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Fluz App Review: Earn Cash Back from Your Social Network

Discover how to make money from your gift card purchases and social network in this Fluz app review

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With the rate of inflation pinching pockets more than ever, now is as best time as ever to look into money saving cash back apps. 

Fluz, one of the newest apps to offer you rebates on your purchases, is touting passive income cash back features that no other app currently offers. 

In this Fluz app review, I’ll break down the pros and cons and whether this is a worthy app to try out.

**UPDATE on 11/5/2022 – Within the last few days, Fluz has updated their sign-up bonus rewards. Currently, you'll receive 2(x) 25% boosts (formerly known as vouchers), when you sign up with my referral link down below. I will update this post to reflect that in the coming days. In the meantime, read my updated information on the Fluz Referral Code Sign Up Bonus here. Thank you!

What is Fluz App?

Fluz is a free cash back app that enables users to earn rewards on gift card purchases. You’ll make money on real-time purchases by using Fluzpay to shop in-store or online.

Additionally, you’ll get paid cashback on purchases from your downline network, making this a viable passive income stream app.

Fluz Sign up Bonus

New Fluz app members will earn up to 35% cash back on your first three purchases (worth up to $3.50 each), when you use a Fluz referral code to join.

Fluz Referral Code

Follow the below steps to earn your sign up bonus reward.

  • Enter referral code: PILARBONUS
  • Instantly earn three 35% Fluz cash back store credit vouchers
  • Vouchers expire within 60 days from the date you earn them.

Once you satisfy the above requirements, you’ll be on your way to making money with the Fluz app! 

How Does Fluz App Work

The Fluz app works by providing users with cash back and discounts from partnered retailers and brands. Unlike other rebate apps, there are no receipts to scan or offers to add to your shopping list.

Instead, search the over 200+ merchants on Fluz, and select the merchant you plan to shop. Enter the exact amount of your purchase, or pick a fixed gift card amount. 

Pay Fluz and instantly receive your Fluzpay gift card code. Use your Fluz code to pay in-store or online and complete your purchase. You'll earn the agreed upon cash back on the purchase amount of the Fluz gift card.

Cheat Sheet: How to Use Fluzpay

In order to pay with your Fluzpay gift card code, follow the instructions below.

Fluzpay gift card code
  • Select Merchant from Offer List
  • Enter the Amount of Your Purchase (or choose Fixed Amount)
  • Select Payment Method (Pay with your Fluz balance, credit or debit card, or Apple Pay)
  • Review Your Order
  • Get Fluzpay Barcode
  • Use Fluzpay Gift Card Code to Pay In-store or Online
  • Stack rewards by using Fluzpay Gift Card Code with merchant loyalty card

Each payment method used to purchase a Fluzpay gift card code will offer you a different cash back amount.

For example, at the current rates if you purchase a Starbucks Fluzpay gift card code, your cash back rewards would be the following:

  • Pay with Fluz Balance – Earn 4% cash back
  • Pay with Debit Card – Earn 3% cash back
  • Pay with Apple Pay – Earn 1% cash back
Fluz app review

Earn with Social Community Buying

Another way to make money with the Fluz app is to earn compound cash back rewards by inviting your friends, family and community to join your Fluz network. This main distinctive feature is what separates Fluz from other rebate apps.

The way it works is whenever you, your friends, or even their connections make a purchase, you earn cash back. And they earn cash back, too. Connections can run 15 layers deep within a personal network, which allows your maximum network size to grow to 65,534 connections.

fluz app cashback
Fluz app invite bonus

As your network multiplies, your ability to earn cash back on Fluz will grow exponentially.

Fluzpay Credit Builder

The Fluz app also enables users to build credit history when you pay for purchases through ACH accounts and debit cards. Fluz will ‘spot’ you the purchase transaction amount while your money settles, in essence giving you a ‘line of credit’ for the few days it takes for them to get paid from your bank.

The following month, Fluz gathers all your transactions from the previous month and reports it to Experian as ‘on-time’ payments.

Fluz introduced this credit reporting feature in May 2022, and using the feature is optional. It's neither a hard or soft inquiry.

With this feature, Fluz aims to help users build credit history and improve their credit score without interest, annual fees, debt and credit checks.

Fluz app menu
Fluz credit builder

In order to activate credit reporting within the app go to:

Menu (☰) > Privacy & Security > then toggle the “Build Your Credit” button on.

Learn more on the Fluz website about their credit builder feature.

How Does Fluz Make Money

Fluz receives money from partnerships with top retailers to advertise their brands on the Fluz app. When a Fluz member makes a purchase transaction, Fluz splits the money they earn from retailers with you and your network. The app is free to use and costs you nothing to earn cashback rewards.

How Much Cashback Can You Earn with Fluz?

Fluz bonus vouchers will earn you up to 35% cash back at voucher stores. Vouchers are earned when you sign up through a referral bonus link, and through inviting others to Fluz with your referral code.

Additionally, vouchers expire 60 days after you first earn them. So use them as soon as you get them to take advantage of the higher cash back rewards! 

Regular offers range from 1% – 15% cash back and vary according to your payment method.

35% Cashback Fluz Voucher Stores

Vouchers can be redeemed at Fluz voucher stores. Below is a listing of some voucher stores currently available.

XboxPUGB MobileNintendo eShop
SpotifyChipotleBurger King
Steak ‘n ShakePapa John’sPeet’s Coffee & Tea
Jamba JuiceGrubhubCaviar

Claiming Fluz Rewards

There is a one-time requirement to hit $15 in rewards before you can initiate your first payout. After that, you can claim your payouts with no minimum requirement necessary. You can cash out anytime and in any amount.

Fluz Tip

In order to quickly reach the initial $15 payout, follow these tips:

  • Maximize your Fluz store vouchers by making at least $10 purchases on each voucher. This will earn you the max cash out amount of $3.50 plus the original cashback amount. 3x store vouchers can earn you $10.50+.
  • Use store vouchers within 60 days before they expire
  • Purchase gift cards with a bank card for higher cashback rewards
  • Invite friends and family to the app with your referral code to earn Fluz cash bonus rewards
Fluzpay voucher
Fluz cash back app

How to Withdraw Fluz Balance

Below are the withdrawal methods for cashing out your Fluz balance:

  • Bank / ACH
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Transfer to a Virtual Debit Card (VISA)
  • Donate Points to Charity

You can find your rewards balance and withdrawal history in your Fluz wallet on the top left corner of the Fluz app.

Fluz App Review: My Experience

Trustpilot Fluz app reviews show a 4.6 out of 5 stars excellent rating from Fluz app users.

My review of the Fluz app fits right within this satisfactory window. I’ve been using the app since January of 2022 and have found it to be a solid way to earn cashback rewards through my personal purchases. It’s also been an easy way to earn a passive income stream from purchases originating from my referrals.

But as with anything, there are pros and cons to using the Fluz app.

Fluz Gift Card App Pros and Cons

Free mobile app to earn money on gift card purchasesApp can be slow at times
35% cashback store vouchers when signing up with a referral linkMore gift card options of stores I frequent would be nice
Get paid on all purchases from people within your network (up to 65k connections!)Need to hit a minimum of $26 to initiate your first payout
Rewards can be withdrawn to cashIt’s a relatively new app and still needs to work on glitches
Can stack cash back rewards with other rebates sitesCustomer service is ok, not outstanding

One of the reasons I like the Fluz app is because you don’t need to purchase a fixed amount for your store gift card. You can enter the exact amount of your purchase, and that way you won’t be left with bits of extra money left over on a gift card. That’s always been my biggest pet peeve. Fluzpay helps solve that.

Fluz App Money Hacks

There are more ways to earn with the Fluz app. One way is through Fluz bonus rewards. Another method is to stack your cashback rewards with other rebate sites.

Fluz Bonus Rewards 

Fluz gives you access to bonus earning opportunities with their in-app goals and challenges as you expand your network.

Stack Cashback Rewards with Other Sites

Combine your Fluz cash back with credit or debit card rewards, coupon apps such as Fetch Rewards and Ibotta, loyalty cards such as Starbucks, and rebate affiliate sites such as Rakuten and Swagbucks to stack rewards even higher!

Here’s an example of how to stack rewards:

  • Shop Macy’s through the Rakuten rebate site for an additional 6% cashback reward
  • Pay with your Fluzpay Macy’s Gift Card Code for another 6% cashback reward
Fluz review
Rakuten rebate website

It’s incredible how much you can save when you use your other reward cards and apps with Fluz. During the holiday shopping season, this can amount to HUGE cashback rewards when purchasing gifts! 

Fluz App Review Conclusion

In this Fluz app review, I aimed to show you how the Fluz app works, and how you can use it to stack your cashback rewards.

If you haven’t signed up for Fluz yet, you can do so by using this link here to earn three 35% Fluz cashback vouchers.

Fluz App FAQs

Below are some of the most common questions asked about the Fluz app.

What’s the Fluz Referral Code?

The Fluz referral code to earn three 35% Fluz vouchers is: PILARBONUS

Is Fluz Legit?

Yes. The Fluz app is legit. I've used it to earn cash back rewards on my personal purchases. I've also earned passive income rewards from my Fluz network.

Is Fluz Safe?

Yes. Fluz is safe to use. Fluz deploys 256-bit encryption as an end-to-end standard. AES-256 encryption is the strongest encryption standard, with a key length of 256 bits, making it practically unbreakable by brute force attacks. 

Is Fluz a pyramid scheme?

No. Fluz is not a pyramid scheme. There is no cost to you or your network for joining Fluz.

When do Fluz Vouchers Expire?

Fluz vouchers have an expiry date of 60 days from the date of issue.

How Do I Contact Fluz?

You can contact Fluz via their customer care line at 1-646-760-7479 or by email at humans@fluz.app.

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