One Funnel Away Challenge Review

One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Is It Right for YOU?

The One funnel away challenge review: Is it worth it? I've taken the OFA twice and will share my thoughts on whether this course is legit, or a scam.

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In this One Funnel Away Challenge review, I’ll share with you my thoughts after taking the challenge twice, the good and the bad stuff, and what you can expect from the course. 

Then if you decide the challenge is for you, head on over to my One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses’ page before you register to join. I have additional gifts for you there.

So, let’s start the review!

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-Day Live training that walks you step-by-step to starting and growing a profitable online business using sales funnels. 

The One Funnel Away Challenge price is $100.

Who is the One Funnel Away Challenge for?

If you’ve ever considered launching your first product or service, and don’t know where to start, then this challenge is your launchpad hub. 

If you’ve failed or struggled in the past at launching a profitable product or service, then this course holds the key to finding and rectifying where things went astray. 

If you currently have a successful business, then this course will share with you how to automate and scale your business to a multiple six and seven figure business.

Students who have found massive success with this online course include (but are not limited to):

  • Online Course Creators
  • Ecommerce Business Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Brick and Mortar Stores
  • Chiropractor Small Practice
  • Gym Facilities
  • Bloggers
  • Coaches……and More
One Funnel Away Challenge Review
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3 Steps to Complete in OFA Challenge 

Step #1: The Strategy 

Each day you will have a roughly 30 Minute lesson from Russell Brunson streamed into the private Facebook group. This is the ‘strategy’ portion that will help you master each step for success.

Step #2: The Tactics 

At the end of each stream, you will receive a one page mission document. This will show you step-by-step the tactics needed to complete each step in the strategy. Additional video lessons will also be given to further help you.

Step #3: Implementation 

Three days a week you will receive live coaching in the Facebook group from the implementation coaches. Here you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have about funnels, strategy, implementation or anything else related to the course.

One Funnel Away Challenge Course Material

clickfunnels one funnel away challenge
Image Courtesy of ClickFunnels

According to ClickFunnels, below is what each week in the One Funnel Away Challenge entails.

Pre-Training Week 

If you’ve ever played a sport, you know you have to do certain things BEFORE you start to get in shape, prepare, and gear up for the season. And you have to ‘get your head in the game’ if you want to get the results you’re looking for.’ That’s what this training is all about. Play full out!

Week 1 

Let the games begin! You’re going to set the foundation for building your funnel. And it starts with creating your irresistible offer. What does your audience want? You’ll discover how to put together all the elements of your offer, sequencing, how to create the graphics for your offer assets, and packaging. 

Week 2

Want to know how to capture your audience so they want to follow and buy from you? Excellent. It’s time to tap into your greatness and expertise….and show the world who you truly are. Capture attention with your magnetic story, compelling hooks, publishing, and finding your voice. Get your message out there!

Week 3

There are only 2 core strategies behind any funnel: to generate leads and to make sales. Each page of your funnel is designed to achieve one of these goals. So let’s dive in and explore how you can create an easy way to take your customer along a seamless path so that they buy from you – From landing page to sales page offer to OTO upsell offer.

Week 4

Now that your funnel is built, it’s time to drive traffic. There are three types of traffic and two ways to acquire it. The types of traffic are Cold, Warm and Hot. You can buy your traffic or you can borrow traffic. The best traffic will come from your Dream 100 List. Ready to turn on the faucet?

One Funnel Away Challenge Review

one funnel away challenge unboxing

Ok, so now that you have the low down on the specifics of the course, lI’ll share with you my personal thoughts on the One Funnel Away Challenge course. This way, you’ll be better able to assess whether this challenge is for you or not.

The Positive Mindset Advantage

Many people, including myself, believe in the powers of a positive mindset for attracting and achieving success. And so does Russell Brunson. That’s why he’s made it an integral part of the course material in the pre-training week.

I find this ‘Must Believe” in yourself part of the training, especially beneficial to brand new entrepreneurs. That’s because they may not be aware that ‘failure’ is oftentimes part of the equation to success. And without this understanding, new entrepreneurs fall prey to the thinking, “this doesn’t work. It’s a scam,” and they miss out on reaching success. 

positive mindset advantage

That makes this mindset reframe important in setting proper expectations for the work ahead. Gandhi stated it best when he famously observed: 

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”

The One Funnel Away Challenge Secret

The biggest take away I had from the One Funnel Away Challenge was how to shift what you’re selling from being a ‘product’ to being a ‘commodity.’ 

This is also the ‘ah-ha’ moment for many other students taking the course.

In grand storytelling fashion, Russell Brunson masterfully explains the ingredients that are needed to set your product apart from everyone else in the marketplace. This is what allows you to enter a proven, yet highly saturated niche, and still sell more products or services than your counterpart.

The course is well worth it just for learning about this piece alone.

The Tech

The actual sales funnel build is where a lot of students get stuck. 

This includes setting up your funnel domain within ClickFunnels and learning the ClickFunnels dashboard, where you’ll be building your sales funnel.

Here’s the thing about that. 

I’m the least techie person you will ever meet. As a matter of fact, I continue to drive my 16 year old college vehicle because I despise the new tech in newer vehicles. I also still use an iPhone 6 model phone because I mainly use my phone…. well…… to talk. I’m a bit old fashioned and I’m ok with that!

It’s also ok if you are not a big tech person either. What makes things like building sales funnels and cool looking websites such as the one you’re on now 😉 easier, are pre-built templates. And remember, I give you over 12 professionally designed ready to import templates as part of your One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses. ClickFunnels will also give you some starter templates.

Not to mention, ClickFunnels has hired an awesome team of implementation coaches who will hold weekly Q&A questions within the private Facebook group. If you show up to these sessions, they will answer all your questions, including tech related ones.

Sales Funnel Traffic Secrets 

Russell Brunson Books

So you’ve built your funnel, now you’ll need traffic. 

In the OFA challenge, Russell shares with you the secrets to effective storytelling for business to attract your ideal buying audience. But he leaves much of the actual tactics to getting this traffic to his much more in-depth Traffic Secrets book. That would be the one extra item I would recommend grabbing alongside the One Funnel Away Challenge.

I’ve read Russell’s Traffic Secrets book along with his many other publications, including DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets. I can highly recommend all three.

The Time Commitment

This challenge is a HUGE time commitment. 

I’ll be brutally honest with you about this. If you don’t have an extra 1.5hrs – 2hrs per night to set aside for doing the Challenge course work, then you’ll inevitably fall behind. This is literally like having a 4 year $100k college course, crammed into a 30 Day, $100 course.

While it is a much more affordable avenue to take, it will require a great deal of time commitment from you.

I’ve seen many people take the course multiple times so they could catch up. This way, they are able to keep up as well as continue to have access to the private Facebook group to ask questions. 

But the good news is whether you decide to take the ‘Live' One Funnel Away challenge multiples times or not, you’ll continue to have access to the course material (minus the private Facebook group).

So definitely figure out what you need to do to make space for this course before you start.

Are You Really JUST One Funnel Away?

Probably not. 

The truth is, you’ll most likely be many funnels away from finding your most lucrative and successful, life changing sales funnel. But that’s the journey of an entrepreneur. The faster you can ‘fail,’ the faster you’ll reach the other side of success! 

Is the One Funnel Away Challenge Legit?

Yes, this course is legit.

I wouldn’t have taken the course twice if I didn’t think it was legit. Not to mention, your One Funnel Away Challenge teacher is the $100 Million Dollar entrepreneur and founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson. I highly doubt he would want to tarnish his reputation for a mere $100 bill. 

Is the One Funnel Away Challenge Worth It?

In my opinion, the $100 investment to take the One Funnel Away Challenge is definitely worth it. I purposefully use the word ‘investment’ because this course will not ‘cost’ you money in the traditional sense of the word. This course will help you make money when you implement everything Russell Brunson and the awesome coaches share with you.

If you are someone who doesn’t easily throw in the towel the moment they hit a bump in the road, then I would definitely recommend this course. And if you want an even better deal, then check out the OFA Platinum Price.

Ready to take the One Funnel Away Challenge? 


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