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Top 11 Fetch Rewards Alternatives | Money Saving Rebate Apps

I use various other apps like Fetch Rewards that earn me thousands of dollars in savings per year. Check them all out!

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Not everyone is a fan of the popular Fetch app. If that’s you, then you may be left wondering which other apps like Fetch Rewards are worth trying out. 

Luckily, I’m an avid user of many shopping rewards cash back apps. Here, I’ll share recommendations on solid Fetch Reward alternatives. In this case, you’ll learn of 11 viable options.

What’s the Purpose of Fetch Rewards?

If you’re into earning cashback rewards for shopping at the grocery store or filling up at gas stations, then receipt scanning apps such as Fetch are great to use.

Many of these rewards apps offer you free gift cards or even real cash in exchange for scanning your receipts.

The Fetch receipt app rewards you with points that can be redeemed for free gift cards to places such as: Walmart, Amazon, Sephora, Target, and Home Depot.

Fetch Reward Points
apps like Fetch Rewards

Though in my experience using the app, I’ve discovered a way to redeem Fetch points for real cash.

If that detail changed your mind about using the Fetch app, then you can download Fetch Rewards and enter promo code: AWPFV8 to earn free Fetch points as a welcome bonus.

Also check out my full Fetch Rewards app review, where I detail the multitude of ways to earn points towards free gift cards.

11 Best Apps Like Fetch Rewards

Get rewarded for shopping and scanning receipts with these free apps like Fetch rewards available on both Android and iOS devices.

1. iBotta App

It’s almost impossible to know about Fetch Rewards and not hear about the ibotta app. These two money saving apps are frequently used together by grocery couponers to stack rewards and earn more cash back.

One of the main drawbacks to the app is you only get rewarded on some receipts, not all receipts like Fetch. Though on the plus side, it does offer way more cash back deals and bonuses than Fetch. 

ibotta app like Fetch Rewards
ibotta like Fetch app

Ibotta is most beneficial to shoppers who prefer to purchase name brand groceries, and would enjoy the occasional freebie grocery offers.

Personally, the ibotta app has helped me save hundreds of dollars in grocery savings, as well as earned me thousands of dollars in reward bonuses. 

Needless to say, I’m a big fan of the iBotta app as a Fetch Rewards alternative.

Ibotta App Details

  • Cash back on tons of name brand grocery items
  • Freebie Offers
  • Bonus Rewards to earn even more money
  • Redeem to free gift cards or real cash via PayPal or bank account

Read my full Ibotta app review.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks has a little of everything for everyone. Not only does the app offer grocery rebates and retail store rebates, but it also has money making capabilities. 

So if you like the idea of sitting at home and earning money online from the comfort of your couch, then this app is for you. This feature is what initially drew me to Swagbucks, and so far I’ve been paid out $1,826.00! 

That’s pretty incredible considering I don’t use the app for the cash back on groceries.

Fetch rewards alternative
Swagbucks app

Swagbucks was launched in 2008, and they claim to be the web’s most popular loyalty and consumer rewards program. The app rewards members in Swagbucks points (aka SB points), which can be redeemed for free gift cards or PayPal money.

Swagbucks Details

  • Scan your receipts for cash back on your grocery and supermarket purchases at hundreds of participating merchants
  • Cash back rebates for online purchases at over 7,000 retail stores
  • Get rewarded for playing online games
  • Get paid for taking online surveys
  • Redeem Swagbucks points for free gift cards or PayPal money

Read how I earned $120 on Swagbucks for simply signing up for a free banking debit card.

3. Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

Rakuten is a well-known rebate website, formerly known as Ebates. You may have heard of them? If not, then one of the best reasons to sign up for a Rakuten account is for their sign up bonus.

Throughout the year they offer a $30 sign up bonus when using a Rakuten promotional link. Though during the holiday season it goes as high as $40.

You can use the app, browser extension or website to shop your favorite retail stores and earn cash back rewards. Connect your payment card to the app and rewards are tracked for in-store purchases.

Rakuten app
Rakuten like Fetch rewards

I have the browser extension on my computer, which alerts me to better cash back deals across the web. Per my experience, I’ve found Rakuten to be a worthwhile site to use for holiday shopping. 

Around this time, they have the highest cash back deals that can amount to huge savings when shopping for holiday gifts!

Rakuten Details

  • Cash back rebate site that offers incentives to shop over 3,500+ partnered retailers and brands
  • Daily deals and coupon codes 
  • Rakuten Price Magic® browser extension for finding best cashback deals across the web
  • Redeem to PayPal, American Express member reward points, or get a check mailed to you

Read my full Rakuten review.

4. Shopkick

Shopkick is another app like Fetch Rewards, but with an added twist! This mobile app will earn you rewards for submitting receipts with special offers, as well as pay you ‘kicks’ for scanning in-store items.

Have a partner that dreads going to shop at Walmart or Target with you? Set them up with this app and let them run loose to scan as many products as possible!

This way, you’ll at least be earning reward points (referred to as ‘kicks’) that can be redeemed for free gift cards, and your partner will stay entertained. Hey, it’s an idea, right?

apps like Fetch rewards
Shopkicks Fetch rewards alternative

Now don’t expect to get rich off this app. While it is fun to use, it does take a long time to rack up enough points to cash out. The good news is you can nab free bonus ‘kicks' by joining with a Shopkick promo code. The rest is up to you! To-date, I’ve earned $350 in total cash back rewards with the Shopkick app.

Shopkick Details

  • Earn cash back for submitting receipts with special offers
  • Earn ‘kicks’ for simply walking into a partnered retail store
  • Get paid to watch promotional product videos
  • Redeem ‘kicks’ for free gift cards
  • Online shopping at partnered stores will earn you a designated amount of ‘kicks’ per dollar spent at that retailer

Read more in my Shopkick app review.

5. Receipt Hog 

With Receipt Hog you earn ‘coins’ from your receipts from any store that sells groceries, health items, beauty products and more. Additionally, for every receipt you submit, you’ll earn 1 sweepstake entry towards a monthly drawing of free coins.

This is one of the few reward apps that allows you to submit receipts from any members in your household, excluding friends. So you’ll be able to rack up coins much faster.

I use Receipt Hog to stack my cashback rewards, but I must admit that it’s my least favorite to use. The app itself is outdated, slow, and oftentimes it has trouble reading my receipts.

Overall, it’s simply not conducive to a good user experience. 

Receipt Hog fetch app
Receipt Hog Coins

On the plus side, the more receipts you upload the more chances you’ll have to earn bonus coins through surveys. The surveys take only a few minutes to complete and can quickly bump up your reward earnings.

Receipt Hog Details

  • Submit receipts from anyone in your household, excluding friends
  • Earn coins per eligible receipt and 1 sweepstake entry towards free monthly coins
  • Earn rewards for taking surveys
  • Bonus coins for reaching new levels
  • Redeem rewards to free gift cards or Paypal

Read my full Receipt Hog review.

6. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a cashback site similar to Swagbucks, but with a higher payout threshold. They reward you for various activities, including making money online from home.

As a Fetch Rewards alternative, they offer printable coupons through the grocery deals website Magic Receipts. You can also submit your receipts digitally to earn rewards. 

Now you may have noticed that both Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars have a feature called Magic Receipts. This is because they are owned by the same company.

inbox dollars
fetch app alternative

While you can only upload receipts to the same offers on one app or another, it is good to note that there are receipt submission limitations. So if you max out of grocery submissions on one, then you can still earn rewards using the other app! 

Inbox Dollars Details

  • Make money by completing surveys and polls
  • Earn cash for groceries through printable coupons and digital receipt submissions
  • Get paid for doing online research via the InboxDollars search engine
  • Get paid to play games and watch videos
  • Redeem rewards for free gift cards, Paypal, or cash

With InboxDollars, you’ll get paid for creating grocery lists, purchasing featured items, and scanning grocery receipts. Join Inbox Dollars here.

7. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a rebate app that will earn you cash back on your gas and grocery receipts. The app features savings at over 5,000 participating gas stations and stores, and is only available to United States members.

The way it works is you sign into the app for new weekly offers on gas, groceries, and other everyday products. Generally, the app updates every Thursday with new offers. 

Then add your favorite offers to your shopping list. Next, snap a clear photo of your receipt. Once your receipt is approved, Checkout 51 will credit your account with cash back.

Checkout 51 app
Checkout 51 rebate app

Once you reach the $20 minimum threshold, you’ll be able to cash out your rewards. The app has been offering rebates since 2012 and is a legitimate money savings app to use.

Checkout 51 Details

  • Rebate app for gas and groceries
  • New weekly offers generally added on Thursday’s
  • Over 5,000+ participating retailers and brands
  • Available to United States members only
  • Redeem rewards via check mailed to you

I’m not a fan of having my rebate check mailed to me. So personally, I don’t use Checkout 51 as a cash back option. But if you’re interested in the app, you can check them out here.

8. Upside (formerly GetUpside)

Upside is another Fetch like free app that gives you real cash back on gas, groceries, and restaurants. Restaurants where you can earn rewards include: Popeye’s, Outback Steakhouse, Papa John’s, Protein Bar and Kitchen and more.

If you prefer fancier dining options to earn cash back rewards, then I would highly suggest using the Seated app. I use it frequently here in Boston.

GetUpside money savings app
Upside app

To get started, simply open the app to see available offers near you. Some of these offers will net you up to $0.25/gallon cash back on gas and additional bonus savings on convenience store items. 

Next, connect a payment card to the app and use it to pay for available offers. Snap a photo of the receipt and cash back will be automatically applied to your account on eligible offers.

Upside Details

  • Cash back app on groceries, gas and at restaurants
  • Earn up to $0.25/gallon on gas rewards
  • Connect your payment card to the app and snap a photo of receipt for eligible offers
  • Over 10 Million app downloads
  • Redeem cashback for PayPal, free gift card, or bank transfer

Download the Upside app here and enter promo code: 9GV42 for and extra bonus reward of $0.15 per gallon cash back on the first time you use the app!

9. Pogo

Pogo launched onto the rewards app scene in 2020. 

It’s designed to help you earn cash back rewards by linking your debit and credit cards to the mobile app. When you make a purchase and submit your shopping receipt, you’ll accumulate points within the app. 

Alternatively, you can also take pictures of your receipts and submit them to Pogo, which is what I do.

These points can be redeemed for either PayPal cash or an Amazon gift card. 

Pogo will also show you personalized deals and discounts tailored to your shopping behavior, such as auto insurance discounts, Walmart+ membership deals and more.

apps like Fetch rewards
Fetch rewards app alternative

Another way to earn Pogo points is to share your location with them. 

When you enable this feature, you’ll receive push-notification offers with specific deals at nearby retailers. 

For example, you may receive a notification as you pass by a Target store that there are deals available for you to shop that day. Read my complete Pogo app review.

Pogo Details

  • Earn points by submitting any shopping receipt
  • Ability to earn location-based rewards by enabling location sharing
  • Offers customized deals and discounts based on shopping habits
  • Free app download
  • Points can be redeemed for PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards when you reach the minimum threshold of 3,000 points.

Get 250 FREE Pogo points when you join with a Pogo referral code.

10. ReTailMeNot

There are not many apps like Fetch Rewards that offer the same benefits of uploading any receipt to receive cash back rewards. This next rebate app falls into that category.

ReTailMeNot is most similar to Rakuten in that it’s a daily deal website that offers a range of coupons and rebates on its site. But they do also offer printable coupons that you can use for your in-store shopping at grocery stores, retailers, restaurants, and more.

ReTailMeNot rebate website

These online coupons are offered in a range of categories from automotive, food and dining, sports, cosmetics to apparel. 

ReTailMeNot Details

  • Daily deal website with a range of offers available
  • Ability to stack coupon codes and cash back with their Deal Finder
  • Available to members in the U.K., Canada, and United States
  • Save at restaurants, retailers and brands
  • Redeem Rewards to your PayPal or Venmo account 

Sign up to RetailMeNot here.

11. CoinOut

This newer app was famously featured on SharkTank in 2021 and even received an investment proposal by shark Robert Herjavec (which was accepted!).

The CoinOut app works in a very different manner than the other apps like Fetch Rewards mentioned above. You get rewarded real cash for your receipts for virtually any retailer for any product purchase. 

(This app sounds a bit like Fetch Rewards doesn’t it?)

The app will randomize the amount of cash back you earn from scanning each receipt. These rewards can be anywhere from $0.02 to $0.15 per receipt. 

receipt scanning app
money saving app

Based on your receipt purchases, CoinOut will display relevant advertisements from partnered retailers and brands. They’ll also offer you bonus rewards for completing various partner offers. 

At the end of the day, CoinOut is a mindless way to earn money from scanning your receipts.

CoinOut Details

  • Rebate app was featured on SharkTank in 2021
  • Earn rewards on virtually every receipt
  • Get paid between $0.02 – $0.15 per receipt
  • Earn bonus money from completing partner offers
  • Redeem rewards via PayPal or Zelle or Amazon gift card

You can cash out for as little as $1 when you reach a certain member threshold. Check out the CoinOut app here.

Are These Apps Like Fetch Rewards Legitimate

Yes! These apps like Fetch Rewards are all legit ways to make money scanning receipts and to earn cash back rewards. I personally use about half of the reward apps mentioned here, and absolutely love them!

The apps that I do not personally use, I’ve done thorough research to make sure they are legitimate and worthy apps like Fetch Rewards.

My Pick for Best Fetch Rewards Alternative

It may not come as a surprise to learn that my number one pick for best Fetch Rewards alternative is the ibotta app.

To-date, I’ve earned over $22k in cash back rewards and bonuses with ibotta. Ultimately, it’s my go to app when it comes to drastically cutting costs on my grocery purchases.

Both apps have their pro’s and con’s. I wrote a full side-by-side comparison of Fetch vs. Ibotta that you can read to decide if it’s a worthy app to download!

If you're looking for other ways to save on groceries, then check to see if there's a Flashfood zone near you.

Stack Rewards with Multiple Cash Back Apps

If you want to maximize your cashback rewards, then I would recommend using more than one rebate app. It’s an easy way to earn a boatload of cash back rewards on each receipt.

Want to up your rewards game even more?

Then use a payment card such as the Chase Freedom credit card to earn up to 5% cash back on all your purchases. Right now, Chase is offering a $200 sign up bonus when you spend $500 within your 3 months of opening an account. Sign up with this referral link to access the limited time promotion.

Fetch App Alternatives Conclusion

These apps like Fetch Rewards are just one way to go about earning cash back rewards to save for your next trip, your retirement account, or save for something else. 

If you’re on the hunt for more ways to save money outside of rebate apps, then you may be interested in this list of 11 Ways to Save Money on a Low Income.

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