SoFi Bank Referral Program

SoFi Referral Program: Earn Up to $10k Per Year

SoFi members can earn up to $10,000 with the SoFi Referral Program. These are the products you can promote with your referral links.

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As a SoFi member, you can earn $15, $75, or even $300 per referral you send to SoFi. It’s one of the best refer and earn programs around that offers you a real way to earn some serious money.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the current SoFi referral bonus offers:

Now, let’s dive further into each referral bonus offer, so you can make the most of the SoFi referral program.

SoFi Referral Program

While some Fintech companies such as Chime cap you at $1,000 in referral bonuses per year, SoFi offers you up to $10,000 in bonuses per year. That’s a significant amount that can help pay for family vacations, be put into retirement accounts, or help pay off a student loan. 

If you haven’t yet signed up for a SoFi Checking and Savings account, then you can do so here with this link. From there, you’ll be able to access 5 SoFi referral links to promote the below SoFi offers. 

SoFi Checking and Savings® (Formerly SoFi Money)

SoFi Checking and Savings referral program

When SoFi was granted a bank charter earlier this year, their SoFi Money® cash management account was retired in favor of SoFi Checking and Savings®. This new product separates each account into separate banking accounts, versus the old hybrid model with SoFi Money®.

During the first 30 days of opening an account, SoFi members will enjoy a 1% APY on the first $50,000 in their checking and savings account. In order to stay with the high yield interest accounts past that period, SoFi members must set up direct deposit. The good news is that there’s no minimum direct deposit required to earn the 1.00% APY. 

Additionally, members will enjoy features such as: 2-Day early paycheck, no monthly account fees, no-fee overdraft coverage, automatic saving features and up to 15% cash back offers at local establishments.

Give $25, Get $75 SoFi Banking Referral Program

  • You’ll receive $75 for each person that uses your link to register with SoFi and funds a new checking account with $10 within 14 days. Your referee will also earn a $25 welcome bonus.
  • SoFi Checking and Savings® referral bonuses will be paid into your checking account within 10 business days after the referred friend meets the minimum requirement to receive the bonus.

SoFi Personal Loans

SoFi personal loans referral program

One of the fastest ways to earn a significant amount of money with the SoFi referral program is to refer people to Sofi personal loans. SoFi personal loans can be used for anything needed including: credit cards, home improvements, family planning, or a wedding among many other things.

These personal loans from Sofi can offer you fixed rates as low as 5.74% APR on loans of up to $100k. In general, you’ll be able to view your rate within 60 seconds without it affecting your credit score. However, if you choose a product and continue with your application, a full credit report will be requested. This is considered a hard credit pull and will affect your score. 

SoFi personal loans come with no fees attached. You only pay the principal and interest. Furthermore, with their same-day funding, you can receive your loan instantly via wire transfer as soon as your application is approved.

Give $300, Get $300 Personal Loans Referral Program

  • You’ll receive $300 for each friend you refer once their application is approved and their loan funds. Your referee will also receive $300.
  • SoFi personal loan bonuses will be paid within 8 business days after the referred friend has completed the referral requirements.

SoFi Student Loan ReFinance

SoFi Student Loan Refinance Referral program

SoFi was recently named a ‘Best Student Loan Refinance Company,” by U.S. News and World Report, and for good reason. Sofi offers you a choice between picking a low fixed rate or variable rates, as well as a chance to lower your rate even further with autopay.

Additionally, their price match guarantee will not only match a lower rate you may find, but they will also give you $100 as a cherry on top. It’s one of the reasons that SoFi has helped over 375,000 members refinance over $30 billion dollars in student loans.

SoFi student loan refinancing comes with serious savings thanks to flexible terms and low rates, no origination fees nor penalty for paying early, as well as member benefits such as career coaching, financial advice and more. 

Give $300, Get $300 Student Loan Refi Referral Program

  • You’ll receive $300 for each friend you refer once their application is approved and their loan funds. Your referee will also receive $300.
  • SoFi student loan refi bonuses will be paid within 8 business days after the referred friend has completed the referral requirements.

SoFi Credit Card

SoFi Credit Card Referral Program

The SoFi credit card has similar interest rates on your purchases as other popular cards such as the Chase Freedom credit card. So really, it comes down to the incentives and rewards you’re looking for that will determine whether this is a worthwhile card to get. 

The SoFi Credit Card rewards you with points based on your spending habits and experiences. Points earned through using your SoFi Credit Card are automatically added to any other Rewards Points you earn under the SoFi Member Rewards Program. These points can be redeemed for a statement credit to your SoFi Credit Card Account, can be used to buy Crypto, be deposited as actual cash into your SoFi checking account, etc.

SoFi will give you 2 SoFi Reward Points for each dollar you spend. Each point is equivalent to roughly $0.005 when redeeming it for a statement credit on your SoFi credit card. It’s worth $0.01 when redeeming it for other rewards, such as cash deposited into your SoFi Checking account. 

Give and Get Cash Back Rewards, Credit Card Referral Program

  • You’ll earn 6% cash back on credit card spend for 30 days when you refer someone to SoFi credit card. Your referee will earn 4% cash back for 30 days.
  • Your bonus period starts when the recipient opens their credit card. 

SoFi App Download

SoFi app referral program

This referral bonus is a straightforward one, and doesn’t require much effort to earn the free money. As a matter of fact, it’s so easy to get that you are capped at 5 referrals for this particular bonus. 

Give $15, Get $15 SoFi App Download Referral Program

  • You’ll earn $15 in SoFi points for every person you refer who downloads the SoFi app with your referral link, and signs up to SoFi. Your referee will also get $15.
  • Your $15 worth of SoFi points will be issued within 8 business days. They can be redeemed in cash to your SoFi checking account, invested in stocks, or be used towards eligible SoFi loans.

You can find your SoFi referral links for specific SoFi products you wish to promote in your account settings. 

Follow these simple steps:

  • Sign into your SoFi account
  • Click on the icon in the upper left-hand corner of the app
  • Scroll down to ‘Invite Friends’ 
SoFi account settings
SoFi referral program

Use your referral links to invite friends and family to whichever SoFi product or products may suit them best. But do note, you’ll only earn one referral bonus per person. So even if they sign up for all SoFi products, you’ll only earn on the first referral bonus to which they initially signed up with your link.

Other Finance Apps with Referral Programs

SoFi is just one of many refer and earn apps that offers its members a lucrative referral program. These other apps below may interest you as well.

Upgrade – This fintech banking app offers member benefits such as no monthly fees, 2% cash back rewards, and above average APY on your money. They have a $50 referral bonus offer that doesn’t require you to do a direct deposit. 

Chime – This is another FinTech company similar to SoFi, but one that offers a credit builder feature for increasing your credit score. They are currently offering a $100 cash sign up bonus once you set up a qualifying direct deposit of $200 or more.

Varo – This Fintech company offers many of the same features of other similar online banking apps. In addition to no monthly maintenance fees on your checking account, they also offer an up to $250 money advance. Currently, you’ll earn a $30 sign up bonus when you spend $20 within 30 days of opening an account.

Acorns – This is an app that will automatically invest your spare change into a portfolio of ETF’s. The Acorns checking account will do all the heavy lifting for you and your family for a small monthly fee. Currently, they are offering a $5 sign up bonus when you deposit and invest your first $5.

DCU – Digital Federal Credit Union, or DCU, is a credit union based in Marlborough, MA that currently serves over 1 million members in all 50 states. They offer a 6.17% annual percentage yield savings accounts on balances of up to $1,000. Currently, they're offering a $20 referral bonus when applying through a DCU referral link.

Netspend – is primarily known for its prepaid debit card, but very few people are aware of their 5% high yield savings account. The only way to unlock this is to sign up for a Netspend prepaid card. I have one solely for purposes of accessing the high yield account. They currently offer a $40 cash sign up bonus.

WeBull – WeBull is an investment app with a comprehensive suite of products including stocks, fractional shares, options, ETFs and ADRs. They offer zero commission trading and smart tools for smart investing. You’ll earn 3 free stocks valued up to $3,000 when you open an account and deposit any amount.

SoFi Referral Program Final Thoughts

The SoFi referral program is a great way to earn extra money while also benefiting from a fee-free checking and savings account. It’s a new way to bank for those that want something more and are tired of the old-fashioned banking system. As a trusted bank, SoFi offers many benefits including attractive rates on banking accounts and FDIC insured protection.

Refer your friends to any SoFi products with your referral link to start earning your SoFi banking bonus money today!

Need help setting up a SoFi Checking and Savings® account? Watch me go through the set-up process here in this YouTube video.

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