Walmart Plus Referral Discount

Walmart Plus Referral Promo $30 Sign Up Bonus

Earn a $20 Walmart Plus referral bonus plus a $10 Walmart Promo Code with a new Walmart+ membership. See Details.

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Spend $30 get $30 FREE towards shopping, plus Walmart Cash Back rewards with Rakuten!

Update! 11/30/23 – The Walmart Plus Referral sign up bonus has expired. You now get a free 30-day trial to Walmart+. I'll update this post when the referral bonus promotion is active once again.

Get a $20 Walmart Plus referral sign up bonus when you enroll in and pay for either an annual or monthly Walmart+ membership using a Walmart referral link.

Unlock an additional $10 Walmart Promo Code when you complete 3 qualifying activities within 30 days of enrollment.

This Walmart Plus Membership promotion applies to new Walmart+ members only.

Read more about Walmart Plus member benefits and to determine whether a Walmart+ membership is worth it to you.

$20 OFF Walmart Plus

*This special discount is available to new Walmart Plus Members!

$30 Walmart Plus Welcome Bonus

In total, you’ll receive a $30 Walmart Plus welcome bonus when using a referral link to enroll in the Walmart+ membership program. 

You’ll earn a $20 Off coupon code when using this referral link to register and pay for a new membership account. You’ll also become eligible for a $10 Walmart Promo Code.

This special Walmart Promotion offers new members a better sign up reward than if you were to join Walmart plus without a referral link.

Walmart Plus Rewards

For example, when you enroll through the general Walmart+ sign up page you’ll receive a Walmart Plus 30 day free trial.

That’s great, but it’s still not as good at the $20 Walmart Plus referral promotion.

The $20 referral bonus will more than cover your first month's $12.95 membership fee. Plus, you’ll still have $7.05 left over to use on your first Walmart order.

Better yet, if you pay for a Walmart Plus annual plan you’ll only pay $8.17 for your monthly membership fee ($98/year).

That means your $20 Walmart Plus referral credit will cover your first month’s fee and still leave you with $11.83!

You won’t be able to use the sign up bonus to pay for your membership fee.

However, your $20 referral credit can be used immediately on your next Walmart order after you join Walmart Plus.

$20 Walmart Plus Referral Promo

I recently earned my $20 Off Walmart Plus referral credit when I enrolled for a yearly Walmart+ annual plan. I’m happy to share my experience with you so you know what to expect.

$20 Walmart Plus Referral
Walmart Promo Code

Here’s how the $20 Referral Promo Works:

  • Pay for either a monthly or annual Walmart+ Membership plan
  • Instantly receive a $20 Walmart Promo Code via email that can be used on the site or Walmart app on your next order
Walmart Plus Referral

A Walmart Plus referral code is not necessary to enter when you use a Walmart referral link. The referral page will say something along the lines of, ‘Get $20 Off an order when you join Walmart+, from Pilar.’

That’s how you’ll know you’re on the right page to receive the $20 Walmart promo code!

$10 Walmart Plus Promo

As a new Walmart+ member, you’ll also be eligible to receive a $10 Walmart Promo Code. This is separate from the $20 Walmart Plus referral bonus.

All new Walmart Plus members will have an opportunity to earn a $10 Walmart credit whether or not you use a referral link to enroll.

How to Get $10 Walmart Plus Promo Code

You’ll receive a $10 Off Walmart promo code when you complete the following activities within 30 days of enrolling into the Walmart+ program.

  • Download the Walmart App
  • Complete a free delivery order from Walmart Store to you (free delivery on orders of $35+)
  • Earn $1 in Walmart Cash
$10 Off Walmart Plus Promo Code

However, I did encounter a small hiccup when completing the ‘free delivery’ from Walmart store ‘activity.’ So I wanted to bring this up to you.

After enrolling into Walmart+, I immediately placed a Walmart store delivery order for two items totaling $41.05. 

For this order, I applied my $20 Walmart Plus referral promo code at checkout. The promo code brought my final order amount down to $21.05.

Walmart Delivery from Store

My order qualified for Walmart free delivery from the store. 

I didn’t request special In Home delivery (as stated in the criteria terms), and so I fully expected to get the $10 promo code. 

Although I did not.

It left me a bit puzzled since to my knowledge I had completed the ‘activity’ criteria as specified by Walmart. 

The two things I can think of that may have caused an issue with fulfilling this ‘activity’ was:

  1. One of my items was unavailable, so part of the order was canceled. I opted for the free next day store delivery option when prompted.
  1. The $20 referral bonus code did not trigger the new bonus since I paid less than $35 out of pocket and the minimum free delivery amount was not met. (even though I did receive free delivery on both items)

After contacting Walmart customer service, I still didn’t have an answer. The representative was nice, but he was of no help. 

The only thing he continued to repeat was that I hadn’t completed the criteria. Although, he could not specify why my last order did not qualify.

Nonetheless, all ended well. 

The Walmart representative correctly noted that I was not satisfied with his answer, and so he kindly issued a $15 Walmart promo code.

Walmart Customer Service
$15 Walmart Promo Code

I still plan on going for the $10 Walmart Plus bonus, which remains active in my account. 

I’ll update this post when I figure this out. But the good news is that you can contact Walmart customer support if you run into a similar issue as I did.

You may end up walking away with an even bigger Walmart promo code!

As for the Walmart Cash ‘activity’ requirement, this is simply clipping an online manufacturer’s coupon on the Walmart site or app. 

Walmart Cash

It works similar to Amazon Coupons where the online redeemable coupon shows up as a button under the product listing.

Walmart Cash is powered by Ibotta. You can also download the Ibotta app to clip coupons at other partnered stores. 

Plus, you’ll earn a $5 Ibotta sign up bonus when using this link to join.

How to Enter Walmart Promo Code Online

To add a Walmart Promo Code to your or Walmart app order, go to your shopping cart and initiate checkout. On the ‘Review Order’ page, you’ll see a drop down arrow next to ‘Have a Promo Code?’

Tap on the icon and enter your Walmart Promo Code into the promo code box. Then press ‘Apply.’ Your promo code balance will be applied to your order as payment.

Add Walmart Promo Code

$20 Walmart+ Refer a Friend Bonus

Refer a friend to Walmart Plus using your unique referral link, and both you and your friend will earn a $20 Walmart Plus referral bonus. Your referral must enroll in either a monthly or annual paid membership account in order to qualify for the bonus.

Additionally, you must have a valid Walmart+ membership account in order to be eligible. There’s no limit to the amount of referral bonuses you can earn.

$20 Walmart+ Refer a Friend

Below are additional terms as per the website:

‘Walmart Plus referral promo codes may be redeemed by making a minimum $35 purchase through or the Walmart App, and entering a single Promo Code in the “Promo Code” section of the checkout process.  Promo Codes may not be redeemed in Walmart stores.  Only one Promo Code may be used per transaction, and cannot be combined with any other promotional offers or other promo codes.  Promo Codes may not be redeemed for cash.’

Walmart Plus Referral Conclusion

When you enroll in Walmart Plus using a referral link, you’ll get a $20 Off promo code as well as a $10 promo code for qualifying members. That’s a total of $30 in Walmart Plus welcome bonus rewards.

The offer is best suited for you if you frequently shop via the website or through the Walmart app.

If you prefer to shop, then check to see if you qualify for the 50% OFF Amazon Prime Discount.

Join Walmart Plus today using this referral link to start earning!

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