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12 Best AI Affiliate Programs for 2024 (Recurring + High Paying)

AI Affiliate programs are on the rise as artificial intelligence takes center stage. Here are 12 affiliate programs to consider.

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Artificial intelligence is a hot topic across nearly every niche imaginable. It’s no wonder affiliate marketers are in the hunt for the best AI affiliate programs to join.

It’s one reason I also decided to join many of these programs to promote alongside other high ticket affiliate programs.

This list can also serve as a great resource for when you’re ready to create an affiliate marketing website with AI tools. If you’re on Pinterest, you can save this pin and come back to it later as needed!

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12 Best AI Affiliate Programs 

You’ll find AI writer affiliate programs, image generation AI tools and various other AI software affiliate programs to promote on this list. 

1. Jasper AI 

Jasper AI Affiliate Program

Jasper AI is a leading AI copywriting tool that streamlines the process of crafting blog articles and marketing copy, reducing both cost and time. 

It’s great for content creators, marketers, and businesses in generating content for social media posting, affiliate websites and other marketing purposes. 

Through its Jasper Brand Voice feature, users can maintain consistency in brand identity, tone, and style across all AI-generated content. 

Additionally, its integration with Grammarly enhances editing capabilities, while multilingual support facilitates content creation in 26 languages. 

Another great feature is Jasper AI’s plagiarism checkers that ensure unique content, as well as built-in SEO capabilities which helps get your content found and enhances your brand recognition.

  • Commission Rate: 25% recurring commissions; Refer 100+ for 30% commissions for 12 months
  • Additional Info: 45-Day Cookie; Minimum $25 for payout

2. Submagic

Submagic Affiliate Program

Submagic simplifies captioning by providing a quick and highly accurate process for adding captions, emojis, b-roll, zooms, and sound effects to short-form videos. 

It's an AI-powered tool that transforms ordinary videos into professional-looking content within seconds. As a short-form content creator, I use Submagic for my talking head videos that I post to Pinterest and TikTok.

I’ve noticed a significant increase in engagement since using it, especially on Pinterest. Feel free to read my full Submagic review.

The AI tool also eliminates the need for expensive professional video editing services. For instance, I was using the No Limit Creatives agency prior to Submagic, which can cost up to $1,499 per month.

I love the AI tool and always recommend it to other content creators! 

  • Commission Rate: 30% monthly recurring revenue
  • Additional Info: Minimum of $50 USD in commissions for payout

3. KoalaWriter AI

KoalaWriter AI Affiliate Program

KoalaWriter is an SEO-focused AI writer tool ideal for SEO and niche website owners. 

It’s another one of my favorite AI affiliate programs to promote. Mostly because I use KoalaWriter on this site and can attest to the benefits of using it.

The AI tool is especially beneficial to Amazon affiliate site owners who want to get paid for Amazon product round-up reviews and product comparison reviews. 

These can be created and published in bulk using KoalaWriter to make $400 fast, or even more in affiliate commissions.

Everything can be done in one-click making content creation much faster and easily scalable with the Koala AI content writer tool. 

  • Commission Rate: 30% Lifetime Recurring Commissions
  • Additional Info: 60-Day Cookie; Minimum $50 for payout

4. Invideo AI

Invideo AI Affiliate Program

Invideo AI streamlines content creation by converting text into videos, easing the process for those unfamiliar with video editing. 

It offers an immense stock of royalty-free music and images, which has been known to enhance video retention time. 

Many entrepreneurs are also using Invideo to create faceless YouTube channels that earn them passive online income with a YouTube automation business.

Simply provide a descriptive prompt and InVideo's AI will generate YouTube explainer videos and shorts. 

Its powerful editing capabilities allow for customization of every aspect from scene swapping to script tweaking. 

Creators can use any of their 5,000+ templates available in various social media formats for creating an online omni-channel presence. 

Additional features include AI slideshow maker, talking avatars, and script and voice generators.

  • Commission Rate: 50%Commission on Monthly Plans; 25% Commission on Yearly Plans
  • Additional Info: This is not a recurring affiliate program. Commissions only apply for the first billing cycle and not when the customer renews their subscription.

5. Pictory AI

Pictory AI Affiliate Program

Pictory is an AI-driven video editing tool that simplifies the video creation process using advanced artificial intelligence. 

It automatically extracts key points from long-form videos, converts scripts into high-conversion video sales letters, and adds captions effortlessly. 

Your scripts will turn into highly engaging sales-oriented videos with stock video footage, music, and voiceovers added in minutes. 

Pictory additionally enables the creation of short highlight videos from long-form content for social media sharing, all without the need for extensive editing or expensive software. 

Pictory is ideal for content creators looking to create videos easily and efficiently. All this makes the Pictory AI affiliate program a must have in your arsenal of affiliate programs to promote!

  • Commission Rate: 20% – 50% Recurring Commissions
  • Additional Info: Super Affiliate Bonus Level gets you a Free Lifetime Pictory Premium Account, plus a $1,000 Cash Bonus

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Copy.AI Affiliate Program

The next AI affiliate marketing program on this list is is a versatile platform offering various tools for writers to generate content efficiently. 

Its AI generative tool conducts research and crafts custom content based on provided prompts, which aids in overcoming writer's block and accelerating the writing process. 

The AI writer tool is capable of generating diverse content types like product descriptions, website copy, ads, and social media posts.

For many blog writers, it’s an invaluable tool for enhancing productivity by saving hours of repetitive writing tasks weekly. 

The platform's workflows streamline complex tasks. 

With its Brand Voice feature, CopyAI ensures consistency in tone across brand communications, serving as a cost-effective solution for speeding up writing tasks and research processes.

  • Commission Rate: 45% Commission for 12 months
  • Additional Info: 60-Day Cookie

7. Speechify

Speechify Affiliate Program

Speechify is an AI software tool that converts written text into spoken words, facilitating a hands-free and eyes-free reading experience. 

It’s also one of many AI affiliate programs promoted by gurus who teach YouTube automation. Quite frankly, it’s a standout product among many of the AI text to-speech tools on the market. 

Speechify utilizes advanced artificial intelligence that allows users to upload or select text, choose voices, and adjust narration speed. The premium version has the added benefits of offline reading and multilingual access, which further enhances its value.

For YouTubers, it’s a great tool for converting text into human-sounding voice overs for faceless YouTube videos.

Ultimately, Speechify offers versatility and convenience that caters to multitaskers, language learners, and faceless YouTube creators.

  • Commission Rate: 50% Commissions
  • Additional Info: 90-Day Cookie

8. Leonardo.AI

Leonardo AI Affiliate Program

Leonardo AI stands out as one of the top AI art generator tools, with features like Leonardo Alchemy for transformative image generation with exceptional quality. 

Its advanced AI-based tools include automatic object and background removal and color enhancement, which simplifies image editing tasks. 

Additionally, users can utilize generated images for commercial purposes, even with the free version. 

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, Leonardo AI offers a comprehensive suite of tools suitable for all levels of expertise in AI image creation.

  • Commission Rate: 25% commission on the first 6 payments made within the first 6 months from customers you refer
  • Additional Info: 60-Day Cookie; $100 minimum payout

9. VEED.IO AI affiliate program

VEED.IO video editor is a user-friendly yet powerful tool for creating stunning videos. It’s suitable for various purposes including business presentations, sales videos, reviews, and vlogs. 

The AI tool helps users develop editing skills and build audiences, which makes it ideal for YouTube creators, marketers, podcasters and short-form video creators.

Its cornerstone video editor offers comprehensive editing features, from animations to subtitles, accommodating users of all skill levels. stands out for its seamless blend of ease of use and advanced editing capabilities, making complex tasks simple within its intuitive interface.

I personally use Camtasia for my video editing needs, but VEED.IO is a great alternative to it.

  • Commission Rate: 25% Recurring Commission for up to 12 months
  • Additional Info: Affiliate commissions paid out every month through PayPal

10. Notion

Notion AI Affiliate Program

Notion AI is a productivity tool that integrates artificial intelligence into its platform to enhance productivity and workflow organization. 

With features like project management support, writing assistance, and content generation, it acts as a valuable complement to your Notion workspace. 

Whether you’re crafting blog posts, managing tasks, or generating meeting agendas, Notion AI streamlines various tasks and provides quick answers when needed. 

As an AI-powered productivity tool, it caters to teams in sales, development, marketing, and other similar operations. 

Ultimately, It’s a comprehensive work hub that facilitates seamless collaboration and workflow optimization with a magic touch of AI!

  • Commission Rate: 50% recurring commissions for first 12 months of referred customer
  • Additional Info: 180-Day Cookie

11. Frase Affiliate Program leverages artificial intelligence to assist you in creating high-quality content quickly. It also has SEO features to optimize content and improve search engine rankings for increased organic traffic. 

Additionally, the AI writer tool offers insights, analytics, and a customizable chatbot, Frase Answers, catering to marketers' needs. 

The platform facilitates efficient content brief creation in under two minutes, ensuring professional standards are met. 

Frase's Answer Engine, the first AI-based Chatbot, analyzes website content to build an intelligent knowledge base, providing comprehensive answers to user queries.

It’s a great alternative tool similar to and Surfer SEO.

  • Commission Rate: 30% Recurring Commission for life
  • Additional Info: 60-Day Cookie; $50 cash bonus once you refer 100 new customers

12. Opus Pro

Opus Pro Affiliate Program

Opus Clip (aka Opus Pro) is a repurposing tool that transforms your long-form content into highly engaging short-form videos. You'll be able to add stock video footage, eye-popping captions and more to really have your videos stand out.

I use Opus Pro to repurpose my YouTube videos into 1 – 3 minute short-form pieces of content. I then publish these videos on TikTok, YouTube shorts and Pinterest.

Typically, videos that are longer than 15 minutes can be repurposed into about 10 pieces of short-form content pieces.

It's an easy way for content creators to get more traffic to their offers without having to do any additional work!

  • Commission Rate: 25% Recurring Commission for the first 12 months of each new customer you refer
  • Additional Info: To receive your first commission, you need to earn a minimum of $20 USD

Best AI Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2024. Artificial Intelligence is taking over in nearly every niche. Affiliate marketers have a unique opportunity to get in on a trend and earn easy affiliate commissions. #aitools #aisoftware #digitalmarketing #affiliatemarketingtips #affiliatemarketingbusiness #artificialintelligence #onlinemarketing

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AI Affiliate Programs Conclusion

AI is a trending topic. 

Affiliate marketers have the opportunity to jump into the conversation and earn affiliate commissions by joining the AI affiliate programs mentioned in this article.

For me, Submagic has been my highest converting AI affiliate tool to promote. With so many creators focused on short-form content, the AI captions tool has been a great product to promote for easy affiliate commissions.

If you’re looking for other high paying affiliate programs to promote, then consider the SoFi referral program. I routinely earn $400 – $650 each month promoting the mobile banking app.

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