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Fetch Rewards Hacks Not Even Reddit Users Tell You About

These Fetch Rewards hacks might even be better than the ones shared on reddit.

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The Fetch app has become one of my all-time favorite money savings apps due to its ease of use and ability to earn a side hustle income. 

I use it on a daily basis (unless I’m out of the country traveling!) and have redeemed thousands of reward points for free gift cards.

The key to start earning with the Fetch app is to sign up with a referral code. When you use referral code: AWPFV8 during the registration process, you’ll earn thousands of free points to get you started on the right path!

Fetch Rewards Hacks w/o Cheating the System

These next few Fetch Rewards hacks are legit ways to maximize your points and earnings. They are in no way ‘cheats’ that go against Fetch terms of service, nor do I condone gaming the system to get points.

If you adhere to the rules, then you’ll avoid getting your account suspended or even worse, banned for good. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into these top Fetch hacks!

8 Best Fetch Rewards Hacks

Use these hacks to earn Fetch points fast so you can redeem more free gift cards.

1. Welcome Back ‘Inactivity’ Points

There may come a time when you go through a stint of not using the app to submit new receipts. It can be because you simply forget, or have become busy, or in my case, you leave the country to travel abroad for a month.

In the event this happens, Fetch may incentivize you to return by offering you bonus reward points to submit a new receipt. This is exactly what happened to me. After 13 months of consistently uploading receipts to Fetch, I went ‘dark’ for one month while traveling through Colombia.

Once I returned to the states and opened my Fetch app, there was a special offer bonus waiting for me. It was for 700 points to upload any receipt. 

Fetch Rewards hacks

This is not uncommon to see, as many other members have also mentioned receiving this special bonus reward after a period of inactivity. Since each receipt is worth a minimum of 25 points, this reward was equivalent to 28 Fetch receipt uploads! 

2. Ambassador Referral Bonus Points

Fetch Ambassadors are members who regularly use the app to earn cashback, and who enjoy introducing Fetch Rewards to others. They do this through word of mouth, social media posts, writing blog articles on how to get more Fetch points, and just about any other way that helps them get the word out.

There’s a good reason to consider becoming a Fetch ambassador. That’s because you can earn anywhere from 100 – 1,000 referral bonus points for each person you refer to Fetch with your unique referral code.

It’s a relatively good bonus that can significantly add up to serious points towards free gift cards! Best of all, it’s not a hard sell. It’s really easy to share with someone how they can earn free gift cards by simply scanning their receipts.

Fetch Referral Code

For me, being a Fetch Ambassador has turned into a legitimate side hustle income. In only 2 years, I've earned over 13 million Fetch bonus points for referring new members to the app.

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3. Piggyback with Other Rebate Apps

There are plenty of other apps like Fetch Rewards that can be used to stack your rewards higher. I like to use a combination of similar apps, such as Pogo, that reward you for submitting receipts, as well as rebate sites to earn even more.

SwagBucks – is a rebate website that rewards you cash back for shopping at top retail stores including: Walmart, Amazon, HomeDepot, Macy’s, Shein and more. They also have a digital couponing feature called Magic Receipts. These coupons can be combined with Fetch deals to stack your rewards.

When you use my Swagbucks referral link here, you’ll earn a $10 sign up bonus.

Ibotta – is a grocery scanning receipt app that rewards you in real money for purchasing featured offers. They mainly cater to people who like to buy name brand items, though they do offer ‘any brand’ deals for people that prefer generic or less popular brands.

I’ve been able to get tons of free grocery products by scanning my receipt to both Fetch and iBotta. So this combination has been a real winner for me.

Use my Ibotta referral link to sign up to earn a $10 welcome bonus.

Other apps – Receipt Hog, Coin Out, and Shopkicks are a few other honorable mentions. They won’t earn you as much cash back as Ibotta or SwagBucks, but you can still use them to earn higher rewards.

4. Target Starbucks Gets You Bonus Points

This new discovery has helped me earn a few extra points every single day. 

Admittedly, this Fetch Rewards hack is for Starbucks coffee lovers….just like me 😆

Essentially, Starbucks is part of the Fetch Rewards brand offer deals, where you earn extra points for purchasing any of the brand’s products. For the first year, my receipt submissions on my daily purchase of iced coffee at the Starbucks inside the Target store were only worth 25 points.

Recently, that all changed when I noticed my Target Starbucks receipts were now dishing out 46 points (10 points per $1 spent brand offer deal on my iced coffee, before taxes). It seems this is either a glitch or Fetch did in fact make Starbucks coffee purchases inside Target locations an eligible offer.

Fetch Rewards Brand deals

But that's not the big hack here. 

If you use a Fluz app gift card voucher, you can earn an additional 25% cashback on your Starbucks purchase. Add your Fluz gift card to your Starbucks loyalty reward app and earn double Star Rewards towards free Starbucks drinks and food.

It’s literally a three-way cashback hack that will earn you the most amount of rewards when purchasing from a Target Starbucks location!

5. One Finance Fetch Pay Debit Card

One of the best Fetch Rewards hacks that used to excite me the most was the Fetch Pay Debit card feature. 

Under the Fetch Pay program, Fetch members would earn 1 point per dollar spent when paying with the Fetch Pay debit card. The card was issued by ONE Finance, and you first had to be invited into the program and then approved for the free debit card. 

There also used to be a $50 – $75 bank bonus offer for being a new ONE Finance debit card holder and completing eligibility requirements. 

But early in 2022 the Fetch Pay program with ONE Finance was scrapped and even though ONE Finance still exists, their bank bonus offer is no longer in existence.

I included this hack in the event Fetch decides to partner with another fintech bank to offer Fetch Pay again. For now, Fetch continues to have their Fetch Pay program details up on their website.

Side Note: While Fetch Pay extra points were great, it was a far cry from the cashback earnings you could earn when paying with a credit card reward loyalty program, such as the Chase Freedom card.

6. Convert Your Fetch Points into Cash

While Fetch Reward points have no monetary value, it is worth something. And that ‘something’ can be turned into cash.

On a whim one random day in 2022, and frustrated that I couldn’t redeem my points for cash, I researched ways to turn a VISA debit card balance into actual cash. I felt this was my best chance of getting cash for my points. 

The other alternative was to sell my Fetch gift cards for much lower than the actual face value, and it wasn’t something I wanted to give up.

My research brought me to discover that a VISA debit card balance can be transferred to a PayPal account and then cashed out to a bank account. 

This is the way the hack works:

  • Redeem Fetch Reward points to a VISA debit card
  • Add the VISA debit card as a payment method in a PayPal Business account
  • Send money from your PayPal Business account to your PayPal Personal Account using the VISA card for the payment.
  • Cash out the money to your bank account

You’ll incur fees using this method, but I suspect it’s way less than if you were to sell a Fetch gift card at below value. I’ve redeemed thousands of Fetch points for cash this way, and I’ve not had any issues with it.

I recorded a video on YouTube about this, as well as wrote an Ultimate Guide on Redeeming Fetch Reward points for cash and gift cards. Feel free to drop me any questions you may have about this on my YouTube video.

7. Enter FREE Fetch Points Giveaways

There’s a way to earn free Fetch points without ever having to upload a receipt. Details on how to do this are usually in the fine print. Literally.

For example, Fetch will routinely have point giveaway contests that members can enter. These are generally theme-based contests and can earn you a lot of free Fetch points if you win.

In August 2022, Fetch announced its Back to School 5 Million Point Giveaway. This would be about $5,000 in free reward points. In the fine print of the contest, were a couple of important sentences that stated:

“Thirty-five (35) entries will be awarded to users who email ‘marketing at fetch rewards dot com’ with B2S 5 Million Points Entry as the subject….the mail-in entry is a no-purchase necessary alternative.”

Fetch Rewards Contest Rules
Fetch Rewards Contest

This is actually a lot more entries than if you were to enter the contest by scanning a store receipt, which would have earned you only 1 entry.

Needless to say, reading the fine print can increase your chances of getting tons of free Fetch points!

8. Sign Up with a Referral Code

This is probably the easiest hack to get free points and the most overlooked one. Generally speaking, many of these cash back apps try to woo you in by offering something for free in exchange for you trying them out.

That’s the case with #FetchRewards, but only if you know about it. As a new user, when you sign up to Fetch using a referral code, you’ll be awarded anywhere between 2,000 – 4,000 free Fetch points as a bonus.

Feel free to use my referral code: AWPFV8 during the registration process to nab the bonus. It will earn you free points when scanning your first few receipts.

Once you sign up, you’ll also have access to your very own Fetch Rewards referral code. Use it to make extra money as a Fetch Rewards ambassador! 

You'll find even more hacks in my Fetch Rewards review breakdown. You can go straight there using this speed pass link to Fetch Rewards hacks.

Fetch Rewards Tips to Avoid Suspension

During the time that I’ve been a Fetch Rewards member, I’ve seen and heard of a lot of accounts being shut down. Most of the reasons behind this unfortunate event are things that can easily be avoided.

Here are some tips to keep your account safe from getting an unwanted Fetch Rewards suspension.

  • Don’t create fake accounts using Your Fetch referral code for purposes of getting multiple free sign up bonus rewards
  • Avoid submitting receipts that are not your own
  • Do not use a Fetch receipt maker to create and upload fake receipts 
  • Too many duplicate receipt submissions may get you a warning that can lead to suspensions.
  • Do not purchase a brand deal product for purposes of getting huge point rewards with the intention of returning the product later.

Ultimately, if you use Fetch Rewards in the way it’s intended to be used, then you’ll put yourself in a position to keep your account safe from a Fetch suspension.

Fetch Rewards Hacks Conclusion

These Fetch Rewards hacks all come from my personal experience using the app over the last 13 months. As I discover more ways to earn more Fetch points and stretch those points, I’ll share them here and update this post!

Fetch Rewards has really been a great side hustle income for me, and I hope it also becomes one for you!

Fetch Rewards Hacks FAQ’s

Below are answers to common Fetch app questions. If you find yourself with further questions about Fetch Rewards hacks, then feel free to drop them in the comments section of this YouTube video.

Can you cheat Fetch Reward points?

No. You can not cheat Fetch Reward points. If you try this, you’ll put your account at risk of being suspended and your gift cards being forfeited.

How Does Fetch Rewards Make Money?

Fetch Rewards earns affiliate commissions from partnered brands for special offers and deal offers you purchase on submitted receipts. Affiliate partners may also pay a fee to prominently feature their brand in the Fetch app.

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