Receipt Hog Review

Receipt Hog Review 2024: My Experience Scanning Receipts for 2 Years

Everything you need to know about this receipt scanning app in my Receipt Hog review.

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How much can you realistically expect to earn with the Receipt Hog app? 

I tried the popular receipt scanning app for two full years to find the answer. You’ll see how much I earned from uploading coin receipts, taking surveys, winning monthly sweepstakes and more.

Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to earn free Hog coins today as a new Receipt Hog user. Simply download the app and enter promo code SMUR5378 to get 5 free spins on the ‘Hog Slot’ machine. 

The free spins will give you a chance to win bonus coins that can be used towards redeeming Amazon gift cards, VISA debit cards, or cashing out to your Paypal account.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how much Hog coins are worth just yet. I’ll cover all that and more in my Receipt Hog review!

What is Receipt Hog?

Receipt Hog is an app similar to Fetch that rewards you with free gift cards and in Paypal cash for submitting your shopping and restaurant receipts. The free app is available for download on iOS and Apple devices for users in the United States and Canada.

Receipt Hog App Review

Receipt Hog is also one of the major players in the global cash back and rewards app market. Currently, this market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6.98% in the coming years.

How Does Receipt Hog App Work?

The Receipt Hog mobile app works by scanning physical receipts and online receipts with a transaction date no later than 14 days for purposes of earning coins.

Eligible coin receipts will earn you a specified amount of ‘Hog coins,’ while other receipts will earn you sweepstakes entries. In both cases, you’ll have a chance to earn rewards that can be redeemed for free gift cards and cash.

Quick Start Guide

Receipt Hog essentially turns everyday receipts into a source of small rewards, making it an appealing way for you to earn a bit from your regular shopping activities!

  • Create a New User Account 
  • Enter Receipt Hog referral code: SMUR5378
  • Complete Account Profile Registration
  • Submit Receipts
  • Redeem Coins for Payout

Make sure to enter Receipt Hog Promo code SMUR5378 in order to get your free spins!

Scan receipts for Money

1. Download App and Sign Up

  • First, download the free mobile app and create an account.

2. Submit Shopping Receipts

  • Snap a photo of your in-store shopping receipt, or submit your e-receipts by connecting your store loyalty account, Amazon account, or E-mail accounts to Receipt Hog.

3. Earn Rewards

  • Each valid receipt will earn you coins, spins, or sweepstakes entries. The value of each receipt depends on the total amount spent or the type of retailer.

4. Redeem for Cash or Gift Cards

  • Accumulated coins can be exchanged for cash through PayPal, Amazon and VISA gift cards, while spins and sweepstakes entries offer chances for additional prizes.

Is Receipt Hog Legit?

Yes, Receipt Hog is legit. 

They will really pay you cash for your receipts. Additionally, there are over 216 thousand Receipt Hog reviews on Google Play with an average app rating of 4.5 stars. As a two-year Receipt Hog user, I can also confirm that Receipt Hog has paid me cash for submitting my receipts.

Receipt Hog Review

The Receipt Hog website offers basic information on how the app works, but this Receipt Hog review will offer real insights from a real app userMe!

To that extent, I wanted to acknowledge upfront that Receipt Hog isn’t my favorite receipt scanning app. I much prefer apps that pay higher rewards for receipts such as Ibotta and Fetch Rewards. Even still, that hasn’t deterred me from using Receipt Hog.

I get to scan the same receipts to multiple apps and stack my rewards higher. 

What Kind of Receipts Does Receipt Hog Accept?

Receipt Hog accepts paper receipts and online receipts from any store, big or small. You may submit your own receipts and also any from your household members, which gives you even more chances to earn Hog coins!

If you live with a spouse or partner, then it’s totally acceptable to submit their receipts, unless they’re using Receipt Hog as well.

Types of Stores Receipts are Accepted

SupermarketsConvenience Stores
SuperCentersClub Stores
Liquor StoresDollar Stores
Pet Supply StoresToy Stores
Drug StoresBeauty Stores
Health StoresMom-and-pop / Bodegas 

Upload Paper Receipts to Receipt Hog

You can upload paper receipts to Receipt Hog by using the camera scanning feature on the app. Simply lay your receipt on a flat surface and line up the edges of the receipt with the lines shown on the screen. If the receipt is long, then you can take another picture to capture the next section on the receipt.

Receipt Hog Receipts
Upload Paper Receipts

In order for your receipt uploads to qualify, they must clearly contain the following information: Store name, List of Items Purchased with Prices, Transaction Total, and Date of Transaction.

Upload Online Receipts to Receipt Hog

You can also link your favorite shopping accounts to Receipt Hog and submit e-receipts for rewards. This way you’ll never miss earning Hog coins! Once you connect your account, Receipt Hog will automatically collect your purchase information from the selected retailer and give you rewards.

Link Online Receipts
Link Email to Receipt Hog

Additionally, you’ll have the option to connect your Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Hotmail account. Each time you open the app Receipt Hog will search for receipts that are eligible for rewards. They’ll present you with a list of what they found and you select the receipts you’d like to submit for rewards. 

There are also other apps that reward you for online shopping.

  • Rakuten $30 Sign Up Bonus: Rakuten is a cashback and deals website that offers cashback on your online purchases. I’ve been using this app for 2 years and have earned over $1885.00 in rewards and bonuses to date.
  • Swagbutton Extension $10 Bonus: Swagbucks is another well known app that rewards you for online shopping. Their chrome extension will find you the best deals around the web and reward you a predetermined cashback rate.

What is the Amazon Connect Program?

The Amazon Connect Program enables you to connect your Amazon account and share your purchase history with Receipt Hog for rewards.

When you connect to earn, Receipt Hog will also reward you with the following Amazon Connect bonuses:

  • One-time signup bonus of 75 coins
  • Monthly bonus of 10 sweepstakes entries
  • Rewards for individual receipts

Per Receipt Hog, “In order to earn these rewards, your account history must have purchases. Stay connected and use this account when shopping each month to make sure your rewards are added to your Receipt Hog account.”

I personally have never connected my online accounts to any of the receipt scanning apps I use, including Receipt Hog. It might be just me but I don’t like giving these apps my log-in information for websites I use to make purchases. Though if you’re comfortable with it, then definitely go for it to get your bonus rewards! 

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How Old Can Receipts be for Receipt Hog?

Paper receipts can be uploaded to Receipt Hog within 14 days of the receipt’s transaction date to qualify for rewards. Though if you upload it too close to the 14 day limit, then the app may flag it as an ‘old receipt’ and you won’t receive credit for it. 

It’s happened to me on a few occasions despite being within the allotted time frame. It’s one of the more frustrating parts about using the app that I wish they’d work on. 

Receipt Hog Old Receipt
Receipt Hog Online receipts

Online receipts follow the same 14 day rule, but with one exception. They will still reward you with a sweepstakes entry for ‘old receipts’ that are 15 – 730 days old. 

I’m not sure why they do this for e-receipts and not for paper receipts, but nonetheless those are the stated Receipt Hog rules

How Much Does Receipt Hog Pay?

Receipt Hog pays you between $0.025 and $0.10 cents per coin eligible receipt. Your receipt pay depends on the total amount spent and type of receipt you submit. Ultimately, each reward can lead you to earning coins redeemable for cash and gift cards.

How Much are Hog Coin Eligible Receipts Worth?

Coin-eligible receipts will earn you a pre-specified amount of ‘hog coins' based on the total spent on that shopping trip. 

Here’s a breakdown of the coins you’ll earn per coin receipt.

Less than $10.005 Coins
$10.00 – $49.9910 Coins
$50.00 – $99.9915 Coins
$100.00+20 Coins

Every qualifying coin-receipt also earns you an entry into that month's sweepstakes drawing, which can earn you a serious amount of coins!

Stores that sell consumable products such as groceries, health and beauty, drug and pharmacy are considered to be in the coin-receipt category.

So for example, my receipt upload from Walmart with a total of $78.58 earned me 15 coins and 1 sweepstakes entry. Whereas my higher Market Basket receipt of $100 earned me 20 coins and 1 sweepstakes entry.

coin receipts

Coin Receipt Upload Limits

You’ll be rewarded on up to 20 qualifying coin-receipt uploads per Receipt Hog week.

Hog Slot Spins

Receipt uploads from other retailers such as clothing stores, home improvement, restaurants and specialty stores will earn you 1 spin at the Hog Slots. The Hog Slots is fun and mimics the slot machines you see at the casinos. 

Once you pull the virtual lever, you’ll spin for a chance to win 2, 5, 400, 2000 coins or even win full payment on your last shopping trip! 

Hog Slot Spins
Daily Trip Winners

Every day there’s a daily trip winner, and maybe one day you could be lucky enough to be one of them! 

Hog Slots Upload Limits

You’ll be rewarded on up to 20 qualifying spin-receipt uploads per Receipt Hog week.


I’ve mentioned sweepstake entries many times in this Receipt Hog review as one fun method to earning rewards. Each receipt you upload will earn you one entry into that month’s drawing, and winners are chosen on the first of every month.

Depending on where you place, you can earn anywhere from 20 – 100k coins. Not long ago, I was a winner in one of the monthly Receipt Hog sweepstakes. Unfortunately, it was for the lowest prize amount (20 coins), but either way it was free bonus coins and I was happy to receive them! 

Receipt Hog Sweepstake winners
Monthly Sweepstakes Winner

Monthly Sweepstake Prizes

Number of WinnersPrize
1100,000 Coins
1,000150 Coins
25,00020 Coins

1,000 Coins are Worth $5 on Receipt Hog

One Receipt Hog coin is worth roughly $0.005. Your hog coins increase in value with each new redemption level you reach. The minimum amount of coins you need in order to cash out is 1,000 coins, which is equivalent to $5 in value.

Receipt Hog Redemption Levels


If you want to get the most amount of money for your coins, then wait to redeem them until you reach the highest redemption level of $40.00. That way, your coins will be worth the highest value at $0.00615 per coin.

Redeeming Coins for Payout

There are three payout methods for redeeming your Receipt Hog app rewards. 

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • VISA PrePaid Card
  • PayPal Cash
Receipt Hog Redemption Levels
Receipt Hog Cash Out

Amazon Gift Card

When you cash out an Amazon gift card, an Amazon Gift card code will be sent to you via email within 7 days. Use your gift card code online at checkout.

VISA Prepaid Card

When you cash out a VISA Prepaid card, a redemption link with instructions will be sent to you within 7 days. Use your VISA card anywhere VISA is accepted.

PayPal Cash

To redeem coins to Paypal, you’ll have to enter your PayPal email address when prompted. Within 7 days you’ll receive your cash to your Paypal account.

How to Redeem Coins

In order to redeem coins, you have to cash out at one of the Receipt Hog redemption levels. Any coins leftover will remain in your Hog account for the next time you redeem your coins. 

Follow these instructions to redeem your rewards:

  • Go to upper left-hand corner showing your coins tally
  • Select a redemption method
  • Choose a redemption amount
  • Verify redemption with verification code sent to phone
  • Receive your reward via email within 7 days
Receipt Hog Paypal Redemption
Receipt Hog app rewards

To-date, I’ve redeemed my Receipt Hog coins twice for a total of $65 in Paypal cash. I’ve used the app very infrequently over the last two years. There were also months that I completely skipped scanning my shopping receipts.

So needless to say, you may fare much better than me if you stay consistent with your receipt uploads! 

Tips and Tricks for Earning More Coins

There are other ways to earn coins that almost feel like ‘Receipt Hog cheats’ but they’re not! These next methods are legitimate ways to earn more coins on Receipt Hog, all of which I have successfully done myself.

Receipt Hog Surveys

The more receipts you upload, the greater the chances you’ll qualify for Receipt Hog surveys. I’ve done a handful of surveys over the last two years and have earned a few hundred extra coins doing them.

Receipt Hog Surveys
Survey app

Weekly Bonuses 

Each week you upload a receipt, you’ll earn a bonus. Your weekly bonuses will increase as your level increases.

Receipt Hog Rewards Levels

Your level is based on how often you upload receipts. You’ll get closer to the next level each week you upload at least 1 receipt. I’m currently at Receipt Hog level 16, which earns me 200 bonus coins for completing my weekly uploads.

Receipt Hog Rewards Levels
Receipt Hog Levels

Receipt Hog Referral Bonuses

Another fun way to earn coins and one that will earn you more than surveys is the Receipt Hog refer-a-friend program. This referral program will reward you 250 bonus coins for each friend you invite to the app with your referral code. 

Receipt Hog Referral Bonus
Receipt Hog Refer-a-friend

Every Hog member is given a unique referral code that can be found on the front screen of the app interface. A Receipt Hog referral code is typically made up of both letters and numbers and can look something like this: SMUR5378

What If Receipt Hog is Not Working?

The Receipt Hog app generally works fine on a daily basis, but there are random days when it does not. On those days, it can be a frustrating experience to use the app. Thankfully, these types of days are few and far in between.

Receipt Hog Scheduled Maintenance
Receipt Hog Not Working

In the event that the Receipt Hog app is not working, it can be an issue with maintenance work being done. Other times, it can operate slowly for no apparent reason. Either way, just exit out of the app and come back to it later. That usually works to fix the issue!

Receipt Hog App Pros and Cons

If you read the Receipt Hog reviews on Reddit, then you’ll undoubtedly find a mix of both good and bad app reviews. So, I decided to put together my own mix of pros and cons of the popular receipt scanning app.

Earn Rewards on all receipt uploadsLow earning rewards app
Rewards are redeemable for cash payoutMinimum of $5 needed to cash out
Multiple Bonus Reward Options to Earn MoreOutdated App Interface
Offers Unlimited Referral BonusesNot all receipts are coin-eligible

Is Receipt Hog or Fetch Rewards Better?

Fetch Rewards is the better paying app that will earn you redeemable rewards much faster than Receipt Hog. Both receipt scanning apps will reward you for submitting any receipt, but the earning potential of Fetch Rewards is much greater.

Case in point, it took me a full year to earn $40 with Receipt Hog, whereas it only took me 3 months to earn $120 with the Fetch Rewards app.

Is Receipt Hog Worth It? – Final Verdict

No, Receipt Hog is not worth it.

In my Receipt Hog review, I laid out my entire experience earning rewards with the Receipt Hog app. Despite earning $65 in total rewards to date, I’m not inclined to continue using the app on a regular basis.

Personally, I think there are faster ways to earn money. 

For instance, I make money shopping by doing small gig work with the Field Agent app. I’ve been paid anywhere from $3 – $30 just to take a few pictures while I’m out at a store. 

There are also bank bonus offers which pay you a lucrative sign up bonus just to try them out. Sofi is one such bank that is currently offering new checking account holders a $25 sign up bonus (and upwards of $275!)

To earn the bonus, you must use a referral link (you can use mine here) to open a free Sofi checking and savings account. Then transfer $100 or more into your new account within 14 days to earn the free $25 sign up bonus!

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed my Receipt Hog review. If you decide you want to give Receipt Hog a try, then make sure to use promo code SMUR5378 to earn your 5 free bonus spins!

Receipt Hog FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Receipt Hog app.

What is the Daily Limit for Receipt Hog?

You can upload up to 3 receipts from the same store with the same transaction date per day.

Can Receipt Hog Be Trusted?

Yes, Receipt Hog is legit. They currently have over 5 million downloads in the Google Play app store and hold a 4.5 star average rating.

What’s the Receipt Hog Referral Code for 2024?

The Receipt Hog referral code 2024 is: SMUR5378

Does Receipt Hog Accept Online receipts?

Yes, Receipt Hog accepts e-receipts from from your linked shopping accounts. Some retailers that can be linked to Receipt Hog include Amazon, Chewy, Circle K, ACME Markets, Costco, and Fred Meyer.

Does Receipt Hog work in Canada?

Yes, Receipt Hog works in Canada as does the Flashfood app.

What app is Replacing Receipt Hog?

The Fetch Rewards receipt scanning app has overtaken Receipt Hog in app store downloads and usage.

How Do I Get Surveys on Receipt Hog?

The more receipts you upload to Receipt Hog, the greater your chances will be in qualifying for a Receipt Hog survey.

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