Ibotta vs Receipt Hog

Ibotta vs Receipt Hog: Which Receipt App Pays You More?

What are the differences between Ibotta vs Receipt Hog? Which receipt app pays you more? Find out here.

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As someone who uses both Ibotta and Receipt Hog on a weekly basis, I can confidently state that each one of these cash back receipt apps is legit. 

It’s been more than two years of using these popular shopping rewards apps and I’ve learned a thing or two about how they work.

To that extent, I’ve tested these out enough to share my honest assessment on which app pays the most for receipts. 

Which app will reign supreme? 

I break it all down for you in this Ibotta vs Receipt Hog comparison review.

Why Use Cash Back Receipt Apps?

The question really should be, ‘Why not use cash back receipt apps?’

We all for the most part do some sort of shopping on a weekly basis where we gather receipts that can be turned into real cash. Whether it’s filling up the gas tank on the way to work or shopping for basic needs such as food and clothing, receipts are everywhere.

Instead of throwing these away, consider scanning your receipts to shopping reward apps to earn rebate rewards. If you’re like the average Ibotta saver, you’ll end up earning on average $150 per year in cash back rewards.

That’s extra money that can be used towards a family vacation, put into a retirement account, or to finally purchase that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing. 

Really, it doesn’t matter how you use your rebate rewards. The important part is that you nab the free money!

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Ibotta is widely known to be a digital couponing app primarily geared to grocery savers who shop brand name offers. Though they’ve since expanded their offerings to include cash back rewards at over 2,000 retailers and brands. This includes rebate rewards on eligible purchases for shopping Macy’s, Chewy, PetSmart, Home Depot, Nike, Shein, Uber Eats and more. 

How Ibotta works is you add offers to your Ibotta shopping list prior to doing your in-store grocery shopping. Once you complete your purchase, simply scan your receipt to the app. Ibotta will match your shopping list to eligible offers on your receipt and reward you with cash rebate rewards within 24 hours.

For online purchases, you can download the Ibotta browser extension and ‘activate’ cash back rewards on partnered sites. This feature works similar to the Rakuten browser extension, where you’ll be alerted to cash back deals on sites you shop across the web.

Ibotta Unique Feature

Ibotta also offers app users the ability to purchase gift cards for cash back rewards. Simply add your debit card or Apply Pay to Ibotta, or use your cash back rewards balance to make gift card purchases.

Ibotta gift cards
Ibotta pay

On many occasions, I’ve used this feature to purchase Airbnb and DSW Shoes gift cards for rebate rewards of 10% – 20% on my total purchase amount. The rewards can add up to significant savings when used on a regular basis for your shopping needs. 

In my Ibotta review, I share all the ways I’ve used Ibotta to earn $17,636 cash back rewards in 2 and a half years.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a receipt scanning app, similar to Fetch Rewards, that will reward you for submitting receipts from nearly any store. This does not mean that every receipt will reward you the same amount. 

Grocery receipt scans are the most valuable and will earn you ‘Hog coins’ based on the total purchase amount on the receipt. Receipts submitted from non-grocery stores will earn you monthly sweepstakes entries and a chance to earn spins on the ‘Hog slots’ for bonus coins.

Unlike Ibotta, there’s no preparation needed prior to your shopping trip to earn rewards. Simply scan your receipts and Receipt Hog will do the rest! Once you’ve accumulated enough coins, cash them in for PayPal money, Amazon Gift cards or VISA Prepaid debit cards.

Receipt Hog Unique Feature

Another way to earn coins for cash back rewards is by completing Receipt Hog surveys. On many occasions I’ve completed these 1 – 2 minute surveys to earn an additional 20 – 150 coins. They are quick to do and I normally complete them while I’m waiting in line at a store, or during a television commercial break.

Receipt hog surveys
Receipt Hog rewards

Read how much total cash back I’ve earned so far in my Receipt Hog review.

Ibotta vs Receipt Hog: Differences 

Ibotta and Receipt Hog differ in the type of shopper each rewards app is best suited for to earn the highest rewards. For instance, shoppers who generally shop private label grocery brands may not find Ibotta useful to them. This shopper may fare better with Receipt Hog.

Though, with so many ways to earn cash back rewards, it’s best to compare Ibotta and Receipt Hog side-by-side to compare differences.

Sign Up Bonus$5 with promo code KSHAGVC5 Hog Slot Spins with promo code SMUR5378
Merchants Accepted2,000+ retailers and brands, most major grocery stores, Uber Eats, and more.Most any and all receipts from all merchants are eligible for rewards
Type of AppMobile app (iOs and Android), and Chrome and Firefox browser extensionMobile app (iOs and Android)
Receipt Submission PeriodUp to 7 days from transaction dateUp to 14 days from transaction date
Redemption RewardsRedeem to PayPal, bank account or gift cardRedeem to PayPal, Amazon gift card or VISA prepaid debit card
Minimum Payout$20 minimum$5 (1,000 Hog Coins)
Rewards ExpireAccount maintenance fees are assessed after 6 months of account inactivity. If the account remains active, rewards never expire.Reward coins may be forfeited after 3 consecutive months of not uploading receipts or sharing data related to purchases.

Ibotta vs Receipt Hog: Shopper Experience

Each app has its pros and cons. For some, the positives may outweigh the nuances of each app. For others, you may find that the nuances do not make the app worthwhile to use. Here’s a quick glance at each of these.

Ibotta Pros and Cons

100% cash back reward items (Freebie Offers)In-app ads when adding some offers
Rebate rewards on Gift Card PurchasesRebates mainly available on brand name labels only
Weekly bonus offers to earn more rewardsMay spend more due to multitude of rebate offers
Real cash payout to PayPal or bank accountFees are applied after 6 months of inactivity

Receipt Hog Pros and Cons

Earn rewards on all receipt uploadsLow earning rewards app
Earn more by completing surveysOutdated app interface
Monthly sweepstakes opportunitiesNot all receipts are coin-eligible
Real cash payout to PayPalCoin-eligible receipts have weekly upload limits

In my experience, I’ve found that no matter how many receipts I upload to Receipt Hog, it takes a long time to rack up enough coins to cash out. 

When you consider that each ‘Hog coin’ is worth approximately $.005, and the most you can earn on a receipt upload is 20 coins, then you can see the dilemma. 

Unless you hit it big on the ‘Hog Slots’ or win one of the larger sweepstakes rewards, it becomes almost impossible to earn more than $50 a year with Receipt Hog. 

Ibotta on the other hand offers so many ways to earn that there’s plenty of opportunity to earn $50 a month in cash back rewards. 

Receipt Hog or Ibotta? Final Verdict

The final verdict to whether Receipt Hog or Ibotta is better comes down to your specific shopping behavior. If you shop off brand grocery items and don’t care to purchase gift cards for rebate rewards, then Receipt Hog may be best suited for you. Albeit, the low earnings potential may still feel like a drawback to using the app. 

If you find yourself on the other end of the spectrum, then Ibotta may be the better choice. For me, my final verdict on Ibotta vs Receipt Hog is clear. The winner in my book is the Ibotta app

If you don’t care for either app after reading this Ibotta vs Receipt Hog review, then you may want to check to see if there’s a Flashfood zone near you. The app doesn’t require you to upload any receipt. Instead you shop heavily discounted grocery items at up to 50% off retail price.

The caveat is that the foods are nearing their shelf expiry date, so they need to be consumed relatively soon. I’ve placed 6 orders on the Flashfood app to-date. You can read more in my Flashfood app review.

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