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Top Clickfunnels Books for Aspiring Digital Marketer Millionaires

These must read Clickfunnels books are great for any aspiring digital marketing entrepreneur.

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If you’re looking for the best Clickfunnels books written by ClickFunnels 2.0 founder Russell Brunson, then I’ve listed these for you below.

The books are jam-packed with information on how to create profitable sales funnels to writing mouthwatering sales copy, and driving unlimited traffic to your offers. 

Personally, I’ve read 4 of the Clickfunnels books (many of them multiple times), and have used the frameworks taught in them to build my full-time online business. 

Whether you’re a beginner digital marketer or seasoned online business entrepreneur, these must read books offer valuable lessons for everyone.

Clickfunnels Books on Amazon

Some, not all, of the Clickfunnels books are sold on Amazon. 

If that’s your preferred way of getting your hands on these digital marketing books, then here are the quick links to each book.

By getting the books on Amazon, you also forfeit the free bonuses, including hours of free digital marketing training from Russell himself.

If you want the bonus special offers that come with the books, then purchase them through the Clickfunnels book funnel, just like I did.

Not only will you get the books for free (simply pay for shipping and handling), but you’ll also be on the list for receiving other free and paid Clickfunnels courses and training in the future.

Clickfunnels Free Books 

These next Clickfunnels free books are offered through the Clickfunnels book funnel. Just be aware that you’ll be offered various up-sells throughout the funnel. 

You won’t need to purchase anything to get the books for free. Simply cover the shipping and handling fee and decline the offers in the funnel if you don’t want them. 

Though if you want to take advantage of the special one-time Clickfunnel deals, then feel free to do so as well!

Clickfunnels free books

DotCom Secrets

DotCom Secrets shares the 10 core sales funnels that helped Russell Brunson explode Clickfunnels to what it is today. Read it to exponentially grow your company online.

DotCom Secrets was the first ever Russell Brunson book I read. To say it was an eye opening experience on how companies leverage sales funnels to grow online is an understatement. 

It showed me a whole new world I never knew existed.

It was also the first time I became aware that there was an expedited path to earning money online that wouldn’t take me 5 or 10 years to materialize.

Instead, it helped me create, promote, and profit from my first digital product, which made $10k in the first week.

This shortcut blueprint is a great introduction to sales funnels and what goes into making them work. The One Funnel Away Challenge is the video training program that walks you through much of this process.

Some of the free bonuses you’ll receive through the DotCom Secrets book funnel include:

  • The 3 Core Funnels eBook – This funnel stacking strategy will help you attract more leads and make more sales in your business. 
  • 108 Split Test Winners eBook -See the simple tweaks you can make to your website or funnel to convert more visitors into leads and paying customers.
  • Network Marketing Secrets eBook – Learn how to use sales funnels to grow your network marketing team.
  • Funnel Audibles – This shows you a simple process to take ANY funnel that’s broken, and turn it from a ‘zero’ to a ‘HERO’!
  • 30 Day DotCom Secrets Challenge – Learn How To Apply The Principles Of DotCom Secrets During the 30 Day DotCom Secrets Challenge!

Nab the FREE DotCom Secrets book.

Expert Secrets FREE Book

Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets will show you how to grow your following and get paid for your expert knowledge. Read this book to increase your reach, impact, and influence.

Expert Secrets was the book I needed when I was building my following and influence as an Amazon FBA Expert

Unfortunately for me, the book didn’t come out for another 3 years after I had started on my journey. 

Later on, when I decided to change course from selling physical products to building an affiliate marketing business, the book served its purpose. 

Expert Secrets taught me how to find my audience of buyers within my core market (not just followers), even in a saturated niche. It as well gave me the framework for putting together the right offers at each step of the buyer’s journey. 

Some of the free bonuses you’ll receive through the Expert Secrets book funnel include:

  • Expert Evolution – During this presentation you'll learn the five steps you must go through to find your voice, and establish yourself as an expert
  • Hook, Story, Offer – This presentation will teach you the powerful “hook, story, offer” framework and how you can use it to build better funnels
  • The Perfect Webinar Slides – This slide deck is the framework that will help you sell your high ticket offers. I've used this framework in my business with great results.
  • The 5 Minute Perfect Webinar – Use this tweaked mini version of the Perfect Webinar to sell physical eCommerce products.
  • 30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge – Learn How To Apply The Principles Of Expert Secrets During the 30 Day Expert Secrets Challenge

Nab the FREE Expert Secrets book.

Traffic Secrets FREE Book

Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets will show you how to get hundreds, even thousands of hungry buyers to your funnels and websites. Read this book to discover the hidden traffic sources online.

If you’re struggling to get traffic online or don’t know where to start finding traffic, then Traffic Secrets is the book to read. 

Naturally, being a fan of Russell Brunson’s work, I was one of the first people to pick up a copy when the book initially launched in 2020.

I was so eager to read the book that I decided to purchase the audio book download offered in the Traffic Secrets book funnel. It gave me instant access to the book and its teachings. 

Not surprisingly, the book offered invaluable information about hidden traffic sources that are not commonly mentioned anywhere else.

Some of the free bonuses you’ll receive through the Traffic Secrets book funnel include:

  • Traffic Secrets Foundation – This is a 4hr+ presentation showing you the fundamentals of getting traffic online.
  • The Ultimate Unfair Advantage – This presentation from Dean Graziosi will show you how to scale your traffic with simple videos from your smart phone.
  • How To Make A Video Go Viral – Guest presentator, Prince EA, speaks about how he makes videos go viral and gets over 3 billion views.
  • The Ultimate Traffic Hack – Learn from Super Affiliate and Traffic Expert, Peng Joon, on how he creates 4 months of content in 3 days.
  • 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge – Learn how to apply the principles of Traffic Secrets during the 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge

Nab the FREE Traffic Secrets book.

Copywriting Secrets FREE Book

Copywriting Secrets

Copywriting Secrets will show you how to get more conversions on your sales letters and emails using the power of words. Read this book to improve your sales persuasion skills.

Clickfunnels books are known to overdeliver, and the Copywritings Secrets book by Jim Edwards is no different. 

This is a book I keep close by and refer back to often when I’m writing blog posts and creating catchy headline titles for my social media posts. 

The book offers TONS of plug-n-play frameworks that help you create content people want to read and watch. 

If you want to see examples of some of these frameworks, then watch this video I recorded on my YouTube channel. 

Some of the 31 Secrets you’ll discover in the Copywriting Secrets book include:

  • How to motivate people to buy now using proven emotional triggers.
  • How to target your perfect customers who want to buy from you – NOW!
  • How to structure offers that sell like crazy in any market.
  • ​How to get a LOT more subscribers and build a rabid fan base.
  • How to increase your sales no matter what you sell or who you sell it to.

The book funnel doesn’t offer the traditional bonuses we’ve been spoiled to expect with other Clickfunnels book funnels. Though the book itself is one of the most valuable books you can read that will earn you more money without needing to get more traffic.

Nab the FREE Copywriting Secrets book.

Network Marketing Secrets FREE Book

Network Marketing Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets will show you how to use sales funnels to grow your network marketing team. Read this book to attract SUPER INTERESTED signups to your team.

I haven’t read the Network Marketing Secrets book, but I do know a thing or two about growing a network marketing team. 

Back in my early college years, I was a member of PrePaid Legal and grew a small team that earned me passive residual income.

These days, I earn passive income from my Fluz app network marketing team. It’s a gift card app that earns you a percentage of cash back rewards on purchases from your downline. 

The importance of signing up the right members to your team is the difference between earning money or not. 

If you want to grow a highly motivated network marketing team, then this book will show you the core funnels to do just that. (these motivational Russell Brunson quotes will also inspire them!)

Some of the secrets you’ll learn in this book include:

  • The ONE critical step that network marketers always forget. (Miss this step, and your business will never gain the momentum you need to be a top earner.
  • The game-ending mistake that marketers make IMMEDIATELY upon signing-up with a network marketing company! (Do this, and you may lose more than just your investment.)
  • The BIGGEST reason you can’t go OUTSIDE your network to scale your business… (HINT: It’s the same reason that’s keeping you stuck beating down the same doors, and posting to the same people…)
  • How to ESCAPE the cookie-cutter network marketing plan that’s NOT effective at generating consistent, sustainable leads.
  • How to create an almost “hands-off” system where you can get leads to come to YOU, so you can sell to them, and most importantly, easily REPEAT the process!

If you’ve read to this point, then you may have already realized that the Network Marketing Secrets ebook is one of the free bonuses included when you nab the free DotCom Secrets book.

So if you want a 2-for-1, then grab the DotCom Secrets book instead. If not, then feel free to nab only the Network Marketing Secrets book.

The Linchpin Russell Brunson

The Linchpin

The Linchpin will reveal how Clickfunnels grew their continuity program to 9-figures in 3 short years. Read this if you want to add a continuity or membership program to your business.

Russell Brunson’s newest book, The Linchpin, is for entrepreneurs who want to build recurring revenue into their business by integrating continuity or membership programs.

Continuity programs are the backbone that has helped Clickfunnels grow into a 9-figure online business in a mere 3 years. 

Their Clickfunnels software tool, which ranges in price from $147 – $497 per month, adds about 1,000 new members each day.

In the Linchpin book, Russell explains his process for how he’s been able to do this, including the simple tweaks he’s made to his funnels to convert more visitors into recurring revenue customers. 

If you're running a coaching business, selling e-commerce products, or offering digital courses, and you're considering integrating a continuity program into your offerings, then this book is tailored specifically for you.

Some of the secrets you'll learn in this book include:

  • ​The 7 CORE ELEMENTS to make ‘The Linchpin’ model work for YOUR business…
  • The super sneaky “mindset shift” found on ALL of Clickfunnels “thank you” pages that transforms into a self-liquidating offer for compounding cashola!!
  • The secrets of “The MIFGE” offer… including what a “MIFGE” is, how to make one, and how Clickfunnels uses The MIFGE to make all their offers irresistible where folks can’t help themselves but to buy, buy, buy!
  • ​A “fill-in the blank” MIFGE example you can take and use to create your own MIFGE offer and increase sales FAST!
  • The super-simple 3-day virtual event ANYONE can put together and essentially does the selling for you… even if you’re not “into” events or don’t think you’re good at them. This “blueprint” includes how to structure each day, what value to share, and how to close buyers like a pro!

Nab the FREE Linchpin book.

Clickfunnels Books – PDF Free Download

You can get this next Clickfunnels book as a PDF digital download.

Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

The Funnels Hacker’s Cookbook is no longer being actively promoted by Clickfunnels, but the good news is you can still get your hands on the free Cookbook PDF (and not have to pay shipping + handling for it!)

The Clickfunnels cookbook shows you the building blocks or elements that go into creating profitable sales funnels. 

In the pdf, you’ll get instructions on how to put the building blocks together for your funnels, as well as get access to 22 high converting sales funnels. 

Download the free Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook PDF.

ClickFunnels Books – Special Offers

Now that you have the ‘free plus shipping’ Clickfunnels books list, let me share with you these other Clickfunnels book special offers.

30 Days Book

The Clickfunnels 30 days book is dubbed as being the ‘Online Business Bible.’

Inside you’ll discover the funnel blueprints from 30 Two Comma Club Winners (those that have generated over $1 Million+ with their Clickfunnels sales funnel).

It’lll show you exactly what to do from day 1 to day 30 to build a highly-successful, money-generating funnel from scratch. 

The 30 Days book is free (cover shipping + handling), and is a Clickfunnels special promotion offer when you register for the First Funnel Challenge.

Secrets Trilogy Collection

Secrets Trilogy Collection

The Secrets Trilogy Box set is a Clickfunnels hardcover book collection that includes: DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets and Unlock the Secrets.

Unlock the Secrets is the 600 page workbook that helps you understand the foundational principles taught in the Secrets Trilogy collection.

There are a few different ways in which you can get this special Clickfunnels set.

One way is to purchase it through any of the Clickfunnels book funnels. Simply nab the Special Offer in the upsell offers

You can also get it on the official Secrets Trilogy website. Though it will cost you a hefty $127 getting it that way.

Or, you can get the box set at a discount as a one-time special offer when registering for the First Funnel Challenge. It'll bring your price down to $97 for the Secrets Trilogy box set, and you'll also get access to free Clickfunnels 2.0 funnel training.

Clickfunnels Books Final Thoughts

Each of these Clickfunnels books will unlock secrets that can take your business from being relatively unknown, to being internet famous AND profitable overnight.

I’ve read several of the Clickfunnels books and attribute much of my success to what I learned from them. For that reason, I recommend these digital marketing books to every entrepreneur looking to build a thriving online business.

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