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How I Earned 2.3 Million Fetch Rewards Points in 5 Months

This is the simple strategy I used to earn 2.3 Million Fetch Rewards points in 5 months.

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This is not the first time I write about the Fetch Rewards app. 

Though this is the first time I reveal the real reason behind how I ethically earned 2.3 Million Fetch Rewards points in five months. That’s about $2,300 dollars if you’re new to the Fetch points value system. 

By the way, this will not be your typical ‘how to’ post. If you’re looking for that, then head over to my other post on 8 ways to rack up points on Fetch Rewards fast.

This article you’re reading now is meant to share with you valuable insight that will help you earn far more than $2,300 dollars worth of free Fetch gift cards. It's an opportunity to learn an advanced strategy to earning an unlimited amount of points for months and years to come.

Ethically Earning Fetch Rewards Points

As you can see from the images below, I joined Fetch Rewards on August 22, 2021, and five months later I had accumulated over 2.3 million points. In January alone, I had earned 891,511 points, or roughly $891.51 with the Fetch app.

Fetch Rewards Points
Fetch Rewards

There are 3 main things that helped me rapidly accumulate points.

  • Being a dedicated and enthusiastic user of the app
  • Advocating use of the app to earn referral bonus points 

Play By the Rules

As with most things you do, if you play by the rules and are ethical in your ways, you’ll get much farther ahead. The same holds true for earning an unlimited amount of Fetch points. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that try to fraudulently obtain points, and end up getting their accounts shut down.

Use the Fetch App Daily

When you become an enthusiastic user of Fetch Rewards, you’ll discover more opportunities to earn points that others may not be aware of yet. This will allow you to take full advantage of the amount of points you can earn with Fetch Rewards.

Refer to Earn Bonus Points

Fetch will reward you anywhere from 2,000 – 5,000 bonus points when you use your unique referral code to refer others to the app. These points are some of the highest you can earn, and will quickly get you to earning a massive amount of free gift cards with Fetch.

These three things, plus good timing and a bit of luck is what helped me earn an enormous amount of Fetch Rewards points. I’ll explain further below what I mean about the ‘timing’ of this all.

Free Fetch Rewards Points

The first thing that started me on this journey was learning that Fetch offers free points when you sign up using a referral code. It’ll net you 2,000 points or $2.00 in value that would otherwise be missed if you didn’t know about it. 

Fetch Rewards Code

Once you sign up to Fetch, you’ll have access to your own unique Fetch Rewards code. This code is what will become your greatest asset when it comes to earning Fetch Rewards points fast. 

Case in point, Fetch was offering 5,000 referral bonus points ($5.00 in value) for one day on Super Bowl Sunday. With this promo, I was able to earn 50,000 Fetch Rewards points, enough to immediately cash out a new $50 gift card.

Though in total, I earned 78,000 points on Super Bowl Sunday from my referrals, who had previously signed up and were just now starting to use the rewards app. 

5,000 Fetch Points
Fetch Rewards

So if you haven’t done so yet, you can use my referral code AWPFV8 when signing up to Fetch to receive 2,000 free points, and to access your referral code.

My Fetch Rewards Points Hack

Oftentimes when I hear the word ‘hack,’ I generally think ‘deceitful’ or ‘unethical.’ And while this may hold true in some cases, it does not in this instance. I was able to ethically hack my way to more Fetch Rewards points. This is how I did it.

The first thing was in discovering that a new generation of couponers was emerging, and these people were much more digitally savvy. This was confirmed by a report that stated in 2020 digital coupons for the first time surpassed print circular coupon redemptions.

This led me to believe that there would be more people looking for digital couponing apps in the future – and I wanted to show up front and center in their online search results, prominently displaying my Fetch referral code.

At this point, I decided to create helpful resources that would guide people in learning more about how the Fetch Rewards app works. The more people that found my guides, the more Fetch referral bonus points I would earn.

There was also a bit of luck in this strategy. The global health crisis, which had caused many people to become quarantined at home, had also turned frequent brick and mortar grocery shoppers into online shoppers nearly overnight. So, it was good timing as well that created a perfect storm of opportunity.

Fetch app content I created was posted on these social media sites:

While this may not be the ‘get rich quick’ Fetch Rewards points strategy you were hoping to hear, it is a strategy that works well.

3 Ways to Get Fetch Referral Points TODAY

In 2020, the mobile coupon market in the US was estimated at $120.4 billion dollars. There is plenty of opportunity for you to introduce Fetch Rewards and apps like Ibotta to others, and earn referral bonus points in the process.

Here are just a few ways to get started.

Friends and Family

The quickest and probably easiest way to get Fetch Rewards points right now is to share your referral code with friends and family. They are generally the people who trust you the most, and are more inclined to help you out by using your referral code at sign up. I personally signed up to Fetch Rewards with my friend’s referral code. She received 2,000 free bonus points and I did as well!


Do you frequent a church, attend monthly community gatherings, or show up to other social events? If yes, then these are often places where a simple conversation on how expensive grocery products are can turn into someone signing up to Fetch with your referral code. I’ve done this on a few occasions being that I’m an enthusiastic Fetch Rewards app user!

Grocery Store

The ideal place to quickly get Fetch Reward points is at the grocery store. This is exactly where potential new app users are congregating, and where you can introduce Fetch to others. If you’re an introvert, then this may not be your best option. But if you’re an extrovert like me, then this can be a goldmine of a place to get tons of Fetch referral bonus points.

Advice to Earn Unlimited Fetch Points

While the above 3 strategies may earn you Fetch Rewards points right now, it will also take up a lot of your valuable time. 

In my journey to earn more Fetch points, I opted to leverage traffic on the internet as a way to reach an unlimited number of people. This method can take longer to start seeing results, but it will bring you bigger rewards in the long run.

It’s not a strategy meant for everyone, but for someone who wants an opportunity to earn a massive amount more, then this is an optimal way to do it. 

One way to get started on this strategy is by learning the inner workings of getting unlimited traffic on the internet, and next is by learning about affiliate marketing.

Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets is the brainchild book by renowned multi-millionaire internet marketer and public speaker, Russell Brunson. In his book, he details dozens of places online to get unlimited traffic to your offers, including to your referral code links. 

The book can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores nationwide. But in doing so, you’ll forfeit the valuable free resources that accompany the book.

When you purchase Traffic Secrets through this link here, you’ll also receive these additional free resources and trainings:

  • 4+ hours of bonus training on the ‘Traffic Secrets Foundation’ that you can start watching immediately.
  • The ‘How to Scale Your Traffic with Simple Videos from Your Smartphone’ presentation by Dean Graziosi.
  • The ‘How to Make a Video Go Viral’ video presentation by Prince EA.
  • The ‘Ultimate Traffic Hack’ that will allow you to effortlessly publish on every social media platform without it consuming your life.
  • Access to the ‘30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge’ to implement and kickstart your journey to driving traffic to your online offers.

You can nab your copy of Traffic Secrets, along with your free bonuses here

Affiliate Bootcamp Training

Affiliate marketing is a specific term used for people interested in making money with refer and earn bonus programs, such as the one Fetch Rewards offers. 

This affiliate marketing bootcamp training is open for anyone to take and is free of charge. Russell Brunson along with various other successful online marketers will share with you their online strategy to get referral sales and sign ups for any product or service in 30 days or less. 

You can register for the free affiliate bootcamp by going here.

Fetch Rewards Points Final Thoughts

The fastest way to getting an insane amount of points with Fetch Rewards is to: play by the rules, be an avid user of the app, and leverage the refer and earn bonus points program. This is how I was able to accumulate 2.3 million Fetch Rewards points. With a little luck and good timing, along with leveraging traffic on the internet, I was able to cash out $2,300 in free Fetch gift cards in a short period of time. 

It’s possible for anyone to do the same if you have the motivation to learn about online traffic secrets and affiliate marketing. The resources on this page will help you get started. Thanks for reading and make sure to nab your free Fetch Rewards sign up bonus points here if you haven’t done so already!

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