Fetch Rewards Review

Fetch Rewards Review 2024: How Much I Made in 30 Days

In this Fetch Rewards review, I'll share with you how much you can realistically expect to make during your first month of using the rewards app.

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I tried the Fetch App for 30 days. 

In my Fetch Rewards review, I’ll share with you how much you can realistically make your first month of scanning receipts. You’ll also see exactly how much I earned my first 30 days as a first time user. 

Ultimately, I hope this helps you determine whether the Fetch app is worth it to you. 

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Fetch Rewards Review

Now, I’m not new to cash back reward apps. As a matter of fact, I’ve been using Receipt Hog for the last two years, and the Ibotta app for over a year. And while both apps have earned me money, I felt it was time to continue stacking my rewards with a new money savings app! 

Update! It’s been almost two years since I started using the Fetch app. A lot has changed since then! I’ve updated this post to reflect those changes.

What is the Fetch App and How Does It Work?

Essentially, the Fetch app allows you to earn points on ANY receipt from any store or restaurant. So even if you only shop local and never buy from the big box stores, you can still earn reward points! 

You can then redeem those points for free gift cards, sweepstakes entries, or give them away as charitable donations.  

In 2023, Fetch Rewards rebranded to simply Fetch. The fun hashtag #FetchHappened and #Fetch was used to mark the occasion and get people excited about the new Fetch.

  • Can you scan any receipt on Fetch? – In addition to accepting ANY receipt from stores and restaurants, Fetch also accepts gas station receipts, liquor store receipts, and bakery store receipts.
  • Is Fetch Rewards legit? – Fetch Rewards is not a scam. They currently have over 17 million monthly active users, and have delivered nearly $340 million in savings to them.
  • How does Fetch Rewards Make Money? – Fetch makes money from partnered brands and businesses, but it always remains free to you.
  • How many receipts can you upload to Fetch? – You can snap up to 35 receipts within a 7-day rolling period on Fetch.
  • Do Fetch points expire? – If your account is inactive for 90 days, then the points earned in your account will expire on the 91st day. If you’re actively using the Fetch app, such as earning points, using GoodRx and redeeming rewards, then your points will not expire.

Fetch Promo Code 2024

The Fetch promo code, often referred to as a ‘Fetch Referral Code,’ that will earn you a sign up bonus reward as a new user is: AWPFV8.

How to Enter Promo Code on Fetch App

  • Download the App
  • Enter Name + Date of Birth
  • Enter Email Address
  • Create a Password
  • Enter Referral Code
Fetch Promo Code

Once you’ve created a new user account and entered promo code AWPFV8, you’re ready to start earning your bonus points. To start, scan your first receipt to immediately earn your first 100 – 500 points. 

The promo code bonus used to be anywhere between 2,000 to 5,000 points. That changed in March 2023 and it has since dropped to 100 – 500 points. 

A lot of restructuring has been happening at Fetch headquarters lately, primarily due to macroeconomic issues. 

This also unfortunately led Fetch to lay off 100 employees. The sign up bonus offer also got hit and was consequently reduced.

As you can see in the image below, on August 23rd 2021, I earned 2,000 points on my first receipt scan after signing up with a promo code. It’s been a long while since then but the good news is you’ll still get a sign up bonus, just not as big as before.

Fetch Rewards Review
Fetch Promo Code

This was just the beginning though. I highly suggest taking advantage of the first week of the bonus points spree. There are A LOT of points to rack up! (This may have changed by now, but there’s still some easy points to nab your first week!)

I imagine Fetch wants people to start using the app right away, so they basically give away free points to get you started. 

Almost immediately after receiving my first 2,000 points, Fetch gave me a chance to earn an ‘ANY receipt bonus’ worth 1,200 points. And soon after that, it was an 800 point bonus. This brought my total sign up bonus rewards to 4,000 points.

Fetch receipt app
Fetch receipt bonus
Fetch app rewards

Surprisingly, it didn’t end there. The chances to earn even more bonus points kept coming! 

The next ‘Any Receipt’ bonuses I received were for 450 points, 300 points, 150 points, and 100 points. This all happened within a matter of two days. The more receipts I scanned, the more Fetch seemed to reward me!

Thankfully, I had some planned purchases to make, so I had plenty of receipts to upload.

Fetch rewards review
Fetch any receipt bonus
Fetch reviews

In total, I received 5,000 bonus points within my first two days of signing up with the Fetch app. That equaled $5.00 in free money for simply scanning receipts of my purchases. 

At that point, I was eligible to redeem my Fetch points for a $5 gift card to AMC Theatres®, Applebee’s, T.J. Maxx and tons of other places. More on that later!

How to Use Fetch Rewards

There’s no sifting through tons of coupons to find the ones you’re most interested in. The Fetch app already does that for you. All you have to do is scan your receipt and Fetch will match it against current offers and issue you reward points. It’s a safe and legit rebate app that works to earn you cash back rewards.

Snap Receipts

Fetch receipts review

To snap a receipt on your iPhone or Android, simply open the app and tap on the orange circle button on the bottom center of your screen. 

From there, line up the top and side edges of the receipt to fit the viewfinder frame and snap away! Make sure the store name, date, and total purchase amount are captured on the receipt. Otherwise, Fetch won’t accept it. 

Receipt Snapping Tips

  • The receipt should be lying flat and on a non-reflective surface
  • Receipts should not be stained, smudged, nor crinkled.
  • Receipts should be taken in a well lit area
  • Keep objects and fingers away from covering the receipt

Submit eReceipts

Fetch eReceipts

You can also submit electronic receipts on Fetch. Simply connect your email, Amazon, or Walmart account to earn credit for eligible online grocery purchases. 

When you are ready to earn points, tap on the blue ‘eReceipts’ button on the bottom center of your screen. Each time you want to scan for eReceipts you’ll need to do this.

**IMPORTANTThe Fetch app is unable to accept photo snaps of eReceipts that are printed out on paper or that are taken from digital screens.

Other grocery apps that will reward you for your online grocery receipts:

  • Swagbucks $10 Bonus – Magic Receipts from Swagbucks will earn you SB points for redeeming grocery offers. Cash out your points to gift cards or PayPal cash.
  • Receipt Hog Bonus – Connect your grocery shopping account or scan receipts to earn hog points. Cash out to PayPal, Amazon git card or VISA PrePaid debit card.

1,000 Fetch Points = About $1.00 in Value

Fetch points vary in value and greatly depend on how you plan to redeem your points.

So when people ask me, “How many Fetch points equal a dollar?,” it’s really not a cut and dry answer.

On average, 5,000 points on Fetch is equal to roughly $5.00 in value and 10,000 points is equal to about $10.00 in value.

Redeem Fetch Rewards Points

Once you’ve reached a minimum of 100 points, you can start redeeming your rewards for Fetch sweepstakes entries. At a minimum of 3,000 Fetch points you can start redeeming gift cards or donate your points as charitable donations.

Gift Cards

The Fetch app has plenty of gift cards you can redeem that range in value from $3 – $50. The value of each gift card varies. For example a $10 Amazon gift card will cost you 12,500 Fetch points, whereas a $10 T.J. Maxx gift card will run you 9,500 points.

Some gift cards you can redeem include: Amazon, Best Buy, AutoZone, LongHorn Steakhouse, Airbnb, Panera Bread, Burger King and Home Depot.

Fetch Gift Cards
redeem fetch points

Sweepstakes Entries

Fetch routinely offers sweepstakes entries using rewards points. 

At the time of this writing, they currently have a 500,000 Fetch Points Millionaire Sweepstakes. For 100 Fetch points, you can get one entry, and for 2,500 points, you can get 100 entries into the sweepstakes drawing.

Fetch Points Millionaire Sweepstakes
Fetch rewards sweepstakes

Charitable Donations

You can also donate your Fetch points to charity. A 3,000 point donation would equal a $3 contribution to the organization of your choice. Some foundations you can donate to include: The American Cancer Society, City Year, Equal Justice Initiative, and GLAAD

Fetch app reviews
Fetch receipts reviews

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5x Your Points with Fetch Pay

The Fetch Pay Debit Card is rarely discussed despite it being one of the best ways to earn Fetch points fast. This special debit card is powered by the ONE banking platform and can be used to earn up to 5x Fetch points for every dollar you spend on your debit card.

The illusive card is granted by invite only according to Fetch, but I found a way around that with a simple hack. You can read more about how the card works and how to apply in my Fetch Pay debit card review.


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[Cheat Sheet] 11 Ways to Earn Points

There are many ways to crush it on the Fetch app and maximize your rewards. In fact, I found 11 ways in which you can earn Fetch points both with and without receipts. 

I’ll share these with you first, and then I’ll share how many points you can realistically rack up your first month.

1 – Use Promo Code 

When you use Promo Code AWPFV8 to sign up with Fetch Rewards, you’ll earn between 100 – 500 points. It’s free money just to join!

2 – Snap Receipts

Snap any and ALL receipts. It doesn’t matter if you shop local or the big box stores. Fetch will reward you a minimum of 25 points per receipt.

3 – Scan eReceipts

Get rewarded for your online shopping by connecting your Amazon account and email to the Fetch app. Periodically scan eReceipts from your app. 

4 – Take a Survey

Based on your specific shopping behavior, you may be offered to take a survey in exchange for bonus Fetch points. These are free points that don’t require a receipt.

5 – Participate in Contests

Fetch offers social media contests where they have massive giveaways. One of the most recent giveaways offered 500,000 points to the contest winner.

6 – Special Offers

Check your app for special offers on purchases made of specific promotional items. These purchases can earn you thousands of points.

7 – Partnered Brands

When you purchase from listed partner brands, you’ll be awarded a base rate of the final purchase price. Rewards may be higher than others in some situations.

8 – Fetch GoodRx Card

GoodRx is a free prescription price comparison tool. You can use the in-app GoodRx card whether you do or do not have insurance to earn Fetch points.

9 – Join Fetch Clubs

Huggies Rewards+ and General Mills Good Rewards are brand loyalty programs powered by Fetch. As a member, you’ll receive special loyalty points for joining and achieving milestones. These rewards are not offered to non-club members.

10 – Refer Your Friends

When you refer your friends to Fetch using your referral code, you’ll earn between 100 – 500 points when they scan their first receipt.

11 – Daily Reward Bonus

This is a new feature from Fetch. You’ll earn a daily spin on the prize wheel on your first physical receipt submission per day. The clock resets 24 hours after each spin. You’ll earn the stated amount of points wherever the wheel lands!

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How Many Points I Earned in 30 Days

Ok, so now that you know how to earn Fetch points, let’s talk about how much you can realistically make your first month. 

As a frequent shopper, you’ll earn the most amount of points. No surprise here! This is the case with me. So far, I’ve earned Fetch points using five of the methods mentioned above.

Snapping Daily Receipts

Unless there’s an apocalypse going on outside, you can bet that every single morning I’m heading out to grab a cup of coffee. Generally, I stop in at the Starbucks inside of my local Target store. On other occasions, I stay and do work there from my laptop (like writing this post!). This earns me 25 Fetch points every single day.

Other times, you can catch me shopping for clothes I probably don’t need, or grabbing a 12-pack for a fun girls night in. This earns me additional points.

Fetch points
snap receipts
cash back apps

Purchasing Special Offers

So far, I’ve taken advantage of three Fetch ‘Special Offer’ bonus rewards. These special promotions were for Kind Thin bars, Clio Frozen Greek bars, and for Burger King fast food. These offers have added a total of 5,375 points to my 30 day tally. 

Fetch Stop and Shop receipt
Fetch fast food points
fetch grocery app

Partnered Brands 

On a couple of occasions, I’ve received extra points for snapping receipts that included partnered brands. These two brands were Gatorade and Mrs. Baird’s bread.

Fetch brands
grocery app

Fetch Surveys

During this first month, Fetch offered me 250 points to take one survey. The survey was quick and took about 3 minutes to complete. They asked questions related to my buying habits.

Fetch app survey
Fetch survey

Referral Bonus

Once I downloaded the Fetch app and started using it, I began to refer others. One of my friends downloaded the app with my referral code, while another person found my code from one of my videos on YouTube

These two referrals earned me 4,000 points. Nowadays, referral points given are much less.

Fetch code
pay per lead

Overall, in my first 30 days (it’s actually 34 days!), of using the Fetch app, I was able to earn a total of 19,540 points, or $19.54 in total value. It’s not bad for scanning receipts of items I generally purchase on a regular basis!

**UPDATE – You won’t believe how much I’ve earned in 5 Months with Fetch Rewards!

money savings app
rewards app

My initial thought was to redeem my rewards at 25,000 points for a free Starbucks gift card. That would be a logical choice since I drink Starbucks coffee on a daily basis. 

But the more I think about it, I would much rather continue to accumulate points, and redeem them for holiday gift cards. That, to me, is a great way to save money on Christmas presents this year!

Now, obviously the amount of points you rack up depends entirely on your personal shopping habits. But hopefully, my Fetch Rewards review gives you an idea of how much you can earn during your first month. 

Pros and Cons of Fetch Rewards

As with every rewards app, there are pros and cons to each. Fetch is no different. While there are some great things to love about the Fetch app, there are other things that are not so great. 

Below are some of the pros and cons I found after downloading and reviewing the Fetch app.

The app is free to download and use. 
It takes a long time for reward points to add up.
Receive 100 – 500 points sign up bonus when you use code AWPFV8
Too few offers compared to other money saving apps.
Fetch doesn’t care what receipts you scan. You’ll earn points on nearly every receipt upload.
Cash back can be redeemed for gift cards, not cash.
Special Offers bonus points will fast track your cash back earnings.
Reward points expire after 90 days of account inactivity
Save up to 80% on prescriptions by using Fetch’s GoodRx digital card.
Weekly limit to amount of receipts you can upload per week
Fetch Daily Reward Spins will earn you free bonus points every 24 hours.Referral bonus points are not as high as other rebate apps.

Fetch vs iBotta

Ibotta is known to be one of the best cash back rewards app out there – but Fetch Rewards has a lot of perks to it that some people may prefer.

For instance, with Fetch Rewards, you don’t have to spend time looking for coupons to redeem within the app. You simply head to the grocery store to do your regular shopping, and snap your receipt when done. Fetch will do the heavy lifting of finding the rewards for you without clipping coupons.

Plus, you’ll get a minimum of 25 points on every receipt you upload.

On the contrary, with Ibotta, you’ll have to look for coupons to add to your in-app shopping cart prior to submitting your receipt. Otherwise, you won’t get the credit for those items. On top of that, IBotta rewards you on individual brand products. So you will not earn rewards on every receipt you scan.

I wrote an in-depth review of Fetch Rewards vs Ibotta that you can check out on my blog.

Fetch vs Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog will reward you in ‘hog coins’ for scanning shopping receipts from grocery stores, mom and pop shops, restaurant receipts and more. They also have a feature similar (but slightly different) to the Fetch Daily Rewards called Hog Spins. 

It’s a fun way to earn coins on receipts that don’t earn you hog coins.

Hog coins can be redeemed for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, or VISA PrePaid debit cards. Read my full Receipt Hog review.

Fetch vs Shopkick

Shopkick is another receipt scanning app that rewards you for scanning receipts, walking into stores, and scanning product barcodes. You’ll earn ‘kicks’ per each activity and eligible receipt.

Kicks can be redeemed for free gift cards to Walmart, Amazon, Target and more. Many of the digital coupons on the app oftentimes overlap with Fetch offers, making them a great combo.

Read my Shopkick review.

Fetch Rewards Review: Is It Worth It?

If you’ve been wondering how to earn money for receipts, then the Fetch app is your answer. When I first read the over 4.1 Million Fetch app reviews in the app store with a 4.8 rating, I knew this was going to be a great cash back rewards app to download. 

Ultimately, I was not disappointed. Based on my personal shopping habits and the amount of monthly purchases I make, the Fetch app is worth it to me.

Another way in which I save on groceries is with the Flashfood app. I use it to purchase foods at up to 50% off listed price.

If that’s something that peaks your interest, then definitely read my Flashfood review next!

I hope you found this Fetch Rewards review helpful to you. And don’t forget to nab your sign up bonus points using Fetch code: AWPFV8 at sign up!

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Fetch Rewards Review FAQs

How do I turn my Fetch rewards into cash?

There is currently no option to redeem Fetch points for cash. 

Though, you can redeem points for a VISA debit card and convert that into cash using Paypal.

How Do I Redeem a Reward?

Go to the bottom tab of your screen and tap on the ‘Rewards’ option. You’ll have multiple categories to choose from ranging from gifts cards to sweepstake entries to charitable donations. Here’s a complete guide for redeeming Fetch Reward points.

How Many Points do you need on Fetch to Get Rewards?

You need a minimum of 3,000 points on Fetch to redeem a reward.

How do you get the most points on Fetch Rewards?

You’ll receive the most points on Fetch if you are a frequent shopper, and take advantage of the ‘Special Offer’ bonus points. 

When you use Fetch code AWPFV8 at sign up, you’ll also receive up to 4,000 bonus points.

How Do You Get 10,000 Points on Fetch Rewards?

You’ll receive 10,000 Fetch points with your first coupon use of the in-app GoodRx prescription card. You’ll earn 1,500 points on future coupons and refills thereafter. 

Can you scan fake receipts on Fetch Rewards?

No. You can be banned from using the Fetch app if you upload fake receipts.

Can you scan any receipt on Fetch?

YES! This is the best part about using the Fetch app. You can upload ANY receipt to Fetch and earn reward points. 

Are there other apps like Fetch Rewards?

Yes. You can check out these 11 other apps like Fetch Rewards to stack your rewards.

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