How to Make 400 Dollars Fast

How to Make $400 Dollars Fast to Pay Rent Tomorrow

Discover how to make 400 dollars fast and give yourself peace of mind that you'll meet your financial obligations this month.

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This is not going to be an easy task to accomplish. 

But if you need $400 dollars by tomorrow, then your best bet is to either borrow money, sell your stuff, or get free money sign up bonus offers that pay instantly.

I’ve been in a bind like this before. So I know the stomach churning feeling of not having enough money to pay rent. 

This was during the time in my life when I was living alone in a studio apartment and worked a 9 – 5pm job. I was always scraping by and it was stressful! 

I promised myself that I would find a way out, and for me that meant turning my side hustle into a full-time income. 

These days I do that with an affiliate website.

It’s crazy to think that this blog earns me 5-figures per month, but that’s the power of having an online business that earns passive income.

If you want out of the hamster wheel too, then take the free training for how to start a profitable affiliate website

Otherwise, let’s dive into how to make 400 dollars fast! 

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How to Make $400 Dollars Right Now

If you’re in urgent need to make $400 dollars by tomorrow, consider doing quick jobs that pay cash on the spot. Craigslist is a solid website to check for these types of immediate cash opportunities. 

Other ideas to make quick money include collecting scrap metal for cash, hanging out at Home Depot and offering your labor services, and dog sitting.

How to Make 400 Dollars Fast

Here are other money making ideas to consider to make 400 dollars fast.

1. Claim Bank Bonus Offers

Banks such as Wells Fargo, TD Bank and SoFi Bank all offer new customer checking account sign up bonuses.

Some offers, such as the SoFi bank bonus offer, can make you upwards of $325 for simply opening a new account and initiating a minimum direct deposit. 

These offers are one way banks use to attract new customers.

I would suggest looking for the highest-paying bonuses and completing necessary requirements to earn the free money.

I’ve received many bank bonuses including $100 from Chime and $100 from Upgrade.

Earn FREE Money Today with SoFi!

This Bank Bonus Offer will pay you up to $325 Cash!

2. Selling Plasma

You can make a fast $400 by selling your plasma. 

Donating plasma can directly contribute to improving the health and well-being of patients who rely on plasma-derived therapies for their medical needs.

By donating plasma you're not only supporting your own financial well-being, but you're also helping others.

That’s a win-win in my book! 

Typically, earnings range between $20 and $50 per donation session, but some centers offer higher rates for new donors, potentially exceeding $800 in total.

How to Make $400 Fast Sell Plasma

3. Start an AI Side Hustle

Making money with AI is a real thing and lots of people are cashing in on the opportunities it presents. 

Some AI side hustles, such as starting an AI-powered YouTube automation channel, take longer to get going and make money. 

Other AI opportunities, such as adding captions and stock footage to short-form videos are a much easier way to make $400 dollars fast. 

AI tools such as Submagic will do all the work for you. 

Simply go to your local businesses and record short TikTok style videos that they can post to their social media pages.

Upload these videos to Submagic and sell the AI edited videos to them.

AI Side Hustles Make 400 dollars fast

4. Sell Your Stuff

Make $400 dollars in one day by quickly selling unwanted items through platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist.

If you need quick money for rent, then this is a solid way to get it. 

Consider selling high value items that you no longer use such as tablets, gaming consoles, designer clothing and high-end watches.

If you have rare or valuable books or manuscripts, you can sell them to collectors, rare bookstores, or auction houses specializing in rare books.

5. Pawn Your Jewelry 

If you need cash quickly to pay rent tomorrow and don't have other options, pawning items is a realistic solution. 

It's a way to get immediate cash without involving credit checks or waiting for loan approvals. Plus, you get to keep ownership of your items once you repay the loan. 

While it's not a long-term fix, it can help bridge financial gaps in a pinch. 

Just make sure to only pawn items you're willing to part with temporarily, and be sure you can repay the loan to retrieve your belongings.

Pawn shop make 400 dollars fast

6. Do Gig Economy Jobs

There’s no shortage of gig apps that will pay you to complete micro tasks.

You may have already heard of UberEats and Lyft, but other gig apps that offer instant pay options include Field Agent and Observa

These gig apps will pay you to complete small tasks in and around your area, and they'll generally pay you within 24 hours. 

I’ve used both apps to make $100 a day in my spare time. My experience has been so great that I still complete jobs with them even today! 

Back when I first started using these gig apps, there were significantly more job opportunities available, but these days, the options are quite limited.

My best recommendation is to sign up for multiple gig economy apps to make a combined $400 dollars fast.

7. Do PLR Affiliate Marketing

In the digital marketing world PLR stands for ‘Private Label Rights.’

Affiliate marketing is selling products created by others and getting paid a commission on each sale.

Affiliate Marketing PLR refers to pre-made digital content or materials that affiliates can purchase the rights to and resell under their own brand.

This licensing agreement enables you to repackage digital products created by someone else, sell it as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

Affiliate Marketing PLR

For example, Clickfunnels offers PLR Funnels where they give you the finished products, sales letters, upsells, email sequences and more.

All you have to do is change the payment link and you keep 100% of the profits.

You can grab the 52 professionally designed funnels and sell it for one flat rate of $400 to hit your money goal today!

Check out PLR Funnels.

8. Create and Sell a Digital Product

You can also make $400 dollars online fast by creating and selling your own digital products.

Maybe the idea of selling someone else’s product as an affiliate marketer is not one that interests you, and that’s ok.

I sell digital products that I created via this affiliate website. 

My Affiliate Sales with Short-Form videos is my flagship digital product where I teach how to make affiliate sales posting 60 second videos on social media.

It's the same process I used to make $30k fast!

Make Affiliate Sales with Short-Form Videos

At $200 a pop, I only need to make 2 sales to make $400 a day (which by the way isn’t that hard to do when you have a site that gets lots of visitors!).

If you want to learn how to create and sell your own digital products then I recommend taking the same course I did, the OFA challenge.

9. Try Your Luck with Webull

Webull is a smartphone app where you can buy and sell stocks, similar to the Robinhood app

It's a platform where people who want to invest their money in the stock market can do so easily without needing a traditional broker or going through complicated paperwork.

So here’s a question for you. How lucky would you say you are? 

Do you think you’re lucky enough to earn $400 or more in free stock shares from Webull? Well today’s your day to find out! 

Webull offers new customers who sign up with a referral link, up to 20 free stocks worth up to $30,000. All you need to do is sign up for a free account, deposit any amount (even just $1!), and you’ll be awarded free stock shares.

Once you get your stocks, you can sell them and transfer the money to your bank account. Use this Webull referral link to join. 

10. Stack Sign-Up Bonus Offers

This is not going to be the prettiest way to make $400 dollars, but it is a valid way to make money fast.

Most apps offer free sign up bonus offers for you to try out their product or service. I found over 30 apps that pay you sign up bonuses and pay you additional money to refer your friends.

Ideally, you could sign up for each app, nab the free bonus rewards and then share your referral code with friends to earn 400 dollars today.

free sign up bonus apps

Some apps to consider include:

  • Ibotta: Get $5 when you scan your first eligible shopping receipt
  • Robinhood: Earn up to $200 in free stock shares when you join and link your bank account
  • Fluz: Get paid cash back rewards on gift card purchases. Plus earn residual income when you refer friends who use the app

These are just some apps that pay you side hustle money to join and refer your friends.

11. Street Performing

If you have a talent or skill that lends itself well to street performance such as music, magic, or art, it could be a good way to make money in a short period of time.

It may not be your ideal way to go about it.  

But the potential to earn $400 in a day could outweigh the temporary inconvenience or discomfort of performing in public.

One suggestion to reach your goal as quickly as possible is to have a tip jar with a note similar to the one my Uber driver had during a recent trip.

make 400 dollars fast street performing

The note read, “Hi, I am in need of money. So any amount of tip will mean a lot. Thank you.”

The note pulled at my heart strings and it got me to tip higher than I normally would had it not been there! 

Now if you find that this method works to make $400 fast, then you can do it again and turn it into a lucrative one day a week job!

How to Make $400 a Week from Home

I earn more than $400 a week from home with an affiliate website that shares information about how to make money online and offline. 

In fact, there have been many days when I’ve earned $500 a day or more.

It’s all to say that there are other ways outside the conventional methods we were taught in school to earn extra money or earn a full-time income. 

Nowadays, AI tools have made it even easier to earn money fast.

People are making $400 a day using AI to blog, and some are even making closer to $1,000 a day

I took this free training that started me on my journey to having a money making affiliate website.

A quick Google search of ‘how to make $400 dollars online fast’ will show you other ways that people are using AI to make money online.

How to Make 400 Dollars Fast as a Kid

Kids aged 13 years and older can make $400 dollars fast online with Swagbucks by completing various tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and even shopping online through the platform. 

Each activity earns them “Swagbucks” points, which can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers or cash via PayPal. They can even earn a $10 sign up bonus to start!

It's a flexible way for teenagers to earn extra money in their spare time while also engaging in activities they enjoy. However, it's important for parents to supervise their children's online activities and ensure they understand the platform's terms of service.

How to Make 400 Dollars Fast Conclusion

Alright, so when you're in a tight spot and need to pull in $400 by tomorrow to make rent, there's no shortage of ways to hustle. 

You could hit the streets and show off your talents to make some quick cash performing. Or you could head to the nearest plasma center and donate to make extra dough. 

Then there's always the option of jumping on those bank bonus offers or selling off stuff you don't need anymore. 

And hey, why not dip your toes into the world of AI side gigs? 

Bottom line, with a bit of creativity and hustle, you've got plenty of options to hustle up that $400 and keep a roof over your head!

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