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Shopkick Promo Code CARD513768 Earns You a FREE Gift Card

Use Shopkick Promo Code CARD513768 to earn your first free gift card!

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I’ve redeemed $100 in free gift cards to date using the Shopkick app. My first gift card was thanks to signing up with a special Shopkick promo code. 

Use Shopkick promo code CARD513768 when registering as a new user to earn 500 bonus kicks. That’s equivalent to $2 in free gift card money!

Then read my Shopkick app review to learn how to maximize your Shopkick code to earn even more ‘kicks’ redeemable towards free gift cards.

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick is a combination of a cash back rewards app and gig app. You get  rewarded in ‘kicks’ for completing simple tasks while you shop.

These tasks include:

  • Scanning Product Barcodes
  • Walking into a Store
  • Watching 30-second Video Clips
  • Completing Special Promotions
  • Entering Sweepstakes

My favorite way to earn ‘kicks’ is to do store walk-ins. Around my area, there’s a Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx store where I frequently earn 200 – 300 kicks for simply walking inside!

You never have to buy anything in order to earn ‘kicks’ and get free gift cards.

Best Shopkick Promo Code – 500 Kicks

The Shopkick promo code, also referred to as the Shopkick invite code, that will earn you 500 kicks is: CARD513768.

(Do note that once 100 people have taken advantage of this promo code, this offer may no longer be available to you.)

How to Enter Shopkick Promo Codes

It’s super simple to enter Shopkick promo codes into your app. Follow these steps to enter your code and activate your free bonus kicks.

  • Open the Shopkick App
  • Go to the Profile Icon on the Upper Left-hand Corner 
  • Click on the ‘Have a Code?’ tab
  • Enter Promo Code: CARD513768
  • Then Press ‘Apply Code’

Congratulations! You have successfully applied your Shopkick promo code! 

Invite Promo Code for Shopkick
Shopkick Promo Code

In order to claim your 500 bonus kicks, you must enter your code and earn 10 kicks (excluding video kicks) within 14 days from downloading the app.

Shopkick Promo Code for Existing Users

What if you already started using the Shopkick app and forgot to enter a promo code at sign up? It happens to many of us.

Well, the good news is you can still enter the above promo code even as an existing user! The same conditions apply for claiming the 500 bonus kicks. You must earn 10 kicks within 14 days from downloading the app.

What are Kicks Worth?

One ‘kick’ is worth $.004 in value. This means that 250 kicks are worth $1.00, 500 kicks are worth $2.00, 1,250 kicks are worth $5 and so on. Your ‘kicks’ can be used to redeem gift cards from popular shopping merchants. 

How Many Shopkicks for a Gift Card?

The minimum amount of ‘kicks’ you need in order to redeem your first gift card is 500 kicks, which is equivalent to $2.00 in value.

The merchants you can currently cash out to with 500 kicks is: Target, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra, and HomeSense.

This means that as soon as you enter Shopkick promo code CARD513768 and fulfill the necessary requirements, you’ll be able to immediately cash out your first gift card! 

Other Gift Card Apps Promo Codes

If you like the Shopkick app, then there’s a good chance you’ll also love these other gift card apps below. I use them to save money on all my shopping needs, and am a big advocate of stacking your rewards with multiple apps!

  • Ibotta Promo Code KSHAGVC will earn you a $10 bonus when you scan your first receipt. Ibotta is a cash back app that will earn you rewards for shopping grocery deals from your favorite brands.
  • Fetch Rewards Promo Code AWPFV8 will earn you 2,000 bonus points when you scan your first receipt. Fetch is my favorite app because you can upload any receipt and get points towards free gift cards. 
  • Fluz Promo Code PILARBONUS will reward you with 2(x) 25% Fluz sign-up boosts (max $2.50 in value each + the original cash back rate on the full purchase amount). Fluz is a gift card app that earns you cash back rewards when you purchase gift cards. 
  •  Receipt Hog Promo Code SMUR5378 will earn you 5 FREE Hog Slot spins. Receipt Hog is an app that will reward you in Paypal cash and gift cards for each receipt you submit from any store that sells groceries, health items, beauty products and more! 
  • Pogo Promo Code BWX5V9 will earn you 250 points towards a Visa Prepaid card, PayPal money, Amazon gift card or more. Pogo is a free mobile app that pays you to submit shopping receipts, complete surveys, offers and more.

Shopkick Promo Code Conclusion

I’m an active user of the Shopkick app and use it alongside other cashback and rewards apps. If you plan on using the Shopkick app, then definitely get started on the right foot by entering Shopkick promo code CARD513768 at sign up!

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