Submagic Review

Submagic AI Review: I Tried It on Pinterest Video Pins and TikTok

Is the Submagic AI captions tool worth it? I tried it out. Here's my Submagic review.

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I’m a short-form content creator and I use the AI tool to help me create videos that stand out. 

As someone who doesn’t have the best video editing skills, this tool has saved me thousands of dollars in video editing fees. 

That’s not even an exaggeration. 

I previously had an unlimited video editing subscription plan with No Limit Creatives. The team at NLC is amazing, and I highly recommend them. 

Still, a subscription can cost you upwards of $1,499 per month, whereas Submagic pricing is a fraction of the cost.

In my Submagic AI review, I’ll share some of my favorite aspects of using the AI captions tool and where I feel it falls short.

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My Submagic AI Review

Some people say Submagic is the best AI tool for content creators. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. My best performing short-form videos on social media have been the ones I created with Submagic AI. 

On Pinterest, I get more repins on my video pins within the first hour of uploading than I’ve ever gotten before. 

On TikTok, adding Submagic captions has allowed me to stand out in a sea of similar looking TikTok captions. 

Submagic Reviews

I primarily create talking head videos, which can look a bit bland without the addition of b-roll, zoom features and subtitles. Editing without the help of Submagic would take me 30 minutes to complete a single video.

Since I started using Submagic, the entire process of editing a video from beginning to end now takes me about 2 – 3 minutes per video. It’s a time saver and one of my favorite AI tools in my arsenal of creator tools.

Submagic Pros and Cons

I enjoy using Submagic as an AI tool for short-form video content creation because it allows me to save time and money. One drawback of using Submagic as a short-form AI video creation tool is its limited selection of free b-roll footage.

Here are other pros and cons.

Update! – I was super excited to hear the recent announcement that Submagic had partnered with Storyblocks to increase their library of premium b-roll.

Storyblocks typically costs around $30 per month, but it's included for free in Submagic Pro and Agency plans. This is a HUGE leg up and makes Submagic a more appealing tool for content creators.

My honest opinion is that the low cost of using Submagic to produce hundreds of engaging social media videos far outweighs its disadvantages. 

What is Submagic?

Submagic is an AI powered tool that adds captivating captions, emojis, b-roll, zooms and sound effects to your short-form videos. 

With Submagic, users can quickly elevate ordinary videos into professional-looking short-form content in a matter of seconds.

Who is Submagic AI Tool For?

The Submagic AI tool is an indispensable tool for content creators looking to produce high quality short-form videos without the need for costly professional video editing services.

Social media creators who post short-form videos on Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram reels, and YouTube shorts can benefit from the AI powered captions tool.

Add Captions to Videos, B-Roll and Gifs with AI Tool Submagic. Get 10% Off when you use Submagic Discount Code: PILAR10. Affiliate Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Submagic and will receive an affiliate commission if you use my Submagic Promo Code. This is at no additional cost to you. It’s a win-win! #videoediting #videoeditingtips #aitoolsforbusiness #aitools #creatortips #shortformcontent #shortformvideo #influencer #submagic #affiliatemarketing #contentcreators

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How Does Submagic Work?

Submagic harnesses the power of machine learning algorithms to transform spoken language into written text. The cutting-edge system utilizes sophisticated artificial intelligence methods to analyze and decipher speech patterns, delivering precise and highly efficient transcription services.

How to Use Submagic

  1. Start by enrolling in a monthly or yearly subscription plan
  1. Get a 10% discount by using Submagic promo code: PILAR10
  1. Upload your video and click ‘create my video now’
  1. Customize your video by editing subtitles, emojis, b-roll, zoom, and sound effects
  1. Export your video by clicking ‘download’
Submagic AI Review

Submagic will auto-generate subtitles and create captivating videos that will help boost your views and engagement on social media.

Submagic Free Trial 

You can test out Submagic AI for free. Their free trial offer enables you to upload 3 videos per month up to 90 seconds each. The only caveat is you’ll have a watermark on each video.

With this option you won’t have access to custom templates, nor will you be able to upload your own fonts to match your brand. 

If you want to see how Submagic AI works and test out the basic features, then this is a great way to do it. Sign up for a Submagic free trial

Submagic Pricing

Submagic offers monthly and yearly pricing along with custom enterprise level pricing and a first-time user discount code.

Submagic Monthly Pricing

You’ll be billed monthly for your chosen Submagic subscription plan. 

  • Basic Plan: $20/month
  • Pro Plan: $50/month
  • Agency: $150/month
Submagic Monthly pricing

Submagic Yearly Pricing – 20% Discount

You’ll save 20% with a Submagic yearly subscription plan.

  • Basic Plan: $16/month
  • Pro Plan: $40/month
  • Agency: $120/month
Submagic Yearly subscription plan

Submagic Discount Code PILAR10

Use Submagic promo code PILAR10 at checkout to receive an additional 10% discount off any monthly or yearly Submagic subscription plan.

Submagic Enterprise

If you are in need of more than 400+ short-form videos per month, then you can contact Submagic for customized pricing.

Submagic Features

You can use AI to auto generate captions for your short-form videos, but there’s so much more to it.

Accurate Automated Captions

Submagic achieves a level of transcription accuracy when converting audio and video into written text. Its algorithms perform grammar and spelling checks, allowing you to review and refine the results prior to download.

Submagic also has the capability of identifying and translating subtitles in 48 different languages, providing another layer of content accessibility in social media.

Trendy Templates

Submagic offers an extensive array of stylish templates that can captivate your audience, keeping them engaged for longer periods. 

Plus, you have the option to enhance emotions with emojis and emphasize key words, ensuring your message comes across crystal clear.

Sound Effects

Sound effects add a captivating layer to short-form videos, enhancing the overall viewer experience by creating a more dynamic atmosphere. 

They can effectively convey emotions, actions, and story elements, making your content more relatable and memorable.

Submagic discount code

Auto Zoom Effects

Incorporating auto zoom effects in short videos enhances visual engagement by drawing the viewer's attention to specific details. These effects help emphasize the intended message effectively. 

Overall, auto zoom effects contribute to a visually stimulating narrative, making short videos more engaging and memorable for the audience.

B-Rolls and Transitions

Submagic provides supplementary B-roll videos, which is essentially stock footage to help elevate your content. 

This combined with AI-driven transitions is all done in a single click.

Submagic Alternatives

Submagic alternatives include: Opus Pro (aka Opus Clip), and Captions. Each tool has its distinctive features and based on the type of work you’re looking to do, one may be suited for you rather than the other.

For instance, Opus Pro is an AI generated captions tool mainly used to repurpose long-form videos into multiple short-form videos. 

As a YouTube content creator, I use Opus pro to convert my longer YouTube videos into short-form content for social media. With Submagic AI, you can only upload videos up to 5 minutes long.

Submagic AI

Is Submagic Worth It?

As a TikTok and Pinterest content creator who makes money online with short-form video, I would not want to go a day without Submagic. 

It’s an essential tool in my daily marketing efforts to promote my affiliate website and affiliate offers. Additionally, as a Submagic AI affiliate, it’s an extra way to earn passive recurring affiliate income.

Submagic can also be used as a great side hustle tool to make $400 fast doing short-form video editing for small businesses. When you really think about it, it's an amazing tool for so many reasons!

Get 10% off any Submagic subscription when you enter PILAR10 at checkout.

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