One Day a Week Jobs

One Day a Week Jobs to Make Extra Money (Supplement Your Income)

Supplement your income without compromising your work-life balance with these one day a week jobs.

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One of my most interesting one day a week jobs I’ve ever taken included being an overnight concierge at a high end residential building. 

Let’s just say that people’s true personalities come out at night! ha!

At that time, I was already working a full-time job but I wanted to make extra money to pay off my credit cards faster. 

Taking up a second job was out of the question, which made this concierge job a perfect match for what I was looking for. 

There are opportunities to work one day a week. It just takes a little digging around to find something that works for you and your schedule! 

This list will share with you one day part-time jobs, as well as one day a week side hustle opportunities where you can make money from home.

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One Day a Week Side Hustle

I have to mention this one first because it’s the one I currently do and it allows me to work 1 day a week (if I so choose!)

A few years back, I had heard that people were making money online with a blog, but I had no idea how they were doing it. 

Naturally, I went looking for ways to learn how to do this and soon enough I came across this free training.

What I eventually came to discover is that I could write about virtually any topic, such as how I get free Starbucks drinks, and earn money from affiliate links within my articles. 

Fast forward three years later, and this ‘side hustle’ website is now earning 5-figures per month

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Had you asked me when I first started my blog whether this was a one day a week type of side hustle, I would have said “Absolutely not!”

But these days, AI has changed everything. 

Now you can use autoblogging to work one day a week and build a money making site in no time.

It’s something worth considering, especially if you’re looking for legit ways to make money online working from home. 

One Day a Week Jobs

When you’re looking to supplement your income without compromising your work-life balance, one day a week jobs are a good option to explore.

These once a week jobs often offer flexibility allowing you to find morning jobs or evening shifts as needed.

1. Event Temp Jobs

Temporary event staffing jobs are notorious for one day a week jobs you can do to earn extra money. This is also something I’ve done in the past to earn $100 per day.

So I can tell you from experience that it’s a great option to consider.

Whether it’s helping set up for a concert, serving at a fancy gala, or assisting at a corporate event, there’s always a demand for extra hands.

One day a week jobs event staffing

Back when I was doing this, it was through an event staffing agency, such as Event Temps and Kinetic Events. (The company I did this with no longer exists)

In many cases you’ll find that these companies will pay you weekly. Some will even pay you at the end of the work day! 

Additionally, I would make extra money by driving other temporary staff workers along with me to the same gig location. 

At that time it was an extra $5 per person that the company would pay, which was a nice cherry on the top for me! 

2. Become a Caregiver

Caring for seniors in their home is another one day a week part-time job I did for a short period of time. Much of this work involved doing light house cleaning, laundry, taking out the trash, and running grocery errands.

This was about 18 years ago. 

As I was doing research for this article, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the company I used to work for, Home Instead, is still around! 

Things may have changed over the years, but the core of what Home Instead does continues to be the same. 

1 Day a week part time job

There are many similar home care providers across the United States that are always in need of compassionate and patient caregivers. 

Some places require you to have specific skills or certifications in order to apply, but not all of them. 

When I did this job, I was recently out of college with no previous caregiver experience. I was trained on the job and was called into work on a one or two day per week basis.

3. Mystery Shopper Jobs

Being a mystery shopper is fun! 

You get to try out new products and services, evaluate customer service at retail shops, and some companies will even pay you to dine out

As a first-time mystery shopper, I earned $500 in my first month, and $700 in the following month.

So there’s some serious money you can earn if you’re looking to make extra money in your spare time!

Mystery Shopper Jobs One Day a Week

Mystery shopper jobs can be both online and in-person. 

You usually pick from a list of available jobs in your area, which is awesome because you get to choose when and how often you work. 

The secret shopper company will then assign you the job or pass it to another qualified shopper. 

I discovered that your reliability and the quality of your work really matter. The better you perform, the more opportunities you’ll get!”

Read my complete mystery shopper review.

4. Uber or Lyft Driver

Driving for Uber or Lyft is great for those days when you want to earn a little extra cash without sacrificing your entire week. The flexibility is unbeatable and you call the shots on which day out of the week you want to work.

Feeling like making some moolah on a Sunday afternoon? Go for it. Want to take a break next week? No problem. It’s your schedule, your rules.

If you want to become a Lyft or Uber driver, you typically need to be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and own a vehicle that meets the company’s requirements. 

Additionally, you must pass a background check and have auto insurance in your name.

jobs you can work one day a week

Now before you go and apply, here’s a quick tip that will make you even more money.

Typically, these gig economy driver apps offer sign up bonus rewards for new drivers. It’s one way to incentivize you to join their crew! 

Third party websites such as Swagbucks, typically partner with these companies to offer you the highest sign up bonus offers. 

To see running promotions, check this page for current offers.

5. Personal Trainer

If you’re a trained fitness pro with all the knowledge and skills to whip people into shape, then working one day a week as a personal trainer is a viable option. 

In a high rise building that I previously lived in, I would see personal trainers all the time in the building gym. 

one day a week side hustle

I once asked how much it would cost if I also trained with them, and I was quoted $90 per hour granted it was after 4pm. 

He stated that he typically charged more. But if I could work around his schedule of when he was in the building with other clients that he would do it for the reduced price.

This was a great way for the trainer to keep his work day to once per week, and to make a lot of extra money in a short period of time! 

Not to mention, this is also a great way to connect with new people and to get paid cash on the spot!

6. One Day Gigs on Field Agent

I’ve written extensively about my experience using the Field Agent gig app to find one day a week jobs, mystery shops, and more. 

You won’t make a fortune using this app, but it will give you the flexibility to work whenever you want, day or night.

When you download the Field Agent app and register as a user, you’ll see all sorts of gig work available to complete in and around your area.

Some gigs are in-home surveys that don’t require you to leave your house. 

Other jobs will require you to head to your local shopping store and snap a few photos of products on the shelf.

One Day Gig Work

Either way, I always find something on the app whenever I open it. The micro work available may not earn you $100 per day, so don’t depend on it for that.

In previous years that may have been the case, but as more people have discovered the app, I’ve noticed a decline in daily work available to complete.

Still, you can use Field Agent to work one day per week and combine it with other gig apps such as Observa to make extra money.

7. Overnight Concierge

Being an overnight concierge at a high end residential building is a very lucrative one day a week job to have. 

Generally, you get paid more to work the graveyard shift, but there’s an even better reason to love this work – the hefty tips from residents! 

Years ago before I went full-time in my online business, I applied for a part-time weekend job as an overnight concierge. I remember being surprised when I was hired on the spot and was asked to work the following evening.

Later on, I found out that most of the overnight workers had a hard time staying awake during the full shift. Many of them quit shortly after starting. 

During my first evening of work, one of the residents was throwing an after party at his apartment. He asked my colleague and I to take the coats of his guests as they arrived and to place them on a movable clothing rack that was placed in the lobby. 

Part-time overnight jobs

As guests arrived, we would take their coats and they would tip us $2 – $5 for the service. This added up quickly and we both made out very well! 

But the cherry on the top came the following day when the resident who threw the party gave us a sizable tip as a ‘thank you’ for the help! 

As a person who had recently graduated from college and was eager to pay off school debt, this was a huge gift. I ended up making more money in one night than I would have working 2 days at my full-time job.

I wish I could say that this story ends well, but the truth of the matter was that I too couldn’t stay awake for my shift. 

Just like the others, I quit shortly after starting!

If you can hold down an overnight shift, then definitely go for it! 

8. Tutor

Being a tutor, whether online or offline, can be a fantastic one day a week gig. 

You can find opportunities on platforms like Wyzant,, or even by advertising locally in your community. 

Tutor one day per week job

Interestingly enough, I’ve come across many people advertising their tutoring services on community boards at Starbucks. 

It makes sense when you really stop to think about this.

There’s a strong likelihood that someone who has the funds to spend $5+ per day on morning coffee, may also have the means to spend money on hiring a tutor.

With flexible scheduling and the chance to help others succeed, tutoring is a rewarding way to earn income working one day a week. 

Whether you’re an expert in math, language, or science, there’s always someone eager to learn from you. 

9. Dog Sitter

If you love getting paid to play with dogs, then becoming a dog sitter might just be the perfect one day per week job for you!

Whether you’re a dog lover or just enjoy furry company, it’s a flexible gig that can fit perfectly into your schedule. 

You can find one-day dog sitting opportunities on platforms like, where you can sign up, create a profile, and connect with pet owners in your area.

One Day Dog Sitting Jobs

The best part is that you set your schedule according to your availability and how much you want to work. 

This week you may have only one day available, but if next week you have two days at your disposal, then you can open your calendar to accept additional work.

One thing to note is that the work available will come down to where you’re located and how much demand there is in your specific area. 

Hopefully, you live in a dog-friendly town where there’s plenty of opportunity to find one day a week jobs for dog sitting, dog walking and more! 

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Job Sectors Offering One Day Work Options

If you’re curious about which job sectors offer one-day-a-week work options, you’ll be surprised at the variety available. Work flexibility is gaining momentum, and you’ve got options across multiple fields. Here’s a look at where you can find roles fitting that bill:

  • Healthcare: Many dental offices look for part-time hygienists or administrative staff. If you’re qualified, you could land a gig offering patient care or support services for a single day each week.
  • Education: Some institutions may seek adjunct professors or workshop facilitators who can teach on a limited basis, perfect if you have expertise in a specific area.
  • Customer Service: This sector often has roles for support staff on a more flexible schedule, including weekends or specific days when demand is higher.
  • Freelancing: Dive into freelance or contract work where you can provide services like writing, graphic design, or consulting. Sites like Upwork or Freelancer allow you to take on projects that fit your schedule.
  • Creative Fields: Photography, event planning, or crafting roles may also offer the chance to work only occasionally, aligning with event schedules or project demands.

Whether you’re looking to supplement income or balance work with other life pursuits, these part-time opportunities could be your stepping stone.

Keep an eye on job listing platforms and industry-specific job boards that advertise part-time or day-specific roles!

Tips for Searching One Day a Week Jobs

  • Use targeted keywords when searching online, such as “one day a week jobs” or “part-time” with the specific day you’re available. This will refine your search results.
  • Some local shops and businesses may not advertise online but are often in need of weekend or specific weekday help. So check locally and in-person!
  • Network with friends, family, and acquaintances. Sometimes the best opportunities come from your own circle!

Persistence is key, and the right one day a week job is out there for you. Keep your cover letter updated, tailor it to the job, and your efforts will likely pay off.

You Got This! Final Tips

As you start on your journey to find the perfect one-day-a-week job to bolster your income, remember this: every opportunity is a step closer to your financial goals.

Whether you choose to drive with Uber, flex your muscles as a personal trainer, tutor eager minds, or cuddle up with adorable pups as a dog sitter, know that each role holds the potential for both financial gain and personal fulfillment.

Embrace the flexibility, relish in the variety, and revel in the joy of earning extra cash on your own terms! Next, you may be interested in reading about ‘How to Save Money on a Low Income.’

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