Fluz referral code

Fluz Referral Code for 2(x) 25% Cashback Sign-Up Boosts

Use Fluz referral code PILARBONUS for significantly higher cashback rewards.

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The best Fluz referral code is PILARBONUS, which will earn you 2(x) 25% cashback boosts (formerly known as ‘vouchers'), good at select top retail and food merchants.

The Fluz invite referral bonus offer has recently been updated, so keep reading to learn about the updated changes.

Fluz App

Fluz is a free rebate app that will earn you cashback rewards on gift card purchases. Use your gift cards for everyday shopping needs including groceries, gas, coffee, buying clothes and more.

Simply choose a partnered store to shop and pay Fluz for the exact purchase amount of your order. Fluz will instantly issue you a Fluzpay Gift Card Code for that merchant, which can be used at checkout.

Prefer to make it a fixed amount gift card? 

Fluz lets you do that as well! Purchase $25, $50, $100+, etc. gift cards through Fluz and save them for later! You’ll earn cash back on the amount of the gift card purchase. 

Read my full Fluz App Review for more details on how to use Fluzpay.

Fluz Referral Code

The Fluz referral code, aka refer code, PILARBONUS, will earn you 2(x) 25% Fluz sign-up boosts (max $2.50 in value each + the original cash back rate on the full purchase amount). 

On about October 31st, 2022, Fluz Vouchers became Fluz boosts.

Since this is a recent change and there is some confusion on this new sign up bonus program, I'll first share how the old Fluz vouchers worked. Then I'll share information on the new Fluz boosts.

Old Fluz Vouchers Sign Up Bonus Program (NO LONGER WORKING)

The old Fluz sign up bonus offered new members 3(x) 35% cashback vouchers when registering a new account with a referral code. Vouchers had a maximum value of up to $3.50 each.

Say for example you purchased a $10 Starbucks gift card on the Fluz app using one of your 35% cashback vouchers. 

Fluz vouchers
Fluz Referral Code

You would have earned the maximum $3.50 cash back with your bonus voucher, plus 1.5% original cashback rate on the total of the gift card purchase. This would earn you a total of $3.65 cash back rewards on a $10 Starbucks gift card purchase.

The New Fluz Boosts Sign-Up Bonus Program (CURRENTLY WORKING)

The current Fluz sign up bonus offers new members 2(x) 25% cashback boosts when registering a new account with a referral code. Boosts have a maximum value of up to $2.50 each.

Using the same example as above, a $10 Starbucks gift card purchased with one boost would earn you $2.50. Additionally, you would earn the original cashback rate of 1.5% on the full purchase amount. This would earn you a total of $2.65 cash back rewards on a $10 Starbucks gift card purchase.

That's about half way to getting yourself a free Starbucks drink, which isn't too bad!

Although it may seem as a disappointment that the sign up bonus was lowered, keep reading to learn about how to significantly increase your cash back earnings with Fluz.

How to Enter Fluz Referral Code

Follow these next steps to enter a referral code in the Fluz app.

  • Enter refer code PILARBONUS during account registration
  • Instantly receive two 25% cashback boosts good for 60 days.

Your Fluz boosts are bonus rewards that will expire within 60 days from when you earned them. So make sure to use them as soon as you receive them!

$5 Quickstart Bonus

In addition to your Fluz referral code boost bonus, you’ll also receive a $5 Quickstart Bonus to complete your account setup.

The 5 Steps to Complete are as Follows:

  • Set Up Your Birthday
  • Learn to Earn (become a cashback expert!)
  • Add Your Preferred Account
  • Set up notifications

It’s free money and will easily add to your Fluz account balance earnings.

Where to Redeem Fluz 25% Boosts

Fluz boosts can be redeemed at select stores. These can be found within the app in its own section. Below are a few of the stores where 25% Fluz boosts can be redeemed.

Jamba JuicePeet's Coffee & TeaPapa John's
Steak ‘n ShakeBurger KingSpotify
ChipotlePUBG MobileXbox
Ninetendo eShopDomino'sDoorDash

Fluz Referral Program

On March 10th 2022, Fluz updated their invite referral program terms. Currently, you'll earn a $5 fixed bonus per referral when they make 2 transactions totaling at least $25.

How It Works

  • Share your referral link or refer code with friends, family and on social media.
  • Invitee must make at least 2 purchases with Fluz totaling at least $25 at any store.
  • Invitee must satisfy this purchase requirement within 30 days of Fluz account creation.

Once your referral has met all qualifying criteria, you'll receive an email that you've been awarded a $5 referral bonus award. The money will be automatically added to your Fluz Wallet.

The number of referral bonuses you can earn each month is unlimited. So keep the referrals coming to earn more bonus rewards! 

To find your Invite bonus link open your Fluz app and on the lower navigation bar click on the ‘bird' icon.

Next, decide whether you want to edit your refer code from the auto-generated code to something more memorable. For example, I changed my Fluz refer code to ‘PILARBONUS.’

It’s easier on the eyes and includes my name in it. Give your refer code to friends and family to enter at sign up.

Fluz refer code
Fluz refer code

You can also generate a referral link and send it via email, text message, WhatsApp, or post the URL on your social media accounts. 

Lastly, you can generate a unique QR code for people to scan and download the app. The referral sign up bonus will be attributed to you.

Grow Your Fluz Network to Earn More

The best part about the Fluz referral program is the lifetime cashback royalties. For every member you refer, you'll earn referral royalties every time they spend with Fluz.

The more you spend and the more you refer, you'll upgrade your royalty levels and upgrade your earnings as well. At the end of every month you'll get paid according to your royalty level.

It’s one of the reasons the Fluz app is appealing to cashback enthusiasts such as myself. The ability to earn a passive income stream from a cashback app that leverages social buying communities is unique and exciting! 

If you want to learn more about how to earn Fluz referral royalties, then read more about it on the Fluz side gig site.

Fluz Referral Code Conclusion

Fluz is not only a high rewarding rebate app, it’s also a viable side hustle idea to earn extra money with your Fluz referral code.

Additionally, you can stack your cashback rewards with Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, Rakuten and Receipt Hog to really hit it out of the park in earning free money! 

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