Save Money on Movie Tickets

6 Clever Ways to Save Money on Movie Tickets This Year

Discover how to save money on movie tickets with these easy savings hacks!

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Hey there, movie buff! 

If you’re anything like me, you love the big screen experience but dread the hit your wallet takes every time you buy a ticket. 

With average prices climbing over the past decade, finding ways to save on movie nights has never been more important.

Fear not, because I’ve got some nifty tips up my sleeve to help you save money on movie tickets at AMC, Cinemark and with Fandango.

From scoring discount tickets to taking advantage of special deals, you’ll be enjoying your favorite films without breaking the bank!

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How to Get Cheap Movie Tickets

Simple ways to get cheap movie tickets include joining movie subscription clubs such as AMC Stubs and taking advantage of weekday matinee showings.

Here’s the full list of ways to save money on movie tickets this year!

Save Money on Movie Tickets

1. Get Free Movie Tickets with Amazon Prime Membership

What’s better than getting a discount on movie tickets? – Scoring FREE movie tickets! 

Prime Premiere offers Amazon Prime members the chance to get free tickets to exclusive early screenings of Amazon’s original movies and series at local theaters.

This means you can be among the first to watch the latest releases without spending a dime. 

As a Prime member, you’ll enjoy the perk of catching new titles before anyone else. 

Plus, these screenings often come with complimentary concessions like free popcorn and soda. 

With your Prime account, you can reserve up to two tickets to these exclusive events. Take your spouse or bestie and turn it into a fun date night! 

Check to see if you’re eligible for a 50% Amazon Prime Discount!

2. Earn Cash Rewards on Movie Gift Card Purchases with Ibotta

Most people are familiar with Ibotta as a free digital couponing app

However, few people are aware that it also helps you save money on Cinemark, Fandango and AMC gift card purchases.

It’s one of the best money saving hacks I’ve found that makes family movie night much more budget-friendly! 

The way it works is you download the Ibotta app and purchase movie gift cards through it to earn cash back rewards. 

Discount AMC Theater Tickets

To start, open Ibotta and scroll down to the gift cards tab. 

From there, choose your preferred movie gift card and enter the desired amount, keeping in mind that some cards require a minimum of $20.

Next, either apply your Ibotta earnings, or use a debit card or Apple Pay to make your purchase.

You’ll receive your digital gift card instantly via email, and Ibotta will deposit the advertised cash back amount into your account.

cheap AMC gift card

Oftentimes, Ibotta will run specials where you can get upwards of 15% cash back on gift card purchases.

On many occasions, I’ve been able to get discount AMC theater tickets by using Ibotta to earn cash back rewards

Quick Tip! Most Ibotta gift cards require a $20 minimum. New Ibotta users who have not yet registered an account, can enter referral code: KSHAGVC at sign up to earn a $5 bonus when you submit your first qualified receipt! Download Ibotta.

3. Save with Costco AMC Tickets

Costco offers a great deal on AMC movie tickets. 

For just $39.99, you get 2 standard digital movie passes and a $20 AMC e-gift card, which you can use at the concession stand or for purchasing additional tickets.

In my area of Boston, a single adult digital movie ticket costs $16.49. 

So, two tickets would set you back $32.98, and that’s not even counting the online or mobile app fees. 

The real savings kick in when you consider concessions, which can be quite pricey. Your $20 e-gift card can help cover the cost of popcorn and soda. 

If you prefer, you can save the e-gift card for your next AMC movie ticket purchase. 

Overall, if you plan to visit the cinema again, buying Costco movie tickets offers significant savings.

Just remember, you need to be a Costco member to take advantage of this deal!

4. Pay with Free Money from SoFi Bank

Another way to save money on movie tickets is to use bank sign up bonus offers to cover the cost of your tickets. 

Many banks offer cash bonuses or reward points when you open a new account to entice you to try their services.

SoFi for instance offers you 25,000 reward points (redeemable for $25) for opening a new checking account with a referral link and making a deposit of $50 within your first 14 days.

SoFi bank free money

You can also earn an additional $300 with qualified direct deposits and another $75 referral bonus for each person you refer to SoFi.

Varo is another bank that offers an easy account opening reward.

So there’s a lot of free money to be made with bank sign up bonuses to pay for your movie tickets!

Earn FREE Money Today with SoFi!

This Bank Bonus Offer will pay you up to $325 Cash!

5. Use Your AAA Member Benefits to Get Movie Ticket Deals

AAA offers discounted deals on movie passes for various theaters including Regal, AMC, Showcase and Cinemark.

There are plenty of packages to choose from that not only include deals on movie tickets, but also snacks at the concession stand.

Just log into your AAA account, check out the movie ticket discounts section, and grab whichever savings is best suited for you.

AAA discount movie tickets

When I searched for cheap movie tickets near me on the AAA member site, I found deals on AMC standard digital tickets for just $10.50 each, plus $1.45 in fees.

So, one adult ticket would cost me $11.95 in total, compared to $16.45 on the AMC website. That’s a savings of about 27%!

6. Join Movie Theater Reward Clubs

Joining cinema subscription clubs like AMC Stubs or Cinemark Movie Club is the easiest way to save if you go to the movies a lot. 

These memberships offer fantastic perks, such as discounted tickets, free upgrades on popcorn and drinks, and even free tickets each month. 

With AMC Stubs A-List, you can watch up to three movies a week for one flat monthly fee. Cinemark Movie Club gives you one ticket per month, plus 20% off concessions.

When I lived in the city, there was an AMC movie theater just a stone’s throw away from my place. 

Since I work from home running my online business, I decided to join AMC’s subscription program. 

Back then, for just $19.99 per month, I could watch up to 3 movies per week and enjoy a bunch of other perks! 

I made the most of it, often taking my lunch breaks to catch the latest movie premieres. 

While AMC Stubs costs a bit more these days, it’s still a great deal if you love frequent trips to the movies!

Save at the Movie Theater

More Ways to Save at the Movie Theaters

Here are more money savings ideas for when heading out to the theater!

  • Look out for matinee showings. They’re usually cheaper than evening tickets.
  • Sign up for theater loyalty programs like Regal Crown Club or Cinemark Movie Club for points and rewards.
  • Don’t forget to check for student, senior, or military discounts if you qualify.
  • Bring your own snacks if the theater allows. It saves a ton on concession prices.
  • Keep an eye on deal websites like Groupon for special movie ticket offers.
  • Buy your tickets in person rather than online to avoid those pesky convenience fees.

All these ideas help out, even if it’s just a little it still adds up to save you money!

Final Thoughts on Saving Money on Movie Tickets

Saving money on movie tickets doesn’t have to be a hassle. 

By taking advantage of subscription programs, cash back rewards, and special discounts, you can enjoy all your favorite films without breaking the bank.

If you find that you’re low on cash and want extra money to enjoy more fun activities, then check out my next article on 19 Surprising Things You Can Sell to Make Money Fast!

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