’ve actually discovered eight ways to make money and earn free groceries with Ibotta. Once you become aware of these Ibotta hacks, it makes earning money and rewards much easier. 

One such way to earn free money with Ibotta is by redeeming free groceries items with a greater cash back reward amount than the actual price of the product.

Additionally, Ibotta will give you a free $10 Welcome Bonus using promo code: kshagvc at sign up. Simply download the app and start redeeming your first few offers on the savings app. Currently, I’ve earned over $4,100 with the Ibotta app and use it on a weekly basis.

Payment: Cash back rewards program – Various per item

Download: Ibotta

7. DoorDash

money app

DoorDash is a top food and drink delivery service app.

As a ‘Dasher,’ you’ll help restaurants and establishments deliver food and drink orders to their customers. You’ll also enjoy the freedom of working whenever you want and for as many hours as you’d like.

How does it work? 

When customers place an order within the Dash app, Dashers (you!) will have an opportunity to pick up and deliver those orders to them. 

To earn money, you’ll need a smartphone as well as a form of transportation, such as a car, bike, scooter or motorcycle. As an independent contractor, you can decide to work full-time or part-time as a delivery driver.

Payment: As a Dasher, you’ll earn $2 – $10+ per delivery and 100% of the tips. 

Payments are made weekly to your bank account. 

Download: DoorDash

8. Voyager Crypto App

Voyager Crypto App

Voyager is a publicly traded, licensed and regulated Cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The popular Crypto app supports the buying and selling of 60+ of the top digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Below are a couple of ways you can earn money with the Voyager app today.

One way to make free money with the Voyager app is to take advantage of their $25 in FREE Bitcoin offer. When you register as a new user with promo code 6D6FCDCA8, and deposit and trade $100, you'll receive $25 in free Bitcoin.

Another way to earn money with Voyager is to simply hold your cryptocurrency assets in the app to earn up to 12% in annual Voyager rewards. These rates are currently well above any bank rate returns or high-yield CD returns.

Payment: Earn $25 in FREE Bitcoin when you deposit and trade $100. Use promo code 6D6FCDCA8 at sign up.

Download: Voyager

How to Make Money with Apps

As you can see, there are many ways to make money with free mobile apps

These include:

  • Making Observations
  • Taking Surveys
  • Earning Cash Back Rewards
  • Investing Money
  • Conducting Audits
  • Becoming a Mystery Shopper
  • Trying Out New Products
  • Delivering Food and Drinks
  • Grocery Shopping for Others

Ready to start earning money today? 

Download the Ibotta App and get access to your $10 Welcome Bonus here.

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