Fetch Pay Debit Card

5x Your Points with the Fetch Pay Debit Card (Plus $60 FREE Money)

I use the Fetch Pay Debit Card to 5x my Fetch points and earn free gift cards faster!

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UPDATE 7/2022 – This program has unfortunately been discontinued. It was great while it lasted. The ONE Finance bonus no longer exists either. Bummer!

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If you’re an avid Fetch Rewards member, then you’re going to love this little known hack for earning 5x more points on your receipts. It’s a method I recently discovered after months of using Fetch, and one that is very rarely advertised.  

The secret method to getting unlimited Fetch points is to use the Fetch pay debit card. The added bonus is that you’ll also have an opportunity to nab $60 in free money just for getting started today. I’ll share all the details for how to receive this bonus further down below.

But first, if you’re not yet a Fetch Rewards member, then join here, and use promo code: AWPFV8 at sign up. That code will nab you anywhere from 100 – 500 free points when you scan your first receipt. 

Then check out my step-by-step Fetch app guide for how to use the shopping rewards app to earn points towards free gift cards.

What is Fetch Pay?

Fetch Pay is a physical debit card issued by the banking platform ONE that will earn you additional Fetch points on every purchase you make with the card. You can use the debit card as normal wherever Mastercard is accepted to rack up points.

Fetch Pay Debit Card

The card in itself will not say ‘Fetch Pay’ on it, instead it will be branded under the ONE banking app logo and colors. Though within your Fetch app, you’ll notice a mockup of the card with the purple Fetch colors and Mastercard logo on it.

Fetch Pay Application Process

Even though Fetch Rewards states that the Fetch Pay debit card is available by invite only, I found that not to be the case. I was not invited by Fetch to apply for the card. 

Instead, I only learned about this special offer after I opened a One online banking debit card, and was prompted to connect my Fetch account to it.

Once I connected my Fetch account to One, I was instantly approved for Fetch Pay.

Here are the steps to opening a Fetch Pay Debit Card:

  • Apply for a One debit card using the same email address used for your Fetch Rewards account.
  • Once approved for a One debit card, add money to your One Spend account.
  • Go to the ‘Get More’ tab on the lower left-hand corner of the app.
  • Link your Fetch Rewards account to your One debit card.
Fetch Pay One Debit Card
Fetch One Debit Card

This process will automatically approve you for a Fetch Pay debit card, without the need to receive an invitation first. Also, it’s important to note that applying for Fetch Pay will not affect your credit score.

Who is ONE?

At this point you may be wondering, who exactly is ONE anyway? It’s good to know what you’re signing up for prior to doing it, and this is no exception. 

One is an online banking app that can be used with or without Fetch Pay as your debit card of choice. Your One online checking and savings account is FDIC insured up to $250,000 through its banking services partner, the Coastal Community Bank.

Benefits to having a ONE account include:

  • No monthly fees or minimum deposit requirements
  • 2-Day Early Paycheck Access 
  • 3.00% APY High Yield Account with Auto-Save Interest Rate
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Access to 55,000 fee-free Nationwide AllPoint ATMs
  • Credit Line to borrow money anytime
  • Credit Builder to help increase your credit score

One is a banking, budgeting, saving and borrowing account all in one. It’s also the bank account that powers your Fetch Pay debit card.

Fetch ONE Debit Card $50 Referral Bonus

The good news about applying for a ONE finance account is that you’ll have the opportunity to earn a free $50 sign up bonus as a new member. This is in addition to the extra Fetch points you’ll be earning when you use your Fetch Pay debit card (which we’ll be going over shortly!).

In order to qualify for the $50 bonus, follow these steps:

  • Apply to ONE finance using a referral link
  • Link your paycheck direct deposit to your ONE account
  • Complete a qualifying direct deposit of $250 or more in a single transaction

Once you complete these requirements, the $50 bonus will be deposited to your ONE Spend account within a few days. It’s free money just for joining!

Nab an additional $10 Bonus

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of moving around your payroll direct deposit, then there is a workaround to get the $50 bonus. This method will also earn you an additional $10 in free money, which totals $60 in bonus rewards.

I discovered that a money transfer from the Ibotta grocery savings app to my ONE Spend account counts as a qualified direct deposit. If you’re not familiar with the app, then check out my full Ibotta review to learn how Ibotta works to earn you cash back rewards on your grocery receipts.

Here’s the step-by-step process for how to use Ibotta as a direct deposit alternative to earn the ONE finance $50 bonus:

  • Enter Promo Code: KSHAGVC during registration to earn a free $10 bonus when you snap your first receipt
  • Redeem offers in the Ibotta app during your next grocery shopping trips
  • Connect Ibotta to your ONE Finance Spend Account
  • Transfer $250 or more from Ibotta to your ONE account
Ibotta One Finance
One Finance Direct Deposit

This is an alternative direct deposit method that can be used by anyone, but the caveat is you need to earn $250 in cash back rewards in order for this method to work. In my Ibotta review I mention eight ways to quickly hit that amount.

How to Earn 5x Points with the Fetch Pay Debit Card

So now that we’ve gone over how to open a Fetch Pay debit card and get bonus money in the process, let’s talk about how to 5x your Fetch points.

According to the Fetch Pay Terms of Service, you’ll earn one (1) Fetch point for every dollar you spend on your debit card. This can be a purchase made either online or in-store.

As an example, say you use your Fetch Pay card to pay for a $150 purchase at Walmart. This transaction would earn you 150 Fetch points instead of the standard 25 points per receipt (assuming you didn’t redeem any Fetch special offers)

While this is a great way to rack up Fetch points fast, there are also other great benefits worth mentioning as well. 

Fetch Pay debit card members have additional featured offers not available to other members. One of the current offers over the last few days is earning 5 points on each dollar spent with Fetch Pay. 

Fetch Pay points
Fetch Pay

I took advantage of this by using my Fetch One card to pay for the $108.12 balance on a hotel booking for a weekend getaway. For this transaction, Fetch rewarded me with 545 points.


In addition to featured offers, Fetch will reward points through Fetch Pay for engaging in various promotions. 

Fetch Pay
Fetch ONE Pay

For example, Fetch may offer promotions where you can earn points for funding your Debit Card, completing your first Debit Card transaction, or using your Debit Card in a certain number of transactions in a specific period of time.

Double Dip on Points

This next feature is one of my favorites by far. Fetch allows you to double dip on points by snapping receipts of purchases made on your Fetch Pay card to your Fetch app.

Say for example, you use your Fetch Pay debit card to make a $50 purchase. Fetch will reward you 50 points through Fetch Pay (1 point per dollar spent). If you also snap a picture of that same receipt on your Fetch app, Fetch will reward you the standard amount of points for that purchase.

Fetch Pay Points
Fetch Pay Bonus

I tested this out by making one small purchase with my Fetch Pay card of $4.33 at my local Target store. Fetch Pay awarded me with 25 points for the transaction. I then uploaded the same receipt to my Fetch app and earned an additional 25 points. In total, I earned 50 Fetch points for this purchase.

PRO TIP: Stack Rewards to Earn More 

One way to earn even more money on your purchases is to stack your cash back rewards. In this particular case, I used $250 in free gift cards earned from Fetch Rewards and SwagBucks towards booking my hotel stay.

Rakuten cash back rewards

The remaining balance of $108.12 was booked with my Fetch Pay debit card where I earned 545 points. Additionally, I earned 2% cash back rewards with Rakuten by going through the deals website to book on hotels.com.

Suggested Read: Earn $30 in FREE Money with the Rakuten deals website

Is Fetch Pay Worth It? – The Verdict

Here’s my honest take on the worthiness of the Fetch Pay debit card. While I do think it’s awesome to get extra Fetch reward points using Fetch Pay, it’s not the best rewards card on the market. 

The Chase Freedom Unlimited card and American Express card will offer you better rewards across all categories. For example, the Chase Freedom card currently offers a $200 sign up bonus as well as 5% cash back rewards on gas and travel purchases. Additionally, your cash back rewards do not expire, unlike Fetch points that do expire after 90 days of inactivity. 

If you don’t have access to these cards or other similar cards, then definitely take advantage of Fetch Pay to earn extra reward points. It’s still extra points and will help you earn free gift cards faster.

Final Thoughts on the Fetch Pay Debit Card

Fetch rewards is my go to app for earning cash back on everyday purchases, and Fetch Pay is an added benefit to earning points faster. The sign up bonuses alone make it worthwhile to open a Fetch Pay debit card, even if you plan to only use the card sparingly. 

And if you plan to use Ibotta as an alternative direct deposit method, then use promo code KSHAGVC at sign up for $10 free money when you snap your first receipt.

Fetch Pay FAQs

How Does the Fetch Debit Card Work?

Fetch Pay is a physical debit card issued through the banking platform ONE. Use your Fetch Pay card as normal wherever Mastercard is accepted. You’ll earn 1 (one) Fetch point for every dollar you spend on your debit card.

How Do I Put Money on My Fetch Debit Card?

Within your Fetch app, go to the ‘Me’ tab > Fetch Pay > Add Money. This will take you out of the app and to your ONE banking account. Add money to your ONE Spend account via a bank transfer, direct deposit, or other check deposit. Your ONE Spend Account is essentially your Fetch Debit Card.

Is Fetch Debit Card Safe?

Yes, your Fetch Debit Card is safe. Your Fetch Pay ONE account is FDIC insured up to $250,000 through ONE’s bank partner, Coastal Community Bank.

Do I still need to snap receipts if I use my Fetch Pay card?

Yes, you should still snap your Fetch Pay card receipts on your Fetch Rewards app to double dip on points. Fetch actually encourages this! Though it is not necessary to do. Fetch Pay will reward you points even if you do not snap the receipt on your Fetch app.

Who’s eligible to apply for a Fetch Pay card?

Fetch Pay participants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and must be a resident of the United States.

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