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Pogo Referral Code BWX5V9 Gives You FREE Sign Up Points

Pogo Referral Code BWX5V9 gives you 250 points as a sign up bonus. Learn more on how to qualify.

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The Pogo referral code BWX5V9 will earn you 250 points when you join Pogo as a new rewards member. The referral bonus will be issued to you once you earn at least 5,000 points.

Read my complete Pogo app review to see how much I earned in my first two months.

Pogo Referral Code 2024 Sign Up Bonus

The Pogo promo code BWX5V9 will give you 250 points to jumpstart your earnings with Pogo! 

Simply follow these next instructions for how to enter your Pogo referral code to ensure you qualify for your free rewards points.

How to Earn Pogo Referral Rewards

In order to qualify for your Pogo referral bonus, follow these steps:

  • Enter your phone number and email address
  • On the ‘Tell us about yourself’ page enter referral code: BWX5V9
  • Link your bank card through Pogo’s secure connection with Plaid
  • Earn at least 5,000 points
  • Instantly get awarded your 250 points referral bonus
Pogo Referral Code
Pogo Promo Code

You must enter the Pogo referral code upon registration. If you missed out on adding this there is no way to go back and re-enter it.

So make sure you don’t skip this step and miss out on your free points!

What is Pogo?

Pogo is a savings and money making free mobile app that pays you for selling your data for anonymized market research and personalized ads.

Members earn reward points for submitting shopping receipts, claiming offers, completing surveys and taking part in Pogo challenges.

Points earned can be cashed out to PayPal, Visa Prepaid card, Amazon gift cards and more. 

1,000 points are worth $1 in value. Instantly withdraw earnings once you reach a minimum of 3,000 points. 

What is Pogo

Pogo is one of the best ways to earn passive income on everyday purchases and get a little money back to save, invest, or spend! 

Similar rewards apps such as Fetch and Ibotta also use your shopping history to analyze large-scale market trends and shopping behavior. 

This consumer data is oftentimes sold to business partners for marketing and research purposes.

Pogo Referral Program

Pogo offers a referral program, otherwise called a refer-a-friend program, where you’ll earn 250 points per successful referral. 

In order to earn Pogo referral rewards, referrals must be new users and register a new account using your unique referral code or link. 

Once they’ve earned 5,000 points, both you and your friend will earn 250 bonus points!

It’s an easy way to earn free reward points by referring friends and family to Pogo.

Where Do I Find My Referral Code?

Here’s where to find your Pogo Referral Code:

  • Open Pogo app
  • Go to bottom right hand corner to ‘referrals’ tab
  • Access your referral code or link
  • Send it to your referral to join Pogo

It’s easy to find once you download the Pogo app.

From there, you’ll see a couple of different ways to invite your referrals to Pogo. 

Pogo Referral Rewards

You can copy your Pogo referral code and have your referral enter it during the registration process.

For example, my Pogo referral code is BWX5V9. I can text or email that promo code to my friend and have them enter it at sign up.

The second way is to share your Pogo referral link. This method will generate a link that will have your referral code already embedded into it. 

Use your link to share it via email to friends or share it on social media. Anyone that joins with your referral link and earns 5,000 points will earn you 250 points.

Is There a Limit to the Amount of People I can Refer?

According to Pogo support:

“There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to Pogo – the more you refer, the more points you earn! You can invite friends via email, text and other social channels at this time.”

Final Tips

Pogo’s referral bonus is small compared to other money savings rewards apps. Nonetheless, it’s free money

If you want to earn more, I’ve found that stacking other receipt rewards apps with Pogo will increase your earnings overall.

Here are apps I use with Pogo that also offer a referral bonus reward:

Ibotta Referral Code KSHAGVC will earn you $5 in cash when you scan your first receipt with a qualifying offer. Ibotta is a couponing app that saves you money on your grocery bills when redeeming eligible cashback offers.

Fetch Referral Code AWPFV8 will earn you 100 – 500 bonus points towards free gift cards at over 75+ retailers and brands. The Fetch app rewards you in points for uploading ANY shopping receipt.

Receipt Hog Referral Code SMUR5378 will earn you 5 FREE Hog Slot spins. Receipt Hog is an app that will reward you in Paypal cash and gift cards for each receipt you submit from any store that sells groceries, health items, beauty products and more!

Shopkick Referral Code CARD513768 will earn you 500 bonus kicks equivalent to $2 in value. Use your ‘kicks’ to redeem free gift cards at over 65+ retailers and brands. Shopkick is a combination of a cash back rewards app and gig app.

Now don’t forget to enter Pogo referral code BWX5V9 when you register for Pogo as a first time user! 

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