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9 Apps Like Field Agent that Pay Well | Gig App Alternatives

Earn extra money with these 9 side hustle apps like Field Agent.

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Is there another app like Field Agent?

In my experience of using other apps similar to Field Agent, I can genuinely say I haven’t found a better and more fun gig app out there. The ease of use and instant payout is what initially drew me in. Two years later, I’m still using Field Agent and am a vocal advocate of it as a means to make extra money.

Even still, that doesn’t mean the Field Agent app is a great fit for everyone. 

In some areas, Field Agent gig jobs are few and far in between. For others, finding enough high paying gigs on the app can be a challenge. 

So I can understand why you may be on the hunt for the best apps like Field Agent that pay well.

These next money making apps offer various types of gig work with varying pay. Overall, they each offer the flexibility to work on your own schedule whenever you want the extra income. 

Read my review on Field Agent and how I earned $3,716.28 with the app.

9 Apps Like Field Agent

These apps will pay you real money to do short-term gig work at your discretion. Some pay instantly, while others will pay you after a few days or weeks. Pick and choose the apps that are best for you and get started earning money today.

Here’s the quick rundown of the apps that are similar to Field Agent.

  1. Instawork
  1. Observa
  1. Amazon Flex
  1. Swagbucks
  1. Wonolo
  1. DoorDash
  1. Shipt Shopper
  1. Craigslist
  1. TaskRabbit

Now let’s dig a little deeper into each of these! 


Apps Similar to Field Agent

Instawork is an on-demand job app that provides flexible hourly shifts to workers looking for temporary work. 

To start, the app will have you complete a detailed profile in order to gather information about your skill set, work availability and goals. You’ll also be asked to complete short training modules based on the information you entered.

Once you become an active Instawork worker, you’ll be able to search relevant jobs by category based on the ‘interests’ you selected. Available jobs will show a job description, the hours in that shift as well as your hourly pay. 

Apply for jobs you want to complete and make sure to show up for your shift. The more reliable you are, the more opportunities you’ll have to nab work.

How Much It Pays: Get paid $14 – $20 per hour with the ability to earn more for urgent requests, peak times, and Instawork Pro tiers.

Payout Time Frame: You’ll receive weekly payments to your bank account.

Who’s It Best for?: Instawork is good for people who want to work more hours than their current job offers them. It’s also great for moms who only have time to work occasionally throughout the week.

Read more about Instawork and start applying for jobs today.


Field Agent Alternatives

Another Field Agent alternative is the Observa app. Observa offers the most similar work to Field Agent and leans more to mystery shopper type of gig work.

Small tasks on the app are referred to as ‘Observations’ while gig workers are commonly referred to as ‘Observers.’ 

The observation assignments you’ll be paid to complete include: Locating and auditing product displays within stores, Correcting product pricing issues, Photographing entire store sections, and doing Product reviews.  

Some of the tasks will require you to speak with a store associate, so if that’s not your cup of tea, then this may not be the app for you.

Observa tasks will also take you anywhere between 15 minutes to one hour to complete.

How Much It Pays: According to Observa, gigs typically pay between $3 – $25.

Payout Time Frame: Observa pays you within 24 hours in Paypal money or you can cash out to Bitcoin via Coinbase.

Who’s It Best for?: Observa is great for people who like Field Agent type of work. The gig app won’t make you rich, but it can serve as an easy way to earn extra cash for a night out.

Find out how much I earned doing observations in my Observa app review.

Amazon Flex

gig apps like Field Agent

Amazon Flex is Amazon’s delivery service that enables gig workers to deliver orders, including Amazon Fresh and Prime Now packages.

If you have a working mid-sized vehicle and meet the eligibility requirements, then you can apply to work as an Amazon partnered driver. As an Amazon Flex worker, you’ll be able to schedule delivery blocks in advance for days and times you want to work. 

In recent years, the popularity of the program has caused Amazon to limit the amount of locations available to apply. You can check the Amazon Flex website to see areas where they are actively recruiting gig delivery workers.

If they are not recruiting in your area, then you can put yourself on the waitlist for when your location opens up.

How Much It Pays: Most drivers earn between $18 – $25 an hour.

Payout Time Frame: Amazon pays out twice a week through direct deposit to your bank. Some deliveries, such as Amazon Fresh orders, are also eligible for tip payments.

Who’s It Best for?: The Amazon Flex app is best for people who have a mid-sized vehicle or larger, and who don’t mind picking up and delivering Amazon orders.

Learn more about Amazon Flex.


Swagbucks jobs

Swagbucks is primarily known as a deals website, but it also offers at-home gig work that can be done from the comfort of your couch. 

The app will help you earn money in so many different ways that you can realistically earn $200 – $500 on your first day. In just under a year’s time, I’ve earned over $1,100 with Swagbucks and have moved up to the Topaz level.

Swagbucks jobs include: Getting paid for completing promotional offers, playing online video games, doing online surveys, downloading and trying out free apps and much more. 

The more you use the app, the more ways you’ll discover to earn extra money with it. It’s one of my favorite apps to use when I’m looking to make a few extra bucks for the week.

How Much It Pays: This varies greatly depending on the earning path you decide to take. Playing videos may earn you $5, while taking part in promotional offers such as the Varo Swagbucks promo could earn you upwards of $120.

Payout Time Frame: Swagbucks points (SB) earned can be redeemed instantly to PayPal, gift cards or check by mail.

Who’s It Best for?: Swagbucks is best for people who prefer to do gig work from their smartphone versus heading out doors.

Get a Swagbucks $10 sign up bonus.


gig worker app

Wonolo is a job-based app where you can find high paying work in your area. It’s similar to Instawork where companies are looking to hire on-demand gig economy workers. That’s where you come in! 

The types of industry work you’ll most commonly find on the app include: Merchandising and retail, Warehouse operations, Event staffing, Administrative work and General labor work.

Workers on the gig app are referred to as ‘Wonoloers.’ Once you create a profile, you’ll be able to search available work, see job descriptions and hourly pay. 

Some work you’ll be able to apply for and start that same day, while other work will require you to go through a background check first. 

How Much It Pays: Wonoloers average $12 – $20 per hour.

Payout Time Frame: Get paid per shift within one to five business days after completing a job. Payment is sent to your linked bank account or debit card.

Who’s It Best for?: Wonolo is good for people who want to work more hours than their current job offers them, and are located within Wonolo available job areas.

Check to see if Wonolo is available in your area.



You may be someone who already uses the DoorDash app to place food delivery orders. Well, now’s your chance to use the same app to make money as a Dasher! 

As a DoorDash delivery partner, you’ll pick up and deliver food orders to DoorDash customers. You can select to do work now by enabling the ‘Dash Now’ feature, or if you prefer you can schedule work to do at a later time. 

The best part is you don’t need a car to start. If you have a bicycle or motorized bike, then you can apply to delivery with DoorDash. As a Dasher, the more orders you complete, the higher promotion levels you can reach to earn more money. 

With so many people placing delivery orders, DoorDash is on a big push to keep up with demand. Oftentimes, I find them offering $100 signup bonuses through Swagbucks Dasher promotions

How Much It Pays: According to DoorDash, the average hourly pay for Dashers is $23 per hour.

Payout Time Frame: DoorDash pays via bank direct deposit on the first Monday of every week. Payments cannot be made to a savings account. 

Who’s It Best for?: Dasher jobs are great for people who want to make extra money delivering food orders after clocking out of their 9 – 5pm job.

Learn more on how to become a Dasher.

Shipt Shopper

Shipt Shopper

Shipt is a same-day delivery service app for household and grocery food items. It’s another app like Field Agent that will earn you extra money in your spare time. 

You can sign up to become a Shopper by meeting the eligible requirements. Some of these include having a vehicle that is from 1997 or newer and being able to lift at least 45 pounds.

The gig app will let you schedule work by claiming open shifts. As a shopper, you’ll earn money by shopping and delivering Shipt orders from your favorite local stores. 

On orders that you’ve claimed and require payment, Shipt will provide you with a prepaid card with pre-loaded funds. Some Shipt shoppers love the work, but they also recommend keeping this as a side hustle app since the work tends to be inconsistent. 

How Much It Pays: Shipt Shoppers can expect to earn $16 – $25 per hour with base pay, tips and bonuses. 

Payout Time Frame: Shipt Shoppers are paid each Friday through direct deposit.

Who’s It Best for?: Shopper jobs are great for people who are already in stores shopping, such as Field Agent Mystery shoppers or InstaCart workers.

Learn more about becoming a Shipt Shopper.


Field Agent gig app alternative

Craigslist is a well known website that many overlook for being a viable Field Agent gig app alternative. The archaic looking website is known for its classified ads layout and sea of blue hyperlinks.

Among these hyperlinks are ads for short-term job-based work as well as random gig jobs. In the past, I’ve posted small gig work to be completed, which consisted of putting up wall artwork at my newly leased apartment. 

The guy who came to complete the job earned $75 cash for work that took less than 45 minutes to complete! Needless to say, you can find high-paying gigs on the website.

Search for work under the ‘services’ or ‘jobs’ category on the front page to find hidden work that pays well. It may be a slight chore going through the listings and replying to the ads, but if you need the extra money, then Craigslist is a good place to start! 

How Much It Pays: Pay varies

Payout Time Frame: Varies

Who’s It Best for?: Craigslist gigs are great for people who are handyman pros and excel at doing general labor type of work.

Search the Craigslist website to find quick high paying work.


So far, we’ve gone through many apps like Field Agent that you can get started with today. TaskRabbit is most similar to Craigslist, but the work is presented in a much more organized manner. 

This gig economy app is also different in that you post the freelance work you wish to offer and set your own pay rate. Gig workers on the site are referred to as ‘Taskers’ and pay a registration fee of $25.

Someone searching TaskRabbit for your specific service offered can book you at your posted rate. You provide work such as home repairs, errands help, or other TaskRabbit gigs, and earn money helping people out! 

The great part about this site is it can be used as a jumpstart platform to turn your side hustle work into a full-time business! 

How Much It Pays: You get paid your posted rate, plus in some cases tips from customers. Payments are sent as direct deposit to your banking account. Payments can not be sent to a savings account, prepaid debit card or reloadable bank card.

Payout Time Frame: Upon job completion

Who’s It Best for?: TaskRabbit is great for people looking to turn their professional freelance services into a full-time business.

Learn more about becoming a Tasker.

Apps Like Field Agent Conclusion

Apps like Field Agent can be hard to find because there simply aren’t apps that come close enough to it. The gig apps on this list are well paying Field Agent app alternatives, and can help you make extra money whenever you need it. 

One app like Field Agent that I purposely excluded from this list is Gigwalk. A couple of years ago, I tried out the app and felt it wasn’t worthwhile enough to mention. The app offers long and complicated instructions for each gig, has low paying work and was overall not a good experience.

So, It’s not on here, but I do know that other bloggers like to make mention of it. 

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