How to Post Videos on Pinterest

How to Post Videos on Pinterest to Generate Sales

Full tutorial on how to post videos on Pinterest that get found and make you money!

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There’s no shortage of ‘how to post videos on Pinterest’ tutorials online. 

However, if you’re a business owner looking to leverage Pinterest for sales, then you may want more than just a Pinterest tutorial. 

It may also help for you to know what to say in your video pins and how to structure your content to generate sales. 

As someone who uploads videos on Pinterest to drive sales to my affiliate offers, I’m more than qualified to share these next tips with you! 

Affiliate Sales with Short-Form Videos

Learn the EXACT strategy I used to earn $30k in Affiliate Commissions with 60-second videos!

Do You Need a Business Account to Post Videos on Pinterest?

All Pinterest account users have the ability to post pins in video format. With a Pinterest business account set up, you’ll have more ways to make money with video content than you would without a business account.

For instance, Shopify sellers can upload product videos on Pinterest and tag products that link directly to their Shopify product page. 

Similarly, affiliate marketers with a business account can pin affiliate links on video pins or link to their affiliate blog to make affiliate sales.

It’s free to sign up for a business account, and it’s worthwhile to do so for the added visibility and money making Pinterest features.

How to Post Videos on Pinterest 

If you’re solely here to learn how to add videos to Pinterest, then this upcoming tutorial will show you exactly how to do that. 

If you plan to use your Pinterest account to promote your business, then stick around longer for additional tips! 

1. Record Pinterest Video Pin

First, you’ll want to have either a video pin ready to upload, or record one right from within the Pinterest app.

create video pin in Pinterest app

Even though Pinterest allows you to record video pins up to 5 mins in length and upload 15 minutes in total, it’s recommended that you post shorter videos. Typically short form videos under 60 seconds work best.

This is primarily due to the rise in popularity of TikTok and short form video content. 

It’s a trend that other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have followed suit and rewarded creators for it. 

Video Specifications

To ensure your video pins are shown on Pinterest make sure to follow these Pinterest video specs best practices.

  • File Type: .mp4, .mov or .m4v
  • File Size: 2 GB max
  • Length: 4 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Recommended Aspect Ratio for Standard Video: 1:1 (square) or 2:3, 4:5 or 9:16 (vertical)

If you plan to create video ads to promote on Pinterest, it’s recommended you keep your video length between 6 – 15 seconds for best results. 

2. Log in to Your Pinterest Business Account

Next, make sure you’re logged into your Pinterest Business account. This can be done on either desktop or on a mobile device.

If you’re uploading video to a Pinterest personal account then you can still follow this tutorial, but you’ll be limited to only Idea pins for posting video content.

You’ll also not have all features mentioned below available to you.

3. Go to ‘Create Pin'

From desktop, go to the upper left-hand corner and click on the dropdown menu from the Pinterest logo.

You can use either the ‘create pin’ or ‘create idea pin’ button to upload your video. 

create Pinterest pin on desktop

The difference is that one will allow you to upload solely one pin format, such as a video pin or static image, while the other will allow you to stitch together multiple pin formats to create one cohesive video pin. 

If you plan to stitch together multiple formats, then choose ‘create idea pin.’ 

On mobile, you can create a pin on the Pinterest app by going to the ‘plus’ button on the bottom of your screen and selecting either ‘pin’ or ‘idea pin.’

Upload Idea Pin Video

There are additional benefits to doing it this way. 

When you upload a video Idea pin on the Pinterest app, you’ll have the option to add stickers, use the ‘try on’ a product feature, tag brand collaborators / sponsors and more.

It’s one way for Pinterest content creators and business owners to leverage the Pinterest platform even without a website. 

4. Upload Video on Pinterest

Add video to Pinterest with drag and drop or simply click to upload a video from your desktop or mobile app.

Pinterest drag and drop video

5. Add Video Cover Image

Select a video cover image that will be shown when video auto-play is off. You can choose from one of the video stills, or upload an entirely new image.

Add Pinterest Video Cover

6. Enter Pin Details 

This includes things such as adding a Pinterest title, pin description, link, and alt text to your pin. Try to keep your titles and pin descriptions short and concise. 

In general, people will only see the first 30 -35 characters on a Pin title and about 50 – 60 characters of the pin description in their feed.

7. Publish Video Pin

The last step is to publish your video pin. Select the Pinterest board where you wish to pin your video. Then choose to have it published immediately or schedule it for a later date. 

The free Pinterest native scheduler allows you to schedule a pin up to 30 days in advance. You can also have up to 10 pins scheduled for a future date. 

If you want to bulk schedule more video pins, then use the Tailwind app. It’ll cost you a monthly subscription, but you’ll save tons of time pinning on Pinterest.

Now that you know how to post videos on Pinterest, let’s go over quick tips for how to generate sales with your Pinterest video pins! 

What Videos Work Well on Pinterest?

Short video pins that engage the viewer within the first few seconds with a catchy hook, eye-popping captions and fast cuts present the best chances of success on Pinterest.

Beyond that, Pinterest videos that effectively address a need or solve a problem can lead to tangible outcomes, such as sales of products and services. 

Tips to Create Video Pins that Engage and Sell

More than 465 million people visit Pinterest each month, and nearly half of those users go there to shop.

Use these 5 tips to create compelling video pins that engage and sell. 

Use Captions

Most people don’t watch Pinterest videos with the sound on. If your video content requires voice over to share a story or process, then add captions or text layover to convey your message. 

Use content creator AI tools such as Submagic to transcribe audio into amazing captions on short form videos, and to add emojis when appropriate.

Submagic has graciously extended a 10% discount to my readers. Simply enter promo code: PILAR10 at checkout to save on any plan!

Post UGC Videos

User-generated content, or UGC videos, can serve as a powerful way to leverage brand advocates for future sales. 

Do this by asking your customers to create short 15 – 30 second video testimonials sharing their experience with your brand or product. 

Then post these UGC videos on Pinterest to quickly build brand awareness and trust in your products and services.

Share Tutorials

Pinterest is a visual collage platform where people go to get inspired and to discover a new idea. 

Sharing video tutorials that teach a new method or how to do something is one way to generate sales to products featured in your video.

Promote with Pinterest Video Ads

Reach a larger audience by promoting your popular video pins with Pinterest video ads. 

If you want to give promoted pins a try, then enroll in the Pinterest Academy course. The free Pinterest ads course is an in-house course for businesses looking to increase their exposure with paid ads.

The easiest way to make sales is to add links directly on Pinterest video pins that go to your product page, sales funnel, or to your affiliate offers. 

This is a newer feature that Pinterest debuted in early 2023, and one that business owners can leverage to generate sales.

Include a Call-to-Action

Whether it’s encouraging viewers to use a limited-time coupon code for a product discount or asking them to follow you on Pinterest, include a call-to-action on your videos.

This will get viewers to engage with you and your brand, and increase your chances of eventually converting them from viewer to customer.


Today you learned much more than just how to post videos on Pinterest. 

You also learned how to leverage Pinterest video pins for sales. These tips are what has helped me make money on Pinterest with affiliate offers. 

It’s also helped me make sales to course programs and gain clients for my consulting services. 

Now it’s your turn! 

Start posting video pins on Pinterest to leverage one of the best social media platforms that people go to shop! 

Next, you may be interested in reading about the various Pinterest creator tools to help you create video pins. 

If you have a blog, then read more on how bloggers are getting Pinterest Popular with Nadalie Bardo’s Pinterest course.

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