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The Webinar Funnel Formula for Effortless High Ticket Sales

Use this webinar funnel formula to plug-n-play your high ticket digital product for effortless sales.

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The webinar funnel makes selling high ticket offers look like a walk in the park. 

They’re effective. They can be automated for passive online sales. Not to mention, any business owner in nearly every niche can benefit from having one. 

Typically, these higher ticket offers range in price from $997 – $2,000, but they can also be created for offers between $500 and $900.

Anything past the $2,000 range and you’re looking at adding in your time to close the sale. 

I don’t know about you, but I personally prefer to automate my income and take my time out of the equation whenever possible.

I'm neither interested in hiring and managing a sales team to make thousands per week.

That's where webinar funnels can help.

The first webinar I ever created (a $997 Amazon FBA course), generated $10k in a week! (you'll get to see it later on in this article!)

It closely followed the Perfect Webinar Script taught by Russell Brunson, and it worked. 

It marked the first time I had sold anything higher than $97 and it felt awesome!

Nowadays in my affiliate marketing business, I frequently bridge over to high ticket webinar funnels that consistently earn me high ticket affiliate commissions.

Needless to say, if you’re looking to inject some serious cash flow into your business, then webinar funnels are the way to go.

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What You Need to Know Before Creating a Webinar Sales Funnel

You may be eager to get started creating a webinar funnel, and I don’t blame you! 

Though before you start, you’ll need a digital product that you can package and deliver. If you already have one, then great! 

You can plug-n-play your product into the high converting webinar funnel that I’ll be sharing with you next. 

If you don’t yet have a digital product created, then you’ll need to create one that speaks to the needs of your target audience. 

You can funnel hack your way to success by seeing what other successful entrepreneurs in your field are offering their audience. 

Otherwise, I suggest taking the First Funnel Challenge from Clickfunnels to get ideas for how to create an irresistible digital product to sell.

Webinar Sales Funnel

One thing you need to know about webinars is that they have one of the highest conversion rates of any other form of marketing. 

According to recent statistics, the average webinar attendee conversion rate is a jaw dropping 55%!

That means if you were to have 100 people show up to your webinar, then on average 55 people would buy from you. 

If you’re selling a $997 digital product, then you’re looking at $54,835 in sales.

That’s also assuming you get people to stick around to watch your presentation, and that you have all the high converting elements in place to make the sale.

(Don’t worry! You’ll get all the information needed for how to do that today!) 

Webinar Funnels

Another important number to keep in mind is that roughly 40% of people who register for your webinar will actually show up for it.

So it’s imperative that you have an effective marketing strategy in place for driving traffic.

When I was driving traffic to my Amazon FBA webinar, I used paid Facebook™ ads and a private Facebook™ group to get registration sign ups.

In my current affiliate marketing business, I use my affiliate blog to drive free traffic to high converting webinar funnels where I earn commissions.

It’s something I learned how to do with the help of the Authority Hacker courses.

Funnel Hack Your Way to a High Converting Webinar

‘Funnel Hack’ or ‘Funnel Hacking’ are terms coined by the CEO of Clickfunnels, Russell Brunson. In essence, funnel hacking is all about using what is already proven to work, instead of re-inventing the wheel.

That’s exactly what I did and how I came to make my first few webinar sales. 

I used proven Clickfunnels webinar templates to sell my Amazon FBA course to a 5-figure launch.

You’ll not only learn about the webinar funnel I used, but you’ll also get a copy of it to use in your own business.

6 Webinar Funnel Steps for Success

The funnel pages I’m about to share with you can be downloaded for free here into your Clickfunnels 2.0 account. 

This way, you won’t need to spend your time creating a new funnel from scratch. 

If you don’t already have a Clickfunnels 2.0 account, then sign up for a free trial to use the webinar funnel and to make sales during this time. 

Here are the funnel steps in the webinar funnel:

  • Live Webinar Registration Page
  • Webinar Confirmation
  • Webinar Broadcast Room (Presentation)
  • Offer Page
  • Delivering Your Product
  • Webinar Replay Room

LIVE Webinar Registration Page

Clickfunnels LIVE Webinar Registration Page

The LIVE Webinar Registration Page, otherwise called the landing page, is where you’ll get people to sign up for the LIVE webinar. 

Registrants will enter their email address and receive an email from your autoresponder that will remind them of the webinar time.

For higher conversions, a Clickfunnels countdown timer element can be added to create urgency. This element is already included in the LIVE Clickfunnels Webinar template.

You’ll also share three juicy ‘secrets’ that you’ll be revealing during the LIVE broadcast. 

For instance, on my Amazon FBA webinar registration page, my three secrets that I would reveal to my attendees were:

  • Secret #1 – How to Find the Right Product that Sells before You Invest a Ton of Time and Money.
  • Secret #2 – How to Get Started on a Small Budget and Quickly Scale Your Business.
  • Secret #3 – How to Get Easy Sales for Your Product as Soon as It Goes ‘Live’ on Amazon.

Additional Resources: Driving traffic to your webinar registration page is not always easy to do. The Traffic Secrets book by Russell Brunson has some good tidbits of information on how to find hidden traffic sources that you may have not previously considered.

Webinar Confirmation

Webinar Registration Page

As you may have already guessed it, the Webinar Confirmation Page serves as confirmation of registration. Though there’s a lot more to it than just that.

In order to increase webinar attendance, you want to include ‘homework’ for attendees to complete prior to joining the webinar broadcast.

This is normally placed on the webinar confirmation page and also sent by email.

‘Homework’ can be things such as joining your FB group, adding the event to Google calendar, or a worksheet with questions that reminds them of their struggles and agitates it.

These questions should get them thinking about your webinar and the answers that you’ll provide them with that will help them overcome their obstacles.

(By the way, ‘agitating the problem’ is actually one of the copywriting secrets I learned from Jim Edwards! It works like a charm!)

Webinar Broadcast Room

The next page in the webinar funnel is the Webinar Broadcast Room

This is where you’ll be doing your presentation and where you’ll reveal the ‘secrets’ promoted on the webinar registration page.

Typically, these run between 45 – 60 mins long and have a Q & A at the end. 

During this time, you have a chance to build quick rapport with your audience, show your expertise in the subject matter and handle objections in real time.

It’s powerful in the sense that you can take a completely cold audience and turn them into instant buyers with a carefully curated presentation. 

Learn How to Sell High Ticket Offers with Webinars...


Webinar Example

Webinar presentations need to be continuously tweaked and A/B tested for best results. This sort of testing can be done in sales funnel software tools such as Clickfunnels.

Once you find the right words and presentation format that resonate with your audience, it’s like hitting the jackpot! 

You’ve created a profitable webinar that can be put into an automated webinar funnel for passive income.

Below is an example of the webinar presentation I did that generated over 5-figures in the first week of launch. 

Watch Webinar Video Example.

When I retired my Amazon FBA course, I uploaded the webinar to YouTube for future reference. 

Offer Page

Webinar Offer Page

The Offer Page is where people will get to purchase your irresistible offer that will help them solve their current problem. 

The offer will directly correlate with your webinar presentation, as well as the known pain points of your customer.

In order for the sale to be as seamless as possible, it must be presented to the right audience and in a way that makes the offer look like a bargain. 

This can be done by presenting bonuses for people who purchase prior to the LIVE webinar ending. 

It can also be done by creating an ‘offer stack’ that is so irresistible that your prospect simply can’t say ‘no’ to it.

In my Amazon FBA course, my offer stack included access to a private FB group, as well as bonus lessons from guest experts in the Amazon selling space.

Delivering Your Product

Webinar Funnel Thank You Page

So you made the sale and now it’s time to deliver the goods! Delivering your product is the easiest part of the webinar funnel.

On the Order Confirmation page, you can welcome your new customer to the program and give them access to the course from there. 

I did this by placing a link on this page that took them over to the member access page, where they could log-in to the course. 

If you have supplemental materials to send them, you can create a trigger within Clickfunnels to automatically send it to the email of the purchaser. 

More importantly for you, this is also a page where you want to place your upsells and bridge over to other funnels. 

This can be an affiliate funnel for affiliate sales, a product funnel, or really any other item you wish to sell.

Webinar Replay Room

Webinar Replay Room

Not everyone will be able to attend your webinar event LIVE. 

Some people simply forget, others change their mind, while other people have family affairs that don’t give them the luxury to easily plan in advance.

That’s where the Webinar Replay Room becomes an important part of  the webinar funnel. Not every webinar sales funnel has this, but I highly recommend you include it.

Not only will the added funnel step provide you with easy sales, but you’ll also be providing a service for those who legitimately couldn’t attend. 

Even still, this step has to be done in a way that includes urgency for the offer in the same way as the original webinar did. 

Timers can be put in place for when the webinar replay expires and when your irresistible offer is off the table. 

Later on, you can automate this process and replicate the same type of environment by creating scarcity evergreen webinar funnels.

And of course, Clickfunnels has these plug-n-play templates as well! 

This webinar funnel example can be downloaded into your Clickfunnels account with this link. You’ll be prompted to create a CF account with a free trial if you are not currently a Clickfunnels 2.0 member.

Perfect Webinar Secrets

I would love to say that I put together my webinar all on my own and knew exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it in order to make the sale. 

Though that wasn’t the case! 

I used the exact framework taught in Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script to create my money making webinar presentation. 

Russell has a way of delivering presentations that simply get people to say ‘yes’ to his offers. He teaches his exact methods in the Perfect Webinar Secrets Masterclass

It’s the one script that I can truly say helped me convert more of my webinar attendees into paying customers.

Funnel Hacks Training

The Funnel Hacks webinar by Clickfunnels is another training I recommend you take. 

It’s free to register and you’ll see the masterful presenter, Russell Brunson, at work delivering the 3 most important secrets to a successful webinar.

The Funnel Hacks training is beneficial to anyone that has a high ticket offer to sell including coaches, digital marketers and other service providers.

I have an entire page dedicated to popular Clickfunnels training courses and Clickfunnels books that you can also check out!

Now It’s Your Turn!

A webinar funnel can create a massive shift in your business almost overnight. 

It can be the difference between having a profitable business that you’re excited to show up to everyday, versus having an ailing business that’s sucking the energy out of you.

If you’re ready to take the leap, then download the best webinar funnel template here.

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