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How to Make $100 a Day Right Now, Tomorrow and Everyday!

In a short period of time, you can make 100 dollars a day with these practical money making ideas.

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Adding an extra $100 a day to your current income can be a nice buffer against unexpected financial emergencies.

It’s also nice to make extra money to pay down your student loans, car note, or home mortgage loan faster.

In my hometown of Massachusetts, you can earn $100 working six and a half hours at the $15/hr minimum wage.

But I think there are better ways to make money. So, I created this resource for you of the best ways to make 100 dollars a day. 

How to Make $100 FAST

If you need to make 100 dollars right now, then cash sign up bonus offers that pay you instantly will do the trick. 

Companies will oftentimes dish out free money incentives to attract new customers to them. You can benefit from this to make $100 fast, even within the next 24 hours.

You may find that you’ll need to do a few of these in order to reach your $100 goal. Especially, since some sign up offers only pay $25 bonuses or less.

Alternatively, you could sign up for just one $25 offer, such as the SoFi checking and savings account bonus. Then use your refer-a-friend link to earn a $75 SoFi referral bonus to make $100 today.

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How to Make $100 a Day

Here’s your list of how to make $100 a day.

1. Get Paid Online with Survey Sites

These days there are plenty of sites that will pay you for your opinion. Some survey sites pay more than others, but best of all is they’re free to join.

So it doesn’t hurt to check them out.

It’s also an opportunity to make $100 a day online working from home. Albeit, you’d have to complete quite a few surveys to reach that amount.

Online Survey Sites

Here are a few to try out:

  • Swagbucks a site that enables you to make money from taking surveys, browsing the web, playing video games and more. Swagbucks pays you in points that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.
  • Branded Surveys – a site that enables you to make money from taking surveys, answering daily polls and inviting friends to join. Points can be cashed out to your bank account, PayPal or to a gift card.

2. Recycle Plastic Bottles 

At an average deposit rate of $0.05 per plastic bottle, you could collect and recycle 2,000 bottles at a redemption center to earn $100 a day. 

To make this venture worthwhile, you’ll want to brainstorm the most efficient ways to collect as many bottles as possible in the least amount of time.

This may mean going to scheduled public events where there’ll be plenty of people, food vendors, and empty bottles to collect.

You could also ask neighbors to give you their plastic bottles to recycle. If you give them a good reason, such as saving for a new car or wanting to pay off your student loan, they’ll be more prone to help you out! 

Bonus Tip: Have a Fitbit or other health app? Connect it to the Evidation app and get paid to walk around while you collect bottles to recycle!

3. Window Cleaning

For less than $100 worth of tools, you can clean windows of residential homeowners to make $100 dollars in an hour. 

The basic tools you’ll need include: a squeegee, scrubber, mop, bucket, soap and an extension pole. 

Not all homeowners want to do this job, especially when it comes to those hard-to-reach high windows. That’s where you come in, and offer your window cleaning services.

Keith Kalfas is well regarded in this space. In his book, The Window Cleaning Blueprint, he’ll show you how to get started cleaning windows with no startup costs and make $500 per day.

4. Gig Apps

Another way to get paid $100 in a day is to use gig apps. 

I’ve used a combination of apps, including Field Agent and Observa to complete small jobs that have earned me $100 in a single day. 

Other times, there haven’t been as many jobs to make that amount. To ensure you reach your $100 daily goal, download multiple gig apps to your phone.

Check them frequently and be strategic about the work you choose to maximize the amount of money you make per day. 

Make $100 a day fast

Also, look for sign up bonus offers before you sign up to a new gig app. 

For instance, Swagbucks often has a $75 – $100 DoorDash sign up bonus offer if you join through their referral link and make your first delivery within your first 30 days.

5. Become a Brand Ambassador

If I had no job and needed to make 100 dollars a day to pay my bills, I would become an Ibotta brand ambassador. 

Ibotta is a grocery savings app. A brand ambassador is someone who promotes a brand, oftentimes for pay or special perks.

As an Ibotta brand ambassador, you get paid $5 per person you refer who submits their first eligible grocery receipt to the app. That means if you refer 20 people to Ibotta per day, you’ll make $100 a day.

Best of all is you can cash out daily once you reach the $20 minimum threshold.

On multiple occasions, I’ve earned $100 per day as an Ibotta ambassador, and to-date have earned over $17k with Ibotta.

Read five methods I’ve used to earn $100 per day with my Ibotta ambassador referral code.

6. Translator 

As a multilingual person, you’ll find that there are plenty of opportunities to leverage your skills to make extra money.

One such opportunity is working online as a paid translator. Websites such as pay you per word count and is based on customer demand and job role.

Here are estimates of how much Translators earn:

  • Copy – Edit: $0.015/word, average $10 – $15 per order
  • Document Translation: $0.02/word with formatting, average $10 – $100 per order
  • Scanned Files: About $10 / page, average $50 – $400 per order
  • Presentation: About $15 / page, average $70 – $500 per order

7. Become an Amazon Reseller

One easy way to make $100 a day is by buying an item and reselling it on Amazon at a higher price. I did this for many years as a side hustle before turning it into a full-time business.

The way it works is you rummage through clearance racks at big box stores such as Target and Walmart, and use scanner tools such as Keepa, to find highly profitable items to resell.

Make 100 dollars a day

Once you get a hang of it, you’ll be able to eyeball products and price tags to know which ones are worth buying for easy profit. 

You can also pair this with being an Amazon reviewer and get paid commissions on products whether you sell them or not!

8. Start an AI Blog

The newest way to make 100 dollars a day online is with an autoblog

It’s a fancy term used for blogging with AI that will accelerate your blog traffic and income potential.

The traditional method of blogging used to be spending hours on your laptop doing research to write a 1,000 word blog article. Sprinkle in some affiliate links and digital products and eventually you would make $100 a day.

Nowadays, AI writer tools such as Koala AI, will do the heavy lifting for you and write Google friendly articles at the push of a button.

It’s one fast way I’m personally scaling this blog to consistently make $500 / day online.

9. Flip Storage Units

Have you heard of the side hustle called storage unit auctions flipping? It’s just like you see it on the Storage Wars tv show.

The side hustle works by bidding on repossessed storage units and flipping the contents of the unit for profit. 

One of the biggest finds was a unit that sold for $480 and contained a safe with $7.5 million dollars in cash. That’s a pretty rare find. Still, there are a good amount of people that do this for a living and earn more than $100 an hour.

Here are online auction sites to buy abandoned storage units:

You could also contact your local storage unit facilities and ask them for their bidding schedule.

10. Sell on TikTok Shop

Forget about making a hundred dollars a day. 

TikTok Shop sellers are making more than $100 an hour by generating views to their short form videos and tagging products for sale.

Most sellers promote affiliate products where they earn a commission per sale, or they sell print-on-demand products by integrating Printful to TikTok.

Make 100 dollars a day with TikTok Shop

To start, you’ll need to have a TikTok business account in order to apply for TikTok Shop. Once you’re approved and set up, decide on what products you plan to sell.

Then align your short form video content to attract the right audience that would be interested in purchasing the products you plan to offer.

Styled box: Learn how to create content that attracts your buying audience on TikTok for Only $1 Today!

11. Create an Online Course

You can create an online course and sell it for $100 to make 100 dollars today, tomorrow and everyday.

Software platforms such as Clickfunnels can automate the process of selling and delivering the course to your buyer. It’s one simple way to make $100 a day in online passive income. 

Other platforms such as Udemy and Teachable will let you host the course on their site, but charge you a fee for each sale made. 

Here are ideas of digital courses you can create and sell:

  • Crocheting for Beginners Guide
  • How to Make $100 a Day on TikTok Shop
  • How to Host a Fun Friendsgiving Day Party
  • Shopify Tutorial for Advanced Ecommerce Sellers

If you need help with this process, then take the online selling funnel challenge to learn how to start.

Is It Possible to Make $100 a Day Legitimately?

Outside of getting paid an hourly wage, you can legitimately make 100 dollars a day by creating and selling an online course, completing online surveys, washing windows of residential homeowners and by leveraging gig apps. 

Is $100 Dollars a Day a Good Amount to Make?

Depending on where you live and how much your living expenses are per month, $100 a day can be a livable wage. 

For instance, travelers from this website learned that you could live on an average daily budget of $35 – $40 /day while in Southeast Asia.

In the United States of America, you would need to make more than $100 a day to make a comfortable livable wage.

Final Tips to Make $100 a Day

It’s easier to consistently make $100 a day when you have multiple streams of income. Start with one method that will easily get you to your first $10 per day. Then gradually incorporate other money making ideas on this list.

Before you know it, you’ll be effortlessly making $100 a day and be onto your next goal of making $200 per day! 

Next, you may be interested in reading how I made $30k fast with only my iPhone and social media accounts.

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