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Flashfood Promo Code PILA432ZF Gets You FREE First Order Credit

Use Flashfood Promo Code PILA432ZF to nab $5 in rewards when you spend $10 or more on your first Flashfood order.

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Enter Flashfood Promo Code PILA432ZF or use a Flashfood referral link to get a $5 credit towards your first order of $10 or more on Flashfood. The credit will be automatically applied at checkout on your first order.

The Flashfood app aims to help everyday consumers find grocery deals on products that are soon to be expired. The program not only helps you save money on food, but it also keeps millions of pounds of food waste away from landfills.

What is the Flashfood App?

Flashfood is a digital marketplace for foods nearing their expiry date. The Canadian-made app works with well-known grocery chains in Canada and the United States to bring significant grocery savings to you.

Read my full Flashfood app review and start saving today!

Flashfood Promo Code (First Order)

The Flashfood promo code PILA432ZF will earn you a $5 instant credit when registering as a new member. Simply enter the promo code at registration (also referred to as the Flashfood referral code). Then purchase $10 or more on your first order to receive $5 off. 

How to Enter a Flashfood Promo Code

In order to get the $5 credit applied to your order, follow these instructions.

  • During registration on the Welcome to Flashfood screen go to ‘I have a referral code’
  • Enter referral code PILA432ZF
  • Purchase $10 or more on your first Flashfood order to receive an immediate $5 credit. No waiting period required. 

If you forget to include a referral code at sign up, then open the Flashfood app and go to:

Profile icon on upper left hand corner > Rewards > Redeem a Code

flashfood promo code first order

Make sure to enter the Flashfood promo code PILA432ZF before making your first purchase.

Other Flashfood Rewards Available

If you’re looking for more ways to earn Flashfood credits, then share your feedback for a chance to earn $20! For a limited time, Flashfood is paying you to pick your brain. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Answer a few questions about yourself and grocery shopping habits by filling out the Flashfood Feedback Community Survey.
  • Based on your answers and the current initiative, a Flashfood representative will reach out to you.
  • If selected, Flashfood will schedule a conversation with you in order to get your feedback on a feature.
  • By participating in the conversation with a researcher, Flashfood will grant you $20 in Flashfood credits.

And if you want to earn even more Flashfood credits, then the Flashfood referral program is a great way to do it. 

Flashfood Referral Program

Flashfood offers you a way to earn more credits by referring your friends and family to join. As an active member, you’ll be assigned a Flashfood promo code. Use it to share on social media or with anyone who wants to try the grocery savings app. 

For each person you refer who spends $10 or more on their first order, both you and your referral will earn an $5 credit. 

Quick Note: On occasion, Flashfood will up the bonus amount to $8 but during most of the year the promo is for a $5 credit.

Flashfood Promo Code $5
Flashfood app order

There's no limit to the amount of people you can refer. The more you refer, the more credits you’ll earn. Use the credit to get food from a Flashfood partnered store near you. The app will automatically apply your credit to your final order.

Food Promo Codes to Beat Inflation

Things aren’t getting cheaper. That’s for sure. 

Inflation is eating into the pockets of families and food seems to be getting more expensive by the minute. If you’re feeling the pinch, then use these next food promo codes to save on your next grocery bill.

Fetch Rewards Promo Code AWPFV8

Fetch is a receipt app that rewards you in points for each grocery receipt you submit. Upload receipts with partnered brands to earn bonus points. Enter promo code AWPFV8 at sign up to earn 100 – 500 Fetch points on your first receipt submission.

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Ibotta Promo Code KSHAGVC

Ibotta is a digital couponing app that will save you time from clipping newspaper coupons. Pick your offers and upload your receipt. Ibotta will reward you cash back rewards on all eligible offers. Enter promo code KSHAGVC at sign up to earn $5 when you submit your first receipt.

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Shopkick Promo Code CARD513768

Shopkick is a retail and grocery rebate app. You can submit receipts to claim rebate offers as well as scan product barcodes to earn points towards free gift cards. Enter promo code CARD513768 to earn a 500 point sign up bonus after you earn your first 10 kicks (aka points).

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Seated Promo Code PILAR33

Seated is an app that will pay you cash back rewards to dine out. Reserve a table at your favorite city restaurant using the Seated app, and take a bite out of your meal tab. Enter promo code PILAR33 at sign up to earn a $10 reward when you eat at your first Seated restaurant. 

So if you’re tired of cooking dinner, then try Seated! Read my Seated review.

Flashfood Promo Code Conclusion

I learned about the Flashfood app after completing a mystery shop gig. I then entered a Flashfood promo code to earn my first $8 in credits. The promo code made it appealing for me to try out the app and get $8 worth of free food on my first purchase. (the limited time promo has since changed. Now you get a $5 credit, instead of $8)

In the last few months, I’ve placed 16 Flashfood orders and found it to be the cheapest groceries in Boston. I plan to continue using the app to save up to 50% on my weekly grocery bill. 

Ready to try it out for yourself? Download Flashfood and use Flashfood promo code PILA432ZF to start saving today!

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