Ibotta Review

Ibotta Review 2022 | How I Use It to Make Extra Money

In my Ibotta review, I'll share with you 8 ways to make money with the Ibotta money app. It's the perfect side hustle idea for earning free money and cash back rewards.

One of the best side hustle ideas to make extra money is to use the Ibotta app. If you thought it was only good for cash back on groceries, then think again! I’ll share with you my secret sauce to earning free groceries and free money in my Ibotta review for 2022.

But first, in order to make money with Ibotta, you’ll need to download the app. When you use my Ibotta referral code link and enter referral code: KSHAGVC, you’ll immediately get access to upwards of a ‘$20 Ibotta Welcome Bonus.’ Grab your bonus and get ready to earn even more!

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free smartphone app and browser extension tool that enables users to earn cashback on everyday purchases in-store and online. You can earn even more money by linking your retailer loyalty account to the Ibotta app. 

I personally began using the Ibotta app in July of 2020 and have to-date earned $10,681.47 in cash back rewards.

Ibotta $10k Club

How Does Ibotta Work?

The idea behind Ibotta is simple. You download the app and turn your shopping receipts into cash back. With over 1,500 brands and retailers currently partnered with Ibotta, chances are you’ll find cash back rewards on nearly every purchase you make. 

So whether you’re shopping for groceries, clothing, wine and beer, or electronics, redeem your purchases with the app and Ibotta will pay you real cash for those purchases. In this Ibotta review, I’ll share with you the multitude of ways you can earn with in-store shopping and online shopping. 

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How to Use Ibotta

In a nutshell, this is how to use the Ibotta app:

  • Download the free Ibotta phone app or money saver browser extension to your computer.
  • Link your loyalty accounts or cards to Ibotta for paperless redemption of cash rewards from retailers and other Ibotta partners.
  • Add offers in your Ibotta app of products you plan to purchase during your shopping trip.
  • Shop eligible offers in-store or online.
  • Get cash back by redeeming offers from your receipts.
  • Get paid by Ibotta instantly via PayPal or bank card once you reach the $20 minimum threshold to cash out.

I’ll explain all this in more detail as we continue with the Ibotta review

Earn Cash Back Instantly on Groceries

Remember the days of clipping coupons from the weekly Sunday paper? Well those are times of the past! Now all you need in order to save money on groceries is a phone or computer. So, let’s get started.

In-Store Grocery Shopping

To start getting cashback on your next grocery shopping trip, you’ll want to prepare in advance first. Simply open your Ibotta app, and on your home screen, scroll down to Shop by category > Grocery. Select the grocery store you plan to shop at and simply start adding offers (products) to your shopping list as shown in the video below.

Once you’ve finished grocery shopping, simply redeem the offers from your trip by uploading your receipt to the app. Ibotta will match the offers you added to your list, and credit your account within 48 hours. If by chance you forget to add an offer before submitting your receipt, Ibotta customer care will help you redeem it.

If you have a loyalty account or card with your favorite grocery store, then make redeeming purchases easier by linking it to Ibotta. Once your loyalty account is linked, Ibotta will be able to receive an electronic submission of your receipt when scanned at checkout. You’ll also receive your cash back much faster this way.

Ibotta loyalty card

There are three simple steps to earning with your loyalty card on Ibotta:

Step 1: Select Link Account at the top of the screen after selecting your grocery store.

Step 2: Build a shopping list by adding offers to Your List to maximize your savings.

Step 3: Use your rewards account at checkout and earn cash back instantly.

Online Grocery Shopping

With everything going on in 2020, many people opted for online grocery shopping versus in-store shopping. That left many people wondering…

“Does Ibotta work with grocery pickup and delivery?”

The answer is “Yes, it does.”

This is a newer feature Ibotta added, which makes shopping for all your groceries and essentials so much easier to do. You can access this by going to your home screen and the Shop by category > Grocery pickup and delivery.

With this feature, you can select your preferred online grocery shopping retailer, such as Walmart Pick & Delivery and Target Online or delivery services such as Instacart or Shipt. Add offers to your Ibotta grocery list as usual, then complete your grocery purchase. After you receive or pick up your purchase, Ibotta will credit your account within 24 hours.

But if shopping from your phone is not your thing, then Ibotta also has a neat Chrome and Firefox browser extension to download onto your computer or laptop.  

Retailer and Restaurant Online Shopping

Do you order food online or do much of your regular shopping online? 

When you shop online with your Ibotta app, you have the opportunity of earning more cash back at places such as: Macy’s, EBay, Amazon, Uber Eats, Groupon, Disney+, Staples, PetSmart, QVC, Ticketmaster, Hotels.com, and many more places. 

These cash back rewards vary from week-to-week and can add up quickly. In order to do online shopping with Ibotta, simply go to your home screen and then Shop by category > Online Shopping.

Select the retailer or restaurant you wish to shop and earn the advertised cash back reward on your purchases. Ibotta will take you to the retailer’s online shop and record your order for instant cash rewards.

Ibotta review 2021
ibotta app

How Much Cash Back Do You Get with Ibotta?

Recently, an Ibotta spokesperson told CNBC Select that the average Ibotta user earns between $10 – $20 per month, while more active users earn $100 – $300 per month. And with over $860 Million in cash rewards paid to date, there seems to be no limit for how much you can make with Ibotta.

So keep redeeming rewards to earn more with this money saving app! 

Need a Quick $100?

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How to Get Your Money from Ibotta

One of my favorite perks with using the Ibotta App is that I get paid instantly with PayPal. The minimum payout threshold is only $20 and can be achieved rather easily, especially if you’re a new sign up and take advantage of up to $20 in ‘Welcome Bonuses.’ You can also choose to cash out your money to a linked bank account.

Ibotta PayPal

Ibotta Cheat Sheet to Make Extra Money

This Ibotta review would not be complete without my Ibotta cheat sheet! I’ve used these methods on various occasions to make extra money and I know they’ll help you earn more too!

1. Earn Cash Back with Gift Cards

Ibotta has a great feature where they give you cash back for buying gift cards at your favorite retailer or restaurant through them. This is perfect if you want to buy a birthday gift card for someone or just put more money in your pocket. From your home screen, simply go to Shop by Category > Gift cards. Select the gift card you wish to purchase and with your linked bank card, you can make a purchase.

At the time of this writing, I can purchase a $100 gift card to DSW and earn 15% cash back with Ibotta. That would be $15 in free money!

ibotta online shopping
free money app

2. Get Free Stuff

Many of the retailers partnered with Ibotta are spending their marketing dollars introducing you to new products. They do this by giving away free products through the Ibotta app. Every week you’ll notice a handful of ‘free after offer’ freebies in your app. Add them to your Ibotta grocery list and redeem them during your next shopping trip. 

cash back apps for groceries
best grocery coupon app
money saving apps

3. Free Stuff Money Makers

What’s better than free stuff? – Free Stuff + Free Money. 

On many occasions, you’ll notice the Ibotta ‘free after offer’ is more than the price of the product at the store. Find and redeem these offers for free stuff and free money. Here, for example is a product I recently redeemed that cost me $1.48 during my Ibotta Walmart haul, where Ibotta gave me $1.98 cash back for it. In the end, I got the product for free, plus made $0.50 on the offer.

Ibotta Walmart Haul

4. Stack Cash Back Rewards

Ibotta is where I get the most cash back for all my in-store and online shopping. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stack your rewards by using other popular money saving apps as well. Use Fetch Rewards to stack your rewards even higher on the same products and earn more money.

best cash back apps

Images Courtesy of Ibotta Community Group

Fetch rewards

5. Earn Extra Cash with Ibotta Bonuses

Ibotta offers weekly bonuses to allow you to earn even more. These bonuses vary from week to week, and are sometimes monthly bonus rewards for redeeming a certain number of offers, or other fun bonuses. Keep tabs on these to make sure your next Ibotta haul is a worthwhile one!

Ibotta bonus

6. Invite Friends to Earn Referral Cash

Saving money is so much better when you do it with friends! That’s why Ibotta offers an awesome refer a friend program. Simply use your special referral code to invite friends to join Ibotta, and earn $10 for each person that joins.

Ibotta referral bonus

7. P&G Good Everyday Rewards

P&G Good Everyday Rewards is a rewards program for people who want to make an impact. As a member, you'll have an opportunity to take quizzes, answer surveys, and scan your receipts featuring P&G products for rewards points.

Collect points for each engagement and redeem them for rewards. As you earn, P&G will automatically make donations to the causes you care about. Best of all, you can double dip and earn rewards with P&G Good Everyday Rewards as well as redeem P&G product offers in your Ibotta app.

best rewards programs

8. Ibotta In Crowd Rewards

Ibotta recently introduced it’s in crowd rewards program in January of 2021. This program is currently in-beta mode, and is an exclusive invite club for members who wish to save more with the cash back app. The more you save, the more rewards begin to open up for you.

Ibotta in crowd beta

WIth the Ibotta In-Crowd rewards program, you’ll be able to elevate your status and get more perks along the way. Some of these perks include:

  • A $40 Bonus for redeeming 200 offers within a certain time period to reach ICON Status
  • $5 for every $500 you earn
  • Birthday Gift Bonus cash with Ibotta
  • VIP Treatment Exclusive Offers
  • Ibottaversary Bonus to commemorate your Ibottaversary with extra cash back
  • Cyber Social chats where you can join Ibotta for discussions on new ideas and a chance to win prizes
  • Earnings milestone bonus to celebrate your big milestone moments.
  • Special giveaways just for ICON status members

**Update! I recently uncovered 3 new Ibotta hacks that have helped me earn thousands of dollars worth in free food and free money. You can read about it in my Ibotta cash back secrets post.

Ibotta App Review Conclusion

That’s it for my Ibotta app review from a REAL Ibotta app user. This is hands down one of my favorite free phone apps to save money on everyday purchases. With so many ways to earn, it’s an easy decision to download the Ibotta app and start saving today.

Ready to start making money with Ibotta? 

Join Ibotta here to claim your $20 Welcome Bonus. Enter referral code: KSHAGVC

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