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Authority Hacker Pro Review (2024): Will these Blueprints Accelerate Your Site Earnings?

This is an Authority Hacker Pro review from an actual student who took the course.

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Hey, great to have you here reading my Authority Hacker Pro review

I’m Pilar, an actual student of the course.

You may not realize this, but there are a lot of professional writers who stitch together reviews on courses they’ve never taken before. 

Crazy right? 

Well, not today. 

You’ll get an authentic review from me, as well as a behind the scenes look at what’s included in the premium Authority Hacker course. 

First though, I wanted to clear something up (those professional review writers got this part wrong…smh!)

The Authority Site System course is not the same course as the Authority Hacker Pro.

A lot of online reviewers bunch these two together and slap the title ‘Authority Hacker Review’ on the article.

Not cool.

The Authority Site System (TASS) is the beginner level Authority Hacker course, while the AH Pro course is for advanced level site owners. 

This will be a review of the Authority Hacker Pro course only (you can read my full TASS review here!)

So don’t worry, you won’t have to guess about which parts of the course you’re getting, like some of those other review sites make you do.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive into the Authority Hacker Pro review! 

Authority Hacker Pro – Key Details

Price:$2,997 One-time payment
Payment Plan:$297 x 12 months
Free Lifetime Updates:YES
Who's AH Pro For:Advanced Course for Established Website Owners who wish to scale to 7 and 8 figures
Lessons:450+ Video Lessons, Templates, SOPs
Community:Private Members Facebook™ Group
Open Enrollment:Opens twice a year to new members. Waitlist open.
Refund Policy:30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Support:Member Support Team via email M – F, 9am – 5pm CET

Authority Hacker Pro Blueprints

The Authority Hacker Pro course provides you with all the blueprints and systems necessary to build and scale profitable sites correctly. 

Included in the Pro course is also the Authority Site System beginner blueprint.

So even though it’s sold as a standalone course, you’ll have access to this as an AH Pro course member. So there's no need to purchase TASS separately.

Here are the updated blueprints you’ll get access to as an Authority Hacker Pro member.

  • Authority Site System 3.0 – Learn how to build a profitable website from scratch that pays you $1,000+ per month.
  • Sniper Link Building – Build the best links in your industry using highly targeted outreach. Focus is on high end outreach and relationship building.
  • The AI Blueprint – Learn to create high quality, ethical AI assisted content.
  • Opt-ins and Emails Lists – Learn how to build your list with pop ups and giveaways. Build an engaged list of potential customers.
  • Shotgun Link Building – Learn how to build mid-tier links at scale. These tactics can be outsourced to a VA or freelancer.
  • Review Writing – Learn how to write review content from start to finish. Write high-converting affiliate content.
  • Writer Training – Teach your writers to create excellent, web-worthy content. A start to finish training that can be handed over to your writers.
  • Core Web Vitals – Learn how to improve and perfect your Core Web Vitals score. Improve your WordPress site speed.
  • On-Page SEO Blueprint – Learn how to optimize your On-Page SEO and improve rankings. Advanced tips and tricks included.
  • Editorial System – Learn how to build an efficient content production pipeline. Scale and automate without sacrificing quality.
  • Hiring Editorial Teams – Learn how to hire and manage a high-quality content team including: Writers, Editors and Content Uploaders.
  • Keyword Research – Learn how to find lucrative Keywords for your site. Contains a wider range of keyword research methods.
  • HARO Editorial Links – Learn how to get high quality links using the HARO platform. Systemize the process and save time. 
  • Shotgun Skyscraper – Learn how to execute, outsource and scale true white hat link building. Learn how to acquire links at volume. 
  • Evergreen Funnels – Learn how to build and run evergreen funnels. Build effective scarcity funnels and more.
  • Selling Your Site – Learn how to sell your website for the most profit. Case studies included on sites sold and processes involved. 
  • Affiliate Marketing – Learn how to become a master of affiliate marketing. Effectively sell other people’s stuff and get paid for it. 
  • Email Marketing – Learn how to set up a high quality email marketing campaign. Sell more and make more money. 

Who is Authority Hacker Pro For?

Authority Hacker Pro is a high level course for established authority website owners looking to scale with advanced SEO strategies, scalable link building, sales funnel training and email marketing.

The course is recommended for existing site owners earning $1,000 or more per month, who wish to build their site to 7 and 8 figures.

Authority Hacker Pro vs TASS

Imagine having an affiliate website that consistently pays you 4 figures per month from articles you wrote 2 years ago. That’s what the beginner friendly Authority Hacker TASS course helped me build, and it will teach you the same.

The Authority Site System 3.0

What You’ll Get in the Authority Site System

  • 125+ over the shoulder videos
  • Real life follow along case study
  • Copy and Paste Templates
  • Site Building To-Do List
  • Members Community

Discover 7 Secrets to Make New Sites 83% More Successful.

In the advanced level course, Authority Hacker Pro, you’ll learn how to scale your site past four figures by leveraging systems and outsourcing tasks. It’s all about refining the process with simple tweaks and automation, and adding new monetization streams to your existing content. 

Authority Hacker Pro Review

What You’ll Get in Authority Hacker Pro

  • 450+ over the shoulder videos (access to TASS lessons included)
  • SOPs (standard operating procedures)
  • Copy and Paste Templates
  • Custom Tools and Plugins
  • Advanced Member Community

Join Authority Hacker Pro.

Authority Hacker Success Stories

A good website building course means you won’t have to re-do your site down the road to fix mistakes you made early on. 

This means you’ll have more time to focus on creating great content, getting ranked on Google for organic traffic, and reaching the money making part a lot faster.

Authority Hacker Success Stories

This is the reality of many happy Authority Hacker course members, including myself! One of the best known Authority Hacker Pro success stories is that of Kevin Espiritu, who scaled his brand to 8 figures. 

Though there are plenty of other members who have earned 6 and 7 figures from their sites, and many of whom have flipped affiliate sites for a profit.

Check out some of these Authority Hacker Pro reviews from actual course members.

Authority Hacker Success Story

“I’ve sold my 17 months old TASS site for $190k+” Baber Siddiqui 

“Folks…I have to strongly recommend the Authority Hacker courses – particularly their Link Building module. In the very first week, we were able to cut $1900 in monthly expenses by changing a particular process” – Tony Gilbert

Authority Hacker Pro Review

This is an expensive course, I won’t sugar coat it. 

So you want to make sure you can absorb the investment cost, and that you also have the time to go through the course material and implement it. 

Authority Hacker Pro course

The reason I jumped on the Authority Hacker Pro course was simple. I earned close to 100x return on my investment implementing lessons taught in the beginner friendly TASS course. So the course more than paid for itself.

Ultimately, the value you get in the Authority Hacker courses is unparalleled to anything else I’ve found in my research. 

The Authority Hacker Pro course is the next level up. Let’s continue on with this Authority Hacker Pro review by taking a closer look at what you’ll get inside the course.

The Authority Site System 3.0

The TASS Blueprint is the best affiliate marketing course on the market. 

As someone who’s taken many affiliate marketing courses in the past, it’s not an exaggeration by any means. 

This course is a detailed step-by-step blueprint for building a new site from scratch, ranking it on Google, and monetizing with affiliate links. It’s A LOT of content. Some people have commented that it’s overwhelming. 

If you’re looking for a business out of the box, then definitely look elsewhere. This is a solid training with tons of golden nuggets in it. Though, it will take some time to build a solid site that pays you passive income each month.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

Picking a NicheHow to Build a WordPress site (step-by-step)
Elementor Pro Page Builder TrainingMonetizing with Amazon affiliate links
Search Engine OptimizationBranding Your Site
Link BuildingWriting Content that Informs and Sells

The TASS Blueprint is sold as a standalone course, but as an AH Pro member you’ll have access to this included with your purchase.

Each of the blueprints in Authority Hacker Pro are like mini courses. So at any point, you can skip to the blueprints you feel you need the most help on.

The Sniper Link building blueprint comprises 20 video lessons and will teach you how to acquire links from high DR sites to boost your site ranking. You’ll learn about different outreach angles that go far beyond the regular methods.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

The best automation tool for link building outreach, plus step-by-step set up processResearch and vetting high DR sites in your niche industry
Using AI Tools to write outreach emailsHow to use ‘linkable assets’ to pimp out your work and attract high DR link backs.
Outreach tips, examples and templatesFollowup and negotiation with link building prospects

The AI Blueprint

The AI Blueprint

There’s a lot of so-called ‘gurus’ teaching unsuspecting first time bloggers that you can use AI to write complete blog posts for you. It’s deceptive because they fail to tell you that those blog posts ‘as is’ will most likely never rank on Google.

You’ll be spinning your wheels wondering why you’re not making money despite cranking out article after article. That’s not what you’ll be getting from the Authority Hacker guys. 

This blueprint will show you how to use AI to speed up your processes, fine-tune your work, and rank on Google without sacrificing the quality of your content.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

Understanding exactly what the GPT model is and how it worksStaying ahead of the curve with Bing AI
Understanding how to give GPT effective PromptsCreating content outlines with AI to structure your blog articles
Creating a first draft with GPT-4Editing with AI

Opt-ins and Email Lists

This section will help you reach a new level of monetization, but not everyone will be interested in adding this stream of income to their portfolio. That’s because it’s a lot of work.

Setting up email opt-ins, creating email marketing funnels and having your own products to sell is intense. But it’s also how you can quickly scale your site to 7 figures in a short period of time.

Before you start this blueprint, decide whether you want to dive into this type of work or not. Otherwise, you can stick to affiliate links in your blog posts and grow that monetization avenue only.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

Finding list growing lead magnet ideasLead magnet ideas for selling a product
Creating a video lead magnet and delivering itOpt-in Popup tools and setup
A/B TestingIn-Content call to actions and examples
Partnering with companies for giveaway prizesPost Opt-in strategies (surveys, offer walls, tripwires,etc.)

The Shotgun link building blueprint offers the best techniques for growing linkbacks to your site. 

I personally did not do much link building when I first started my site, but I do believe it will be an integral part of reaching my next income level goal. 

The majority of the tactics taught in this Authority Hacker blueprint can be outsourced to a VA or freelancer. You’ll learn everything from guest posting to paid link campaigns and more.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

Setting up professional email accounts with proper SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records to ensure your email reaches the intended recipient (instead of falling into the dreaded SPAM box)Finding initial prospects using competitors
Learning the anatomy of an Outreach templateHunter outreach setup
Scaling outreachNegotiating a Link
Link Placement and selecting your link targetsIdentifying and fixing email delivery issues

Review Writing

writing review articles

The art of writing engaging product reviews that inform and sell is not an easy thing to do. I’ve come to really appreciate those affiliate bloggers who do this well.

When I first purchased the Authority Hacker Pro course, this was the first blueprint I watched. It’s taught by guest instructor Kevin Meng, a professional copywriter who focuses on writing product reviews, landing pages, and SEO-related blog content.

Kevin’s teaching is simple. Learn copywriting techniques and stop thinking like a typical content writer. That is the secret to converting more readers into customers. In these lessons, Kevin teaches his money making review writing formula.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

How to pick the right products for your round up reviewsHow to write engaging and high converting copy
Copywriting tips and tricks for conversionHow to do preliminary research
Exact way to write your introductions to get people immediately hookedHow to close your review and make the sale

Writer Training

This blueprint is really neat because it’s meant to be handed over to your hired writer to help train them. 

In the specialized training, your writer will learn how to write content that’s designed for web consumers and is ‘Google ready,’ which will help you rank.

Of course, you’re the one who will need to supply them with the SEO keywords to ensure their success. That’s a given since you’ll become an SEO expert after taking the Authority Hacker Pro course.

Ultimately, I found this blueprint to be a great example of how Authority Hacker goes above and beyond the call of duty. If you’re looking to scale, then start hiring writers and give them this training! 

Key Things You’ll Learn 

You’ll begin to understand the difference between ‘just ok’ content and great content.You’ll have a full training to hand over to your writer
You’ll give your writer an online quiz to test their knowledge (again, this is supplied by AH)You’ll have access to the test results and your writer’s performance

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is a blueprint specifically made to help WordPress users improve their general site speed as well as overall core vitals. It’s long been known that websites which take long to load usually lose readers fast. 

This is not ideal for you since Google takes the overall user experience into consideration when ranking your site. If you want to make more money with your WordPress site and get Google to send more traffic to you, then make sure your site speed is up to par.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

How to measure your Core Web VitalsHow to move your site to a high performing web hosting
Create a Staging Site (to make changes before going ‘live’ with them immediately)Transitioning to GeneratePress (step-by-step)
Eliminate bloated pluginsAsset Cleanup
Optimizing Display AdsPageSpeed Insight Errors and how to fix them

Core Web Vitals can also be purchased as a standalone course.

On-Page SEO Blueprint

Authority Hacker Blueprints

The On-Page SEO blueprint is more advanced than the one taught in the The Authority Site System course. TASS has a basic SEO blueprint which is a good start, but this one is way better.

Here you’ll learn advanced tips and tricks for becoming an On Page SEO master.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

How to optimize every element of your pageHow to build the perfect site architecture
How to capture featured snippetsHow to use Schema for higher CTR
Understanding Search IntentCase Study [Publish Date]
Building a Secondary NavigationFinding Internal Link Opportunities

Editorial System

The Editorial blueprint is meant to help you create content at scale and will share with you writing guidelines for various types of posts. This is also where you’ll learn about how to use Asana to assign tasks to writers and others on your team.

This module contains a large amount of detailed content on how to work on your blog with teams. If you’re not at this point in your journey yet, then you may want to save this one and come back to it later on.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

Growing your site by creating content at scaleHow to automate repetitive processes using advanced Asana automations
Keeping your editorial team accountableContent templates
Promotion Tactics for Roundup ReviewsConversion goals for Industry Roundups

Join Authority Hacker Pro.

Hiring Editorial Teams

This blueprint will show you how to hire and scale your content team. This is one of the shorter blueprints in the course, though it provides insightful recommendations on how to hire the right people. 

This section will specifically speak to hiring writers, editors and content uploaders. Still, the processes outlined can be used to hire for other areas in your business. 

Key Things You’ll Learn

How to only hire A-players and get the best people on your teamHow to create and post an effective job advertisement
Initial screening and screening call interviewOnboarding and Management
Editor RecruitmentContent Uploader Recruitment

Keyword Research

Commercial Intent Keywords

I thought I was pretty decent at doing keyword research, but this module showed me that I’m nowhere close to being as advanced as I thought I was! Ha!

I think that’s a good thing as it’s a great reminder to always keep upleveling your skills. The more you know, the better off you’ll be when it comes to taking your authority site to the top of the Google search results. 

In the advanced keyword research module, you’ll be privy to a range of new keyword research methods that you may have not considered beforehand. 

You’ll learn practical ways to find keywords best for your site and how to implement your findings for best results.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

Learn how to use the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to dig deep and find the best keywords for easy rankingHow to analyze competition in Ahrefs ‘serp’ results
Analyzing the first page of GoogleThe two types of keyword research
Preparing keyword research documentsFinding seed keywords
Reverse engineering low DR competitor’s best pagesAuditing external links and keyword research implementation

In this blueprint, you’ll learn how to build high quality links using the HARO platform. This will be broken down into 10 lessons.

If you’re looking to get a lot of links to your site and don’t want to spend all day answering HARO queries, then this is the blueprint for you. You’ll learn how to systemize the process to get as many links as possible.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

Choosing the right prospects to respond toHow to put your best foot forward and provide the best responses
How to apply your prospecting criteriaScale and systemize the Haro process
Tracking your resultsOutsourcing and scale

Shotgun Skyscraper 

This Blueprint will show you how to run outreach in bulk, hitting multiple targets and acquiring links at volume.

The Skyscraper method is a popular type of blog post that many sites use for purposes of getting backlinks. In the Shotgun Skyscraper method, you’ll learn about an advanced strategy for how to do this well for optimal results.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

What is Shotgun Skyscraper?Expectations and results
Finding keyword from existing contentSkyscraper content
Gathering prospect URLs and emailsData management for outreach
Initial outreach tacticsNegotiations and advanced tactics

Evergreen Funnels

Basic Funnel Structures for Bloggers

This blueprint will focus on creating evergreen scarcity funnels that build urgency and increase the chances of your subscribers making a purchase decision. 

Prior to having an authority blog, I built evergreen scarcity funnels to sell my high ticket Amazon FBA course using Clickfunnels and Deadline Funnel.

It worked well to increase sales to my high ticket course because it essentially forced people out of their constant state of analysis paralysis. 

In the Evergreen Funnels Authority Hacker blueprint, you’ll learn how to set this up using tools recommended in the course.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

How to increase urgency around your product using evergreen funnelsSet it and forget it for passive income sales
Funnel structureProduct delivery setup
Shopping cart setupBuilding your sales page
The Evergreen launchScaling with Retargeting

Selling Your Site

Whether it’s on your mind now or not, this blueprint will help you understand what things you need in place to get your website valued at top dollar. 

It’s a good exercise to take part in because it’ll also help you with branding your site for getting higher quality backlinks, as well as having a more professional feel overall.

While at the moment I do not have any plans to sell my authority site, it's something that I have in the back of my mind as an open option. It’s best to get things in place now in the event it’s something you may want to do later on.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

The different options available to you for selling your siteChecklist to help identify easy ways to make even more money from your site before you sell it
Establishing a valuationListing your business for sale
Dealing with potential buyersDealing with brokers
Negotiating the dealClosing the Deal and real life case study examples

Affiliate Marketing

This blueprint builds off of the other blueprints in the course. So for this you may want to revisit the basic affiliate monetization videos in the TASS blueprint, as well as revisit the Evergreen Funnels blueprint.

Here, you’ll learn how to use sales funnels to make more affiliate sales and how to add value to your offers.

Key Things You’ll Learn 

What makes people buy?Traffic vehicle, traffic temperature and frame
Presales contentFinding independent affiliate programs
Understanding offer metrics and how to select offersFunnel setups

The DotCom Secrets book also teaches a lot of this stuff, including how to create a value ladder for your offers. It’s a good read alongside this section in the course.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Bloggers

Email marketing is an essential piece of the equation when it comes to earning passive income with your site. 

Here you’ll learn exactly how to write email sequences that convert into sales, as well as how to tag your subscribers who engage with your emails. 

Key Things You’ll Learn 

Difference between Tags vs ListsBuilding a Promotional Calendar
Webinar Invite Broadcast TemplateList Cleaning Sequence Template
Tips and Tricks to Improve Email ConversionsEmail Marketing FAQs

Join Authority Hacker Pro.

Is Authority Hacker Pro Worth It?

Authority Hacker Pro is worth it only if you meet the following conditions:

  • You’re an established website owner
  • You make at least $1,000 per month with your site
  • You wish to scale to 7 or 8 figures using insider tips and tricks, even if you’re a small publisher
AH Pro Review

The Authority Hacker courses are all top notch online training courses, and arguably the best affiliate courses on the market. I’m an Authority Hacker Pro member and recommend the course to other website owners. 

If you’re just starting out or thinking about starting an affiliate blog, then I would recommend taking the beginner friendly Authority Site System course

The Authority Hacker Pro course is simply too advanced for a new blogger and you don’t need it now to start earning money with your site.

If you’re a current site owner, but don’t have the means to invest in the AH Pro course, then consider using Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog. Nadalie Bardo has an awesome course on how to do this called Pinterest Popular

She’s a prime example of someone who leveraged the power of Pinterest to rank her new site within one month's time! You can check out my review of Pinterest Popular to determine if the course is best suited for you.

That’s all from me. Thank you for reading my Authority Hacker Pro review! 

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