Apps That Pay You Side Hustle Money to Refer Friends

32 Apps that Pay You Side Hustle Money to Refer Friends

Check out these mobile apps that pay you up to $100 per referral you send them. This is my favorite side hustle idea that earns me thousands of dollars per month!

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Over 143.6 billion apps and games were downloaded in 2021. The trend shows that this number is expected to grow to 200 billion by 2025. There’s no denying it – Apps play a huge role in our daily lives.

However, with so many apps competing for a valuable spot on your smartphone device, a new industry of apps with referral bonus programs has emerged. Some apps will pay you up to $100 cash to refer your friends, while other apps will pay you in free gift cards for your referrals.

Needless to say, these ‘refer and earn’ programs can feasibly earn you $100 – $1,000 per day or in my case $30k fast!

Below are 32 such apps with lucrative referral bonus programs to bank extra money. Pick and choose the ones best for you, and then let these apps pay you real money by referring others to them.

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Grocery Savings Apps

Apps that pay you back a portion of your grocery bill are on the rise. In these instances, it pays to be a budget conscious consumer. These apps come in the form of couponing apps, rebate and reward apps, and discount marketplace apps. Use these to find grocery deals that will stretch your budget and leave more money in your pocket. 

1. Ibotta: Save and Earn on Groceries

Ibotta is a grocery savings app that will earn you cash back rewards on brand name grocery bought items. During the holidays, they are also known to give out FREE food to app users, including full Thanksgiving dinners.

Ibotta doesn’t limit the amount of friends you can invite with your referral link. So the sky is truly the limit with how much you can earn! Once you’ve reached a minimum of $20, you can cash out your referral money.

Ibotta Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • $5 Per Referral
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout to PayPal, Bank Account, or Gift Card

Download Ibotta here and use Ibotta promo code KSHAGVC to earn $5 FREE money bonus by scanning your first grocery receipt.

2. Fetch Rewards: Earn Free Gift Cards for Receipts

The Fetch Rewards app will take virtually any receipt you snap and give you points for it. This includes receipts from gas stations, grocery stores, health and beauty stores, restaurants and more. Accumulate a minimum of 3,000 points to cash out your rewards.

Your friend will receive 100 – 500 free points when they use your referral code link to sign up. I usually stack my grocery app rewards, which really makes them worthwhile to use.

Fetch Rewards Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • 100 – 2,000 Points Per Referral (up to $2 per referral)
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout to Free Gift Card, Donate to Charity, Sweepstakes Entries, or Fetch Merch

Download Fetch Rewards and use Fetch promo code AWPFV8 to receive up to 500 free points as a new member.

3. Flashfood App

Flashfood is an app that aims to reduce food waste by passing along significant savings on groceries nearing their shelf expiry date. Discounts can range anywhere from 20% to upwards of 50% off regularly priced items. 

At the high rate of inflation we’re currently experiencing now, these savings are a welcomed benefit to those in need. Flashfood locations are in limited areas throughout Canada and the United States. 

Flashfood Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $3 per referral that purchases $15 or more on their first Flashfood order. Your friend will also earn $3.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout is in Flashfood credits to your account

Read more about how Flashfood works. Then download the app with a Flashfood promo code to earn a $3 credit on your first order, and to access your referral code.

4. Shopkick: Get Paid to Scan Product Barcodes

You heard that right. The Shopkick app will pay you to walk around grocery stores and scan product barcodes. Additionally, if you purchase these items and scan your receipt, you’ll also earn cash back rewards. It’s almost like a grocery savings app / gig app all-in-one! 

You’ll get rewarded ‘kicks’ for each activity you complete or receipt you submit.  You can then use these kicks to earn a free gift card of your choice. It’s a great way to get out and walk, and take a friend along with you!

Shopkick Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn 500 kicks per referral (about $2). Your friend will also get 500 kicks.
  • Get paid on up to 100 Referrals (No more than 25,000 kicks)
  • Payout to Gift Card at over 60 merchants.

Download the app. Then use Shopkick promo code CARD513768 to earn 500 kicks at sign up and to access your referral link.

5. Receipt Hog: Receipts for Piggy Bank Cash 

Receipt Hog is a shopping rewards app that earns you just enough change to fill your piggy bank. The app will not make you rich, but you can use it to stack your rewards by uploading receipts to it.

You’ll earn ‘coins’ for scanning receipts from supermarkets, convenience stores, liquor stores, dollar stores, mom and pop shops and more. The amount of coins you earn per receipt depends on the total amount of the receipt. Earn 6,500 coins for a sweet $40 reward.

Receipt Hog Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • 250 Coins per referral
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout to Amazon Gift Card, PayPal, or VISA Gift Card

Download Receipt Hog and use Receipt Hog referral code smur5378 for 5 free Hog Spins and a chance to earn free bonus coins.

Shopping Cash Back and Rewards Apps

Earning cash back money on purchases you regularly make is like giving yourself a raise for adulting like a pro! On your next shopping trip, brag to your friends about how much you’ve earned with your rebate apps. Then share your referral link with them, so they can join in on the savings.

6. Fluz: Social Earning App that Keeps On Giving

The Fluz app is a unique social earning rewards app where you earn cash back on any purchase at over 200+ stores. This is done through gift cards purchased through Fluz for the exact amount of your purchase. Essentially, the app allows you to buy gift cards within the app, and they give you cash back on that amount.

Though, the real money is made when you refer others to use the app. Fluz will not only reward you a percentage of the cash back amount of your referrals, but they will also reward you for their referrals as well. It operates something like a network marketing circle, where the earnings can really snowball the larger your network grows. 

Fluz Refer-A-Friend Details

  • Earn $5 for each person you refer. Plus, earn a percentage on all purchases of your referrals as well as their referrals.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout to Bank Account, PayPal, Venmo, or Gift Card

Download Fluz and use Fluz promo code PILARBONUS for (2x) 25% cash back boosts.

7. Rakuten: Best Cash Back Deals Site

Rakuten is a popular cash back deals website and app that rewards you between 1% – 40% on your purchases. Though many people may be more familiar with their former name, Ebates. With over 2,500 partnered retailers, there’s bound to be a store you and your friend can shop and earn cash back rewards. 

In my review of the deals site, I reveal how I quickly earned my first $81 during my first week using Rakuten. I also share details on how to immediately earn your first FREE $30 bonus money on the site.

Rakuten Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • $30 – $40 for every qualified referral
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout to PayPal, a Big Fat Check, or American Express Membership Points

Download the app. Then use a Rakuten promo code link to earn a $30 FREE bonus. Registering without a promo code will only earn you $10.

Apps That Pay You for Gas Receipts

Apps that pay you gas money to refer your friends are hard to pass up. And with the price of oil skyrocketing these days, the extra savings at the pump will be a welcomed treat. Share these apps with your friends and earn some side hustle money for extra mileage on your next fill up!

8. GasBuddy: Fuel Up and Pay Less at the Pump

GasBuddy is a gas station payment service that will locate the gas station nearest to you with the lowest gasoline prices. Enroll in their Pay with Gasbuddy service by linking your card, and save up to $0.25/gallon on your next fill-up.

You’ll save at most major gas stations with some exceptions, including club gas stations such as BJ’s, Costco and Sam’s Club. This app will pay you up to $5 in gas credit per referral during special promotions. Below are regular referral program rates.

GasBuddy: Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • $0.10/gallon discount on your next fill-up per referral
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout given as gas back credit on your free Gasbuddy card

Download the app and start saving on your next fuel fill-up today.

9. UpSide: Free App for Cash Back on Gas

UpSide, formerly GetUpside, is another gas savings app that has recently added additional features such as earning cash back at grocery stores and restaurants. You’ll save up to $0.25 per gallon on your next fill-up.

Simply check your app for promotions at the gas stations nearest to you, and fill up using your credit or debit card. You’ll earn real money cash back rewards when you pay with your card and check-in at the gas station.

UpSide Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Receive a one-time bonus reward of $0.15 per gallon for each referral. Plus, you’ll earn $0.01 / gallon for every gallon they buy in the future.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout to Gift Card, PayPal or Bank Account

Download the GetUpSide app and enter promo code: 9GV42 at signup for an extra $0.15 per gallon reward bonus the first time you use the app!

Gig Apps That Pay You to Refer Friends

Individuals looking for supplemental income can now easily download an app and make immediate money doing small time gigs. Gigs can range anywhere from checking a store shelf price for accurate product pricing to snapping a picture of store promotional signage. Try out these gig apps for extra money for the weekend, and then let your friends in on your new money making secret!

10. Field Agent: Complete Small Tasks for Money

The Field Agent app will pay you for doing small time tasks such as being a mystery shopper, taking photos and sharing opinions. They dub themselves as ‘the app that pays you real cash’ and have reportedly paid out over $20 million dollars to gig agents. 

Field Agent gig jobs pay between $3 – $42 per gig and can take anywhere from 5 mins to 45 mins to complete a task. Share your invite code with friends to earn up to $10 per referral. 

Field Agent Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • You will earn 10% of each approved job your referral completes, up to $10 per referral.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals 
  • Payout to Bank Account

Download the Field Agent app to create an account and get access to your referral code link.

11. Observa: The Gig App that Pays You in BitCoin

Observa is a gig side hustle app that will earn you between $4 – $20 per completed observation. On average, these short observations take about 20 minutes to complete and involve checking product inventory levels at stores, mystery shopping, and more.

Observa has been in business since 2016, and there are currently 400,000 gig workers throughout the United States, Canada, Spain, UK and Germany. Their refer-a-friend program is another great way to make additional money with Observa.

Observa Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn 25% of the first 4 successful observations for every observer you refer.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout to PayPal or Bitcoin via Coinbase

Read my full Observa app review to see what it’s all about.

Survey Apps that Pay You

These next couple of apps will reward you for completing online surveys and watching videos online. You can literally spend all day on these sites making extra cash to pay small bills around the house or to use as disposable income. While they may not earn you a full-time paycheck, they do provide you with a way to get paid while on the bus ride to work or sitting around in a waiting room somewhere.

12. SwagBucks: Answer Surveys, Shop, Videos

The SwagBucks app offers a variety of things you can do online in order to earn points for free gift cards or PayPal cash. Tasks include: watching entertaining movies, answering survey questions, watching the latest movie clips and trailers to earning points as you shop online. Quick Tip: When you stick to the ‘Sign Up’ offers tab to earn SwagBuck points, you can potentially earn $500 on your first day of joining!

In general, 100 SwagBuck points is equivalent to $1.00 in value. In my first week using the app, I earned $120.31 in free money with the Varo Swagbucks promotion!

SwagBucks Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn 300 SwagBuck points per qualified referral ($3.00 in value), plus 10% for life on all earnings from your referrals
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout in Gift Cards or to PayPal Cash

Download the SwagBucks app to receive your free $10 instantly sign up reward and to access your referral code link.

13. Survey Junkie: Get Paid to Take Online Surveys

Survey Junkie is an app that will pay you to share your opinion on products and services, in order to help brands create a better customer experience. The pay is not super great as most surveys only pay roughly $1 each. So one will have to decide whether it’s worth it or not to join.

To start, a new registrant creates a user profile that will serve to match them with appropriate surveys. Once surveys are completed, a specified amount of points are earned for completing the task. These points can then be redeemed for free gift cards.

Survey Junkie Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • $1.25 – $2.20 per referral sign up
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout in Gift Cards or to PayPal 

Join the Survey Junkie affiliate program here to start earning $1.25 per referral.

Finance Apps with Referral Rewards

As people look to invest more, save more, and reduce overall debt, the demand for finance apps has become a lucrative one. These types of apps offer in-app credit or free stocks that can help grow your income over time. They are one of my favorite types of apps to promote for referral income.

14. Robinhood: Commission-Free Investing App

Robinhood is a stock trading and investment app. They grew in popularity as they became the first ever finance platform to introduce commission free stock trading. Later on, Robinhood became a favorite app for millennials to trade highly volatile meme stocks and crypto tokens.

The Robinhood app currently has over 18 million users and continues to grow its user base quickly. In November of 2021, they partnered with Burger King to entice more users to the platform by handing out free crypto tokens such as Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Robinhood App Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn fractional stock shares ranging from $5 – $200 in value per referral. Your referral must sign up, get approved and link their bank account in order to qualify. They will also earn a gift stock.
  • You can receive up to $1,500 in gift stocks each calendar year.
  • Payout in free fractional share stocks that can be re-invested or sold on the open market for cash, and transferred to your bank account.

Download the Robinhood app here to earn your free fractional share reward worth up to $200 in value. You’ll also be able to access your referral link within the app.

15. WeBull: Suite of Investment Products

WeBull is an investment app with a comprehensive suite of products including stocks, fractional shares, options, ETFs and ADRs. They offer zero commission trading and smart tools for smart investing.

As more retail investors enter the stock market investing world, apps such as WeBull and Robinhood are capitalizing on the trend. These apps have also jumped on the Crypto investing bandwagon and offer crypto assets to its users as well.

WeBull Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Receive 1 FREE Stock valued up to $300 per referral. Additional promotional referral bonuses available throughout the year.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout in free stock that can be sold on the open market for cash, and then transferred to your bank account.

Download the WeBull App here to receive up to 12 free fractional shares. Plus, access your WeBull referral code link.

16. Acorns: Micro-Investing and Savings

Acorns is a micro-investing and savings app that automates the process of investing into a portfolio of ETFs. Users can link a payment card, or use their Acorns debit card to re-invest their spare change into the stock market.

With the Round-ups® feature, Acorns will round up any purchase made from a linked account, debit or credit card to the next dollar. The money can then be set aside into a designated savings account or placed in an investment account. 

Acorns Refer-A-Friend Details:

  • Invite friends to earn a $5 referral bonus. Your friend must sign up with an account and successfully make their first investment. Your friend will also earn a $5 reward. Special limited-time promotions offer more opportunity to earn higher Acorns referral bonuses.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Acorns will deposit your referral reward into your investment account within 30 days.

Download the Acorns app to earn a $5 bonus reward. Then access your referral link through your app settings.

17. Brigit: Financial Wellness

Brigit is an app that provides members with small cash advances of up to $250. The app is primarily geared to low-income earners, living paycheck to paycheck who would benefit from early payroll advances and loans. 

As a financial wellness company, Brigit offers budgeting tools and financial insights that aim to avoid overspending and paying overdraft fees. New members can join for free or upgrade to a paid subscription account to access premium features.

Brigit Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $10 per referral who receives an instant cash advance, pays their first Credit Builder installment, or pays their first membership fee.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Your reward bonus will be deposited directly into your linked bank account within 5 business days.

Download the Bridget app to access your referral link.

Banking Bonus Referral Apps

The rise of Fintech mobile banking apps has created fierce competition between the companies as they try to win you over. It doesn’t help that many of them offer similar services including high-yielding savings accounts, no monthly banking fees, and fee-free ATMs across the US.

So, they resort to wooing you with bank bonus sign-up offers. Lucky you!

18. Upgrade: Rewards Checking Account

Upgrade is one such online finance company that offers personal loans and fee free checking and savings accounts. Upgrade is not a bank. Instead, they partner with banks and other financial institutions to offer you banking services.

Their Upgrade® Rewards Checking Plus and high yield savings accounts are provided by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC. So you can feel comfortable that your money is safe and insured up to $250k with their partner bank.

UpGrade Rewards Checking Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $50 per person you refer to an Upgrade Rewards Checking Plus account and that meets the referral bonus requirements. The person you referred will earn a $200 bonus.
  • You can earn a maximum of ten (10) Referral Bonuses from all Qualified Referrals in one calendar year.
  • Your bonus will be credited to your Rewards Checking account in cash.

Read full details of the Upgrade Rewards Checking referral bonus. Then use a promo link to open an account for eligibility of the $200 sign up bonus from Upgrade

19. Chime: FinTech Online Banking with No Fees

Chime is a FinTech online banking app that doesn’t require a minimum balance, nor does it have a monthly maintenance fee or overdraft fees. It’s a breath of fresh air for those looking for a banking option that doesn’t eat away at your money with unnecessary fees. 

Additionally, when you open an account with Chime, you get a VISA® debit card, and a spending account that can be managed entirely from your smartphone. Another added feature includes setting up direct deposit and getting your paycheck up to 2 days earlier. Plus, earn $100 in free money when you sign up to Chime using a referral link.

Chime App Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $100 per person you refer to Chime that meets the referral bonus requirements. The person you referred will also earn a $100 bonus.
  • You can earn a maximum of $1,000 per year with the Chime refer-a-friend program.
  • Payout is in cash to your Chime online banking account.

Open a Chime online banking account with this link to earn $100 when you do an ACH deposit of $200 or more. Once you have an account, you’ll be able to access your referral link.

20. SoFi Money : FinTech Banking Company

SoFi Money is a cash management account that lets you save and spend in a single account. Similar to Chime, SoFi is also a Fintech company that offers fee-free banking via a sleek mobile app. There are no physical locations of the bank, which is one of the ways they are able to offer you fee-free banking features.

Not long ago, SoFi was granted approval by federal regulators to become a national bank. This essentially allows them to offer you more competitive interest rates on loans as well as offer high yielding checking and savings accounts.

SoFi Money Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $50 for each person who opens a free SoFi checking account and deposits $50 or more into their account. They will also earn a $25 sign up bonus.
  • You can earn a maximum of $10,000 in referral bonus per year with SoFi.
  • Payout is in cash to your SoFi checking account.

Open a SoFi Money account with this link to earn $25 when you fund your account with a minimum of $50 within 14 days. Read more about the Sofi Referral program.

21. Netspend – 5% High Yield Savings Account

Netspend is primarily known as a prepaid debit card geared to people who are unbanked and who want a way to manage their finances. Yet, these types of cards are also known for their unscrupulous fees they charge for nearly every transaction a user makes.

One way to fight back against this practice is to take advantage of Netspend’s 5% high yield savings account. This feature will allow any Netspend member to start earning high interest on their money, much higher than that offered at traditional banks. All Netspend accounts can be managed directly from the mobile app.

Netspend Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $20 per referral who activates and verifies their identity, and funds their prepaid card with at least $40.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout is in cash credit to your Netspend PrePaid Card

Open a Netspend account with this link to earn your first $20, and to access your refer-a-friend link. This one can be a little tricky, so I wrote a full Netspend referral bonus guide.

22. Varo Bank: Mobile Banking

Varo, unlike some of its counterparts, is an actual bank. Though it only operates online as a measure to keep their banking fees free or low cost. They currently offer no monthly account fees or minimums, and payday up to two days early when you connect your work direct deposit. 

Additionally, Varo Believe is a Varo secured credit card that allows you to start building credit with no annual fee or interest. There’s also no hard credit check to apply.

Varo Online Banking Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $30 per person you refer to a Varo online banking account, who spends $20 in debit card purchases within their first 30 days. They’ll also earn a $30 sign up bonus
  • You can refer up to 5 friends and family members within a calendar year.
  • Your reward bonus will be credited to your Varo online banking account 

Download Varo with this link to get a $30 sign up bonus.

23. Revolut US: Global Travel Card

Revolut allows you to pay like a local when you travel abroad. They offer real time exchange rates and no foreign transaction fees based on the tiered card you chose. As a Revolut premium and Metal card account holder, you also have access to a range of travel insurance benefits.

I hold many of the free online debit cards mentioned on this list, and Revolut has been a game changer for me! I recently used it while traveling through Colombia for a month, and had no issues with it. If you’re a digital nomad or travel abroad frequently, then this is a great card to use!

Revolut US Online Account Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $60 – $100 per person you refer to a Revolut account who makes 3 separate purchases of at least $5 each using their Revolut virtual or physical card.
  • The maximum number of people you can refer is five.
  • Payout is in cash to your Revolut card.

Download Revolut here to receive 3 Free months of Revolut premium.

24. DCU: Nationwide Credit Union

DCU is a credit union based in Marlborough, MA serving over 1 million members in all 50 states. In addition to offering retirement accounts, they also offer a no-fee checking account and 6.17% high yield savings account. It’s one of the big incentives that brings new members to join the credit union.

DCU branches and ATMs are located in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. However, members can use their DCU debit cards surcharge free at over 80,000 atms nationwide that display AllPoint, SUM, or CO-OP logos.

DCU Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $10 per person you refer who becomes a DCU member and completes any one of the qualifying activities. Your friend will earn $20.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Your bonus will be credited to your DCU Savings account in cash

Read more about how to qualify for the DCU referral bonus. Open a DCU account for a $20 sign up bonus.

Best Side Hustle Idea 2024!

Learn how to use your cell phone to make $1,000 per month with 60 second short-form videos and posting them to social media! 

Mobile Payment Apps That Pay to Refer

Payment apps allow us to transfer money between friends as well as make quick online payments. Sending and receiving money is so much easier with these apps. Here are a few that will pay you to refer your friends.

25. Venmo: Fast, Safe Social Payments

Venmo is a payment app that allows you to send and receive money between friends and family. It’s a great app to use if you have roommates and need to split the household bills, or to pay back your friend for those Friday night drinks! 

Venmo can also be used to make purchases with authorized merchants. For example, you can choose Venmo as a payment method in authorized partner apps or mobile websites. You can also use in-store QR codes to complete purchases with Venmo.

Venmo Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $10 per referral who sends $5 from a linked payment method within 14 days of the invite. Your referral will also earn $10.
  • Limit of 10 referrals (up to $100 in Venmo referral money).
  • Payout is in cash to your Venmo account.

Download Venmo to access your referral link.

26. PayPal: Buy, Sell, Send, Request Money

The PayPal app is an easy and secure way to send and receive money from friends and family almost anywhere in the world. Their payment app also has a social element to it with personalization options such as adding emojis or adding a message to your payment transfers.

They offer zero transaction fees when you send money from your linked bank account or PayPal balance within the US. Transaction fees of 2.9% are incurred when using your debit or credit card or PayPal credit.

PayPal Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Receive $10 per referral (1,000 points) who spends $5 within 30 days of signup.
  • Limit of 10 referrals (Up to $100 in PayPal referral money).
  • Payout is in Cash to your PayPal account.

Download PayPal and open a new account to access your referral code link.

27. Cash App: Mobile Payment Service

The CashApp is a mobile payment app developed by the Block, Inc brand (Square). It is a safe and secure way to send money to friends and family, and offers no fees when using your CashApp balance or a bank account. 

This payment app offers you ways to send money, receive money, banking as well as investment options. So if you’re looking for a peer-to-peer money exchange app that does more, then this app is one to consider.

CashApp Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $5 per referral who meets the referral bonus requirements.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout is in Cash to your CashApp

Download the CashApp and use promo code RBDMPKV to get a $5 Free sign up bonus. You’ll also be able to access your referral code link.

Credit Card Mobile App Referral Programs

Credit Card referral programs are some of the most lucrative to promote in the world of refer-a-friend programs. That’s because credit card companies stand to earn thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars per customer. And with mobile finance making it easier for anyone to sign up for banking and credit cards, it’s worth considering these next referral programs. 

28. Chase Freedom Credit Card: Referral Bonus

If you are a Chase credit card holder, then you may already qualify for one of their refer-a-friend programs. The Chase Freedom credit card for example is one of many Chase credit cards that offers a lucrative referral bonus. 

Additionally, the friends you refer will also be rewarded. They can earn $200 cash back with the Chase Freedom Unlimited® card or Chase Freedom Flex card. They’ll also earn 5% cash back on grocery store purchases (not including Target® or Walmart® ) on up to $12,000 spent in the first year.

Chase Freedom Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • You’ll earn 10,000 bonus points, which can be redeemed for $100 cash back for each friend you refer.
  • 50,000 bonus points ($500.00) maximum per year for referrals.
  • Payout is in Chase bonus points which can be redeemed for cash back.

Check out the current Chase Freedom Credit Card sign up bonus offers here. Once approved for a credit card, you can qualify for the refer-a-friend program.

29. Capital One Mobile: Credit Card Activation

Capital One is another credit card company that offers existing card holders (in good standing) a referral bonus. The refer-a-friend bonus only applies to certain Capital One credit cards including: Capital One VentureOne Credit Card, Capital One SavorOne Credit Card, and the Capital One Platinum Credit Card.

The bonus amount and promotions can change throughout the year, but in general are limited to $500 in total rewards per year.

Capital One Credit Card Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $100 per qualified referral who gets approved for a Capital One card
  • $500 maximum referral rewards per year
  • Payout is in bonus points that can be redeemed for cash back rewards.

Check out the current Capital One Credit Card sign up bonus offers here. Once approved for a credit card, you can qualify for the refer-a-friend program.

Food and Delivery Apps

Next up are apps that offer food and delivery services. These include food related gig economy apps, food box subscription services and restaurant reward apps. Everyone can benefit from these apps and use them to earn cash back on dining out or make money by picking up food delivery jobs.

Check them out and start telling your friends about these awesome apps to earn that referral money! 

30. Seated: Restaurant Dining, Delivery, Take Out

The Seated app is a great app for foodie lovers such as myself. But even if you only eat out occasionally, it’s still worth checking out. The Seated app will earn you cash back rewards at popular dine-in restaurants, on take out and delivery. Rewards can range anywhere from 5% – 30% cash back on your meal receipt.

But before you get too excited, I want to point out that it’s currently only available in select Seated app cities including: Boston (yay for me!), NYC, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, and Philadelphia. The company states that they plan to open up more locations as they continue to expand into other cities.

Seated App Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $10 – $15 per referral. Get 5 referrals to achieve partner status. Then, earn 5% of Seated’s earnings on all your referrals’ future meals.
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals.
  • Payout to free gift cards.

Download the Seated app and use promo code Pilar33 to earn $10 cash back on your first meal receipt.

31. InstaCart: Full Service Grocery Delivery

InstaCart is a grocery shopping and delivery service. Customers gladly pay a little extra to have someone else do their grocery shopping for them at their local store. During the 2020 pandemic, Instacart surged with new customers signing up for the service so that they could stay home.

This increase in customer demand created a huge need for InstaCart shoppers. The gig app became a source of full-time income for many, while others have preferred to keep it as a side hustle for extra income.

InstaCart Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $10 in InstaCart credit per referral
  • Limit of 5 referrals for a total of $50 for the refer-a-friend program. A separate affiliate program is available for content creators to earn on more referrals.
  • Payout is in InstaCart credit applied to your account

Download the InstaCart app to access your referral link.

32. Green Chef: Healthy Meal Kits

Green Chef is a food subscription service that offers specialty meal plans. Their easy-to-prep meals are organic and available for people interested in keto, paleo, and plant-based balanced diets. 

Additionally, Green Chef is a certified USDA Organic Meal Kit Company that works with farmers to combine sustainable, delicious ingredients with easy to prepare recipes. Their meal plans can usually be prepared within a 30 minute time frame. New members can get an extra 20% cash back deal on Green Chef when shopping through Rakuten

Green Chef Refer-a-Friend Details:

  • Earn $25 per qualified referral 
  • No Limit on Number of Referrals
  • Payout is in Green Chef credit that can be applied to future meal deliveries.

Download Green Chef and sign up for a meal plan to receive your referral code link.

Apps that Pay You Conclusion

apps that pay you

I’ve personally earned thousands of dollars in free gift cards and free money by referring friends and family to the apps mentioned on this list. It’s one of my favorite side hustle ideas that nets me a few hundred dollars each week in referral income. I know it can do the same for you when you’re ready to give it a try too!

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