One Finance Referral Bonus

ONE Finance Referral Bonus | $20 Sign Up Bonus Offer

Currently, there are two (2) ONE Finance referral bonus promotions available to choose from to earn free money.

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New One debit card members will earn a $20 sign up bonus when opening a new account with a referral link, and making at least one purchase of twenty dollars or more that settles before July 1st, 2024.

One Finance Overview

One Finance, also known as ONE, is a fintech company backed by Walmart offering secure online checking and savings accounts. Your ONE account is FDIC insured up to $250,000 through ONE’s partnered bank, the Coastal Community bank. 

ONE is similar to other fintech banking apps such as SoFi, Varo, and Chime.

Although, ONE has the least amount of value added services compared to its counterparts, which makes them a less appealing option. 

Most of your ONE debit card benefits will need to be unlocked every month with $500+ in eligible direct deposits. 

These special benefit perks include:

ONE Debit Card Walmart
  • 3% cash back at Walmart (up to $50 per year)
  • 5% APY on Savings (on up to $250,000 in Savings balances)
  • Overdraft Protection (no fees or interest)
  • No fees at Allpoint ATMs (55,000+ ATMs nationwide)
  • Free mobile check deposits (quickly deposit checks from anywhere)

One has announced that it will soon be launching Credit Insights, which is a free credit monitoring service. Additionally, they plan to launch a Credit Builder card, which will help you build your credit history.

5% Cash Back on Groceries (Up to $600 in first year!) – Chase Freedom credit cards offer higher cash back rewards on groceries compared to ONE debit card (does not include Target® and Walmart®). They also have a $200 new member sign up bonus reward that you can read more about on this page.

One Finance Referral Bonus Offers

There are currently two (2) One Finance referral bonus offers available. Each offer has different criteria for earning the reward. 

  1. One Debit Card $20 Sign Up Bonus Offer
  1. Swagbucks-ONE $75 Sign Up Bonus Promotion

You can only earn one checking account opening bonus. So make sure to choose the offer that best serves you, and follow the necessary steps to earn the bonus.

$20 One Finance Referral Bonus (Step-by-Step)

The One Debit Card $20 sign up bonus requires no direct deposit, unlike other bank bonus offers. The referral bonus can be earned when you complete the following offer requirements.

  • You must be a new ONE card member and use this referral link to register for a new account.
  • IMPORTANT – You must apply using the referral link and register on desktop ONLY, not on mobile. The referral bonus will not be awarded if you complete the signup process via the mobile app.
  • Make at least one purchase of twenty dollars ($20) or more with your One debit card that settles before the end of July 1st, 2024.
  • ONE will deposit $20 USD into your ONE Savings account within 5 business days of satisfying these conditions.
One Debit card $20 sign up bonus

I imagine the reason ONE is asking people to register via desktop when using a referral link is because of the tracking pixel. This is oftentimes not tracked properly when you click over to sign up via the app.

So if you’re going for the $20 One Finance referral bonus, just make sure to open this referral link from your desktop so that your reward is properly tracked.

The Fine Lines

  • For eligibility, make sure you sign up between the offer promotion dates of February 15th 2024 – July 1st 2024.
  • New members who have not previously opened a ONE banking account are eligible to earn the One Debit Card $20 sign up bonus offer.
  • For purposes of this offer, using your One debit card for cash substitutes (e.g. sports betting, casino chips, money orders), gift cards, prepaid cards, check cashing services or for money movement (e.g. peer to peer transfers) will not be considered a purchase. 
  • Accounts opened through the One mobile app DO NOT meet the eligibility criteria for earning a Referral Bonus

$75 One Finance Referral Bonus Swagbucks Promotion

The popular online rewards website, Swagbucks, is currently offering 7,500 SB points (equivalent to $75 in value) when you open a ONE Finance account through the Swagbucks referral portal.

ONE banking Swagbucks Promotion

Here are the details to the Swagbucks ONE Finance Referral Bonus:

  • Current members can go directly to the offer page. New members will need to create a Swagbucks account first.
  • Once you've created a Swagbucks account, click over to ONE via this Swagbucks referral portal link and apply for a new ONE account.
  • Next, transfer at least $30 or more into your new account to earn 7,500 Swagbucks points, which is equivalent to $75 in value.

Tip: As in the previous referral bonus method, I would HIGHLY advise that you complete these steps on desktop and not via the mobile app. I recently had an issue with another Swagbucks promotion because I did it from my smartphone instead of desktop. The tracking link does not track well when it links over to an app device. Thankfully, I had screenshots and explained the situation to Swagbucks. They were gracious enough to still allocate the bonus to me.

Once you’ve satisfied the above conditions, allow up to 32 days for your Swagbucks points to appear in your account. It will show as ‘pending' in your activities report.

These points can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards worth $75 in value. This promotion is only open to new ONE customers.

No offer period date is specified on the Swagbucks page. So as long as the offer continues to show on this page, then it's still an active promotion!

Read more about how Swagbucks works and how I've been able to earn $2,000 from my couch in my full Swagbucks review.

Ibotta Withdraw to One Debit Card

In 2022, I earned my ONE referral bonus by going through the Swagbucks referral portal. Back then, ONE required you to complete a minimum direct deposit in order to qualify for the bonus (thankfully, they changed this and made it much easier now!).

With that being the case, I discovered that my Ibotta grocery savings app ACH transfer to my ONE debit card qualified for the bonus. The information below was part of the instructions for how I completed this, which I have decided to leave in this article.

You no longer need a direct deposit to earn the reward. So feel free to enjoy the read and maybe even learn more about the Ibotta app!

Below is the procedure for how to link your ONE debit card account to Ibotta to withdraw your cash back earnings.

  • Go to the Ibotta app on your mobile device
  • Tap on the Account tab
  • Select the “Withdraw earnings” option
  • Select the Add new bank account link
  • Search for ONE using the search bar 
  • Connect your ONE account using Plaid as instructed
Ibotta withdraw earnings
One banking app Ibotta Plaid

Once you’ve connected your ONE banking account, you can go back and select it to cash out your Ibotta earnings.

Ibotta bank transfer to ONE debit card
bank bonus direct deposit

In 2022, Swagbucks was offering a 7,500 SB points ONE referral bonus reward. In this case, I was required to do a $100 minimum direct deposit in order to qualify for the bonus.

To be on the safe side, I transferred $120 from my Ibotta grocery savings app to my ONE Finance account. This one transaction earned me 7,500 SB points, which I then converted into $75 PayPal Cash.

One Finance $75 SwagBucks Promotion

All-in-all, everything went smoothly and I didn’t mind one bit waiting 32 days to receive my $75.00 bonus reward!

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Refer Friends and Earn Up to $200 More

One of my favorite ways to earn extra money with little to no effort is by referring friends and family to apps I use and love.

ONE Finance is no different.

As a ONE Debit Card member, you’ll be able to earn an additional $20 referral bonus reward for each person you refer to ONE with your unique referral link. 

instant sign up bonus no deposit bank account

You can refer as many people as you’d like, although you’ll only receive a bonus for up to 10 referrals who complete sign up and meet the referral requirements as mentioned at the beginning of this article.

That’s $200 in FREE money you can add to your account this year!

The other great news is that your friend will also receive a $20 sign up bonus reward. So it’s truly a win-win situation!

Other Finance Apps with Referral Bonuses

There are plenty of other finance apps that offer you free money to try out their product or service. Below are a few more that may interest you as well.

  • SoFi – SoFi is a free online banking option that is most beneficial to people who do simple banking, and who don’t need to go into a physical bank location. As a SoFi member, you'll earn upwards of $325 as a new member sign up bonus.
  • Varo – This fintech company offers many of the same features as other similar online banking apps. In addition to no monthly maintenance fees on your checking account, they also offer up to $500 in advance money. Currently, you’ll earn a $25 sign up bonus when you spend $20 within 30 days of opening an account.
  • Netspend – is primarily known for its prepaid debit card, but very few people are aware of their 5% high yield savings account. The only way to unlock this is to sign up for a Netspend prepaid card. I have one solely for purposes of accessing the high yield account. They currently offer a $20 cash sign up bonus.
  • WeBull – WeBull is an investment app with a comprehensive suite of products including stocks, fractional shares, options, ETFs and ADRs. They offer zero commission trading and smart tools for smart investing. You’ll earn 3 free stocks valued up to $3,000 when you open an account and deposit any amount.

Referral Bonus Final Thoughts

Both ONE Finance referral bonus rewards mentioned in this guide are limited time promotions. Definitely don’t hesitate to nab the free money if you have an opportunity to do so today!

Next, you may be interested in reading my list of $25+ sign up bonus offers available.

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